Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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  • Psychologists have a professional interest in advocating ADHD is a hoax. I don’t doubt the author hasn’t come across misdiagnosed ADHD to write this article. However, many ADHD’s are physically identifiable through PET/MRI’s or other appropriate imaging technologies which are every bit as real as height, hair color and gender.
    Dr Davick’s provides a good albeit limited perspective endorsing the use of stimulant medication. Diet modifications specific to the individual are fundamental in making medication consistently effective over an extended period of time. In other words, effective management means a practical cure to ADHD.
    What you and Dr Davick lack is the perspective of someone like me who posseses the intelligence yet is pushed aside from higher professional realms via an ADHD impairment. It has taken me a long time to develop a diet and supplements particular to my needs. Aspects of my diet runs counter to many popular recommendations, emphasizes certain supplements not even on the radar of most medical professionals and uses at least 1 unconventional prescription drug that medical professionals haven’t conisidered. I know what would show if I had an MRI done (similiar yet also different than Temple Grandin) to develop strategies for my particular ADHD. ADHD diets like Feingold are more hype and not a lasting benefit to a large population of ADHD people just as a prosthetic leg is not very useful for someone with a missing arm.
    Psychologists have a relatively limited role in treating ADHD to guiding gross bad behavior to a degree of acceptability. This is also a qualified endorsement of pharmaceutical drugs: most medical doctors are simply tossing out pills to treat ADHD, with many drugs wildly inappropriate and doctors wholly ignorant of potential side effects.
    My dietary strategy (dosing on certain nutrients varies according to the environment and needs viewed in at least in the framework of a week, not daily) is something that can be observed, tweaked and taught. Risks of side effects are present, but far less than the effects from some drugs I’ve been prescribed. I have no advanced degrees, merely my body and experiences.
    Anyone wishing to contact me for my insights, my email: [email protected].