Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • My child was a patient of Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s for many years. We clocked in hours of floortime, and it was really, incredibly helpful. But none of that work made any impact at all until the medications stabilized his symptoms. Make no mistake, without the medication, my child was exactly like Liza Long’s son. Their life was exactly like ours, only we got effective psychiatric and psychological treatment because of where we live and our resources. If my child did not have medication, h/she would not have been available at all for Dr. Greenspan’s therapy. Also, Dr. Greenspan’s opinion about medication was much more nuanced than you imply in your article. He encouraged us to keep our child on medication. The level of violence and aggression that we, like Liza Long’s family, endured was so severe, that without medication, we would have have had to place him in an institutional setting by age eight. We never had to. I have lived this life you are writing about. Severe mental illness is biologically based. But there are severe psychological ramifications, too, and parents must be present and available. We had to learn an entirely different type of parenting for our child. Please be careful not to classify SMI treatments as an “either-or” situation. My child, and hence the entire family, needed both. For the most part we have had excellent professionals: psychiatrists, psychologists, play therapists, OTs, nutritionists and groups. Instead of discounting medical treatment, please consider writing about how consumers can discern between good psychiatrists and poor ones. Help people to recognize a good fit between a professional and the child and their family. Thank-you.