Sunday, November 29, 2020

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  • Steve,
    Your comments are thoughtful and respected. There are multiple issues involved and one is the persistent belief that “ADHD” in general is a hoax, or a choice, or simply undisciplined children. This article by Hickey will only continue to aid that notion and block paths to outcomes such as yours.
    I have witnessed the very positive impact that medication can have on function, and I can say with confidence behavioral therapy alone did not improve the outcome. I am also confident that medication alone would not produce the outcome, but combined with behavioral therapy it made a marked difference and continues to this day to make a difference. I am confident because the folks who lived out this situation started with the position that medication was a hoax. After adding the medication to the mix progress was made and has been maintained (social interaction with peers, daily tasks, academic tasks all improved; and all reduced again when medication was withdrawn).

    There is another spectrum that is different than your own personal experience. There are people who do not have the “Hyperactivity” portion of the symptoms. I have witnessed, in the situation above, a very well behaved, well mannered, non-disruptive, non-impulsive child who very much fit your experience of unable to switch tasks, and unable to create organized thought and flow to tasks. He fit every measurable category for ADHD except the hyperactive actions you describe. Adding the medication to the behavioral therapy was the tipping point to a positive outcome.

    You can say that rearing, living, and educating in a different system would be all that needs to be done for ADHD. I cannot disprove that. But I can say with certainty that the economic means to accomplish what you accomplished with your kids is not feasible for the majority. And the places in society to accomplish what you accomplished are not accessible to all.

    Either way, this idea that actual “ADHD” is a choice, is a learned behavior, or is a lack of adult leadership is destructive to positive outcomes.

  • I wish there was a way to have your comment posted as an article right beside this Philip Hickey nonsense. Or made the permanent top comment to this article. Alan Davick, your comment is the truth and I hope more people will come to understand. I have witnessed how much damage a teacher who does not understand can cause to a pupil. The idea that this is a hoax is lazy thinking, this is a human pattern present in a portion of population era after era. Parenting and discipline problems are real too, and only obfuscate the truth of ADHD existence.