Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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  • Okay first off I want to sincerely apologize to Sera for blowing up last night with my post. There were several reasons based on my persinal experience on why I became triggered, and after reading this piece (and admittedly not being too clear on the intentions of where it was coming from) and then several of the comments here. I prohected, and I am sorry.

    I thank Sera, Steve and a couple others for taking addressing my concerns without attacking me and bringing me back to balance in answering my concern. I have constantly come across the controlling mind set of the opposite side of the coin and have been taken advantage of as well by those who, like JackDaniels mentioned, pushed meditation, food, Yoga, or the Anthony Robbins pick yourself up by the bootstraps neo aged misogyny type “life coaches” that were vehemently anti psychiatry anti treatment of any kind and got taken advantage of emotionally, financiall and even sexually due to my vulnerable state. Where I live is a type of place where even just mentioning slightly the word of seeking professional treatment I get “no no no no no, eat flax seeds, go to laughing Yoga retreat, learn to take accountability for YOUR state.”

    Little did these fools understand that I am a HYPER accountable person. I take accountability for EVERYTHING that I do and what others do TO me. Even in the midst of my sexual assault by a “teacher” I was confused and thinking *I* “attracted” this and that this isn’t assault. I am “brainwashed.” Or thinking that my non new aged coach who isn’t into psycgiatry or “labeling” at all, pushing and pushing me beyond the scope of my mental and physical limits is right when he says I am getting “lazy” and using my “past” to stop me from succeeding. Even when I only get 3 hours of sleep a night to complete the stack of work HE assigned me to “succeed” in life!

    I mistakenly thought this was similar, especially when I came across the comment of slavery being likened to Psychiatry. I am of African American heritage, my great grandparents were slaves, and for some reason I did not appreciate that metaphor at all. It felt like to me that once again, I am being talked down too and now my heritage is used to further a personal agenda.

    I didn’t understand with the addressing of this article to Liberals in a more established based context. I sort of did, but being Liberal myself I took it personally on an individual based context and felt blamed for supporting a potentially “oppressive” body of structure for some people. To answer Steve’s question, of COURSE the Liberal establishment should support more choice in treatment and not lock the system as a one sided, single minded approach of mental illness vs. no mental illness.

    Again I am sorry, I did not understand that was the intention. I fell into massive trigger mode and shot. I wqnt ALL aspects of people’s vulnerabilities taken into consideration and implement care that way. My biggest fear triggered when I heard and projected one establishment of control being replaced for another. I tend to be very hypersensitive, but I’m learning. Thank you for taking my hot headed views into consideration and addressing my concerns in a very thoughtful and even sensitive manner. I sincerely appreciate that.

  • As I’ve been reading more and more of this blog, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea either. There is a lot of resistance to the system (in this case, the field of mental health and psychiatry) forcing their ideologies and treatments upon the vulnerable who feel like their rights is being squelched simply because they have a mental illness diagnosis.

    However, taking an absolute stance the other way doesn’t exactly protect the vulnerable who have the opposite experiences either. I am one of those, and I have come across many a condescending, holier than thou, do gooder anti establishment know it alls that treat me as if MY decisions and choices for treatment that I make for my own well being are somehow misguided and brainwashed. That I should not do this, but do either that or this instead. Meanwhile where does that leave me? Because these well intentioned, but downright condescending guidelines thrown out by people do not take the time to ask me that I have already did all that stuff you recommend, and it STILL didn’t help me to feel better and/or be me.

    It is insulting because there is this attitude that I or others like me, don’t know my brain or my body OR my own experiences. Therefore I should stop trusting myself and trust these raging voices instead. Meanwhile *I* and others like me pay the price.

    How is this behavior and finger wagging any different than the complaints being made against the psychiatric system that has also imposed their ideas upon others? Now people on this blog keep advocating for, what it sounds like to me, to do away with psychotherapy, medication, and its forms of treatment. Maybe that is not the message but it certainly is coming across that way. If that were to happen, what would people who are in a vulnerable state who actually benefit from these, do? What is left for us?

    Because the vulnerable is not just existent on one side of the experience aisle. My frustration is that articles such as these rather than being direct and addressing these issues, it antagonizes, criticizes those who see it differently, and seemingly veiling the suggestion that the only solution feasible is to get rid of treatments that a great number of people consider vital to their well being.

    And if I or others call that out, then we get accused of being “part of the system” or brainwashed.

    ALL experiences are valid. THAT is the mindset of a Liberal progressive. Has anyone stopped to think that the *reason* why the Liberals support psychiatry and mental health treatments it is because in their eyes even if there is a fraction of those who benefit from these treatments, than they should have the right to decide that for themselves, and ability to access it without being blocked? At least what I don’t see from Liberals is an invalidation of the negative experiences people had with psychiatry or any alternative routes chosen to take, and yet I come across exactly this time and time again by the anti psychiatry/anti-establishment groups.

    I think I’ll pass and move on.

  • Hi Ms. Davidow,

    So far I am following what you’re saying but I need to clarify something. When you liken the examples of a rape victim to a person who is showing “mental illness” symptoms so to speak as a direct result of being harmed or hurt…can the same be applied to if someone is branded “mentally ill” even if they have *not* had any kind of traumatic experience? I don’t know if I’m making any sense here…for example, I completely understand what you’re saying when how if someone is raped and ranting about his/her judgement, how they were dressed, etc., is constituted as blaming the victim and it’s wrong. I also understand the counterpart example you’re laying out that if someone is traumatized and hurt, and as a result of that they become diagnosed if you will, with a mental illness, that is *also* bl,aming the victim and therefore wrong (did I understand this correctly?).

    My question is, what if someone has always had a mental health condition but not as a result of hurt from anyone or anything outside of themselves…would this still apply? Also, are you basically saying that all mental “illness” is a direct or indirect result of a specific hurt or trauma? I am not agreeing or disagreeing by any means at all. I am just trying to clarify and see if I understood your article as I’m brand new and was suggested to read this blog and you in particular because I am very interested in the mental health field. I hope my post made sense here. Thank you so much for this article!