Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • Thank you so much. My son was Asperger/Autistic. Between the ages of 4 and 11 he was raised by his father. At 4 he was put on ADHD medications. At 11 I was able to get him back. I got him off the medications. At 16 he was taken again and I did not see him till he was 19. He was on 5 medications for pshchyatric disorders. He had threatened to burn down his parents house. They begged me to take him. He is 26 now. On no medication and the most loving, kind, compassionate person youw ould ever want to know,
    . Everyone who encounters him are always remarking what a wonderful cheerful person he is. Please continue to expose this terrible injustice thrust upon children. My son could have been a statistic. After a year of being detoxed my son explained his anger like this ” it was like I was so angry but I couldn’t express it because I was like a zombie”. So when it got to the point I could not take the abuse any more I just couldn’t stop how angry I was.” I truly believe the many years my son was drugged deterred his growth. I see him maturing now. Since getting off all medications he is a happy healthy individual. Please continue to fight for those who have no voice.