Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  • The posts that I have seen about Addyi are by people who haven’t taken it. That’s understandable because it’s so new.

    My wife is 62 and post-menopause. Her sexual desire has been low for over 10 years and was tired of not have those wonderful feelings anymore.

    She started taking Addyi about as soon as it was offered last fall and, actually, liked the psychological effects of the drug. She said that she it made her feel more relaxed and less edgy.

    It seemed to take a couple of months for the sexual effects to start kicking in. As her sex partner, I can report that her interest in sex is real and growing. She initiates sex almost everyday and we are having a truly great time!! I’m 69, quite fit, and have a strong libido and keeping up with her is a fabulous challenge. Sex is the healthiest, happiest gift that you can give your marriage. If the chemistry of older age is causing your desire and enjoyment to wane, take advantage of this breakthrough. It works and it’s wonderful.