Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Hi Nomadic,
    I fully agree with your comments and the harm caused by the mental health system globally. The ever-present promotion of pharmaceuticals and the ‘we know best’ attitude of some mental health professionals offers little protection when individuals are at their most vulnerable. The notion of an anti-psychiatric intervention team sounds a valid proposition. As a mental health nurse, I like the idea of ‘service-users’ having a greater understanding of their treatment options, rather than just being told to take medication and be displaced in un-therapeutic hospital environments.
    Regards, Nick.

  • Vlado, I enjoyed reading your story and encouraged by your willingness to share your story with others. As a mental health nurse, I find your use of language refreshing and remarkably accurate. I am about to start on my PhD journey that will identify if mental health nurses intentionally minimize iatrogenic harm caused by psychiatric medications, so I am looking forward to discovering the outcome. I am an avid supporter of people such as Robert Whitaker and David Healy and I welcome refreshing stories from the service-users perspective that promotes their voice and are critical (in a refreshing way) of the current system. These types of issues that you highlight are not specific to the US, but evident around the world in countries that have used the US system as their model of care. Good luck with your journey! Regards, Nick.