Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • Yes I’m aware that Borderline Borderline was originally a a psychoanalytic concept. The problem is that the criteria within the DSM is simply a list of behaviours. Social and moral judgements. It has become a deeply stigmatising label in MHS. Where all your issues are seen as a result of a disordered personality!When in fact a ‘PD’ is nothing more than a social construct that Psychiatrists inflict ion trauma survivors, further damaging them. It is far removed from it’s psychoanalytic origins and is toxic to those seeking help.NHS MHS treat trauma reactions by pathologising and blaming the individual It makes no sense. And only causes more harm.

  • The distinction between so called real mental illness and ‘BPD’ is commonly seen in the response of staff It seems any
    woman with a history of abuse + trauma has this label inflicted on them. Staff then see you as less deserving and morally defective. I have lost count of the completely retraumatisimg things that have been said to me because of this ‘diagnosis: All labels are just pseudo medical and pseudo scientific Yet I am treated as if my issues are character flaws and inherent deficit. A clear line is drawn between ‘PD’ and Bipolar etc.I think it works like this -Woman+abuse, Iabel disordered then punish them for it.I would suggest anyone in distress should keep away from Psychiatrists. And if given ‘PD’label, be aware that within NHS there is entrenched stigma and often hostility.You end up trying to survive the label. And I don:t understand why MHS feel such contempt and loathing for victims of child abuse. Because that is what lies behind many’ ‘Psychiatric Diagnosis. So maybe only need one label for all. Survivors of Trauma and Abuse? Sorry may have gone off topic!