Sunday, October 2, 2022

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  • It´s a horror history the one I just read about this young women going to or gone already to assisted suicide. It´s a horror history too that a civilized country as Nederland permits such an act of killing knowing as they know, and if not ignorance is no excuse, that this so called euthanasia, is executed there.
    I´d like to share o couple of ideas that come to my mind almost as an urge when I read the conclusions to which some of the posting persons arrive to: I´d like to say, Psychiatry is a Science, part of Medical specialties, it´s there, that word doesn’t harm anybody. Psychiatrists are MD who as humans choose the way they put in practice the interpersonal relation with clients, society. Associating Psychiatrists to playing god even as a metaphor seems unfocused for me because of the meaning the word god has for most of us. Would god do such a thing? So, playing god is synonymous to the act of killing… I don´t think that the profession called psychiatrist converts certain individuals in collaborators of abominable acts, that is a weak point of view, too simple, it has no depth, no broadness in the analysis. I remember so many years ago “my Psychoanalyst” saying to me: “you shouldn’t´t get into such a relation, you might feel guilty.” No pills, no mental illness diagnoses, just part of my trainings to be a better psychiatrist, and was this Doctor deciding for me, a 34 yo man. I´ve seen during my career so many representatives of psychopharma labs offering me and colleagues all kind od filthy businesses to sell their products and I saw all kind of decent and indecent responses, those were men and women only “no role play of god” anywhere. If we want to be constructive in front of this serious problem caused and displayed by human we must thinks in serious terms, in depth and broadness. On the other hand there are many psychiatrists in USA that not only do what al wee ought to, but go so far away in working to build a better world. I would highly recommend you to search for Mindsight from Dan Siegel. I don´t him, I just enjoy and grow reading what he writes, listening what he says.
    Submitted with respect