Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • I hear you Katel. I am a white American woman who became acutely aware of the fact that after the age of 50 you become invisible. Invisibility can be useful if you are a cave dweller by nature: However, once they have tagged you with a MI label you are never truly invisible when the system wants to make a buck off you while turning a blind eye to the dysfunction they have brought into your life. And if you dare challenge their corrupt system’s human rights violations publicly after being tagged with one or many of their contrived labels there is likely a crooked guardian/conservator in your future whose sole purpose of being is to shut you down. Thanks for posting your comment for it is evidence that in spite of all their brain damaging crap, we can still speak truth to their evil power with a brilliant touch of heart breaking sarcasm.

  • Great article Dylan. I had to give up the psychotropics to stay sober. What I learned was trading my toxic apples for toxic oranges is a really bad idea. I forwarded your piece onto my niece who is in recovery for cocaine abuse so she can have the data to support her refusal to take prescription drugs to “help” her stay sober. Sometimes saying no to the docs is not well received because of their kick-back arrangements with pharma.

  • Even if the docs jumped through the informed consent hoops, would they tell you that being prescribed an anti-psychotic can land you in a forced treatment civil commitment proceeding should you elect to get off the toxic stuff? Every anti-psychotic/atypical neuroleptic prescription should contain a warning: CAUTION TAKING THIS CLASS OF DRUG CAN RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.