Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • I am currently coming off Venlafaxine & Mirtrazapine with my own carefully worked out method. It isn’t easy but I know that if I had consulted my doctor he would have been against it.
    I was given the confidence to reevaluate my situation after researching online & then reading Kelly Brogan’s “A Mind of your Own”, after 23 years of often “tweaked ” medication.
    The catalyst for my change was having to watch my 30 year old son go through exactly the same treatment I received. If I wasn’t ‘cured’after all this time what are his chances? I am hoping that my example will help him.
    One of the many things that I am experiencing just now is the emergence of my true self. It would have had me reaching for the medication in the past, but I now have the confidence to get to know & accept this person.