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  • That’s the objective of psychiatry: Extract all of the “feel good” components of a medicine, and leave the “docile” ones intact. LMFAO! I actually had a shrink deny my request for Ativan, and then suggest that I try Zyprexa! If your gonna submit yourself to a chemical dependence, might as hell well feel good! I’m sorry about the poor woman’s experience, but I am suspicious of anyone who stigmatizes BZD’s, for the simple fact that the worst side effect of any current commercially available BZD is loss in profit for Rx companies. Big Pharma encourages any and every to speak negatively in regards to BZD’s, so they can justify the rampant spread of the even more dangerous antidepressant’s. This woman was likely paid to submit her testimonial, so that this generation of Wal Mart doctors will automagically be dissuaded from considering a benzo (not a real big $ earner for BP) as a quick, cheap treatment option for distress. Remember that Dos Equis beer commercial? Well, “I don’t always take pills, but when I do, I feel good! Stay high my friends!” LMFAO!

  • Dr. Gold, did you oblige the 8 year old with a prescription for Prozac? I’m sure you did. Was she persistent? Was her demeanor aggressive? Did she smell of alcohol? What kind of automobile did she drive to your establishment? LMFAO!

    “early childhood mental health” You try and portray yourself (to the viewer’s) as a noble practitioner who criticizes and takes into account the risk’s of putting chemicals into the still developing CNS’s of very young children, while simultaneously justifying it with all of this “distraction talk” about traumatic life circumstances, etc. And why was “Beth” on an SSRI (Xanax doesn’t have a BLACK BOX WARNING)? let me guess! Your trained in addictionology as well. And when you say, “second line of treatment”, does that mean “with” the CBT, or as a back-up plan if you feel the CBT alone is ineffective?

    Like the kid who loved Orangutans; only to find himself later in life, in a psychopharmacology lab, faced with the tough decision of the administration of agent A, or agent B, into the Orangutans bloodstream in order to probe a new theoretical pathway to the mammalian central nervous system. In “Big Pharma/Government” science, there are no good or bad results. Suicide, homicide, fetus deformation, and all the other aforementioned misfortunes are considered acceptable losses with great potential value for future preventative medicine. And what’s even more distressing is your role in the administration of agent A, and agent B, to subject A, and subject B, while masquerading as a caring doctor.

    I try and avoid a fundamental stance on the philosophies of race, religion, politics and other things similar. But when it comes to thing’s like rape, murder, theft, dishonesty, I can say without a doubt, that’s “wrong”. And what you do for a living (or maybe for a thrill) – rape of the undeveloped adolescent body, murder of kinder soul, theft of the innocent mind, and the dishonest rationale that allows you to continue, is just “wrong”

    D. A. C.

  • I totally agree with you there dude. A forewarning to the children is a first priority. Check out this comment I made on YouTube, in response to a bunch of young folk inquiring about antidepressants, etc.

    If it doesn’t make you feel “GOOD”, and make you feel good “FAST”, it’s probably too good to be true. Antidepressant’s are unique in that they are a class of medicine that can make the user feel worse, yet hooked at the same time. After you’ve given the drug 4 – 6 week’s to chemically acclimate to your CNS you cant just take it out (stop your med’s), even if your having negative side a/effect’s. Here’s a good analogy: Have you ever been riding down the road, and passed a dilapidated house that has succumbed to the elements of Mother Nature? You may have noticed a tree growing through the house and thought, “wow that tree has really destroyed that house.” While the tree (antidepressant’s) did damage the structure of the house (your brain), the house, none the less, is still reliant on that tree to retain what’s left of it’s structural integrity. If the tree is removed, the house becomes unstable, there’s a big hole in the roof, and eventually the roof collapses because it no longer has the support of the tree. So the house has to be completely rebuilt. Well, when you remove your antidepressant, the physical structure of your current “frame of mind” and other neurological functions is also compromised, sometimes for the worse. And long after the drug has left your system the rebuilding process of your brain can take a long time, and a great deal of psychological resilience. YOU CANNOT WIYHDRAWAL FROM A FRONTAL LOBE LOBOTOMY! You have to live with it, and slowly get comfortable with “the new normal.” So any prescriber that claim’s that antidepressant’s and antipsychotic’s are not addictive is guilty of lying by omission (telling a partial truth and omitting the more serious consequences). So, with that being said, Xanax is a much safer first line treatment for depression/anxiety. You don’t have to become dependent on Xanax for it to be effective. It’ doesn’t require week’s of cumulative exposure to work. And if you need drug’s like Xanax, Ativan, Valium, etc. but your doctor wont give them to you because he/she is concerned about “addiction”, then he or she is very chemically uneducated, and or, commercial medicine has compromised their medical integrity to the point that they are no longer concerned with patient welfare, only financial profit’s. Good luck to you all.

  • Dr. Seth Farber, Great point(s)! And your prose is impeccable. Much respect and admiration to you sir. And I totally agree with your position on benzodiazepines. After an unsuccessful taper off, and reinstatement on the antidepressant – Effexor XR, I quit the drug altogether. “Why continue taking it if it’s not working, right?” Now the only drug that I can depend on (unconditionally) to bring me out of bout’s of suicidal despair, is Klonopin. And I’m not using them to “GET HIGH”, but to survive the negative psychological impact that was brought on by the aforementioned AD.

    You mentioned Thomas Szasz. What an invaluable character in the field of psychiatry and, philosophy in general. “All drug’s of any interest to any moderately intelligent person in America are now illegal”, (Thomas Szasz). If that doesn’t tell the world that “psychiatry” is a state/government apparatus, a tool used for social control of the populous, I don’t know which word’s will.

    When I was in prison I read a book called, The Cult of Pharmacology, by Richard DeGrandpre. If you haven’t already, then it’s a “must read” for anyone trying to understand preferential drug treatment, and drug favoritism by the so called, “expert’s.”

    If your interested in my own elaborations on the subject you can go to the blog – Playing the Odds, Antidepressant withdrawal, and the problem of Informed Consent, by Dr. Shipko. To bad this site doesn’t leave you the option to edit and or delete comments, like Youtube. I got pretty “wound up” on the other blog.

    Until next time, if there is a next time, I’ll be purchasing a copy of, Madness, Heresy and the Rumor of Angels. By the way, I’m not a bad guy. I just made a bad mistake. The crime I was incarcerated for was over a drug-deal gone bad. Real bad!

    Dana A. Callicoat

  • By the way, I wasn’t completely unsuspecting. Back in 2002 when my doctor handed me a month or two worth of Effexor XR free samples he said, “and none of this stuff is addictive.” I kind of knew right then(intuitionally) that that was too good to be true. I mean, what kind of drug makes you feel better without making you feel good? LOL!

    Also, I noticed a difference almost immediately after my first dose. I felt better than ever, for no discernible reason. Maybe that’s because venlafaxine is much like Cocaine in that it affects the three NT’s that are thought “theoretically” to be complicit in depression, anxiety, etc.

    And how is it cynical to be angered about the devastating a/effect’s of SSRI’s. I don’t feel I’m cynical at all. I’m innocent. Had I been offered Xanax as a first-line treatment for transitory anxiety, would I be in this scrape that I’m in now. Alcohol (ethanol/ethyl alcohol) kills one hundred thousand people annually. But what about the ten-plus million or so people that rely on it everyday, just to get to the next one. What about the good hard working folk that make a case of beer last a week? Are you suggesting they have behavioral defect’s that put them at risk for suicide, depression, racing thought’s, and so on? Do you want to make patient’s out of that group of people?

    Last night I consulted a prominent European chemical scientist as to why the medical establishment would treat me this way. here’s a brief excerpt of our chat – “Therapeutic intervention targeted on the monoamine and opioid pathways will potentially enrich the quality of life of even the nominally “well”, not least because – by the enlightened standards of posterity – we may all be reckoned mentally ill.”

    Pretty scary, isn’t it ?
    Any comment’s on that ?

    Dana A. Callicoat, Respectfully!

  • Dr. Shipko, first and foremost, Thank You for rendering some of your services online for free.
    In your post you mentioned that reinstatement can be harmful. Any elaboration on that particular area would be greatly appreciated by myself and the masses alike.

  • I agree with you on that 100%. Everyone (the majority) that I know who have or had an Rx for an opiate pain medicine want’s to use benzo’s (Xanax especially) with their opioid RX to get “higher.” And then they reach a point of complete dissatisfaction with their current prescriber, wind up in methadone maintenance with an ever escalating dose of methadone. And eventually that’s not enough. So back to the opioids and benzo’s, along with the methadone. Or in some cases, street heroin that’s not really heroin, but the superstrong fentanyl analogues that are measured in microgram’s. And from there, the graveyard. I cant count on my finger’s and toes the people I knew personally, that met that fate. Sad but true.
    My anger and cynicism is mostly directed at myself for allowing this to happen (to me) in the first place.
    I’m not antipsychiatry. I think Psychiatry is essential for the well being of peoples in mental distress. It’s up to the practitioner to be a good psychiatrist. And when Rexulti T.V. commercials come right out and admit that, “two out of every three people on an antidepressant still “SUFFER” depressive symptom’s” well, like that timeless verse that Robert Plant sung in the song Stairway to Heaven -“and it make’s you wonder -”
    With biostatistics like that it make’s me wonder,
    1) why are we still using the damn thing’s?
    2) how could a practitioner justify psychosis and suicide, over pleasure and overdose?
    And unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever know for sure what was in Robin William’s blood when he decided that life was just too much, and hung himself.
    And now that my Effexor XR is no longer effective should I
    a) continue down this path of suffering, hoping that with a little time and moderate Klonopin use, the sun will come out once again?
    b) reinstate the same or different AD with moderate Klonopin use (for dysphoria), wait for 4-6 week’s for something. What? Who knows?
    c) chamber a 15 gram, .45 caliber standard U.S. Army ball round into my Dad’s old 1911A1, stick the barrel in my mouth, pull the trigger, and hope that the Human Conscience doesn’t survive the physical death of the brain?
    d) remain strong (psychologically) and try to be optimistic that my situation will better with time, even if it mean’s a little chemical indulgence here and there?
    Respectfully, Dana A. Callicoat
    No. I’m not female! LMFAO!

  • Todd, My friend, that is so much easier said than done. It sounds like advice coming from someone that’s been through it before. But i’m cursed with a analytical mind. So i’ll ask anyway: Are you speaking from first hand experience? Because if so then you are a helluva lot stronger than myself. Thank you.

  • That’s a great thing Laurie. I’m sorry your so uncomfortable. But I think you will fair in the long run. Shrink’s are overly obsessed with the concept of addiction. That’s why clonazepam is the most favored benzo in their arsenal. They speculate this “long half life” BS. And attribute to it magical qualities (“it’s less addictive than Ativan”). And with that, the patient is usually medicated around the clock. So, if you take Klonopin more than once a day you will always have it in your CNS. And if you always have a drug in your brain, your always gonna want/need the drug. Especially when you run out. But if you can find a doc smart enough to bend the rule’s to your advantage then you can just take triazolam 2-3 x daily, and never become physically addicted to your Rx. You may want to keep taking it over and over (like beer racing). But that’s only a reflection of the weakness of character in the user. And not a bad side effect of the pill. You have to remember – Psychiatry is an institution that look’s at the big picture of “social control” of the masses deemed unfit to attend a black tie event. Your personal, idiopathic needs come second. And ego has a lot to do with it as well. The doctors have a mental blueprint of what they think is good social behavior. And they expect you to adhere to their prescriptive treatments. So if your using Xanax, Ativan, Halcion – PRN, then your a drug addict. But if you take Klonopin on a regular schedule – everyday at the same time(s), then your just following a plan set by your doctor. However erroneous/hazardous it may be. So, download Tor/i2p. Get aquainted with BitCoin. And be your own doctor/pharmacist. You don’t need years of worthless medical school. Just the Science portal of Wikipedia. You Go Girl !

  • Mr. Lewis, if every household in America had a bottle of Xanax in the medicine cabinet Anheuser-Busch, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and your local neighborhood drug dealers would be out of business in no time. The biggest problem with benzodiazepines is their affordability, dependability, reliability and low side a/effect profile. Their great for treating a broad spectrum of so called “disorder’s” and that’s just plain “bad for business” for the big drug companies who want to push their newest, novel garbage. And it’s counter productive to the pharmacologist’s looking to use human populations in their “control group” for the advancement of the concept of Bio-Psychiatry as a whole. There are no “good” and “Bad” drug’s. Just good and bad relationships with the drugs. There’s no such thing as Bi-polar 1&2, MDD, ADHD, SAD (that one’s the funniest!), etc. There’s only psychological and neurological diversity in the human species. I’ve smoked/snorted the finest blow. Shot the best dope. Drank top-shelf booze. And I’ve never had a problem stopping the aforementioned D & A as I have with Effexor XR. Do you want to know why that is? It’s because the drug’s are conspiratorially formulated to give to the consumer the very symptom’s/ailment’s that it (the new brand-named drug) claims to treat/prevent in the first place. Remember the Cold War? Now were in a race with the Russian’s to construct the first fully functioning Manchurian Candidate. Dude, my Old Man is an ex Marine turned electronics warfare technician. He’s got a Secret-Level security clearance from the DOD. I’ve had the fortune of meeting some pretty cool science guy’s during my 36 years of life. One was a Biochemist that specialized in neurochemical warfare agent’s. He told me to avoid antidepressant’s as they are a form of brain surgery at the chemical level. And suggested that I stick with the quick-fix, feel-good-fast drug’s like Xanax, Valium, Nembutal, etc. WOW!!! I sure do wish I would’ve listened to that man, 14 years ago. He said something else (back then) that I will never forget: The 2 most valuable side effect’s of any drug are Suicide, and Homicide, for the CIA/NSA psychological black-op’s program. And the test subject’s are no longer restricted to death-row prisoner’s as that environment doesn’t provide adequate genetic diversity. But rather the very last place on Planet Earth that anyone would ever suspect; The very office of the physician (M.D.) that swore to the Hippocratic oath to never intentionally harm a patient and or compromise a patient’s well being for financial gain and or experimental result’s. Benzo’s are essential. Like Aspirin. They need to be made available to the public-OTC. Especially in liquor store’s, as a safer alternative to ethanol. And or to mitigate consumption of either one or both substances. And to keep people out of the growing psycho/penal system. And doctor’s office’s in general. Wouldn’t you agree? And if you don’t, then please explain to me how having ten’s to hundred’s of milligram’s of “disorder” drug’s in your system for day’s, week’s, month’s, year’s at a time is supposed to be more neurologically nutritious than just getting high on only a fraction of a milligram of Xanax, sporadically? Maybe it’s time to move on. Just maybe Psychiatry need’s to be dis/regarded as an antiquated, inadequate, less-competent approach to mental health. And what is this MPH (master’s of public health) nonsense? That sound’s kind of “Third Reich” to me. Don’t we live in a time where Gay’s, Jew’s, Black’s and Gypsies have a right to live free and be happy too? Why doesn’t the same apply to bipolar’s, schizo’s, manic depressives and anxious people? I don’t care if I meet the criteria of an official psychiatric diagnosis like bipolar 1234, blah, blah, blah, blah. I said I liked Percocet and Valium. It get’s me high. It makes me feel good. It keep’s me going. So what’s the problem? If you don’t like a certain drug don’t take it. But don’t tell me not to take a certain drug, after I told you what works and what I like. Catch my drift? It’s like I told my shrink the other day, I said, “your opinion is of no concern to me. When you can balance a simple redox equation then, you can tell me what kind of chemical to and to not ingest.” Well anyway, I hope you got something out of my tirade. Sorry if I came off as a bit rude. But I really do believe that a majority of physicians are grossly uneducated in chemistry. For example – Zyprexa is a benzodiazepine that’s just been denatured with poisonous sulfur so as to minimize the pleasurable (full agonistic response) effects. It has some unknown effect. But normal people don’t like it. So the cult of pharmacology slaps a label on it – “Antipsychotic.” What kind of sense does that make? Until next time, think outside the bun/dsm my friend…….

  • Go to Wikipedia and compare the molecular structure’s of olanzapine to any benzodiazepine. And you may be surprised as to why it’s referred to as an atypical antipsychotic. It’s basically a benzodiazepine that’s been denatured so as to minimize any pleasurable a/effects one might feel after consumption of the chemical. Here, let me copy/paste the chemical name for you: 2-Methyl-4-(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-10H-thieno[2,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepine. That’s pretty interesting, huh? But if you ask a shrink he or she will try and persuade you that it’s not “addictive” and that you need it in your system for prolonged duration’s to correct an imbalance in your CNS. It’s probably just best to avoid psychiatry all together and self medicate in total defiance of any medical orthodoxy. You can drink alcohol everyday for the next ten years and never become alcohol-dependent. You can take a short half-life pill like Xanax every day for the next ten year’s and never become Xanax-dependent. But if you take these new novel supposedly “non-addictive” AD’s and AP’s for 4-6 week’s as suggested, then you have to take it everyday at the same time not to feel good or better. But to keep from feeling suicidal. If you ask me, I think it’s all a big conspiracy. I think the new drug’s are conspiratorially manufactured to give you the very symptom’s/disorder’s they (big pharma) claim their drug’s treat in the first place. So you’ll not only be dependent on the dope, but your nearest CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart and whatever big retail pharmacy is closest to your residence. That’s why dr.s are starting this new trend of asking their patients – “so, what pharmacy do you use?” Sad but true.

  • If there was a bottle of Xanax in the medicine cabinet of every American household Anheuser-Busch, Miller Coors, and a whole lot of other beverage companies would go bankrupt in a week. And so would Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Astra Zeneca, etc. Benzo’s work for a wide spectrum of neuro/psycho distressing mental condition’s. And that’s just plain, “bad for business”. And it’s not conducive to the advancement of the whole concept of Biological Psychiatry. Check this out – Chemical biology is a scientific discipline spanning the fields of chemistry, biology, and physics. It involves the application of chemical techniques (experimental drug’s) tools (psychiatric coercion) and analyses, and often compounds produced through synthetic chemistry, to the study and manipulation of biological systems (your delicate brain). Chemical biologists attempt to use chemical principles (novel drug’s) to modulate systems to either investigate the underlying biology (the monoamine hypothesis of depression) or create new function (suicide, homicide, mass murder, compliance to your diagnosis/treatment even if it makes you feel worse). So folk’s when you hear these terms like chemical imbalance, ADHD, ADD, Bi-Polar 1&2, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and so on, just remember it’s all BS. There’s no such thing as the aforementioned. There’s only neurological and psychological diversity in the Human species. I’ve used/abused every alcohol and so called “addictive” rec drug known to science. And have always managed to stop the drug completely or moderate my use. And then I met Effexor XR in 2002. And 14 year’s later I still find myself unable to say, “I can live without this”. As of March 31,2016 I stopped Effexor XR cold turkey at 150mg’s (75mg last day). It’s now 1:11am, 4/26/2016. And if it wasn’t for clonazepam (a BENZO) I probably would have pulled the trigger a couple of week’s ago. So congrat’s folk’s on helping the corrupt pharm corporation’s phase out the a/effective, affordable, understood calmative’s in favor of the semi-affective, very expensive, highly unpredictable AD’s and AP’s. And I’ll quote Richard DeGrandpre in his book, The Cult of Pharmacology, “there are no good and bad drug’s. Only good and bad relationship’s with drug’s”. Good Day.