Friday, March 24, 2023

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  • What I would like to know from anyone with any knowledge , is why can’t it be proved when someone passes away by looking at the brain ? In sports especially football , CTE is showing up and it can only be confirmed once someone is dead . Why aren’t they looking at peoples brains who succumb to akathisia among other things to prove this? Has noone thought of this? I would imagine the severe distress from withdrawal would show come change in the brain ?

  • I think he makes valid points , this is a well written article especially with the careful taper advicd. As someone who has experienced horrific akathisia from SSRI use among many other extremely debilitating symptoms , bed ridden symptoms I must add for multiple years, I would say using a Benzo is tricky but also should be an option on the table. 10/10 strength Akathisia when you are ready to do something to yourself or someone else how can you not have this as an option? small doses not used regularly should be the way to use a benzo for extreme SSRI WD. IT gets tricky if the patient needs to use them everyday. BUt I know its saved people , I know of a friend who was done for from the relentless Akathisia but a benzo saved him from ending it all. Just the fact the he can keep it around for when his akathisia hit s a high level gives him the confidence to go forward. Dont get me wrong I know the benzo can do the exact same thing the SSRI does. They are equally terrible and the WD from both can be horrific. But when someones life is on the line or someone elses life all options have to be available.

    I agree with the majority of others aswell that high doses for long periods of time is basically the same hell as the SSRI so that doesnt help one bit , but what the hell are the options , How many people have the inner strength to battle and defeat an awful SSRI WD sydrome ? I mean the fact that so many people are suffering from this is just too much to handle. At least this Doctor gets it and understands , 99% of the other Doctors are harming and killing people at an alarming rate. This is a dark age of medicine.

  • Hey Matt sorry about the setbacks hopefully by now you are back to your old self strength wise. To the other commentors This was clearly not just a panic attack. The exhaustion and weakness along with the other symptoms separate this from a panic attack. He clearly couldn’t push as hard as he wanted to yet. A combination of heat, strenuous climbing and a bad diet is why this happened. I am very similar to Matt when it comes to activity. My vice was sports, heavy weights and Jogging. I am early in the process of recovery so i cannot do any of those things but I am worried about even trying those things. When Matt pointed out is it worth it, for me Id say no. No sport or pushing myself is worth a relapse of WD symptoms. We are all different I get that too. Some people recover from this and jump back to being their old self. I am hopeful ill be able to do what I want but I don’t know that Ill want to try. Maybe very slowly but I think the extreme nature of my old workouts will be gone. Light workouts and not pushing too much is what I will do.