Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • The most striking neurology noticed with Autism is that the medial (middle third) portion of the cerebellum has not developed to regular size. That part is responsible for fine motor control and speech which autistics are known to have trouble with those.

    A couple of years after having the MRI done for research by a University, and self-study, noticed that my image had that feature. Their research was intended to find differences between negative and positive presenting schizotypes and was given a CD with a few sections.

    More recently, had an MRI done at a hospital.
    As I live in Vancouver, there are a number of those around

  • Had a Spiritual Awakening 7 years ago while under (a large dose of) a then-experimental type of Seroquel. Prior to that, been on descent after being diagnosed with a personality disorder and getting labelled with several disorders at once.
    Right after, realized it was Seroquel messing me up and withdrew about 80% in the 1st year (now 98,5% down). Studied Psychology as well to better manage myself and explored Mysticism.
    After suspecting for a while, found that in an MRI done for research showed showed the main morphology for Autism. When presented to my shrink,, promptly reassessed me from Schizo-Affective/Borderline (whatever that is) to Asperger’s/ASD and granted me permission to undergo Gender Transition (realized after my Awakening as well).
    On the Spiritual front, checked out a number of Churches (Pentecostal, Presbyterian), and some Sufi until becoming a Member of the United Church of Canada a bit under 2 years ago