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  • Death metal scream-o (official genre: American metalcore) is not to everybody’s liking, and it can be difficult to listen to and understand. He’s wearing a t-shirt that says SHUT UP. Saying shut up is considered to be abusive and offensive but it also indicates intolerance and frustration.

    “Alive In The Lights”

    From the beginning I knew I was different. I embraced it, but you didn’t. Your normal life, 9-5, it’s just not for me. I need to feel alive!

    I won’t fall like the rest of them, they’ve come & gone with the wind. I hear the doubt in the back of your mind but still I’ll see this through to the end.

    Maybe if you paid more attention, asked more questions & actually listened you would see this is not just a dream, but a path I’ve chosen that means everything to me.

    Don’t you see the minds that have changed? Do you see the lives that have been saved? Don’t you care to see the difference I’ve made?

    Listen closely, the highways call my name. Don’t you see this is my everything? It may not seem right to you & you might not approve but it’s real. This is the only thing that makes me feel.

    What more do I have to do to finally prove myself to you? What is it that you need to see to finally believe this is who I’m supposed to be?

    Most days I feel like your punching bag, but I will never let it hold me back. I just wish for once you knew how it felt to be brought down lower than everything else.

    Don’t you care to see the difference I’ve made? Listen closely, the highways call my name. Don’t you see this is my everything? It may not seem right to you & you might not approve but it’s real. This is the only thing that makes me feel. This is who I am! This is my life. I come alive in the lights! I come alive in the lights.

    What will be written on your tombstone? You sat behind a desk. You had no backbone. What will be written on your tombstone? You sold your soul, grew old alone. Would you prefer that I become a lifeless, hollow shell such as yourself? Would you prefer that I give up my dreams & lose all hope just like everyone else?

    Don’t you see the lives that have been saved? Listen closely, the highways call my name. Don’t you see this is my everything? It may not seem right to you & you might not approve but it’s real. This is the only thing that makes me feel.

  • It is possible that even police officers are under mind control. Imagine if “we don’t have time for this” is deemed to be nonsensical and probably some sort of severely mentally ill thing to say. Now imagine if that man is under mind control and he wasn’t the one who said what he said or directed his actions.

    There is a LOT of information here (will take a lot of time to read through and follow up, for those so interested).

  • Hell on Earth, and it’s normalized.

    I don’t see “schizophrenia”. I see a domestic problem. Just a domestic problem. There was probably some normalized abuse and neglect happening in that family. I refuse to see “schizophrenia” or the brainwash mind control of “mental health” and “mental illness”.

    And we all know police in the United States cannot be trusted. Maybe the U.S. needs some guidance and counseling from Iran, in their diplomatic “peace talks” since Iran understands that this country is Hell in a handbag.

  • Oh yeah.

    I smoked my first cigarette when I was 8 years old. At the time, people smoked in grocery stores, theaters, hospitals and schools. People smoked everywhere and there were a whole lot of smokers.

    “Relative to the general population, individuals with severe psychotic disorders have increased risks for smoking (odds ratio, 4.6; 95% CI, 4.3-4.9),”

    So, ah… all natural born psychopaths?

    I think science is dishonest.

    Is the fact that I smoke cigarettes proof and evidence of psychopathy? Or, is it that I was born into a culture and society that was HEAVILY cultivated in cigarette smoking?

    Have you people ever visited the BATHROOMS and behind the bleachers of junior high schools? Lots of psychopathy happens in those places. Must be genetic.

  • I learned cocaine from the neighborhood boys who were around 10 years old. One of the parents was a dealer. The kid got hold of it and they all blew their faces out. Lots of blood. I ran and told and my brother got a serious ass kicking (though I don’t know why since my birth mother was a junkie herself).

    I learned heroin from a 13 year old girl.

    So which is it, drugs are cultural and societal or being a natural born psycho is?

  • I just don’t believe that some guy in the North Pole with a whole factory of elves to keep children in line giving them rewards or not, because his surveillance methods know whether they’ve been good or bad (and who decides the criterion?)

    All of that is symbolism. It just needs to be put in other words (translated). All that stuff REPRESENTS something. The symbolism is what something means.

    Because of my insanity (a genuine disease), I see both “santa claus” and “the easter bunny” as terribly mentally retarded ways of teaching kids about sex. And even adults haven’t figured it out yet. But then, I DO admit to insanity, so go figure!

    I had a terrible childhood. I’ve always, always, always HATED and loathed santa claus. I did when I was a kid and I still do today.

  • the ‘bad’ is being exagerated = amplified, magnified for the purpose of recognition / realization (and proper, right RESPONSE)

    the ‘rare’ circumstances are being overly focused upon = same thing, for the purpose of recognition / realization (and proper, right RESPONSE)

    In both of those things, something is NOT REGISTERING and thereby = no progress, stuck in the cyclical loop (aka “crazy”).

    we’re ‘stuck in the past.’ = if this is true, then acceptance is the first step. The next step is to swallow abilify. Just kidding! The next step is to GROW. And that takes work.

  • Recovery is valid. I’ve done it.

    I recovered myself mostly entirely on my own with intense “work”. In recovering myself, I *WAS* myself again, for the first time in a very very long time. I didn’t just “feel” like me again, I *WAS* me again.

    Unfortunately, I had another major trauma that DESTROYED that recovery and that person. I’m not “recovered” anymore.

    And in what I did, it couldn’t be called an integration or re-integration. What it was was an ACTUAL recovery. I found myself, I saved myself, I recovered myself, I *WAS* myself and then got wrecked.

    So much for that. Now that part of me is like a “ghost”.

  • I’ll support this by using myself as an example (again).

    I suppose it is true: I *do* have something the matter with my brain. But wait, is it really my brain? I might not ever know!

    I’m talking about a “sleep disorder” and another illness, which had me going to Boston Children’s Hospital (of all places!) nearly 30 years ago.

    My “sleep disorder” wasn’t diagnosed until I was 16 years old. The condition I had in early childhood was NOT properly diagnosed at Boston Children’s Hospital (and STILL is not properly diagnosed today!).

    I’ve been some sick since infancy. I ended up in psychiatry via the foster care system because of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE, NEGLECT & TRAUMA.

    THAT got medicalized and pathologized as some sort of fundamental brain disease. I never, EVER got ANY of the right, good “care” and “treatment” that I deserved (but I invite anyone to prove otherwise).

    >>> Even my cardiac condition is a nightmare and a headache <<<

    The instance of my "sleep disorder" is considered to be a NEUROLOGICAL condition. psychiatry would LIKE to make it such that:


    are neurological conditions (aka brain disease).

    Worse yet, so-called sleep disorders are misdiagnosed for "psychiatric", "mental illness" conditions, which makes it MALPRACTICE.

    Look here at "Organic Basis" in *neuropsychiatry*

    If my "sleep disorder" is neurological then I have to ask if it is DAMAGE since my maternal grandfather survived polio. He had narcolepsy and one of his daughters, my aunt, is legally blind. The particular sleep disorder that I have is attributed to BLIND people (although sighted people do have the RARE condition). If I am correct with my "guesses" then I was *BORN* with this particular condition.

    And the condition that Boston Children's Hospital did NOT diagnose correctly? Well, I was excessively salty and I had a really bad cough. They suspected cystic fibrosis. After weeks of testing (much of it was TRAUMATIC) I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Here's what's so interesting:

    I had SEVERE bronchial asthma for as long as I was a MASSACHUSETTS RESIDENT. When I moved out of state, the bronchial asthma suddenly disappeared. I used to have between three to five bouts PER YEAR, from childhood until mid 20's. Each episode lasted between two and three weeks. EXTREMELY painful condition. For the past ten years, I have had bronchitis maybe twice. The one thing I still DO have is excessive saltiness (same as I was when I was a small child). That isn’t psychiatric.

    I have these spasms and I get paralyzed and I twitch and I jolt and I have transfixed staring and my EYES have even been paralyzed and I even stop breathing. NONE OF THAT is “psychiatric”. NONE OF THAT is “mental illness” (although at one point, I did suspect catatonia).

    I can’t tell the difference anymore between which is genuine disease in my body and which is “tardive dyskinesia” INJURY from god-damned psych drugs. I think it is a HORRIFIC, BRUTAL combination of these things and more, such as malnutrition. I’ve known REAL starvation in my life. The human workers of “the state” were hell-bent and determined that I was hiding a cocaine habit. I’ve never touched that vile, loathesome drug in all my life! To have been nearly witch hunted for THEIR sick obsessions, falsely accused!, ALL THE WHILE I WAS ACTUALLY STARVING, just reinforces in my mind the REALITY of ABSOLUTE evil on this planet.

    Plain and simple.

    They are not likely to EVER come forward, admit THEIR errors, apologize and ask for my forgiveness. Isn’t that when I’m supposed to hear the endless laughter?

    I’ve been psych warded SEVEN TIMES in my life. The very last one WAS THE VERY LAST ONE. There will absolutely not ever be any other. While I was homeless, severely malnourished, skeletal and severely sleep deprived (with a life-long sleep disorder AND a cardiac condition) I was actually DYING IN THE STREET and got psych warded!!

    I needed a REAL hospital. I needed REAL medical attention and REAL care.

    Imagine THAT.

    psychiatry is a BRAIN CAGE. It is an OBSTRUCTION to GENUINE medical attention. It is an OBSESSION. A SICK one.

    And it is BRILLIANCE and EXCELLENCE to take from their own language and apply it directly right back to them. It is highly revelatory. I almost always apply things to reality and gee, when I do, it is AMAZING what is revealed, what crumbles and what is left standing!

    Enough of my “soul puking” and “crazy person rambling”. For as much as I’ve said there’s SO MUCH that I haven’t.

  • You are somebody whose comments I silently “follow” (pay attention to). I often have this “sense” but I can’t put it into words. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing. If you got banned, which is unthinkable, I’d start a protest!

    John Mayer has been bugging me for a while tonight. I think it goes good here in “Non-Compliance in the New Year: The Power of ‘No'”

    ~ Waiting on The World to Change


  • “Perhaps in ignorance, yes, but intentionally?”

    You mean motives. Mmhmm, there are SOME people with less than healthy, sane, benevolent motives. Rationality itself dictates that such is true!

    Human Suffering has been renamed. It’s new name is “mental illness”. Some things should NOT be medicalized and pathologized, and I think THAT is probably the central message from those of us who hurt & suffer (and who need, want and deserve PROPER help). The next central message is: THE DRUGS HURT PEOPLE, NOT HELP!

    psychiatry is a DRUG delivery system. Diagnosis first, prescription second. I call that the form fitting of a psychiatric cage in one’s head. Or a brain box.

    Who is Virginia?

  • I resume.

    skybluesight on December 29, 2013 at 11:45 pm said:

    I made a final post in that thread to your “Evil Hypothesis” which you made not have read. If you want to continue to discuss that – please go back to that thread and if you have anything further to say you can post it there.

    skybluesight on December 30, 2013 at 3:46 am said:

    As I said I replied to you on the other thread where you inferred Adam Lanza as a child was “evil” and could not be transformed. If you wish to clarify or retract that please do on the “Sandy Hook” thread.

    I happen to have come across the Sandy Hook page tonight. Twice you’ve directed the conversation, telling me where to go. But I’ll be having this conversation right here, even if it means that I’m having it by myself.

    I made two comments and neither of them had anything to do with Adam Lanza.

    According to you, I “inferred Adam Lanza as a child was “evil” and could not be transformed.”

    I said no such thing. In fact, I said absolutely nothing whatsoever about Adam Lanza, at all.

    You said “evil … is something created by humans”, which prompted my response: ” … I’m focusing STRICTLY on the fact of the matter, which is that evil exists and is real.” Those were my final words.

    You went on to say,

    So what you are saying is the 4 year old Adam is condemned by some supernatural thing called “evil” and incapable of emotional change and was ordained to be a mass murderer at age 20?
    So that means the 4 year old being just as evil as the 20 year old must be exterminated or incarcerated in maximum security?
    Or eternally punished? Whipped daily?

    Now here’s my response:

    “So what you’re saying is that 4 year old Adam is condemned… ”

    NO! YOU said that. Not me, YOU.

    I did not “inferred Adam Lanza as a child was “evil” and could not be transformed.”

    THOSE ARE *YOUR* THOUGHTS and you are trying to attribute them to ME.

    But they’re not mine, they’re YOURS.

    So, like I said. You twisted what Fred communicated and tried doing the same thing with me.

    This isn’t a charge of wrong-doing (which would be an obstruction and is counter-productive). It isn’t a conviction. It isn’t judgement and it isn’t even diagnosing. I’m clarifying and making no mistake.

  • AA,

    I was insulted by your comment but decided to give it some time. Time’s up.

    I am not the only person around here at who mentions Scripture, GOD, Divinity, Spirituality and Religion.

    Although you said “we”, you meant me and I have not seen you ask anybody else to remain silent. I thought of some others and wondered how they would respond if you asked them to be quiet.

    Here is one of the oldest groups of community support for Justina Pelletier. Less than 2 months after her medical imprisonment began, A Miracle for Justina was “born”. This page has nearly 5K people.

    Just imagine if I would have responded to you and said, “Oh, okay. I’m sorry. You’re right.”

    Sinead established, above and beyond, that this matter is *quite* political, just as I have established that it is *quite* religious (for some of us).

    By Scripture, we are told that GOD places people in certain positions of authority and we are told that GOD is always superior to GOV.

    With so many Hearts and Minds invested in Justina Pelletier, I’d be surprised if the sky didn’t rumble on Friday if she is not released, with FULL custody returned to her Parents.

    In the day of Christ was Pontius Pilatus (PP). For Justina (whose name means Just, Righteous) we have Joseph Johnston (JJ). Anyone who is awake will recognize a Divine Orchestration when they see it (as I do).

    ~ mjk

  • Are there any doctors or scientists or experts who can explain to people what it means to be in a state of shock?

    How is that condition diagnosed?

    Maybe: it never is and the treatment is actually the diagnosis.

    Is it possible that the treatment of shocking somebody is actually a FAILURE to identify and diagnose that a person is in a state of shock (and / or shattered in fractured pieces)?

  • Very, very triggering for me. Everything personal, all the resonance and response, explodes to the surface with no right place to dump it out, sort it, handle it, deal with it and do the work. No right place and no right co-workers.

    I’m not looking to make art with any of my ill. I’m always looking to make Justice.

    psychiatry and the mental system has a particular focus on “art therapy”. I’m still fuming furious mad over being handed crayons at 32 years old, draw a “therapeutic picture”.

  • Real power is achieved when the ruling class controls the material essentials of life, granting and withholding them from the masses as if they were privileges.

    – George Orwell

    But, has that happened yet?

    If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about

    There is a difference between privacy and secrecy.

    People go a bit insane and rabid when they smell privacy. They don’t know the difference between privacy and secrecy.

    Be careful if we want some PRIVACY in this world! They’ll witch hunt. They’ll torment and torture. Torture is the method used to extract information! Sometimes they PUT what they want to be there.

    Anonymity is becoming discouraged and disallowed. I got notice from Facebook that I MUST use my real name. YouTube is also trying to FORCE people to use their real name.

    Government is SO POSSESSIVE with information that it has been impossible to access my own information and records! There’s a difference between privacy (and “security”), and taking full ownership, possession and control. When they succeed, they call it “complete”.

    They’re restricting guns because they know the level of unfortunate JUSTIFIED hostility has peaked. They’re restricting guns because they know the end of the road where “kill, it’s such a friendly word, seems the only way for reaching out again” (Metallica, Sanitarium).

    When I want the NEWS I read music lyrics. Here’s a word from B.o.B called “The Watchers”

    “The Watchers”

    Yes, I feel the end, the end is close
    The same thing happened eons ago
    To know exactly you have to read up some more
    Everyday technology speeds up some more
    As is above, so is below
    Some feel the heat, yet some feel the cold
    We are the souls, yes we have been chose
    Some roll with angels and demons and ghosts
    But shh, hold up Bob, Don’t go there
    You know that they watching, they all see and stare
    But they can’t stop me, I’m already there
    And y’all ain’t seen shit but y’all already scared
    I’m gone, high like fructose, fructose
    You wanna know the truth, really, you don’t, you don’t
    It’ll blow ya out ya mind like a UFO, UFO
    I’m basically a resident of Pluto, Pluto
    You know, but you’ll probably be the same one hating
    Saying every rapper is in the freemasons
    While the cops giving out free mace to your face
    Now how do that taste? I’m outta my mind
    These video’s tellin’ ya’ll lies, bruh
    Tellin ya’ll, we holding evil hand signs bruh
    Last time I checked I’m from the eastside bruh
    So do your research and make ya own mind up
    ’cause us musicians have influence on the mic
    But they don’t like that so they conquer and divide
    Double-H N-D, hip hop never dies
    So shoot all you want, but we fly
    Because you know, no one man should have all that power
    Obviously cause it’s only one power
    But nevermind, y’all keep worshiping Towers
    While the clock keeps handing y’all hours
    But pucker up because the truth gets sour
    More sour than the sour diesel I devour
    Hear me by the hour, I give ya fifty vowels
    When I brain storm its like a shower
    So pull out your towels
    And don’t let ’em play you
    Do your own thing
    Fuck what they do
    And if you good at something make sure they pay you
    And if not then take a thank you
    Whether they praise you, or whether they hate you
    It’s all about the attention that they pay you
    Y’all on that grape drink
    Try this grape juice
    Shouts to Grand Hustle
    We got that break through
    And yes, it’s evident we better than the rest of these competitors
    Really there ain’t no-one else ahead of us
    Yeah I bust these verses off et cetera, et cetera
    Cause they watching y’all like the Federers, owww
    Kadoish, kadoish, kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth
    It’s B.o.B and I’m out

    Privacy is good. Secrecy implies sickness & criminality.

    The all-seeing eye of the triangle! Oh, but this world has two primary set of eyes: sexualize and criminalize.

    World under surveillance, “security” cameras, is an invasion of privacy in my eyes.

    Here’s some voyeurism. I wonder how many of these people DON’T know that there’s some person watching them on a live feed, right now.

    If they have a problem with the fact that some stranger is watching them, there isn’t anything they can do about it except stay off the beach. is only one website of live feed cameras to view.

    To me, the world at large is an unapprehended criminal. It seems that a majority of people see government itself as THE criminal, with some people going “nuts” over some “new world order” government.

    George Orwell, big brother government, new world order, world under surveillance, webcam live feeds, mass psychosis, severe mental illness…

    It’s a sick world after all
    It’s a sick world after all
    It’s a sick world after all

    It’s a sick, sick world.

  • “Now Jimi Hendrix cured himself of introjection by going “Freak””

    Music, the great contribution to the world!

    Remember the 80’s in America? We lived in a sea of Madonna’s.

    EVERYBODY was Madonna! Madonna and Michael Jackson.

    Maybe introjection is just another word for conformity.

    Here’s a great line from L7

    “wake up and smell the coffee, or just say no to individuality”

    Pretend We’re Dead

    Distinguished people stick out like a sore thumb. Some people become celebrities. Others become curiosities and oddities. Those who blend, some of them, do so to remain safe.

    In all pursuits is Know Thyself (which is not ego, but id). Id means Identity.

    The world is a masquerade party. Some people have their masks ripped off while others have a mask welded on them. Some are just plain defaced. There are demons whose faces are entire black, with no discernible eyes or nose or mouth. Divinity’s face is made entirely of light.

    Know Thyself (know who you truly are, your True Self).

    The movie NeverEnding Story shows how some people cannot face themselves in the mirror (they die at what they see). The movie’s main character, Atreyu, faces himself and finds that he sees Bastian (and he is allowed to pass through and continue on).

    Everybody has a True Self (id, identity). Unless there are those who don’t have an identity.

  • “Actually you can’t appropriate karma in any way, neither good nor bad.”

    Spiritual Laws CAN be Understood for what they are.

    Consider levitation: The Law that allows for levitation is NOT the breaking of the Law of Gravity. It is the utilization of the Law that allows levitation.

    Karma is NOT a murderer or punisher. Karma brings BLESSINGS. Karma does not take life or cause death.

    The Law of Forgiveness has no distortion, but Karma does.

    Humans wield Karma in the negative. They use it like a curse. That is human error.

  • “Two days ago a “chief personnel officer” of an Amsterdam mental health care institution was murdered in the street. … ”

    “Big deal, the guy got his Karma, no sympathy.”

    That looks like hatred to me. Hatred, brought to the surface.

    Now what?

    A lot of people have deep, thick, black coal hatred in them. It is a serious problem. Hatred is the road to death. Anagram of hated = death.

    Karma isn’t a murderer.

    Karma brings Blessings. It is HUMANS who distort Karma and make it seem like Karma is a weapon.

    There was a tip jar on the counter of the neighborhood coffee house. It had a label on it that said, Tips are Good Karma.

    Then some demonic hellion STOLE that tip jar (what, trying to teach people a lesson?!).

    That thief twisted and perverted Karma.

    I went for nearly a full year with no income in 2010. One day, so desperate, I decided to take what change I had and buy a scratch ticket. I had 90 cents and needed only a dime.

    On my way into the store, I asked a woman who sat in her car, pulled along side the building, if she could give me a dime. She did not hesitate and joyfully gave me a dime.

    I went into the store and bought a $1 scratch ticket. It paid me $40.00

    I went outside and handed that woman a dollar. I paid her back TEN TIMES what she gave me. She resisted but I had to insist! I said it’s Karma! Please, take the dollar! I told her what that dime was about and how it helped me. She accepted the dollar.

    PLEASE don’t use Karma as a weapon.

    Karma is NOT a “bitch”. That is human HATRED and human VIOLENCE talking.

  • It’s a continuation of a conversation with Stephen and Faith, on one of her blogs, that I never got back to (I got swept away by the news of Justina Pelletier’s situation).

  • I couldn’t write a play if my life depended on it. I’m 100% spontaneous, free flow and freeform. I’d make a great conductor or director though, boss people around and tell THEM how to build and shape stuff. It’s more like… YOU do it, here’s how. lol

    I’ve had thousands of awesome ideas but that’s about all I’m capable of. I’d need a lot of company to bring any of my ideas to life. So that makes me think of this:

  • “My life in society got worse and more miserable post cure – the worst it has ever been as I no longer fit in the mental health system nor the social system. It took years to create a new social identity.
    There was no way to tell who I was from looking at my external trappings.”

    Vitally important thing to say. Thank you for it.

  • “Until we find ourselves among those who see us, know us at our essence, and believe in us, once again.”

    This song comes up for me, IN me, in response to that line.

    (and this song always makes me think, “the doctor will SEE YOU now”)

    (you don’t see me at all)

    I’ll never know what others SEE when they see me. And when I see myself I see nothing. I rarely see others anymore.

    It’s interesting because the Spirit world has been sending bats to the trees outside of my house! Of course, it means nothing and if I believe that it does mean something, that must be evidence and proof that I’m just crazy and some sort of severely mentally ill (brainwash).

    They’re just bats. They don’t mean anything.

    Well I couldn’t decide! Does it mean… bats are flying out of Hell or does it mean somebody is blind as a bat? And if so, who?! Hilarious.

    How DO people treat somebody who is “blind” and not seeing? Sometimes with this mental illness stuff, the problem is that some people see what others can’t and some people can’t see what others can! Crazy making.

    Bats. They sure have been out there, squeaking, and getting my attention.

    So then, I think of Dancer In The Dark (shocking, powerful and incredible movie)

    (you can’t see, can you?)

    Oh well.

  • Here it is. BURNED in my mind.

    “And even though my current life, trust me, is very different than it was and for most people — and I do know that; I know that right now I am living, as challenging as it may seem, in a very blessed situation, because I have what most families don’t have, is tons of support all around, not just my mother but staff and administration. I have a Chief of Staff and a personal assistant, and everyone needs that; that’s what we need. (Laughter.) Everyone should have a Chief of Staff and a set of personal assistants. (Applause.)”

  • “They made your parenting contingent on taking psych drugs? That is just awful.”

    They had me jumping through any and every hoop they threw at me (they’re FRAUD).

    It’s a really, really long, long, long story if I start telling it. And talking about it. It would take more than hours and more than days and more than weeks. And I’d get upset and angry. Oh, and if people can’t follow along and if they don’t understand then I’m really gonna get mad!

    Honestly, the amount of resources that it would take (people, time, space, money) is just TOO MUCH.

    This is how and why so many people like me *LOSE* so much. We can’t get ALL the right “help” that we need (and deserve).

    Help Wanted (can’t afford to pay ya, though). I have to dig out that Michelle Obama speech…

    It is all too complicated, isn’t it.

    So we just lose. And that’s the end of it. Over. Lives destroyed, lives lost. See ya in the next life time.

  • “He advises us to be careful, not to “rush in where angels fear to tread.””

    Do people ever wonder and consider if it is an actual Angel in their care?

    One cannot mention Angels and then deny their existence.

    Much as Victoria’s Secret would have us believe, Angels are not bra and underwear models.

    I wonder about his meaning. Angels, he says.

    Gregory Bateson, co-author of Angels Fear. I’m definitely going to have to read it!

  • I was given an ultimatum: take the psych drugs or never see my kids again.

    I said goodbye to my kids.

    The state terminated my parental rights and THEN TRIED SUING ME IN COURT FOR CHILD SUPPORT (which was aggravated assault and a few other charges like harassment and cruel and unusual punishment and torture). They’re EVIL and they’re SADISTIC.

    That is the reality.

    Anything court appointed comes from the state and works for the state and NO THANKS.

  • This is amazing, Sinead!

    (here comes the outpouring of Aquarius… )

    History is always alive! History is always with us and History never dies.

    Considering “psycho history”, anyone can easily see what constitutes horrific and monstrous child abuse. I can attest that what I’ve read is NOT all “ancient History”. Much and plenty does still exist in the world today.

    “the system” presents itself as some sort of great savior but too often THEY are also predators and abusers. We ALL know the horror stories. I “diagnose” the system as having their own insanity (aka “corruption”). Boys Town, a prime example, is a known (but denied) circuit of sexual predators.

    It is not possible for an entity to “intake” and consume so much information about the evils in Humanity and NOT become sickened by it.

    The statistics on childhood sexual abuse are:

    1 in 5 girls
    1 in 20 boys

    (I do not know the accuracy of those statistics)

    The well-known statistics of the “traditional” family are:

    50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce

    Is the family dysfunctional, and disharmonious, not what “the system” thrives on? Reunification is their word but so is adoption.

    It is known that there is an agenda to destroy the natural family (and religion) in order to cultivate and create immorality as the norm.

    Considering the prominence of atheism, and popular hatred of religion, I would say the agenda is well established. How about that Miley Circus, what a transformation in her! She has *millions* of followers, of all ages. She made a statement to “teach kids that sex is magical and cool!”.

    GOD does not like idolatry.

    This is when I stand with Iran in calling United States “The Great Satan America”.

    Iran Facts

    THE FACT of all facts on the matter is that the United States has THE GREATEST nuclear capacity on the planet with 104 nuclear reactors! Iran has only one.

    Just as I do NOT agree with American citizens in saying “wipe them off the face of the Earth”, I also DO NOT agree with Iranians saying the same about the United States. That is what constitutes “extremism” but LET IT BE KNOWN: Americans have ALSO said the same hostile hatred and intolerance against others in other parts of the world. I heard it myself, with my own two ears, for years. I did NOT appreciate it of Americans and I DO NOT appreciate it of Iranians.

    While I do NOT agree with everything Iran communicates, I DO agree with them in saying that America is a “terrorist state” that “sets fire to everything, everywhere”.

    What is being done in Justina and her family’s lives, and in the lives of others IS a horror, AND a terror, and has roused the anger of the people!

    Let’s put Justina and Miley side by side and ask which is more valued and “important” in American life.

    I love GOD Most High. I LOATHE satan. I’m a Living Witness of satan in its genuine physical form. satan is no “delusion” or creation of Human Beings. Neither is GOD Most High.

    GOV IS NOT GOD Most High!

    I am the only one I know who has accurately and correctly identified psychiatry as Earth’s antichrist.

    The antichrist is a GOD LIKE entity that DENIES spirit and DENIES people the ultimate salvation! Magic pills, anyone?

    They do not call the DSM “psychiatry’s bible” for no reason.

    Psyche by definition means SPIRIT. There is confusion where psyche sometimes means “soul” but the correct meaning is spirit. Psyche and Spirit are synonymous terms.

    Psyche is NOT a disease of the mind.

    Here is a new book, published in November:

    In this book, we are told that GOD Most High is going to take action against those who have created this “MK Ultra” mind war and will destroy the existent government on Earth.

    The author is not alone in his perception / beliefs.

    Spiritual war and mind war are the same thing.

    psychiatry is a brainwash and mind control system (very much evident in my own life).

    The driving force in this “medical” domination of Earth is actually not monetary.

    It has less to do with insurances & money and is more about TECHNOLOGY (physical, mechanical technology AND information technology). THAT is what is driving this medical domination.

    Case in point: technology *to print human organs* has been developed and created (video available at TedTalks, YouTube).

    Here is another case in point: Australian Researchers Use Stem Cells to Develop a ‘Mini’ Kidney

    They in their labs creating those formulas to prescribe the kids (and others) is *technology* and it actually CAN be seen as a form of infanticide. What is the name of the little girl who was PRESCRIBED TO DEATH?

    I do not speak about their true intentions, or even their awareness or ignorance. Those things, I do not know. I only know the end result of their actions.

    To conclude, a brief on insanity:

    Ah, the Mother Land! I hear pedophilia is a serious problem over there in the UK (though, where is it not?). That is insanity. Insanity is a genuine disease and it is a sexual disease. satan is the so-called “god of sexual immorality”. Insanity manifests in a multitude of ways. Insanity can come by two ways: sexual indulgence and sexual deprivation. The consequences of insanity are insidious, where all life systems become taint and symptomatic.

    William Reich and Nicola Tesla are two excellent examples of insanity (one by indulgence, the other by celibacy).

    The root cause of cannibalism is none other than sexual immorality (which is insanity). Jeffery Dahmer is the proof and evidence of that. He was killed in prison.

    I look forward to GOD’S intervention. We should all know by now that GOD brings to destruction that which rightfully must be destroyed. Which buildings were struck on 9/11? I, for one, will forever see that day as Divinity.

    What do the people say?!

    WAKE UP, AMERICA! But now Americans call it MURICA!

    That’s my Aquarian “flood and dump” for the day. I could go on endlessly but I’ve already been working on this for nearly 24 hours. It’s exhausting.

    Happy New Year, department of social services!

  • What really, really offended me about Simona was how it was OKAY for HER to be concerned about Justina’s symptoms but NOT OKAY for her own mother to be concerned:

    “Bujoreanu noted that Justina appeared to be more impaired when her mother was around. During an examination that Monday afternoon, when Justina stuttered and struggled to articulate simple words such as cracker, Bujoreanu wrote, “mother was reacting at the bedside, making statements such as ‘See, what is that?’ or ‘Why is this happening?’””

    Would Simona ever have noticed it if Linda didn’t point it out to her?

    What if Linda never noticed it, would she be charged with neglect?

    But she DID notice it and ASKED what it was. In asking, she got criminalized in response.


  • “this excrement called treatment robs him of any chance at gaining independence and living a worthy life.”

    Keyword: LIVING

    Life is for the living! The rest of us are committed to SUFFERING and SERVICE. Some, like me, we are the LIVING DEAD.

    What constitutes living will probably be very different answers from everybody. But think of Justina: who can say she’s LIVING? I can’t.

    Nobody LIVES in a hospital. Nobody LIVES in a jail or prison. At that point, the person is DRIVEN INSIDE where THERE becomes the place to “live”.

    But when these people DESTROY THE INSIDE, we are trapped alive in a living HELL where we only SUFFER. My inside is an inescapable HELL. I scream, cry and beg unending.

    I USED TO have inner-light. I never needed to “seek enlightenment” because I always HAD inner-light (and mental elevation, higher mental dimensions). When my inner-light was destroyed, now is dead and BLACKER THAN BLACK, the response from the spiritual world was that I was going through a “dark night of the soul”.

    I do not agree with them and I do not believe that.

    I think my BRAIN has suffered and endured massive, catastrophic harm and damage. BRAIN DAMAGE. People should see me twitch and spasm and convulse! I become paralyzed with transfixed starting and my body so rigid that I feel like a STATUE. How the HELL is this any sort of improvement? Tardive dyskinesia!

    What DOES happen on the inside of people when they have such a strong urge to kill themselves (or others) after taking these SICK PSYCH DRUGS?

    I’m SOUL PUKING again. My INSIDES come pouring out. No privacy for me. No boundaries. DESTROYED LONG, LONG AGO.

    Such a tragedy and often, I beg for my own death and I have done so IN PUBLIC.

    But free-will “euthanasia” is NOT ALLOWED.

    I have the worst, most consequential “justified” hatred, anger and intolerance of the EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE “house of help”.

    It is more like the HOUSE OF HELL, damn YOU psychiatry. I LOATHE you forever and ever more. I am the ONLY person I know who calls YOU the ANTICHRIST.

    ect is Hell horror itself.

    MY proper place is IN THE GROUND, the dirt that I’m craving. Except, my body must be BURNED for all the disease in my soul!

    Face the thing that should not be…

  • effexor xr was designed to “erase memories”.

    HOW LAZY OF YOU, Humanity!! LAZY!

    Traumatic events need to be fully PROCESSED, not neglected or KILLED. To be disturbed is because of the NEGLECT, the LACK OF processing, where the WOUND JUST LINGERS in the never ending sick cyclical loop (“crazy”).

    HOW LAZY OF YOU. Incompetent and cowardly.

    Every time I told and talked about certain traumas, I was ALWAYS met with IGNORANCE & INCOMPETENCE. Even sick, sadistic PUNISHMENT for even having these “problems” to begin with! Blame and scapegoat!

    You want to KILL memory, which is to kill the mind and kill the brain, simply because of YOUR INCOMPETENCE.

    Life is full of terror and horror and the most harrowing, sick evil things that people do to each other. You can’t face it. You can’t handle it. You can only ignore it, deny it, cover it up, bury it or try to kill it. LAZY COWARDS!

    Some HORROR stories are too overwhelming to handle or deal with ALONE so we go looking for this “help”. The “help” can be WORSE THAN THE ORIGINAL TRAUMAS.

    Is it not clear to see that this is p-p-p-provoking me?

    effexor xr – destroyed my memory, gave me brain zaps and finally some neuroleptic seizure.



    NOTHING erases traumatic memories. You can only DESTROY THE BRAIN & MIND.

    “the researchers tested subjects’ memories after being asked to recall disturbing stories and then administered ECT.”


  • Justina was born prematurely. She had surgery for congenital band. Justina has also had a stroke (according to a member of a Facebook group community).

    Congenital bands cause 3 % of all intestinal obstruction and almost always lead to small bowel obstruction.

    I’ve read that Justina “continues to require medical intervention for bowel movements.” That is present tense and people have to remember that Justina has LIVED WITH DOCTORS for nearly a year.

    If she is LIVING WITH DOCTORS, why does she still require medical intervention for bowel movements?

    Is somatoform CONGENITAL?

  • skybluesight on December 30, 2013 at 3:46 am said:

    ” This is not about “Fred”, it is about you,”

    I will speak for myself. -mjk”

    Yes, but you are still using “Fred to channel it. I have a same kind of opinion about him as to you in some way. Oh the Horror!
    And therefore if it is similar in any way it has to be invalid or discounted

    I would say I was very much “on base” otherwise why would you be so angry? Why would you even care?

    “And please stop trying to mind read me, thinking you know what when you just don’t.”

    I haven’t got a clue what that means except that probably is a result of my being accurate in my opinions.
    A have a good solution for you – if you think someone is trying to guess about you (whatever it is you are talking about) , just tell them openly and then no one needs to “mind read” you.
    I am all in favour of anyone “mind reading” me , I encourage it to maximize communication – if they are wrong I will let them know my disagreement.

    In your last post you didn’t copy the posts where that author showed his obvious anger with derogatory words etc.

    Yes, I used my own words, if someone tells me a narrative I am free to make my own sense out of it – what a person says is not “truth” , it is only what they say is “truth” – my “twisted” is the same “twisted” as your narrative or Fred’s “twisted” narrative. People are free to choose which “twisted” narrative they understand best.

    Also – (as part of the trivial spurious arguments here) – if someone walks out yelling something, it is different than standing one’ ground with eye contact while yelling something.
    etc etc – the rest of this argument is just as trivial and spurious to which I mean it is as if an angry person is looking around for a club or a weapon to attack someone.
    “What the frig are you talking about?

    There has been no discussion anywhere around here about a five year old or the condemnation of one. MJK”

    “Frig” huh? Your motivational color is showing . A big QED on that.

    As I said I replied to you on the other thread where you inferred Adam Lanza as a child was “evil” and could not be transformed. If you wish to clarify or retract that please do on the “Sandy Hook” thread.

    If you want to understand my view of transformative growth processes you can read my blog.

    So what I thought from the very first was correct – you were scalp hunting – it’s not like I (wearily) haven’t seen it before.
    And the more one scratches or responses in any way the more anger and persecutory attacks occur.

    My seventh opinion is the same as my sixth which is the same as my first. On both this and the subject of Evil. You can hate it, dislike it , try to proclaim it as invalid , or twisted, or discount it or say it is off base, argue irrationally and persecutorily about trivia, hold your breath until you turn blue, scream and lie on the floor and pound it but my opinion remains the same.
    Maybe someday you can just accept it and calmly agree to disagree, and then you might get used to it and then maybe you might even get some benefit from it.
    Who knows? One can dream.
    The horse is more than dead now , it is dismembered. You have successfully wasted my time on absolutely nothing except to give you and outlet for your emotional distress. I’m sorry I can’t waste any more of my time on these unproductive things.


    Truly, you know nothing about what I think of Adam Lanza. Please STOP putting words in people’s mouths, twisting things they say and thinking you know what when you DON’T.

    I will say it again: I don’t like the way you responded to Fred. While you’re trying to make this exchange between us about me, in reality, this is about only one thing: YOU.

    Here is one of your comments from July and it is *YOU* who has anger issues. You consistently pick out this “anger” in others. And I’m asking you to STOP DOING THAT to people.

    Nobody has invited to you dissect them, examine them, analyze them, diagnose them. Please knock it off.

  • skybluesight wrote,

    “That’s not how I read it, for someone to yell he must have provoked them , and the ludicrous “offer” itself was a provocation and an act of anger. And I read his whole narrative as he was and is angry even before he read the article.”

    This is Fred’s entire original comment:

    Fred Abbe on December 27, 2013 at 12:18 am said:

    Within the last ten years I read an article in the Coos Bay World about an elderly couple that phoned the North Bend police dept. and requested them to help get their son in his early 40′s to a mental hospital where he could get help because he had stopped taking his meds. They said he was in the attic of their house and wouldn’t come out . Six police officers arrived at the house. They yelled into attic for the man to come out. He did not. They then decided to pepper spray into the attic. The man came out .The police tasered him. He pulled the taser probes out of his chest and ran to the garage. He stood at one end of the garage with his hands down at his side a knife in one hand an ax in the other. Six police officers in the garage pistols drawn and pointed at the man. They told him to drop his knife and axe . He did not .They all fired on him. He was hit 28 times and dead. The paper said the parents were distraught and that there was supposed to be an inquiry.

    Being a psychiatric survivor I thought had I been involved the man would still be alive today. l called the reporter who wrote the article. He was a 25 year old family man. I said I have one main question to ask him .” Why even if they were afraid of the man didn’t the police, considering there were 6 of them didn’t they shoot him in the leg “? The reporter said, “I wondered the exact same thing but you don’t ask the police questions like that.” I asked ” why not.” He said ,” I have a wife and child ,If I asked that question the police would no longer talk to me in the future and the newspaper would no longer employ me if I lost access to the police.”

    I decided to go talk to the North Bend police. I was trying to get them to call me any time of day or night if they had to go out on a call to take someone to a psych hospital.I told them I wouldn’t charge them and I could communicate with people that had mental emotional problems. The dispatcher took my name and phone number.Meanwhile a nearby police officer over hearing me voice my concerns with her hands on her hips near her gun yelled out at me “You weren’t there you don’t know what happened.” I yelled back at her as I moved toward the door “I know one thing ,if I were there the man would still be alive.” They never called me.

    A year ago I tried to call the paper to get a copy of the original story and to find out about what happened with the inquiry. No record was found at the paper and nothing on the internet could I find about this event. I live on the oregon coast 30 miles away.

    skybluesight, you keep picking out the anger of Fred but I think the only angry (and provoked one) is yourself.

    And again, you actually DID twist what Fred communicated.

    Fred: “Meanwhile a nearby police officer over hearing me voice my concerns with her hands on her hips near her gun yelled out at me “You weren’t there you don’t know what happened.” I yelled back at her as I moved toward the door “I know one thing ,if I were there the man would still be alive.” They never called me.””.

    skybluesight: “So the guy walked into a cop shop said he could do their job better than they could , offered as qualifications he was an ex-psychiatric patient and angrily yelled at them -walking out avoided their response.”

    Fred never said he “could do their job better than they could”. Those are YOUR words.

    Fred did not “angrily yell at them – walking out avoided their response”.

    Fred was yelled at FIRST. He “yelled back at her as I moved toward the door “I know one thing ,if I were there the man would still be alive.” They never called me.”

    He did not “avoid their response”, as YOU say.

    You twisted what he said, skybluesight. And please stop trying to mind read me, thinking you know what when you just don’t.

    ~ mjk

  • skybluesight,

    ” This is not about “Fred”, it is about you,”

    I will speak for myself.

    For me, this is about the way you responded to Fred. As an observer who is familiar with your style, I simply did not appreciate the way you responded to Fred.

    This is what did not sit well with me:

    ““Just looking for justice” heh the “injustice” appears entirely to be in you pre-existing anger. So you scoured the newspapers for stories about the police , found one and harassed the police (whoever answered the phone it seems) with verbal abuse.”

    As I said, you did the same thing with me (picking out your “diagnosis” of my “anger”). You were off base with me and I see it again in your comments to Fred.

    And I really just don’t like it.

  • Who are THE GROWN CHILDREN, the products of this great child welfare intervention club?

    How does the club impact the lives of wards of the state?

    I’m 37 years old and I still consider myself to be a ward of the state (government property). I have “disabled” status, housing through the “mental” system, social security cash allowance and a medicare card. I was a foster kid in Massachusetts (there was no “help”, I was psychiatrized) and I will “never see the light of day” (says a thing in my head, which constantly informs me). I’m one of those people who believe in “voice to skull”, “remote neural processing” technologies (synthetic telepathy). I think it is a government operation and that certain individuals are selected for the sinister “program”.

    I used to go to Boston Children’s Hospital when I was a kid. I HATED it (and was not diagnosed correctly). I learned a few things about blood while I was there. Kids are amazingly smart. Super, super smart.

    Is Justina an experiment? Did she meet their criteria?

    I look at this and get a bit of a chill:


    Examine the importance of stabilizing permanency for cross over youth and learn the array of services that will increase their success after their cases closes in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. In other words ensure every decision made regarding treatment of crossover youth prioritized for permanency considerations.”

    So WHO ARE THE PRODUCTS of these great interventions and services?

    My brother is not a failure of “the system”. He is a “criminal” by design. And I can prove it.

    My brother is the “criminal”, I am the “sick retard” and my older brother is the shining Super Star, living the American Dream. Only two of us were foster kids and part of the system. Guess which ones.

  • Anger: is it possible that what you see, or think you see, in others is actually what is true in yourself?

    Do you have a knack for picking out anger in people? If so, how is that helpful?

    I remember you did this with me, too. We were discussing evil where you denied it’s existence and then “charged” me with “anger” for insisting that evil is a matter of fact and does truly exist.

    I believe Fred’s sincerity in having offered to accompany and assist the police on their “mental case” calls. I believe Fred when he says that he was met with scolding hostility in having made his offer.

    I believe Fred is being scolded by you, reprimanded?, and I don’t understand what about Fred is provoking you the way that it is.

  • Just another attempt to show some of the causes of what makes severe mental illness.

    Abuse, abuse, abuse!!

    Mental illness most CERTAINLY DOES exist. There’s no real “help” and there’s no real JUSTICE.

  • gas lighting

    I found out about this movie in 2006 while doing research about what was “wrong” with me. I was becoming more and more crazy and unstable and completely NUTS. I was a wacko and absolutely CRAZY.

    So I researched like crazy. When I found that movie I went EVEN MORE NUTS & CRAZY because my husband’s name is Greg and his first wife’s name is Paula.

    The two main characters in that movie are Greg and Paula.

    Crazy isn’t even the word for it.

    Greg is in prison now. The state brainwashed my kids and turned them against me. They all think their mother is severely mentally ill.

    Greg still sees his kids. They visit him in prison.

    I haven’t seen my kids in 5 years. The state of NY just made me CRAZY by sending MY kids to go visit my birth mother and brother, the two people that I went into foster care to get away from (and they’re both worse than Greg). NY sent MY kids to my abusers and of course, it made me CRAZY! Those who have no idea what’s going on would look at my CRAZY behavior over the past few days and would think that I was having a “bipolar” episode.

    Everything has a basis in REALITY.

    There is no real Justice in this world.

  • It’s a Mad Libs! Don’t blame me, you started it. 😛

    Since the publication of DSM-III in 1980, biomedical research has demonstrated that mental health problems are ENGINEERED. Indeed, it has become an NIMH mantra to describe mental disorders as DELUSIONAL. Advances in neuroimaging and other cutting-edge biomedical technologies have revolutionized our understanding of the brain, thereby CONFUSING and leading to OBSESSION. Mental health outcomes in the United States have SUCCEEDED alongside NIMH’s support of biomedical theories and treatments in preference to evidence-based psychosocial approaches. To illustrate, dramatic increases in the use of antidepressant, antipsychotic, and stimulant medications have witnessed an ATROCITY in the prevalence of Americans on federal disability for the mental disorders these medications treat. Mental health stigma has WON as Americans have come to adopt our position that mental health problems are biologically-based brain diseases. One mental disorder listed in DSM-IV, Rett’s Disorder, has even been conclusively shown to have a biological cause8. As a result, Rett’s Disorder has been SOLD.

    Despite these developments, reliance on the DSM diagnostic system is limiting our progress. Now that DSM-5 has been published, it is clear that DSM diagnoses are SEXY. Mental disorders are diagnosed based solely on symptoms, and objective laboratory measures for DSM diagnoses do not exist. In the rest of medicine, symptom-based diagnosis is not credible and has been largely replaced by diagnosis based on objective laboratory tests. Our declaration that DSM diagnoses lack validity because they cannot be diagnosed with objective tests has been previously asserted by SAINTS. Given that the DSM system provides the foundation for nearly all mental health diagnosis, billing, coercive treatment, forensics, and research in the United States, its lack of validity is a serious problem for CHILDREN. The fact that DSM diagnoses do not have established biomarkers IS HILARIOUS.

    Patients with mental disorders deserve better. That’s why NIMH has launched the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) project. We are committed to BRAINS. Unfortunately, decades of biomedical research based on the DSM diagnostic system have not allowed scientists to COPULATE. Consequently, INSANITY. Although science has not advanced to the point where a neuroscience-based classification is possible, we must nevertheless proceed as if genetics and neuroscience will someday inform diagnosis17. Therefore, the RDoC initiative will support research designed to achieve the failed goal of DSM-5: “translat[ing] basic and clinical neuroscience research relating brain structure, brain function, and behavior into a classification of psychiatric disorders based on etiology and pathophysiology18.”

    RDoC is a necessary first step toward precision medicine in which assessment of “molecular signatures, neuroimaging patterns, [and] inflammatory biomarkers”19 may lead to “cures” for brain diseases like depression and anxiety20. Understanding the true nature of mental health problems like depression will require contributions from many sources, such as OVARIES. Given that we estimated the arrival of “biodiagnosis” and “treatment of core pathology” in 201522, the need to uncover the biological causes of mental disorders is urgent if we are to retain our credibility.

    The NIMH is optimistic that additional decades of biomedical research following the RDoC project will PROFIT & BANKRUPT. Our confidence is based on the track record of biomedical research in the modern DSM era, which demonstrates that we are LOST on the verge of transformative breakthroughs that might revolutionize mental health treatment. Under the leadership of biological psychiatrist Thomas Insel, the NIMH is committed to a future in which all patients with mental disorders undergo expensive biological testing administered by psychiatrists in medical settings to facilitate the use of personalized biological treatments provided by psychiatrists.

    The RDoC initiative is symbolic of the NIMH’s commitment to disproportionately support biomedical research over evidence-based psychosocial approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy that are often at least as effective as medications in the short-term and more effective in the long-term, have no adverse biological effects, are less expensive, and are strongly preferred by patients. Psychological scientists are encouraged to submit grant proposals for the RDoC initiative, provided that their research is intended to demonstrate the biological underpinnings of psychological processes in order to facilitate the “power of biology to identify illnesses (Page 2) linked to pathophysiology” and “the development of more specific [biological] treatments17 .” Psychologists interested in having their research supported by NIMH in the current funding climate must understand that YOU WILL BE RICH! We leave it to the profession of clinical psychology to deal with the consequences of our virtual requirement that psychological scientists must conduct neuroscience research if they wish to be supported by the NIMH.

    Although three decades of NIMH biomedical research funded by billions of taxpayer dollars have failed to discover reliable biomarkers or produce safer and more effective biological treatments, we are optimistic that additional decades of biomedical research will validate our faith in this approach. Indeed, we have just allocated $40 million in 2014 to the BRAIN initiative, which focuses on “advancing our technological capabilities for understanding how circuits of interacting neurons function to create behavior, with the ultimate goal of improving our scientific foundation for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorder26”. The NIMH looks forward to a future in which advances in biomedical research lead to biological tests and cures for brain diseases. In the meantime, we ask that individuals with mental health problems who have difficulty accessing safe, effective, and affordable interventions wait patiently while neuroscientists go about their work.


    Former Children’s Hospital Doctor Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charges
    November 4, 2013 11:10 AM

    BOSTON (CBS) — A pediatric endocrinologist from Children’s Hospital has pleaded guilty to three counts of owning child pornography.

    Dr. Richard Keller faces more than six years in prison, at his sentencing in February.

    In September 2012, the U.S. Attorney’s office said Keller purchased and ordered over 50 DVDs of child pornography online.

    Investigators also found more than 500 photographs and between 60 – 100 DVDs inside Keller’s home.

    He’s been placed on administrative leave from Children’s Hospital.

    He also served as Medical Director at Phillips Academy for 19 years and taught classes at Harvard.

  • Hi Lia,

    I was captivated by your story. It looked to me like you had “birthed” yourself and that part of who you truly are is, a prosecutor. Self-discovery.

    I wonder if you could teach / mentor someone who is studying to be a prosecutor. I think they would learn a lot from you. Or, since you’re a talented writer, maybe you could write the prosecutor’s book. I’m just so fascinated. I think the prosecutor part of you is rich and gifted and talented. I fail to see any sort of disease at all. I hope you are not offended by my words ~ I mean only praises. I think you’re amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    ~ mjk

  • Fred was calm and not angry. It was after someone yelled at him that the person got the same response in return,

    “I decided to go talk to the North Bend police. I was trying to get them to call me any time of day or night if they had to go out on a call to take someone to a psych hospital.I told them I wouldn’t charge them and I could communicate with people that had mental emotional problems. The dispatcher took my name and phone number.Meanwhile a nearby police officer over hearing me voice my concerns with her hands on her hips near her gun yelled out at me “You weren’t there you don’t know what happened.” I yelled back at her as I moved toward the door “I know one thing ,if I were there the man would still be alive.” They never called me.”

  • Yeah, those lawsuits aren’t REAL Justice. They’re just business transactions.

    The way I think of it is, they BORROW money from whatever sources that bulk them up in profits and when it’s time to payback they get “sued”. I see it ONLY as business transactions. I mean, some new “leader” in / of psychiatry gonna apologize to only certain people, not everybody, and I’m supposed to think and feel WHAT, when looking for Justice?

    Justice? Yeah, SHOW US. Lawsuits and illegitimate apologies aren’t enough.

    Oh, then there’s that new legal action. Some new bill. How much of those monetary recoveries are going to fund the new bill? That money stays IN GOVERNMENT POWER since it is just BUSINESS, not JUSTICE.

  • “I also lived in foster care, and sometimes its better than the alternative, plain and simple.”

    My time in foster care was Hell, just exactly as it is for my oldest daughter (who was BORN in foster care). I went from one frying pan to another!! My girls would be with me now if only I would have OBEYED the doctors and took the psych drugs like they wanted me to. But at that point in my life, with almost 20 years of psychiatry’s brainwash and mind control and drugging, part of what got me into the situation was realization that PSYCHIATRY WAS ABSOLUTE JUNK. I had some sort of neuroleptic seizure just before my three kids were stolen from me. STOLEN.

    Foster care is a HELL because the entire SYSTEM is a HELL. They DON’T do right! Any idea how many “CPS reform” groups there are out there? Families that DO want “help” DON’T GET IT. We get PSYCHIATRY.

    What is ever so particular about Justina Pelletier is that she was born with congenital band (for which she had surgery). The doctor said it’s mitochondrial disease. You have to remember, she has DETERIORATED while LIVING WITH DOCTORS for nearly a year. How DOES that happen?

    “As to you’re response to the above comments. You offer a plug for Glen Beck, and applaud your commenters for bringing in “right” perspectives, ostensibly including their calls for “kicking teeth in” and “ghetto justice.” ”

    Ted has not “applauded” Copy_cat or myself so you must have misread something.

    “I’m a survivor myself, and I can relate to the rage, but I really think stuff like this is hurting “our” cause.”

    Stuff like what?

  • “In what way do you consider the difference between mental illness or mental health as equivalents to brainwashing and mind control?”

    I call psychiatry this planet’s antichrist…

    and that is just the start of an endless discussion about what constitutes brainwash and mind control.

    Ever hear the story of a man who went to a doctor, explained his situation, and left the doctor’s office with a prescription for his wife / son / boss?

    I think it isn’t too much of a joke. It communicates something.

    I wonder if anybody has ever detailed what sort of suffering, struggling challenges and issues people with MENTAL HEALTH face in this world and what suffering, struggling challenges and issues people with MENTAL ILLNESS face in this world.

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

    What exactly is he communicating in that message?

    Is he not suggesting that the seeming, so-called mentally ill of the world might actually be mentally healthy in a very sick world?

    Does anyone ever see a person in crisis and recognize mental HEALTH in that person or is it always believed that crisis = mental illness?

    So who knows, maybe you were correct to begin with: “Since law enforcement officers are often the first responders to volatile mental health situations,”

    And what if such a person IS mentally HEALTHY and nobody recognizes it and they keep calling health… illness?

    See my reasons for questioning? I think MENTAL HEALTH / MENTAL ILLNESS one great big screwy BRAINWASH & MIND CONTROL system (and causing a lot of Hell for a lot of people).

    What is the diagnosis for somebody who has both mental health AND mental illness at the same time?! That ISN’T a joke, not in the least bit.

  • My perspective is unique and this is a good opportunity for me to express my concerns.

    Too many times I have heard from people in society, “marriage is an unnatural social construct” and ideas that heterosexual marriage is some “patriarchal oppression” meant to deprive people of rights, freedom and happiness. It gets worse. People laugh at, make fun of and mock heterosexual marriage, calling those who intend to marry “fools”, saying that “everybody cheats” and then those ideas are backed up by making reference to the well-known statistic of “50% of marriages end in divorce”.

    In that, people have expressed an absolute LACK of Faith in marriage and almost a hatred of it. I see heterosexual marriage as nearly destroyed. No respect, no Faith and no integrity. Diminished value.

    But woe to anyone who might dare to oppose gay / homosexual marriage! I challenge anyone to say something that doesn’t accept or favor gay marriage. You WILL get your proverbial ass kicked.

    Ultimately, for me, a new perspective was formed: heterosexual marriage is clearly and certainly wrong. Gay marriage is right.

    It’s just one point of view, in the many that I hold, about marriage and personal intimate relationships.

    What I eventually came to rest upon is this: homosexual people have the right to *DIVORCE* just like heterosexual people do. I’m not looking at marriage anymore. I’m looking at divorce.

    I’m pretty angry at societal hatred and disrespect of heterosexual faithless CHEATING FOOLS. For me, it isn’t about homosexual people. It is about heterosexual catastrophe. How many children have to suffer broken families, single parent families, MULTIPLE step-families and foster families because of the severe dysfunction of intimate personal relationships?

    And another thing that irks me is how much attention homosexuality gets. I’ve grown nearly intolerant because it is so DOMINANT, constant and inescapable. And I know for a fact that there are people who have been BULLIED into BEING gay when they’re not. I’ve seen SO MANY references that suggest homosexuality is the “majority” now, which is just CONFORMITY. If it’s cool and popular to be gay, how many people are nearly forced into making that SOCIAL choice?

    I wear a GAY PRIDE tattoo. I’m not “against” homosexuality in the least. I’m just seriously pissed off about the DESTRUCTION of heterosexual marriage and *dysfunctional relationships* of any sort, unkind.

    May homosexual people enjoy 50% divorce rates, just like foolish heterosexuals. Sigh…

  • re: Someone Else on December 25, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Bin Laden is on a list of GENIUSES, isn’t that interesting?

    Osama Bin Laden (Saudi) Islamicist

    I see 9/11 as DIVINITY. I see it as a literal “wake up” call, meant to rouse Gods.

    rouse (rouz)
    1. To arouse from slumber, apathy, or depression.
    2. To excite, as to anger or action; stir up. See Synonyms at provoke.
    1. To awaken.
    2. To become active.

    We ALL (ALL is MUSLIM, by the way – Allah means ALL) seem to have personal stories about how we experienced that day, and how we relate to it.

    Meet Betty Ong, who was my neighbor in Andover, Massachusetts. She and her boyfriend Rob had the middle apartment of the row house we lived in.

    I also have had very disappointing experiences with some religious “officials”, which filled me with horror (I expected competency). I must say that I did have one Blessed experience with some other people. Due to homelessness, I hadn’t showered or bathed for a full month. I asked social services MANY TIMES for “resources” and was told NO.

    It took A LOT of courage but I finally decided to go to a Church rectory and ask. They were GOOD to me – without hesitation, they took me in to let me shower.

    I will never forget.

    I know you’ve been through some real Hell, just like me and SO many other people (if not all of us).

    This is what the pope said today:

    Pope Francis Offers Hopeful Christmas Day Message

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis offered a Christmas wish Wednesday for a better world, praying for protection for Christians under attack, battered women and trafficked children, peace in the Middle East and Africa, and dignity for refugees fleeing misery and conflict around the globe.

    Francis delivered the traditional “Urbi et Orbi” (Latin for “to the city and to the world”) speech from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica to 70,000 cheering tourists, pilgrims and Romans in the square below. He said he was joining all those hoping “for a better world.”

    We are a MASSIVE mass body of life.

    Over 321 million people in America, and over 7 billion people on this planet.

    I think about that a whole lot.

    “for a better world” … for who? Because I’m counting OVER 7 BILLION PEOPLE.

    Oh, and sexual abuse? When people acknowledge INSANITY (which is a sexual disease) then we might be able to do something about it. Cheers, to 7+ billion people.

  • In all seriousness, I think these people need some COUNSELING & GUIDANCE as to HOW to be responsible for what they’ve done. They are enormously guilty and we all know it (they do and so do we).

    I am QUITE VERY serious.

    They need to be encouraged to admit errors, GRAVE errors. I am absolutely NOT at all satisfied by Dinesh Bhugra, MD’s call ” …for psychiatry to apologize for its past treatment of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, and, more generally, to women.”

    I am BLASPHEMED by the absolute lack of a call for an apology to the POOR & IMPOVERISHED people, the disadvantaged, the uneducated, the unsupported, the overburdened, the EXPLOITED people who are of EVERY age, EVERY color, EVERY gender and EVERY sexual orientation and ANY other criteria you can think of.

    How DARE you apologize to specific people when you need to be apologizing TO EVERYBODY.

    HELLO? HEAR me.

    These people NEED to be ENCOURAGED to REPENT.

    In order for that to happen, we have to RELENT on the CHARGES and CHARGING. That is an ENERGY that perpetuates and maintains the situation. We need to ALTER THE CURRENT, THE FLOW, OF ENERGY.

    They must be called to REPENT and RELINQUISH THEIR DEATH GRIP.

    An offer for an apology, well TRY AGAIN. I’m ENCOURAGING you, it isn’t a taunt or ridicule.

    I’m ENCOURAGING YOU, apologize again. And do it LOUDLY, and CLEAR AS DAY. And apologize to EVERYONE.

    And let people HEAR. And let us PROGRESS.

    You have to HEEL (stop) to HEAL.

    And they do NOT know how to STOP, though I have already shown and told how, and it really comes down to a matter of WILL. FREE will and GOOD will, the WILL to do good, the WILL to do RIGHT. And that can ONLY happen by FREE WILL — NOT BY CHARGE OF LAW.

    I’m obviously STRESSSSSSED (evident by my CAPITALIST TYPING). Here on Christmas day, my own family ripped to shreds, my entire life has been a Hell and a War. I’m spending my day today with THE INTERNET (which is THE “new world”), MAD in America, Facebook and SUPPORTERS OF THE PELLETIER FAMILY. Happy JESUS CHRIST day.

    2014 is beginning TODAY. So, let’s change the flow of ENERGY, support the EVOLUTION and mental and emotional GROWTH of Humanity, in the RIGHT direction.

    FOR *ALL*

    In the Name of GOD Most High,

    ~ mjk

  • “since the psychiatrists have that “disease” that claims you’re mentally ill, merely if you claim you’re not.”

    Social control!

    Erin Pizzey, who pioneered the shelter for battered women movement in 1971, famously stated many decades ago: “Any country that has tried to create a political solution to human problems has ended up with concentration camps and gulags.”

  • It’s just a wave I’m currently riding (biorhythm). My intellect and awareness have been simultaneously peak (100%). I looked ahead to my upcoming birthday where I will *potentially* be fully incapacitated in every way except intuition, which will be at maximum. That ought to be fun (not).

    “These are illusions fabricated by highly limited and narrow perceptions, from minds that have yet to be awakened. Demanding that we all accept linearity and duality is asking everyone to stay asleep to what life and the mind are all about.”

    The box syndrome!

    I blame TV (electromagnetic box). The other electromagnetic boxes are microwaves and computers. I sometimes think of Earth as having been boxed in, literally, atmospherically, as a result of harnessing electricity (poling & wiring of the planet) and creating these electromagnetic boxes. I formed this idea many years ago after studying my birth chart, which is painfully busy, and has in it a very distinct square (box) configuration.

    This “box syndrome”, as I call it, I think it was prophesied. People have been so fixated on triangles but I’m mostly fixated on boxes (and interestingly, I studied the birth charts of my kids, and some others, all born in the 90’s, where the charts were extremely neat and full of triangles). Sacred geometry is becoming a popular interest.

    “Expanding awareness–that is, personal growth and evolution–does require explorations of these dimensions.”

    I have a mental “expansion” method. It’s really simple and anyone can do it.

    It requires stillness in an environment where one feels comfortable and familiar. No distractions or interruptions.

    I start with my most immediate location and work my way out, in every increment, from nearest to furthest:

    I’m in my living room.
    I live on ___________ Ave.
    I live in ___________ (name of neighborhood, if it applies)
    I live in (city or town)
    I live in (county)
    I live in (state)
    I live in (region)
    I live in (country)
    I live in (continent)
    I live in (hemisphere)
    I live on Earth
    I live in the Milky Way galaxy

    Now my mind has reached the Universe.

    Anybody can do this and I wouldn’t doubt, in this world today, that everyone is already at least global thinkers. I can’t and don’t claim “intellectual property” because I think this “method” is plain nature and not the least bit unique. Still, if one mediates and goes through this process they will literally travel – mentally.

    My mind goes so far that I have a full understanding of Eternity (which is the life cycle of the Universe) and Nothingness (from which the Universe does indeed “explode” into existence).

    One of my favorite sayings,

    Nothing is real
    Nothing exists
    Nothing is something
    and it exists

    When I took the abuse (and negative charge) out of it, I found that I truly am a MENTAL person. Sigh…

    Thanks, Alex. Here’s to looking forward to Humanity’s future of waking up and Understanding. I’ve got great hopes for 2020 (“perfect vision”, Justice and Balance).

    ~ mjk

  • “Likely, but this might not always be the case.”


    Life cannot be totally controlled. What will be will be. There is always risk and chance (danger) and no amount of security measures can ever make each one and all always so safe.

    This is one of my favorite examples of what *should* be a safe place (and a “safe” person) but in this instance is the most dangerous. What interests me so much about this video is how the woman recognizes the danger she’s in and she’s trying to escape.

    The bus stop woman might someday be bludgeoned to death or might maim someone’s face with a brick. Should there be a mission to get every such person off the street and locked away in their cage or box, so no crime or tragedy can ever occur?

    As I type this, police and ambulance pass by the house and their sirens always get my attention. We live in a sick and dangerous world (constant pursuit of Safety and Health). Coercion, force, violence, disease, disorder…

    It’s all an endless conversation.

  • “I wanted to delve in to the mind of such a person, wanted to know and understand her ideas and beliefs.”

    She’s probably loaded with knowledge of Hell (terrors and horrors, and worse).

    Some things people do not know they do not want to know. I call it black knowledge.

    O No Now Know

    Once we know something we cannot unknow it.

    We can be “guilty” of knowledge and knowledge CAN harm a person.

    This is why people want to shield and protect kids (and sometimes, adults) from “truths” and “knowing”, at least until they’re mature enough to tolerate and handle certain truths and realities about life, people and the world (“the way it is”).

    Knowledge can wreck a mind. Doorways and windows, of the mind, accessing mental spaces, mental dimensions… Heaven and Hell are both internal AND external conditions.

    When that woman closes her eyes to sleep, she might go to Heaven (inside) and there’s no knowing what that Heaven is for her. She might go to Hell and there’s no knowing what that Hell is for her. No knowing, unless she tells. She quite likely isn’t ever going to take somebody inside and show them around. But who knows, maybe there are a LOT of people already inside of her. Maybe she does take people in. Do they ever get out, though.

    And what if she isn’t even a resident inside of her own self? What if she resides inside of somebody else? I wonder who knows how to call a soul back into its own body. Or evict souls and spirits where they trespass. Maybe she’s a haunted house. Predators, parasites and vampires.

    I’d wonder about the things that never cross her mind…

    But all in all, what’s her lot in life? And why’s it gotta be shit and bricks? Whose plans and purposes does she serve, if not her own? Could be the shopkeeper’s.

  • You were something of a threat because you entered her space, uninvited.

    Should she have treated you as if you were an Angel or savior?

    Should she have been accepting of you? What would that look like, lunch at the corner diner? I’m not being sarcastic.

    You were intrigued but she had no interest in “entertaining” you, and why would she? I’m curious, what did you think or expect would happen? What would it look like if things went your way, instead of hers?

    I suppose it is difficult to think of yourself as a threat when you weren’t there to stab her to death or throw a net over her and drag her away somewhere. And likely, she knew that.

    Did you intend to become a regular contact for her? If she would have engaged you, would you have established some sort of “help” relationship? And if so, to what end? To get her into “treatment”? Some housing, medicine and TV service? Some friends at the local mental health services community, people who can relate to and identify with touching feces and talk about it in group?

    Please understand, I’m not being rude and you’re not being charged or faulted but it was truly naive of you to have approached her. “schizophrenia” didn’t make her chase you with a brick. YOU are what made her chase you with a brick. If you understand.

  • “How can these people be isolated or “treated” without any force whatsoever, especially when they believe that they are completely okay?”

    Don’t you see the woman as already isolated? In fact, she’s some sort of caste.

    “Caste is a form of social stratification characterized by endogamy, hereditary transmission of a lifestyle which often includes an occupation, ritual status in a hierarchy and customary social interaction and exclusion based on cultural notions of purity and pollution.” ~ wiki

    In her instance, she is exclusion and pollution and you don’t know the rules and the ways of the street (technically, you were in the wrong for making unsolicited contact with her. I understand why she was going to defend and protect herself – by throwing a brick at you).

    Treated? To what end, transformation? There are at least two instances of “treating” somebody. The first is relational and behavioral, the second is “medical” and “therapeutic”. When we treat people like shit and garbage we can effectively turn them into shit and garbage. At that point, being nice or respectful or kind is cruel.

    “When you live in the shit you become the shit.”

    A woman like that belongs to the Earth, not to the world.

  • “Since law enforcement officers are often the first responders to volatile mental health situations,”

    Mental HEALTH situations? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say “since law enforcement officers are often the first responders to volatile mental illness situations”?

    This is for anyone to respond to:

    Which is it, mental illness or mental health? These are two VERY different things.

    Brainwash and mind control is where I’m at.

  • Excellent!

    Monday, December 9, 2013
    Taking an active stance for Justina Pelletier!
    The director of MitoAction has decided to take a very active stance in helping Justina Pelletier. Cristiy Balcells has been on a panel for the Glen Beck radio show. She has written an article for The Blaze as well. Mrs. Balcells is working hard to help share education and alert the world to the Pelletier’s story.

    What can you and I do to assist MitoAction and the Pelletier family? SHARE this letter and chime in with LOADS of support. It would be the perfect time for us ALL to send respectful personal letters to Boston Children’s Hospital.

    The following was posted on FB by Cristy Balcells:

    Sent to the CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital:

    Mrs. Fenwick,

    As the executive director of a national mitochondrial disease advocacy organization and a patient advocate, I implore you to investigate the treatment of Justina Pelletier who is inpatient as a psychiatric patient at your hospital.

    Justina has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease from one of the most well-respected physicians in the United States for mitochondrial medicine. She has a positive family history and her previous medical history has adequate documentation that the symptoms which she experiences are validated by laboratory and diagnostic testing.
    Upon admission to your hospital in April 2012, Justina’s mitochondrial disease diagnosis was disputed and she was diagnosed with somatoform disorder. Indeed, many patients with mitochondrial disorder are mistakenly diagnosed with a psychiatric condition such as somatoform disorder, especially since a hallmark characteristic of mitochondrial disease is symptoms in multiple organ systems with an unpredictable presentation.

    Please take a moment to review the following:

    Biopsychosoc Med. 2008 Feb 22;2:7. doi: 10.1186/1751-0759-2-7.

    Symptoms of somatization as a rapid screening tool for mitochondrial dysfunction in depression.
    Gardner A, Boles RG.
    Division of Medical Genetics and the Saban Research Institute, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA.
    Abstract AIMS:

    Somatic symptomatology is common in depression, and is often attributed to the Freudian-inspired concept of “somatization”. While the same somatic symptoms and depression are common in mitochondrial disease, in cases with concurrent mood symptoms the diagnosis of a mitochondrial disorder and related therapy are typically delayed for many years. A short screening tool that can identify patients with depression at high risk for having underlying mitochondrial dysfunction is presented.

    Six items of the Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP) were found to differentiate among 21 chronically-depressed Swedish subjects with low versus normal muscle ATP production rates. A screening tool consisting of the six KSP questions was validated in the relatives of American genetics clinic patients, including in 24 matrilineal relatives in families with maternally inherited mitochondrial disease and in 30 control relatives.

    Among the depressed Swedish patients, the screening tool was positive in 13/14 with low and 1/7 with normal mitochondrial function (P = 0.0003). Applied to the American relatives of patients, the screening tool was positive in 13/24 matrilineal relatives and in 1/30 control relatives (P = 2 x 10-5).

    Our preliminary data suggest that a small number of specific somatic-related questions can be constructed into a valid screening tool for cases at high risk for having a component of energy metabolism in their pathogenesis.
    As you are surely aware, the family in question has documentation that every test, every procedure and every medication was requested by a board-certified physician. In fact, Ms. Fenwick, I earnestly ask you to consider that the plight of this family is one faced by many families across the country when their disease is misunderstood.

    On behalf of the mitochondrial disease community, I am asking you to employ common sense and investigate the details surrounding this case. Upon doing so, you will find that since this child’s mitochondrial disease treatment regimen was removed in April of 2013, she has dramatically decompensated. The patient is weaker than she has ever been before. Further, despite being under the care of a team of physicians in your hospital for a number of months, she is not “better”. Despite being removed from the care of her attentive and loving family, her disease state has not “reversed” but has progressed.

    The lack of a guardian in litem to care for this child is equally distressing. This patient has experienced an absolute absence of a consistent adult whom she could trust and who could care for her. There are volumes of research on broken parental bonds and the tragic impact which they have on children of all ages, especially when the child is chronically ill.

    Ms. Fenwick, please know that the entire mitochondrial disease community is standing strong behind this family and that we are prepared to continue to take a public position to actively support this and ALL patients and families with mitochondrial disease. I am certainly available to you as a resource to help you understand the many complexities of this disease and the challenges which our patients face.

    Cristy Balcells RN MSN

    Cristy Balcells RN MSN, Exec Director
    Mitochondrial Disease Action Committee
    PO Box 51474
    Boston MA 02205
    1-888-MITOACTION (888-648-6228

  • Excellent!

    Monday, December 9, 2013
    Taking an active stance for Justina Pelletier!
    The director of MitoAction has decided to take a very active stance in helping Justina Pelletier. Cristiy Balcells has been on a panel for the Glen Beck radio show. She has written an article for The Blaze as well. Mrs. Balcells is working hard to help share education and alert the world to the Pelletier’s story.

    What can you and I do to assist MitoAction and the Pelletier family? SHARE this letter and chime in with LOADS of support. It would be the perfect time for us ALL to send respectful personal letters to Boston Children’s Hospital.

    The following was posted on FB by Cristy Balcells:

    Sent to the CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital:

    Mrs. Fenwick,

    As the executive director of a national mitochondrial disease advocacy organization and a patient advocate, I implore you to investigate the treatment of Justina Pelletier who is inpatient as a psychiatric patient at your hospital.

    Justina has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease from one of the most well-respected physicians in the United States for mitochondrial medicine. She has a positive family history and her previous medical history has adequate documentation that the symptoms which she experiences are validated by laboratory and diagnostic testing.
    Upon admission to your hospital in April 2012, Justina’s mitochondrial disease diagnosis was disputed and she was diagnosed with somatoform disorder. Indeed, many patients with mitochondrial disorder are mistakenly diagnosed with a psychiatric condition such as somatoform disorder, especially since a hallmark characteristic of mitochondrial disease is symptoms in multiple organ systems with an unpredictable presentation.

    Please take a moment to review the following:

    Biopsychosoc Med. 2008 Feb 22;2:7. doi: 10.1186/1751-0759-2-7.

    Symptoms of somatization as a rapid screening tool for mitochondrial dysfunction in depression.
    Gardner A, Boles RG.
    Division of Medical Genetics and the Saban Research Institute, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA.
    Abstract AIMS:

    Somatic symptomatology is common in depression, and is often attributed to the Freudian-inspired concept of “somatization”. While the same somatic symptoms and depression are common in mitochondrial disease, in cases with concurrent mood symptoms the diagnosis of a mitochondrial disorder and related therapy are typically delayed for many years. A short screening tool that can identify patients with depression at high risk for having underlying mitochondrial dysfunction is presented.

    Six items of the Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP) were found to differentiate among 21 chronically-depressed Swedish subjects with low versus normal muscle ATP production rates. A screening tool consisting of the six KSP questions was validated in the relatives of American genetics clinic patients, including in 24 matrilineal relatives in families with maternally inherited mitochondrial disease and in 30 control relatives.

    Among the depressed Swedish patients, the screening tool was positive in 13/14 with low and 1/7 with normal mitochondrial function (P = 0.0003). Applied to the American relatives of patients, the screening tool was positive in 13/24 matrilineal relatives and in 1/30 control relatives (P = 2 x 10-5).

    Our preliminary data suggest that a small number of specific somatic-related questions can be constructed into a valid screening tool for cases at high risk for having a component of energy metabolism in their pathogenesis.
    As you are surely aware, the family in question has documentation that every test, every procedure and every medication was requested by a board-certified physician. In fact, Ms. Fenwick, I earnestly ask you to consider that the plight of this family is one faced by many families across the country when their disease is misunderstood.

    On behalf of the mitochondrial disease community, I am asking you to employ common sense and investigate the details surrounding this case. Upon doing so, you will find that since this child’s mitochondrial disease treatment regimen was removed in April of 2013, she has dramatically decompensated. The patient is weaker than she has ever been before. Further, despite being under the care of a team of physicians in your hospital for a number of months, she is not “better”. Despite being removed from the care of her attentive and loving family, her disease state has not “reversed” but has progressed.

    The lack of a guardian in litem to care for this child is equally distressing. This patient has experienced an absolute absence of a consistent adult whom she could trust and who could care for her. There are volumes of research on broken parental bonds and the tragic impact which they have on children of all ages, especially when the child is chronically ill.

    Ms. Fenwick, please know that the entire mitochondrial disease community is standing strong behind this family and that we are prepared to continue to take a public position to actively support this and ALL patients and families with mitochondrial disease. I am certainly available to you as a resource to help you understand the many complexities of this disease and the challenges which our patients face.

    Cristy Balcells RN MSN

    Cristy Balcells RN MSN, Exec Director
    Mitochondrial Disease Action Committee
    PO Box 51474
    Boston MA 02205
    1-888-MITOACTION (888-648-6228

  • Life is multidimensional and so is the Mind.

    Like the atmosphere has layers (exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, troposphere, ionosphere, stratosphere), the Mind also has layers (realms, dimensions, planes).

    We can and we do “travel” in the Mental Body (mental space). We can and we do connect with others via the Mind.

    Meet Omcasey, Consciousness Exploration

    Omcasey is no “schizophrenic” but she does explore her mental space and mental activity. How is that any different from what “schizophrenic” people do? It seems to me that Omcasey has greater Mental Height (elevation) and expansion, while some others are trapped, by mental “ceilings”, at lower levels.

    Of course, it is all so complex and I don’t think the Mind will ever be simplified.

  • “It’s a little bit like listening to tongue researchers arguing about whether the function of the tongue has to do with taste or speech.”

    Now THAT I am going to have to take to bed with me, and sleep with.

  • The Austen Riggs Center is a small, not-for-profit, open psychiatric continuum of care specializing in the psychotherapeutic treatment of psychiatric disorders. Internationally known for its respectful work with emotionally troubled individuals who have failed to benefit from previous treatment, Riggs is located in the small town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on Norman Rockwell’s Main Street.

  • “Let’s do what we can to support pharmacists in remaining skeptical about jumping on the bandwagon of enforcing medication compliance. Let’s resist this insidious attack on our rights to refuse treatment.”


    Reorient the focus and ask people to state they notice / see / perceive / recognize / know / comprehend / understand about the following:

    “‘patients are often ambivalent about relinquishing their symptoms, albeit unconsciously . . . [since] those symptoms may solve other problems’ for them; e.g., allowing them to avoid painful family conflicts (p. 45). If the psychiatrist fails to explore and understand such conflicts, the patient is likely to remain ‘resistant’ to medications indefinitely.”[1]”

  • “Advocates should emphasize the money and lack of evidence base over the human rights aspect as, to be honest, most folks don’t care about our human rights.”

    I wonder, truly, how many people don’t know their rights. Or human rights.

    I think in some instances of so-called mental illness (mental distress), lack of good, quality education can be a significant factor.

  • It is a consistent response that I get from you and it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to relate. I said what I needed to say.

    So, from condescending to almost spitting in my face.

    “I wanted to respond to your latest ridiculous interpretation”

    “My offer still stands while you are full of sh..t in terms of your interpretation of my last email.”

    Ridiculous? Full of shit?


    I respect you, Donna. I really do. I’ve never said a bad word to you, AT you or about you.

    I said what I needed to say (and I am GLAD that I did).

    ~ mjk

  • “Any action to bring about a resolution of this has to be political, not legal.”

    I agree but I also think the state of Connecticut (Justina’s state of residence) needs to get involved, on her behalf. I’m not a lawyer so while it seems like a logical and common sense thought to me, I have no idea what “laws” there may be for the fact that one state has taken possession of another state’s citizen.

  • I have to be honest.

    (God Bless us both, because this might be awkward)

    I feel like you see me as an imbecile.

    “Are you near any churches or other places that have music and other Christmas program, meals and events? I’m glad you are finding ways to heal your heart and spirit right now. Libraries can be great places to see people and borrow free music, books, movies, etc.”

    This feels condescending. It’s like you’re a social worker, or a counselor, and I feel pathetic.


    I am sure you’re well intentioned but I really do need to let you know how this feels for me. I feel like I’m being “helped” and I don’t know what about me consistently gets this particular response from you. It’s true, I have done a whole lot of “soul puking” and “crying” (with words) so maybe that is what about me that stays in your mind the most.


    Some of the lyrics are a bit off but I thought this song was such a great fit for the conversation we were having. And, this song effectively puts evil in it’s place, giving rise to the greater message.

    “Meet Me In The Sky”
    (feat. K-Young)

    [Chorus: K-Young (Krayzie Bone)]
    You can you meet me meet me in the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky!
    You could meet me in the sky, (You can meet me in the sky!) the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky.
    ‘Cause we can fly above all the haters!

    [Layzie Bone:]
    They done give me my wings! Let’s fly, high, high, high, high! [x4]

    [Layzie Bone:]
    I done made it up the mountain, lookin’ down on the valley, and I’m feelin’ I can fly, so I dive off the cliff.
    Hear the little kids scream; they don’t know I got wings.
    ‘Til I sprinkle them with the dreams, and I hit ’em with the gift.
    Say ‘Bye bye’ to them haters, haters.
    No more lies… they can’t fade us, fade us!
    Why they wanna test? Now you rockin’ with the best and my whole fan fam’ is the greatest, greatest.
    Moves countin’ like a calculator, evaluate the master playas. Operation: ‘Stack Your Paper.’
    Captivatin’ money makers feel the love from above, he’s an eagle, he’s a dove, call him Bone’s emancipator!
    Everybody’s a congratulator. Come and ride on this elevator, better yet take this escalator.
    Graduate to the new skyscrapers!

    When we put ’em on a level that’s if you can deal with! We take it to ’em runnin’ nothin’ but realness!
    Surely livin’ in the life, it’s for the thrills. We went up and over the hill, went through the whole drill!
    Haters try to kill with kindness, when there’s nothin’ they can do to to the finest.
    Though they won’t dare cross over the line, for tryin’, y’all know what’s gonna happen, so they might as well remain behind us.
    Way behind! We go to hardcore grind, and never take an issue for granted since I’m cool they go and take it for weakness.
    Better take it in stride!
    They don’t wanna see us alive, but you always steady creepin’, reapin’, weepin’, niggas went and got in way too deep in (deep in).
    You gotta practice that before you start preachin’. (preachin’)
    But ain’t no way that they can keep up (keep up)
    ‘Cause we keepin’ the heat on. It really don’t matter where we can meet up!


    [Wish Bone:]
    Nigga had it bad, cause I never had more than plenty cash, thinking the rainy days was over!
    Livin’ in the past, livin’ ghetto fab’, never lookin’ back!
    But the fact is that I never went nowhere!
    The truth is, me and my own ghetto got a love affair. (got a love affair)
    It’s so real, things we did, my conscious outta here.
    I don’t care, I deserve everything I earn.
    Hell yeah I deserve some pain! I know I hurt!
    Stop talkin’! Night-walkin’ real night stalkers, zoners, hungry, heard it here first!
    If you don’t believe me, with wings I’ll meet ya!

    [Krayzie Bone:]
    Playa hater hate! They can hate me but they better stay away or see Krayzie look insane!
    So if they wanna hate me let ’em hate me from the bottom, way up underneath my feet.
    ‘Cause really I’ve been turnin’ them leaves to never ever let the suckas rise, or let them bustas kill the high.
    ‘Cause they jealous in the mind, they remind me of gravity always grabbin’ at me pullin me down.
    Passed on for the flight, keepin’ me on the ground.
    Still I rise and when I takeoff they fall. (they fall, they fall)
    Raise to the ceiling, try and stay away from the pretender.
    You don’t really even get involved. (-volved)
    We play ’em all from afar, in a distance. (distance)


    [Bizzy Bone:]
    And when I met Him in the sky, He had a body like a man and the lower body tellin’
    The Lord that he had a plan to make Him sure I wasn’t evil.
    But I’m comin’ with my people. Ain’t no sequel, ain’t no women, ain’t no vessels.
    I’m a settle with a scepter and a lethal dosage. I will live forever with a serpent on my head.
    Little glory, that’s my man! I’ll be damned! If I comin’ through, I’m runnin’ with my pistol.
    Weren’t for Moses, I’m a die but I’m a come back with y’all (with y’all, with y’all)
    That’s the way to get y’all. Picture sinister plots! I’m not ‘nigga with no land.’
    I imagine a strand of lightning bolts and tightened ropes.
    I’m fightin’ folk with no hope. Earth got me loc’ed!
    Now chillin’ in the smoke house! No doubt! No clout!
    Now we’re goin’ all out! Earth-ball that’s all! Never let the devil call.
    Revelations! Little Bizzy nigga so long! Go long! Metal was so precious.
    I was resurrected! Why? Juniors fly to The Creator.
    And my brother be, brother be ‘C’. Throw it up! Uncle ‘L’ comin’ straight from the sky, what!


    One of my favorite Christmas songs, Gabriel’s Message

    (I’m sharing it to bring GOOD FEELINGS, where so much is heavy and loaded, charges of evil, evil, evil… )


  • “word play”

    It’s not you Donna, it’s me. I have a strong personal issue with “word play”, for a few reasons, primarily that those exact words had been used AGAINST me, by my so-called “state appointed attorney”, in a condescending, flippant, dismissive way. The other reasons are that there *is* a somewhat negative connotation which undermines what it is that I do (with words). Very personal for me, and VERY frustrating. So I do apologize to you that *my own* personal issue vibed on you in the way that it has. I remember the very first time you and I crossed paths here, two years ago, and it was mutual recognition and praises. I value and appreciate that.

    “resent the mental death profession trying to pretend there is no evil”

    WORSE than that, people outright deny GOD! Yet, MY ENTIRE LIFE is a LIVING TESTIMONY so I sure do understand the resentment.

    “Again, if I’ve learned nothing else, “why?” is a luxury question and when I encounter an evil person or or evil people I try to run like hell since as the Bible warns evil, anger and many other nasty things are all too destructive and contagious that can confuse and destroy us if we linger too long.”

    I think I’ve heard that before and … *shaking my head no* … in MY life, why is the ONLY question. There is no other question that can bring *understanding*. Understanding is the God level (understanding is Most High). Understanding *surpasses* knowledge but NOTHING surpasses Understanding. We can agree to disagree on it but I just don’t, and can’t, believe there’s anything “luxury” about it. I think it is Humanity’s ultimate aim.

    (without Understanding, there can be no Peace)

    “antisocial personality disorder” is something that fits one of my many multiple personalities (that’s a half-joke). What matters the most, to me, is the *treatment* (lack of it, in addition to *injurious* and unnecessary “treatment”).

    “I hope this answers your question in that I don’t pretend to have the answers to these huge life challenges you have put before me. Again, I know that evil people (AKA psychopaths and malignant narcissists) exist,”

    What I’m getting at is that we *DO* have real suffering conditions (whether it’s ADHD or PTSD or personality disorders or autism or schiz / psych issues). What I think, more than anything else, is that

    1. the “treatments” are mentally retarded
    2. there isn’t enough understanding

    But it’s OKAY if I’m a megalomaniac. That just means I’ll have as many haters as I have followers and fans (more half-joke). LOL

    megalomaniac ~ incubus

  • From Donna’s comment Sunday, December 22, 2013 2:02 PM

    “I have learned not to engage at all with certain people who have proven to be too psychopathic/narcissistic or plain evil (see Dr. M. Scott Peck’s The People of the Lie) because they are too blind, corrupt, sadistic, greedy, power hungry, well defended and deadly/dangerous to attempt to engage as the vampires of society that one astute person noted above.”

    I have tried to get at this before because it really hits a nerve in me.

    How can you say that there are such evil, ill-intentioned people in this world but then try to make it seem like it’s all them, never us?

    What you say about “them” makes the following seem so JUSTIFIED (is their intolerance, hatred and loathing toward those any less or different than your intolerance, hatred and loathing toward them?)…

    “Today’s DSM bogus, life destroying stigmas are no better than so called medical terms like “human vermin” to justify “mercy killings” or gassing to death of the so called “mentally ill” as practice for the horrific German Holocaust of the Jews, gypsies, gays and anyone else deemed subhuman, impure or powerless enough for the gas chambers.”

    Pray tell, what should be done about these psychopathic/narcissistic evil people? Those too blind, corrupt, sadistic, greedy, power hungry people?

    Would you like to see them jailed, imprisoned? Eradicated? Serious questions.

    How can you possibly say that psychopaths and narcissists exist, but then you want to say it’s all bullshit when psychiatry and the “mental” system makes those very diagnoses.?

    Which is it Donna, psychopaths exist or they don’t? Narcissists exist or they don’t? And why is it that it’s only “them” and not anyone DIAGNOSED AS SUCH by psychiatry and the “mental” system?

    I know you’ve got great, great JUSTIFIED intolerance and hatred of psychiatry and the “mental” system. SO DO I.

    But I keep showing, repeatedly, that we live in a SICK society where, like it or not, there ARE some people in this world, who are regular citizens, not among the “elite” and “powerful” of the world (people like Jeffery Dahmer – an extreme example but it gets to the point) whom YOU WOULD NEVER WANT TO SIT AT THEIR KITCHEN TABLE TO DINE WITH, OR SPEND A NIGHT AT THEIR HOUSE.

    Did you read about how, when I was a 19 year old single mom of two kids, on my own for the first time, just left FOSTER CARE, and in two months’ time, I had been literally chased out of my apartment BY THE PEOPLE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, who DIDN’T WANT ME THERE? Donna, they SET THE BUILDING ON FIRE after they repeatedly broke into my apartment and kept wiping me out.


    So please, consider that. And don’t forget that cynical afrikan website I showed ya.

    And lastly, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

    psychiatry and the “system” DOES NOT KNOW HOW to DISCERN people for who they really are. They don’t know how to differentiate GOOD people who suffer from the truly heartless, sadistic, brute animals of the world (no salvation, no redemption).

    See what I’m getting at?

  • It’s the same with geo/atmosphere “science” and engineering. Chemtrails, chemclouds, HAARP, drilling to the core of the planet, methane gas, atmospheric collapse, global warming, climate change, solar doom …

    and on and on.

    It isn’t just psychiatry and the “mental” system – there are other inconvenient truths and DISINFO agents… omg, it’s a migraine.

  • I should tell you my kitten story.

    The kitten story is about a man who takes a little girl into his car for sex training.

    Sex kitten, you know. So it’s really just a sex story.

    It’s a long story. In fact, it is SO long that it is … Eternal.

    I read your comment and it didn’t exactly “trigger” me but I did have to run to the bathroom to shit. Sudden realization in the mind can effect the digestive system.

    I realized that you, a psychiatrist, are absolutely NOT the right PERSON for somebody like me, with a story like mine.

    Well, I’d rather be telling my STORIES in court but it’s way too late now and it’s never going to happen. There is no REAL Justice in this world. But there sure is a whole lot of evil, ignorance, rape, lying, deception, theft, violence and extreme incompetence.

    I’ll see if I can tell the whole SICK, FUCKED UP story as short as possible.

    When I was 5, playing on a pay phone, some man approached me and asked me if I wanted to see his kittens. He said they were in his car. I said yes. I went to the car but there weren’t any kittens. He said they were at his house and asked again if I wanted to see them.

    I got in the car. There are people in this world who laugh and think that’s funny.

    I remember what happened, up to a certain point. After I hit him there was some flash of blinding light and I don’t remember getting out of the car.

    That sort of thing really messes a person up in the head pretty badly. Something so bad that DRUGS MAKE WORSE, ifc.

    I went into foster care and the “mental” system at 15. I told them EVERYTHING. I never got “help”. I got PSYCHIATRIC BRAINWASH & PSYCH DRUGS.

    Fast forward to 2008. Homeless. Living in my van. With MY CAT. I wrote a lot.

    The last thing I wrote before some evil shit happened and I ended up self-immolating: “now I ride in car with kitty”.

    I went from getting in a car to see kittens to … living in a vehicle with a cat.

    Want to know what I figured out, for myself, by myself, during my time in my van?

    I was the kitten in Mr. Liston’s car.

    (‘splain to me how psych drugs fit the equation here, considering the “nature” of the trauma)

  • From the site,

    “The Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act fixes the nation’s broken mental health system by focusing programs and resources on psychiatric care for patients & families most in need of services.”

    Two things:

    1. acknowledgement of “the nation’s broken mental health system” = broken or illegitimate.

    2. “Mental Health Crisis Act fixes” = how retarded can you be?

    Retarded, by definition, means stunted growth.

    Do people not yet realize that “fixing” and “fix it” in the “fix me workshop” is total deception? C’mon, GROW. Evolve. You get to a certain point in wisdom when you know something. There is no “fix it”, silly cakes.

    Sir Murphy gon’ fix me! LOL what a hoot!

    Then they say this:

    “More than 11 million Americans have severe schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression yet millions are going without treatment and families struggle to find care for loved ones.”

    Care or do you mean custodians, managers and handlers?
    (the lyrics are so… correct)

    “focusing programs and resources on psychiatric care for patients & families most in need of services”

    I never needed psychiatry. I needed to be cared ABOUT. I needed to be respected. I needed to be HONORED. I needed to be understood and validated. I needed HEALTH care. I needed NUTRITION. I needed an education. I needed to be TREATED

    like a human being.

    Instead, I was treated like an asset, a science experiment, as if I was stupid, became some form of institutionalized and, in the worst of “psychiatric care”, AND IN THE NAME OF, I was damn-near charged, convicted, judged and condemned. You treated me SO BADLY, in addition to NOT treating me the way I DESERVED to be treated, that in effect, you’ve destroyed me. Those who’d “celebrate” any such thing ought to BOWTHEIRHEADSINSHAME.

    psychiatric care = coloring books and crayons at 32 years old. I COULD SPIT FIRE.!

  • Ridiculous.


    Are you saying that being bullied can make a person crazy? And even the bully’s bullying can make the bully crazy?

    You cohorts got that all figured out now, do you?

    adjective: psychotic

    of, denoting, or suffering from a psychosis.
    “a psychotic disturbance”
    synonyms: insane, mad, deranged, demented, crazed, psychopathic;
    informal crazy;
    vulgar slang batshit
    “a special ward for psychotic patients”

    THIS is psychotic. Violence is so NORMALIZED. Look at how NOT deranged this violence is. The violence is crafted and perfected (but it is STILL VIOLENCE).


    Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality that usually includes: False beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) ; Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations).

    The GRANDEUR, INTENSITY and SENSATIONALISM in that movie, WOW. I have said it many times, and I’m going to say it again:

    psychotic, psychosis = TELEVISION (and movies)

    TV and movies are a form of ESCAPE (break from reality, loss of contact with reality)

    There’s something about LIFE that is actually TRANSFORMED by TV and movies. People are literally LIVING IN FRONT OF CAMERAS!

    I’ll say it a million times if I have to, over time, but for now, just the once will do:

    PSYCHE is NOT a disease
    TV (and movies) is a VERY serious MENTAL problem (going SO arrogantly ignored and denied that it isn’t even being refuted or debunked!)

    What is it, again, when schizophrenics have issues with TV and radio (broadcast systems, communication)? Problem inside of their brains? REALLY? What’s causing that problem, Comcast?

    Data transmissions are atmospheric. Want to know what else is atmospheric?


  • This makes me think of “science’s” fetal brain damage theory, neuregulin 1.

    “The protein encoded by this gene was originally identified as a 44-kD glycoprotein that interacts with the NEU/ERBB2 receptor tyrosine kinase to increase its phosphorylation on tyrosine residues. This protein is a signaling protein that mediates cell-cell interactions and plays critical roles in the growth and development of multiple organ systems. It is known that an extraordinary variety of different isoforms are produced from this gene through alternative promoter usage and splicing. These isoforms are tissue-specifically expressed and differ significantly in their structure, and thereby these isoforms are classified into types I, II, III, IV, V and VI. The gene dysregulation has been linked to diseases such as cancer, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder”

    So does THC disrupt protein or isoform or something like that?

  • The problem is that suffering and abuse is normalized, commonplace and socially acceptable.

    These things are considered to be “it is what it is” and “that’s life” and “it’s all good”.

    People are desensitized and acclimated to life in crisis, as if it was normal.


  • Here’s an interesting conversation on YouTube which makes me think, UP THE AOT!

    Makes me want to stand tall and proud with government and psychiatry and say, “go get ’em, boys!” (HLFY).

    10 hours ago

    The other half is all ‘up in arms’ now about this alleged ‘knock out’ game that’s being reported as becoming some sort of ‘trend’ and is being specifically tagged as something minorities are participating in. I first heard about it on COMEDY CENTRAL of all places. Is this some sort of ‘false flag’ reporting to incite racial separation and fear in order to hurry along some sort of revolution/civil war to make it easier to declare martial law or is it stuff that has always been happening but some new ‘label’ stuck on it?

    I’ve spent the past 4 years trying to create an environment of cooperation toward common goals of sustainable living and most of my neighbors (and even the gang members) would agree that it seems to be working, but this new ‘distrust’ of specific races being propagated by the media is likely to thrust everything back, ESPECIALLY if the youths begin to see they are being universally targeted all over again. All it takes is for people to begin LOOKING at these kids with contempt and suspicion everywhere they go before they feel like they might as well start doing things that warant it.

    NO FEAR! And especially no ‘pre-judgement’ of others please! Exhibiting lack of fear does NOT mean exhibiting equal or greater ferocity.
    Hide replies

    8 hours ago

    Namaste sir !!!

    7 hours ago

    I guess I’m just trying to open a dialog about this because it seems to open up yet another ‘gate’ for justifying a police state. Our media constantly pulls in profit ‘hand over fist’ from FLOODING the airwaves with glorification of MMA, boxing, and ‘fake’ wrestling and turning all the various characters into ‘heroes’ for kids to emulate, but if cops see them ‘role playing’ out in the streets now, they must be playing this new ‘knock out’ game and are about to just go around attacking innocent bystanders. Not to say it doesn’t happen, on the contrary, I just don’t think it WOULD have became some ‘game’ if the media hadn’t labelled it as one.

    You see a whole bunch of GLORIFYING of these kinds of acts in other programming that highlights “viral videos” of people purposely harming others for FUN and encouraged to laugh and comment and perpetuate the popularity so that MORE people create similar videos in a quest for ‘internet stardom’, which trickles UP into virtually FREE footage that more FAKE wealth is created from while at the same time being used as EVIDENCE for proving we all need to be PROTECTED from each other.

    It’s okay to simulate it on an X-box in a ‘controlled environment’ but kids out doing anything PHYSICAL and particularly honing up on their fighting skills suddenly becomes some “Homeland Security” issue? =/?

    I smell false-flag all over this so-called ‘news story’, personally.

    7 hours ago

    I’m afraid I’m not up to date as I don’t watch tv much an more.

    5 hours ago

    YT search “knockout game”… I guess it’s real to some extent, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the media picked it up and ran to extremes with it, but like I said, I just first heard about via the Daily Show yesterday and it’s somehow made it’s way to other sources pretty quickly.

    4 hours ago

    I should mention that I thought it was an odd topic to be using for a comedy sketch and I’m not a big Jon Stewart fan to begin with, but his take was the usual sarcastic response that the cops weren’t doing their job and that it took a blatant example of horrendous violence to get them to understand what ‘assault’ actually looks like and how millions will now be spent in special training of how to recognize someone (black in particular apparently) who is more likely to sucker punch strangers regardless of the victim’s age or sex.

    And now that I watch more YT stuff about it, it seems that this is being RECOGNIZED by folks in the black communities as specifically being racially motivated assaults on WHITE people by their simply bored and frustrated kids, and not actually the media spinning it this way… this is sad =(

    Unless the folks that are posting videos have been paid to spin it this way but I highly doubt it, they sound legitimately concerned and looking for help in raising awareness for the good of perceptions everywhere of ALL black people in general. Problem is, I’ve seen so many instances of white kids adopting this ‘gangsta’ style as a sign of their own ‘rebellious nature’ and a way of standing out as tough in the typical ‘macho’ competitive spirit that society seems to enjoy taking part in and encouraging ‘healthy males’ to participate in. Not that this behavior is somehow ‘inherent’ to black folks, it was most definitely created out of CIRCUMSTANCES. A rebellious youth will find an example of the very ‘worst’ that society is currently deeming as ‘most scary’ and apt to piss off their parents. It won’t be long before the little blond “Justins” and “Jacobs” of suburbia begin thinking this is a “cool” game too, but of course, it will now always be blamed as having it’s beginnings as a ‘black on white thing’.

    Sorry, this is hitting me harder lately because I’ve just begun to try to ‘integrate’ myself into my neighborhood instead of locking myself inside or escaping every summer to rural environments, then again, I was escaping from “the straight life” to a gay campground for like 22 years to be with ‘my own kind’ than I was escaping from my ‘hood’ particularly. So I guess I do understand a bit of the prejudice involved with being a minority, but at least mine isn’t immediately recognizable. In fact, I think it has been our neighborhood KNOWING that we’re a gay couple that has eased the (ongoing) integration to a greater extent than if we were some wholesome white bread family proudly displaying their ‘income superiority’ and standing out practically INVITING people’s acts of jealousy.

    Could just be we’re SLOBS too though (imagine that, untidy gay men!), and I suppose the dreads and beard and tattoos aren’t so ‘typical cracka’ neither =p~

    Dunno, I was just beginning to enjoy the new comfort zone, one I just had not experienced since my childhood, and to think I would need to start looking over my shoulder all over again is not the type of prospect I even wanted to entertain for appraoching a new year. Sounds like I will need to “leviitate” above the haze (or immerse myself in a different kind!) 0}:^D>


    If martial law, police state, AOT is the method of response for a sick society, maybe that’s okay.

  • “But if your child doesn’t have ADHD, they can cause more harm than good.”

    So they cause more good than harm if your child does have ADHD?

    “So when a study published in November by a Centers for Disease Control epidemiologist said that the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD jumped 42 percent in the last eight years, I was skeptical. That report reveals that 6.5 million children now have the diagnosis, and 3.5 million are medicated — a 28 percent increase in the last four years.”

    I’m so glad they’re getting the help and medicine that they need. I mean, look at what’s happening. Kids are born with vision problems, celiac disease, ADHD, sensory processing disorder – it is CLEAR AS DAY. We are a sick, sick bunch of people!

    Of course, I’m being half-sarcastic. The fact is: “sickness” of some sort is happening, or else adults and children and elderly people wouldn’t have symptoms to complain to doctors about. So, I get that the message of this article is “obsession” and misdiagnosis. But my point of view is…

    PEOPLE ARE (epidemically?) SYMPTOMATIC.

    Is it normal to be born sick? Or dysfunctional, in some way?

  • “It wasn’t like we were walking around and we became depressed for no reason.”

    You probably won’t like hearing this but the vast majority of my comments are for the general public anyway…

    Before the universe came into existence was great, great sadness. True story.

    Depression is not understood for what it is. It isn’t a “disease” or a biological malfunction. It is part of the stuff that life is made of. It is simply part of life.

    Slime and snails, and puppy dog tails

    And left my baby blue, nobody knew!

    Humanity will never, EVER be without “depression”. Or lunacy, or mania, or evil or any of the horrid things we live with in the bubbly stew, magic brew.

    Aah, haha, Facts of Life (are all about you!)

  • Here’s “Lawtown” Lawrence, Massachusetts.

    I lived in foster care in Lawrence for 4 years. After I left foster care and got an apartment in one of the WORST places in Lawrence (the state let me! They actually APPROVED my apartment), the kids in the neighborhood decided they didn’t want me there. So they broke into my apartment, repeatedly, and wiped me out of everything, repeatedly, until they finally SET THE BUILDING ON FIRE.!


    You think it’s a good idea for the almighty government to head on over to Lawrence, Massachusetts and put all these pyromaniacs on house arrest and psychiatric lock down, force drug ’em? Deem THE ENTIRE CITY mentally ill?

    Those people weren’t “mentally ill” for breaking into my apartment. They weren’t “mentally ill” for setting the building on fire. They’re just Hellions (and Hellion is a number).

    I want a serious response. I’m throwing an entire CITY in the face of the federal government and I’m asking you:

    ARE THEY ALL GENETICALLY MENTALLY ILL, and in desperate need of your remedies?

  • “If we are too scared to open up to someone because they are violent, smelly, incoherent or something else, that is valid.”

    I don’t think so. Selflessness, you know.

    Faith is the HIGHEST TRUST. Fear can be good. Scared sacred.

    In selfless, Sacred Faith anyone can attend to anyone. I’ve done it (no college education required, no degree required, no training required, no title required, no license required, no bank account required … Hell, you don’t even have to have an address!).

    song written by a homeless woman, WOW

    Just need to care. That’s all it really takes to respond to somebody in crisis. Care is what miracles are made of.

    In the comments section of the video, look who I found: Stinky McPuddlemaker

    Stinky McPuddlemaker
    1 year ago

    This song literally tears my heart out :={

    They made a sad face. Stinky McPuddlemaker needs an ^A^

    Stinky McPuddlemaker needs someone to Care.

  • You’re welcome.

    I’m familiar with moose turd pie (lol) but what really stands out for me is Bread & Roses and Dorothy Day. I worked for a Bread & Roses festival in Lawrence, Massachusetts (where I lived for 9 years and two of my children were born). I later went on to sleep and dine in the Dorothy Day establishment.

    Utah came into my life, via Ani Difranco, sandwiched between Lawrence and Dorothy Day. Utah is a sort of father to my soul. It’s interesting because this is the second time I’ve offered up Utah Philips to Dr. Mark. I hope he takes a closer look.

  • There’s a country on this planet where guns are the lifestyle, and the point of it is this: THOSE PEOPLE are mature enough to have guns, handle THEMSELVES, and function well. So pop quiz, which country am I talking about?

    Considering some other country, one would have to conclude that “it”, whatever “it” may be, really isn’t about guns themselves. It is more about the mentality and maturity of the people holding them.

  • “Someone can be entirely isolated in their own world – of voices or paranoia, or delusions or depression or dissociation or panic or mania or obsessions or anorexia, etc – and by taking medications they can “come back” and reconnect with the world. I know a man now who only says, “It’s alright. It’s OK.” over and over, never bathes or changes clothes smelling horribly of urine and dirt, and is usually homeless when he’s not on meds. When he is on meds he can have most of a conversation, live somewhere, eat, change clothes, bathe, and have friends more or less. That’s pretty satisfying. But he always refuses meds when he has a choice, so after a few weeks out of jail or a hospital he drifts away again. That’s pretty heartbreaking.”

    What world does HE want to connect with? And what world is he CHOOSING to disconnect from, and why?

    If he’s telling you it’s okay, he’s telling you something. Obviously, he doesn’t want the neatly packaged life of domestication. He’s choosing to get away from it, and he’s telling you it’s okay.

  • “However in general, sexual abuse may have increased his vulnerability to mental illness. To a small extent his mental condition can be attributed to events in 1988, 1985, and 1986 in increasing his vulnerability.”

    What’s the vulnerability?

    The brain is hard-wired by orgasm. What a person gratifies to has a real impact on their brain, MIND (and GENES).

    Childhood sexual abuse wrecked this guy, bad

  • I just want to throw this out there, see what people think.

    I think the best possible arrangement is to have a nutritionist and a malnutritionist work together, side-by-side. See what I’m saying?

    There are those who know about nutrition. But what do they know about malnutrition?

    There are those who know about malnutrition. But what do they know about nutrition?

    I don’t know if there is any person who knows and understands the totality of these two very opposite knowledge bases.

    And people keep asking: what is the model of mental HEALTH? Seriously, we’re dealing with TWO terminologies and I see this as part of a mass complexity that needs to be sorted out.

    We have “mental illness” and we have “mental health”. BOTH of these things can cause SUFFERING!

    So, I hope somebody understands what I’m getting at. And, what is NOT bipolar? What is the word for that?

  • “abused women and children are routinely misdiagnosed with bipolar, paranoia, ADHD and other fraudulent stigmas”

    I don’t think they’re completely and entirely misdiagnoses. I think people are able to specify (“diagnose”) signs and symptoms of conditions but a lot of the words (terms for the conditions) are counter-productive and the RESPONSES are all wrong.

    If my vehicle is undeniably symptomatic and / or malfunctioning, I take it to a mechanic who will examine and find the problem. Then, they’ll fix it (if they can. Sometimes, the matter is beyond repair).

    “medicine” and “psychiatry” gets the “fixing” part ALL WRONG. They certainly did in my “case”.

    I was “diagnosed” with borderline personality disorder when I was 16 (I got SLAMMED with diagnoses that year). Looking back on it now, I see perfectly that in ALL of the conditions I was diagnosed as having, worse troubles and problems came in the “treatments” and the “help” (either absent or injurious or detrimental in some form).

    I *know* BPD applies to me. I know a LOT of “diagnoses” apply to me. The problem is in the LACKING, ABSENT and injurious “treatments”. The diagnostic labels can’t hurt me anymore.

    And I still think ADHD can be better understood in saying ‘disordered hyperactive attention’ or ‘hyperactive disordered attention’. That ONLY describes what’s happening or what a person experiences. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the stress and consequences that such a condition causes, and improve quality of life. But if a person feels hurt just by the “label” of “ADHD” (because it feels like a charge, conviction, judgment and / or condemnation) what’s happening is an OBSTRUCTION to theirs and others understanding and progress.

    I think a lot of these conditions (bipolar, attention problems, depression, schiz and psych, personality issues, etc.) are quite existent. I don’t think they’re all so manufactured or crafted or imagined. I mean, malignant narcissists do exist, right?

    It is okay for us to outgrow what we once knew. In outgrowing something, we let go of it and don’t drag it forward with us. Outgrowth is a form of absolving or dissolving. And I think a lot of what needs to happen in the “mental” and “psych” world is absolving and dissolving.

    We have many GOALS and AIMS. Understanding should be the top priority, for all of us – educated and uneducated, professional and layman, healthy and sick.

    Knowledge is NOT the highest form. Understanding is. Without Understanding, there cannot be Peace. Without Peace, we suffer.

  • Thinking out loud:

    “step” to “stop”

    In staying with the focus of “the space between”, what can be found in the minimal instances vs the extreme instances where force and restraints (psychiatric violence) is used?

    If somebody could compile some sort of “master list” of unwarranted instances of force and restraints (psychiatric violence) then maybe that could serve to advance awareness and understanding, recognition, of how abusive and destructive it is. How could that not propel change? Rodney King just jumped in my head. Police brutality hasn’t changed one bit, has it? No, I don’t think so but if it has then awareness of that would be good. To the best of my knowledge, police brutality is commonplace.

    I think when people realize and recognize the violence of psychiatry, in the LEAST (instead of the worst examples) then maybe people will see and understand differently and better. And hopefully, in that, the stand will have been taken and a right step, too.

    Other crisis related advocacy… hmm. This is challenging. There have been times when I have had urgent, immediate needs but I am told (by CONTROL) “no” and “it doesn’t work that way”. I honestly think in some (how many, I don’t know) instances of crisis, people should be taken seriously and asked if they have any “demands”. I think people would be very surprised to hear what might blurt out of somebody’s mouth, including the person in crisis.

  • “Perhaps the reason is that those who have a manic episode have some underlying vulnerability”

    What’s the vulnerability, the secrets of the iron and mind? The secrets of the circuitry mind?

    lyrics, Flaming Telepaths

    I’m serious but I’ll be serious again:

    What is the vulnerability? Does that mean mania is inherent? Universally, like skin and hair and teeth and bones?

  • “What I’m trying to do is figure out what I do when I finally have the situation where someone is being detained in the hospital against their wishes and the ER doctor does not consent to any other plan apart from involuntary psychiatric admission? Do I just quit?”

    Personally, I don’t think you should quit. I think you should keep on. Things so wrong sometimes, intolerable and unacceptable. But there’s greater value in what you DO do than those instances when things just will NOT work out.

    “What about when I am faced with a situation like that of my colleague who met with a guy who had cut open his shoulder with a kitchen knife to the point that he severed an artery and was bleeding out. When he stabilized, he told my colleague that he was “doing surgery to remove the microchip” that he believed had been implanted by aliens. He apparently had no understanding that he nearly killed himself and was adamant that the hospital couldn’t be trusted to take it out for him and that one he was released he was going to go right back to finish the job. What do I do then?”

    I understand why he didn’t know / didn’t understand / didn’t care about fatality. Something else was more important. So important that it was THE ONLY THING that existed to him. He was suffering from the feeling of invasion (almost regardless if it was imagined or literal. It is still an invasion, either way). If he thought that somebody took it as seriously, and urgent, as he did, THEN he could be reached and “helped”. To IGNORE his complaint, disregard it, make it secondary to everybody else’s OUTSIDE view, that he nearly killed himself, is still ignoring. The only thing to respond to is: his complaint of an “implant” (invasion). If people judge it and dismiss it, they’re in the wrong. The invasion is VERY real to him. A person like that will likely reject anything and everything and be near endlessly fixated on (stuck and trapped in the loop) about their primary complaint, until somebody finally responds correctly. EVERYTHING always has a basis in reality. ALWAYS.

  • “nonexistent bipolar disorder”

    I don’t agree. I think “bipolar” certainly does exist but that it’s wrongly boxed.

    “Let’s not forget the fact that a bipolar stigma is just a demolition enterprise to discredit and destroy a person/victim with impunity often a woman or child trauma victim of abuse so they can be subjected to the mental death profession’s total demolition enterprise that has been predetermined to be perpetrated against the new victim once fraudulently “diagnosed” with this latest social degradation scapegoating, witch hunt ritual along the lines of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.””

    Mockery and ridicule, the demonic and parodies!

    Parody of The Lottery

    The South Park episode “Britney’s New Look” (season 12, episode 2; episode 169 overall) portrays the town as ensuring its food supply (and, allegorically, American popular culture as obtaining sustenance) by sacrificing young celebrities through a cycle of attention and exploitation that eventually lead them into self-destruction. Specific references to the original work include the use of “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon” as a phrasal and syntactic template for “Sacrifice in March, corn have plenty starch.”

    All I can think of is Hunger Games and modern day Roman Colosseum. No violins in KoRn’s violent Evolution.

    KoRn – Evolution

    I actually DO have a beast in Me (!) and I know exactly what my beloved Jonathan is singing about. These are THE DARKEST DAYS (Kali Yuga). Depression, mania, madness and insanity? Ignorance, FOREVER!

    “I’d love to see Ghaemi get a taste of his own great “medicine.””

    You just might get your wish…

    this song from 2001 says it *perfectly*

    Now is the time the moon is in alignment
    With the unknown zodiac, the untold sign
    Of the fiery maniac within each breast
    Awaits a stirring irridescent whirring
    Of a six eyed god whose wings beat
    In a time so odd, so very odd
    And we’re all lost, all of us blessedly lost

    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever

    Now is the time the old gods return
    Now is the time the old gods return
    Exactly when the world is not expecting it
    Exactly when we’re sure of ourselves
    That’s exactly when the old gods return
    And sweep our cities back into hell

    Now is the time that the old gods return
    Now is the time that water begins to burn
    Now is the time that the apes take wing
    And we recognize them from that Oz thing
    And we realize it was a prophecy
    We realize it was a prophecy
    Yeah the old gods laugh, it amuses them
    The old gods laugh

    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever

    Now is the time the old gods return
    Now is the time the old gods return
    Exactly when the world is not expecting it
    Exactly when we’re sure of ourselves
    That’s exactly when the old gods return
    And sweep our cities…
    And sweep our cities back into hell

    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever and ever
    Forever forever and ever

    Now is the time the old gods return
    Now is the time the old gods return
    Now is the time the old gods return
    Now is the time the old gods return

    (there is no unknown zodiac, there is no unknown sign – it is known: ELECTROMAGNETIC TOXICITY)

  • “My hope is that (PEOPLE) band together to (HONOR JUSTICE) sharply curtailing the power of Big Pharma. No more advertising (especially ads aimed at kids). No more payments to doctors for lectures. No more “informational lunches” in hospitals and medical centers. No more pamphlets at educational centers such as NAMI. No more hiding studies from public view. No more false advertising presented as science. And on and on.


    Thank you for your words. I hope you won’t be upset or offended by my “edits”. I just wanted to say exactly what you said, but in my own words. Reiteration. Reverberation.

  • “Mental distress, which at it’s extreme end is called madness, is usually the outcome of the abuse of power. That’s why madness is found disproportionately amongst the poor, ethnic minorities and the LGBT population. The mad have experienced high levels of childhood sexual assault and family violence, as well as other traumas.”

    I call it what it is: hell and evil.

    “blaming victims of abuse and is perhaps colluding with abusers and the abusive political and social systems that we live in. But those attitudes are the norm in the mental health world – blame the victim for their response to abuse and avoid at all costs looking for what distressed someone”

    I call it what it is: sadistic torture

  • This comment isn’t a reply to anyone, I just need to fit it in somewhere where.

    Where the antichrist is KNOWN (I stated it for the first time, ever, here on MIA, in about May 2012)…

    I’ve just taken a closer look at something else, for the first time.

    The name Soteria comes from the Greek Σωτηρία for “salvation” or “deliverance” (see Soter).

    Wait, wut? Salvation? Deliverance? No silly, psychiatry does that (just kidding, they wish).

    Isn’t this so cool? The SAFE HOUSE came into existence (1971, right?) before the identity of the REAL antichrist was revealed. GREAT NEWS, Soteria is currently being RESURRECTED!

    So, ye know, everything is already known now. Psych drugs = BAD. psychiatry = ANTICHRIST. Solution = SOTERIA.

    Tell the fat, obese, gluttonous, evil, corrupt government and its agencies I said: YOU JUST GOT TOLD WHAT, BY A WHITE ROBE. In other words, YOU AGREE that psychiatry is DEAD and Soteria is being resurrected, AND WILL BE SUPPORTED. And it will grow and expand to encompass as much as it needs to, in order to make it POSSIBLE for Humanity to actually TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. REAL care.

    Now, Humanity can actually come to life and do some real work. Humanity has a HUGE SHIFT CHANGE to make.

    From evil to Justice.

    Just do it (nike said so).

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    I really appreciate your comments. You have such a down-to-Earth perspective and, you are spot on. “A lot of the people so harmed by psychiatry and these drugs, the people who would make up the army to stop them, are too messed up to do anything about it.” Spot on.

    Thank you for commenting and bringing attention to this page. Please don’t stop commenting, for as long as you’re able.

  • Hi Jonah,

    “But, there are very many people who promote medical-coercive psychiatry without realizing its evil nature.”

    Yes, I think of them. WHERE IS THEIR FAITH?

    “martyr ourselves”

    I say it all the time – I AM A LIVING WITNESS.

    Religiously speaking, do you know what it means to be a witness?

    A lot of what you wrote about Christ is not accurate but I know you’re expressing your thoughts and beliefs.

    I do not fear psychiatry. I face ZERO “risk” of any hospitalization.

    “pearls before swine”

    That makes me think of this:

    1 Corinthians 1:25

    25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men

    “Happy Holidays to you, mjk…

    And, of course, be well…”

    A snowy winter makes me happy. Holidays do not.

    Good Will to you and thank you for your well-wishes.

    ~ mjk

  • This is part of what I’m talking about. From the comments section on Battlefield YouTube:

    3 months ago
    in reply to hasudronejs

    she got what she wanted, she tried to kill herself and it worked this time so what’s everyone bitching about? It’s certainly not the institutions fault.Like this big ole hawk dying is any loss to society Jesus fuck these people are fucking idiots.You’re she was a bitch criminal, if they just showed her wilding out repeatedly and not mentioned suicide,these same sheep would be saying kill her. fuck that fat garbage.


    People think that what they’re doing is “free speech”.

    IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM is that “free speech”. It is verbal atrocity and VIOLATION of speech.

    Talk sick is the phonetic of TOXIC.

    Toxic TALK SICK talk.

    HUGE part of “the problems”.

    We’ve made it too socially acceptable. VERY serious error. Now what? I think no person has the solution for the problem.

  • Trust me, I understand too “well” (doesn’t make sense to me to say “well” about something that is far from “well” at all).

    Canada’s prisons killed Ashley Smith (and countless, nameless others). What’s happening is not okay. Or is it?

    I know torture, Copy_cat. Real torture. That’s the truth. But it’s like I haven’t said anything at all, and it just doesn’t matter. What, do people think I’m kidding? Exaggerating? Lying? Torture. Oh, okay. Have a nice day, good luck.

    I’m confronting the societal violence that is SO deeply cultivated and has caused brutal harm and damage to ME (and nearly everybody else). I’m confronting it BECAUSE IT IS KILLING ME.

    I say to the person, whoever it was, that wished a LONG, SLOW, DRAWN OUT, AGONIZING DEATH on me … they got their wish.

    Oh, and BURN IN HELL? I sure do.

    ROT in Hell? I sure do.

    The violence has to change and in order to change it we have to be really specific about what CONSTITUTES violence. And a LOT of it comes from OUR MOUTHS.

    Words are the proverbial SWORDS.

    To be stoned to death, without an actual stone, ever touching your body, is another truth and reality. It’s part of life. Being stoned to death is a behavioral treatment and it involves ENERGY. Violent ENERGY. I was “stoned to death” at 14 years old for committing the crime (crime!) of getting pregnant. That’s REAL talk. I’m STILL hurt and angry about it because nobody thinks they did me wrong and nobody thinks they owe me an apology. Again, I was guilty of the CRIME of creating life.

    We can’t have a call to Humanity to change, evolve, grow and HEAL while choosing to hold on to extreme violence and punishment, at the same time.

    I’ve been in some REAL wars in the past few years of my life. Longer than that, actually. I’m dead already, in a LOT of ways. But I’m still animated. I’m just… unburied.

    I’ve been crying for MERCY. The anagram of mercy is ME CRY. And sometimes, truth be told, my tears BURN so badly that I swear I’m crying fire.


    I know that LAKE OF FIRE. Constant FURY. Constant VIOLENCE.

    We are a VERY sick and violent world. Culture. Society. Humanity.

    Do people WANT it to STOP or NOT?

    Man, I still sleep with knives on my bed. I know how many people HATE me and truly truly WANT ME DEAD.

    And I sometimes WANT to kill myself, just to make them so smug satisfied and glad.

    Ain’t that SICK? Of course it is!!

    It is a SOCIETAL sickness and it belongs to the world at large.

    I’ve known violence all my life. When violence is normalized to the point of being first nature, we have ACTUAL Hell on Earth.

    But that Hell on Earth is quite exactly what is being shown in Don’s message.!


    So. I know your pain. I know your anger. I know your hatred. I know those words ARE NOT YOURS and they’re the words of SOCIETY at large.

    That includes EVERYBODY.

    Ever hear, “we’re all in this together”? THAT’S BECAUSE WE ARE!

    And life includes ALL PEOPLE, even though there’s this seeming divide between “us” and “them”.

    Please don’t think I’m getting at you, directly and personally. I’ve made sure to not put it on your shoulders alone. Those words… THEY ARE SOCIETY’S.

    Me Cry Mercy.

  • “All her abusers should be tortured before being put to death , every last one of them.”

    I have heard words like that all of my life. Those words have terrorfied me, hurt me and deeply saddened me.

    THEY ARE NOT YOURS, Copy_cat.

    Those are the words of a hateful, sick, sadistic SOCIETY. And society IS WRONG.

    NO to torture ASHLEY and NO to torture those paycheck collectors.


    Justice. Justice seeks to MAKE RIGHT. Humanity needs more Righteous Justice – WHITE robes, not black.

  • I’m laughing.

    Not once, twice: “unmasked” “unmasked”

    Is that sort of like, revealed revealed?

    Like I said, the case is made and there is no greater criticism of psychiatry.

    2 Thessalonians 2:7-12

    The Voice (VOICE)

    7 For the mystery of sin is already working its way through the world; He who holds him back now will continue to suppress him only until He is pulled out of the way. 8 It is then that this rebellious one will be finally unleashed. But the Lord will slay him with the breath of His mouth; and with the splendor of His coming, He will bring him to his predetermined end. 9 Still the rebellious one arrives with all sorts of power, performing signs and fake miracles sanctioned by Satan; 10 he employs every manner of wicked deception to wile away those who are destined for eternal death because they reject the love of the truth that leads to salvation. 11 Because of this, God sends a deceptive influence over them so they will wander from the truth and believe the lie. 12 As a result, God will judge all of those who did not entrust themselves to the truth when it faced them but instead reveled in wickedness.

    You, registeredforthissite, said “These days I will agree that there are legitimate reasons for anger, including eclectic anarchic practice, and frequent dogmatism on the part of psychiatrists.”

    Anarchic. Lawless! Then you decided to ridicule me? shm.

    The most anarchic lawlessness comes from the atheistic, who reject the truth and believe the lie. In other words, they reject god and say there is no god. Synonymous words for god: supernatural, divine, divinity, spirit…

    psychiatry is a 300 billion dollar per year industry, correct? And they’re drugging up the babies and the kids? And the psych drugs SHRINK THE BRAIN and cause akathisia and tardive dyskinesia? And there’s mention of premature deaths, “25 years”? And more…

    So who can do something about all of this, Obama?

    Some people want to dismantle psychiatry, some others want to build alternatives and an entire different, new “system”, and then there’s Me, with my gigantic stench mouth, satan in my pocket and a lovely altar in my living room in a town whose name is Biblical and means House of God…

    So, you see where I’m coming from? Do you understand my angel on this? Oops, typo. Do you understand my angle on this?

    We each play a role and have a job to do.

    Before I end this comment, which some might think has nothing to do with the drugs, the depression, the “bipolar”, the studies and the science…

    There are OTHER CAUSES of so-called mood and energy disorder (“bipolar”) that are going COMPLETELY IGNORED. We have electromagnetic toxicity to consider AND solar and cosmological activity. In other words, the sickness, disease and suffering in Humanity ISN’T all about trauma, genetics and injury from psych drugs. And I do believe that up above, somewhere, I made a comment about this. Because there is SOMETHING ELSE going on in the world of human suffering. People cannot get the right “treatment” if they don’t know what’s making them SO SICK and symptomatic. psychiatry IS AN OBSTRUCTION in many, many ways.

    If the diagnosis is wrong, the “treatment” is also sure to be wrong.

    Did you know that low potassium can cause “mental” symptoms? That’s just potassium. Electricity can harm the thyroid, one of the most important BRAIN GLANDS (seated in the neck) for healthy functioning and well-being.

    People must NOT be so narrow, focusing strictly and solely on PSYCH DRUGS. There’s TONS MORE to have to consider.

    According to one source, over 150 million people are anosognostic about their sick thyroid. Of those 150+ million, how many are swallowing the wrong drugs and how many of those people sit in front of a TV and / or computer all day?

    I’m done rambling now but not done making myself SICK with excess coffee, cigarettes and electromagnetic overexposure.

    ~ jesus christ

  • Hi Someone Else,

    I thought of you when I watched this video. Seem familiar? I hope it doesn’t “pull triggers” for you, but this young man is quite angry over a medical error “cover up” situation. I was hoping you might be able to respond to him, a word of support, compassion, guidance, what-have-you. He asked for feedback, and he needs A LOT of feedback, but of all people who could possibly speak to him, for what he’s complaining about, I thought of you.

  • Another supposed “munchhausen” “case”

    Teenager on YouTube:

    had a heart attack in May 2012, heart surgery two months later. MEDICAL AUTHORITIES involved social services, had the boy taken from his mother and placed in foster care. Mother is being forced into mental health screening, got her ass kicked by “police”.

    His anger is serious, and dangerous. SOMETHING IS WRONG and that sort of anger could actually be a PHYSICAL condition, relative to his cardiac condition, more so than a “mental” condition. His face is red … HE NEEDS URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION AND CARE.

    Just look at him, and hear him (he’s a teenager, and he says some teenager-like things but the point is … he’s communicating that A LOT is NOT OKAY). With so many people already involved in his life, I see a whole lot of neglect and ignorance. If there are social workers and doctors involved, they’re obviously NEGLECTING HIM or else he wouldn’t be yelling and storming on YouTube.

  • Go ahead. That’s what Liberty is all about. Liberty seeks no permission and no approval. Liberty is self-directed action. Be Liberated. Embody Liberty.

    You can care for people and treat them and take care of them. There isn’t anything in your way. Just go ahead and do it.

  • I would LOVE to see a study (much as I can’t stand studies) of RIGHT dosage in marijuana use.

    From what I know, people *overuse* (abuse). I learned for myself, by experience, that there is a right dose and an overdose. Used appropriately, marijuana is beneficial (for Me). Of course, like everything else, marijuana ISN’T universal (it is not for everyone).

    Marijuana is said to be “psychoactive”. That makes me MAD! Psyche is NOT a disease. The correct word is psyche-active. PLEASE stop making PSYCHE a disease. It ISN’T a disease.

    PSYCHE is NOT A DISEASE of the mind.
    PSYCHE is NOT A DISEASE of the mind.
    PSYCHE is NOT A DISEASE of the mind.

    PLEASE STOP making psyche a disease. IT ISN’T.

    What’s this PSYCHO stuff, anyway? The DARK side of PSYCHE?

    We can and do have ACTIVE PSYCHE, with or without marijuana or any other substance or chemical or genetic cause.

    PSYCHE is NOT a disease.

    You keep treating ACTIVE PSYCHE as a DISEASE. IT’S NOT, IT’S NOT, IT’S NOT!

    Psychosis? Psycho? STOP.

    It’s NOT a disease.

  • Dehydration is considered to be a “silent” epidemic. If it was up to me, I would change the upcoming year’s “color of the year” from intended purple to a pale yellow, in effort to RAISE AWARENESS of dehydration.

    I think nutritional deficiency, plus dehydration, can and does cause mental and emotional suffering. I think there *IS* such a thing as chemical imbalance and that, in it’s worst form, it is a combination of vitamin and mineral deficiency PLUS toxicity.

    A lack of potassium can cause “mental” symptoms. That’s just potassium.

  • satan, witches and magic? Heh. LOL.

    I’m a Living Witness of satan in its genuine physical form. I have a MAGE tattoo (LOTS of personal meaning). A mage is a magician, the plural is magi. I’ve been accused of being a witch. Hatefully.

    I burn a lot. I’ve been burning since 2005. Science says it’s a vitamin deficiency.

    I’ve touched people and brought them to calm and tranquility after having been troubled, in some way. A child who squirmed, crying and yelling on his mother’s lap, a screaming infant, a belligerent drunk woman, a strange man I took into my arms and turned him, once heavier than lead, light as a feather…

    There’s been black magic this year but most don’t know about it. Not like I do.

    Happy Friday the 13th in the 13th year.

  • “I’m not sure what the answer is, but telling everyone that psychiatry is evil is not the first step, and may never even be necessary.”

    I cannot agree with that.

    A great spiritual awakening cannot focus solely on the SAFE happy bubbles of the “Heaven on Earth” that people would like to create (Peace, Justice, Light, Love, Joy, Abundance, etc.).

    A spiritual awakening encompasses the WHOLE OF THE TRUTH.

    Most (MOST) people in the world today believe in SCIENCE. Many do not accept god, spirituality and religion. They don’t believe in evil. They don’t believe in an antichrist or, they think it’s Obama or some other person.

    I’m here with a very real, genuine, LIVING STORY of divinity, supernatural, paranormal and more. Personally, I do not need the BS (brain science).

    To deny SPIRIT, which is what the antichrist does, and even to deny evil, is only going to keep MAINTENANCE and PERPETUATION of what people say they want to change in this world.

    MUST acknowledge the TRUTH. THIS is the way to change.

    There was a comment a day or two ago where somebody outright DENIED the existence and reality of evil. I’m not having it.

    Somebody else was asking after how to engage the greater public (the masses) in regards to changing the world of psychiatry.

    Recognition of the truth will further WAKE PEOPLE UP.

    But, okay. On with the scientific studies, then. I see it as a waste of time.

    The world could kick psychiatry’s ass in the blink of an eye – GAME OVER – simply by recognizing it for what it is.

    Bipolar by definition?

    ANTICHRIST by definition:

    a god-like entity (DSM is called the “bible” for a reason) that DENIES SPIRIT and denies the people the ultimate salvation.

    Who is offering salvation? Magic pills, anyone? Did you get hurt? Real bad? Aww, sorry about your luck. Drugging the kids, right? LET’S PUT AN IMMEDIATE STOP TO IT.

    So yes, I think psychiatry could use a great big wake up call, a call that they should be FORCED to answer and respond to.

    By the way, it’s Christmas season. A shared season with Satan, by the way. Christ and Satan SHARE the holiday known as Christmas.

    MOST of my psychiatric lock ups are during THIS VERY SEASON, when I am MOST PRESENTING.

    Ain’t that interesting. Well, here I am at Mad In America, locked up in very different ways and still fighting SATAN and “psychiatry” …


  • “Rep. Murphy’s bill is based on a false connection between mental illness and violence. Study after study shows that no such connection exists. In fact, individuals with mental illnesses are actually 11 times more likely to be victims of violence than the general public.”

    It’s time to tell the truth.

    I have known violence ALL OF MY LIFE. Both in the family, in the neighborhood, in the community, in school and everywhere, and in every way.

    You’d HAVE TO BE SICK in some way to be violent. Since violence is the majority of my life and pretty much all I’ve ever known, I’d say there most absolutely, most certainly IS a link between mental illness and violence.

    My birth mother was a very, very sick and violent person. I went into a foster home to get away from her. In foster care, there were MANY and PLENTY of problems (in EVERYBODY – foster parents, foster kids, foster parent’s birth kids, social workers, you name it). Then, at 15 years old I was locked up in a mental hospital for 2 months where I got my ass kicked, many times. I call it PSYCHIATRIC VIOLENCE. Because that is exactly what it was.

    I really wish people would be more HONEST. Violence is all *I* have ever known, all of my life.

  • With a history like mine, I don’t have to wonder why I have sat here for nearly 5 years and NOBODY has come banging on my door to force any sort of “treatment” on me.

    I’m not forced into “treatment”. I’m forced into isolation, which is a more sadistic, sinister form of “treatment”.

    I’m hostile and violent, no doubt about that. I’ve made VOWS that nobody will ever put an unwanted, unwelcome finger on me, in this lifetime, ever again. I vow mortal combat. That’s my right and nobody can take it from me.

    For me, this has been real war. It isn’t that I don’t need or want right, good attention, care, support and assistance. It is that IT DOESN’T EXIST or it is forbidden (blacklisted).

    I consider myself VERY VERY judged. Condemned. I boast Hell and I have no reason to deny the hostility and violence (lake of fire) that burns me, daily.

    So. Force? I’m going to tell this world something, right now. Force EXISTS. It cannot and will not ever be transformed. It doesn’t matter if it’s by officers or the orderlies. Force is a permanent part of the equation. It is by FORCE, even though nobody puts a direct finger on my body, it is by FORCE that I’m stuck and trapped here with no way out and no “help” for ANY of the multitude of impossible, intolerable PROBLEMS that I suffer.


    There’s ALWAYS force, in one form or another.

    It is a sick world and a dangerous world. Mental illness is very real. So is violence. So is force.

    I sincerely doubt that psychiatry and “the system” are ever going to abolish itself. At least, it will never happen universally.

    There will always be quiet rooms. There will always be restraints (in one form or another). There will always be police with guns and doctors and nurses with syringes.

  • You think the antichrist is a joke?

    I’m certain psychiatry is laughing louder.

    It isn’t about emotion but if you think it is, that goes to show your lack of knowledge and understanding.

    There is NO GREATER CRITICISM of psychiatry than the absolute truth – it is the ANTICHRIST.

    So, time to wake up. Faith, not fear.

  • I agree about the thyroid. I’m glad you mentioned it. I’ve actually been researching it myself for hours and just read your comment. SO important, the thyroid. Oh, and dehydration!! Need consistent daily water intake for good health. I collapse A LOT. The last time I collapsed, I couldn’t get up off the floor for about 2 minutes.

    DEFINITELY need to RAISE AWARENESS about thyroid and dehydration.

    Thank you, Trev. Good will to you & yours.

    ~ mjk

  • LOL. The case is already made: psychiatry IS this planet’s antichrist. It will NOT be defeated by science. EVER.

    It’s going to take RECOGNITION and REALIZATION. And that, is just too terrifying for people so they don’t do it (willful ignorance).

    Ignorance is a safety mechanism. Self-preservation and protection. People ignore, almost by nature.

    MOST people are NOT forthright and forthcoming. MOST people are crafty, not saying what they mean to say. They cover it up, say it in other ways and in other words. That’s dishonest. But that is the dominant way of the world – DISHONESTY.

    Why are people angry? They’ve been duped. Hoodwinked. Deceived. Lied to. Robbed. Cheated. Fooled.

    The antichrist is a god-like entity that denies spirit and denies salvation.

    And the drugs? Not only do they not work, they make people sick. and they even kill people.


    It will not be by science that psychiatry will change or STOP itself.

    And please, don’t forget the MASSIVE size of the body of life. We are over 7 BILLION people. I think most people cannot comprehend what that means.

    It is going to take RECOGNITION and REALIZATION to see it for what exactly it is. Then, and only then can anything change.

    This is Eternal Life. We’ve already been through all of this in previous life cycles. People need to WAKE UP.

  • Over 321 MILLION people in the United States.

    Over 7.198 BILLION people on the planet.

    How many people have no soul. How many people are the unburied dead.

    Yeah, Humanity is a diverse bunch but nobody has eyes for the unburied. Nobody speaks for the unburied.

  • skybluesight,

    You made an incorrect statement about the reality of evil. This has nothing to do with anger or transformation.

    Evil is evil. Evil cannot be transformed. Evil IS. You denied the existence and reality of evil. If that is what *you* (and so very many others) need to believe, then that is exactly what you (and others) will do. But your denial and disbelief of the existence does not make it so.

    You can dismiss what I’ve communicated and hail up something else in it’s place. But I’m focusing STRICTLY on the fact of the matter, which is that evil exists and is real.

  • Evil is not created by humans and is not a “concept”, just like humans did not create God and God is not a “concept”.

    When you come into direct personal contact with GENUINE EVIL, you most certainly will know it.

    Saying that evil isn’t real or doesn’t exist will NEVER make it so. Ignorance and denial are tactics that humans employ to protect themselves from the Truth.

  • “I believe that the use of any mind-altering drug or medication should be approached with caution, legal or not.”

    That’s endearing.

    Have you noticed that the LEGALIZE MARIJUANA movement is at least 25 times the size of this … psychiatry thing?

    Yeah, people are NOT likely to be cautious with marijuana, regardless of it’s legal status. Realistically speaking.

    Hell, teenagers are even writing articles in their high school newspapers to push for LOWERING the legal drinking age because “they do it anyway”.

    Nice sentiments, no offense, are psychiatry’s itching to diagnose “wishful thinking”.

  • “Here in Oregon we have passed laws to allow very physically ill people to end their lives.”

    I wonder if I made the journey to Oregon if it would EASY or HELL TORTURE for me to have the assistance I need to pass away SUCCESSFULLY.

    I wonder if I’d be met with all sorts of obstructions and interference.

    Any idea how agonizing it would be for me to move myself all the way to Oregon, just to pass away. When I so desperately need to.

  • ““ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.”

    Well that’s certainly a reality. There really are people like that. And honestly, NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Psychiatry doesn’t know how to discern or differentiate between someone who’s struggling to communicate about wicked things in a bad ass world, and someone else who’s legit got some serious ill-will.

    “The Soviet Union used new “mental illnesses” for political repression. People who didn’t accept the beliefs of the Communist Party developed a new type of schizophrenia. They suffered from the delusion of believing communism was wrong. They were isolated, forcefully medicated, and put through repressive “therapy” to bring them back to sanity.”

    I can’t stop laughing. What’s my problem, because even I know it’s wrong to laugh at that. But I seriously think that’s hilarious.

    “Although the authors of the manual claim no ulterior motives but simply better diagnostic practices, the labeling of freethinking and nonconformity as mental illnesses has a lot of potential for abuse. It can easily become a weapon in the arsenal of a repressive state.”

    No, it just means countries like the United States are becoming Russia.

    Just kidding. Man, I’m having a hard time taking anything seriously anymore. I must be the unburied.

  • Enough, he says.

    That my responses are not what you wanted and not to your liking doesn’t mean I didn’t put forth an effort, and a valuable perspective.

    I happened to write this yesterday, just before I read your comment asking for help on somebody else’s behalf:

    “”we” are a massive mass of people, trying to develop some recognizable structure and system. and people want that system to be loaded, with a full directory of directory assistance.”

    I’ll be watching to see if anybody else responds. I’m very curious as to what they’d say and I’m curious why nobody else has said anything yet.

    ~ mjk

  • Oh, I think there certainly does need to be more information than “she’s losing it”, in order to point her in the right direction.

    Did you know that symptoms of low potassium can include mental fatigue and emotional instability?

    When people are SO brainwashed and mind controlled to think their every symptom is mental illness, when it COULD be an actual medical condition that is causing such chaos, alarm and stress, well. That’s a real problem.

    My question stands:


    Is it personal or is it medical?

    To say she’s “losing it”, even on a “mental” website just does not tell me, the reader, anything whatsoever about what sort of assistance she truly needs.

  • “The point was to get her in touch with someone who could help her sort this out in a way most people on this site would see as a better alternative to the “mental health” industry’s medical model. You are preaching to the choir here, and that isn’t helping this person who seems scared and without resource to find the resource she needs.

    Do you have any suggestions about where she could start to find support in deciding what she needs to do and how she can do it?”

    Yeah. I have a suggestion.

    Is she sick? Does she need a doctor?

    Is it personal or is it medical?

    That’s my response.

    NOBODY knows what her issue is in saying she’s “losing it”. How on Earth do you expect ANYBODY to give directory assistance for a complaint like that?

    Seriously. What if she’s toxic and has blood poisoning? Is she malnourished? Depleted of potassium?

    How do you expect anybody to point her in ANY direction where there’s NO INFORMATION? What does “losing it” mean?

    She already wants to steer far away from psychiatry. So, okay. Don’t get anywhere near psychiatry.

    Is she suicidal? Then point her to a multitude of directories for suicidal people.

    Come on, now. We have NO IDEA what her problem is. NOBODY can direct her in any direction when NOBODY has a clue what ails her.

  • “In a free society, where free speech matters, you are not going to abolish name calling.”

    Actually, it isn’t a matter of free speech. Nobody has the right to verbally assault and attack. But people have normalized verbal abuse and made it socially acceptable.


    See? I’m not calling you an idiot, I’m exampling. It isn’t an act of free speech. It is an absolute VIOLATION of free speech.

  • I answered quite honestly.

    What does “losing it” mean? Those aren’t my words.

    Losing it? What? Well then, maybe, just maybe, the woman ACTUALLY IS “losing it”. Losing something, something is coming undone. LOOSING.

    That happens. It doesn’t have to be medicalized. It doesn’t have to be seen as a sickness, disease or illness.

    It could be that something is coming to the surface in her life.

    If it isn’t medical, then why waste time looking for doctors?

    Does she need a doctor? Is she sick? Blood poisoning or something?

    Is her problem personal or is it medical?

    Can’t help somebody when you don’t know what the problem is. I have no idea what “losing it” means.

  • I think I understand Ted’s point. This is the focus:

    ““aimed at tackling the ‘hard’ questions implicated in processes of user/survivor inclusion, exclusion and co-production””

    The word I hone in on in that message is *exclusion*.

    I think there is a real language barrier, and I think language certainly would be a defining element in determining *exclusion*.

    That’s my point of view on it.

  • Just what sort of mentality do people have that they think it’s okay to FORCIBLY remove a fetus from a mother’s womb?

    These people who like to STEAL KIDS and PRETEND that they’re saviors and heroes (they’re really not) have gone way too far. They need to wake up and realize THEIR OWN mental status. They need THEIR heads checked.

    What a LOST, LOST world. Damned. I have absolutely NO hope.

    And I don’t believe in a “leader” of world psychiatry. We are a gargantuan mass body of life of over 7 billion people. There are NO leaders – no man, no woman, no religion and no country is a leader, in this world, on this planet, in my eyes.

  • “Instead of being a battle fought once, the fight for women’s equality in public life turned out to be a battle that needs fighting again and again, as deep human patterns of dominance and social control frustratingly reasserted themselves anew and in fresh guises, in defiance of earlier efforts to address them.”

    My comment in response to this article,

    “Different nations have tried different approaches, but none have solved the riddle.”

    How many years of cultivation will it take when history’s stretch is the length of the arm and equality is as long as the palm of your hand?

    “The boy who acquires his superego takes his place as productive public citizen and warder of culture, morality, ethics, justice, whereas the girl is denied membership by virtue of her inferior castrated equipment. She barely escapes the clutches of “nature” with all its consuming desires, instincts and dependencies, she teeters on the edge of a threshold between animal and hysteric.”

    I have an issue with Humanity’s use of the word “sex” in place of the more correct word, GENDER. If Humanity can make THAT change, that would be a right step in the right direction. I expect there will be no such corrective change, though. How retarded (stunted growth).

  • “In this context of perpetual poverty and trauma, many people suffering from severe mental illness have worsening and increasingly debilitating symptoms.”

    I think that’s backwards.

    In this context of mental illness, many people suffering from severe poverty and trauma have worsening and increasingly debilitating symptoms.

  • ” By the way, I also used to work for DCF in MA and despite its shortcomings exercizes great caution when it does temporarily or permanently limit the rights of parents.”

    Hahahaha. The state of Massachusetts will NEVER know glory. It is forever out of their reach.

    Try honesty and then balance that lop-sided idea you’re holding about the “great caution” of your former employer.

    “partial information is a isn’t a very good platform to stand on.”

    There is enough information in Justina’s situation to see what’s really happening: *complex surgeries*

    That’s PLURAL.

  • Hold on a minute.

    “The Pelletiers say Boston Children’s accused them of “overmedicalizing” their daughter.”

    You’re kidding, right?

    ARE THE PARENTS DOCTORS? Are THEY the ones performing “complex surgeries” and prescribing her? NOPE. Who is doing that? WHO is performing complex surgeries? WHO is prescribing the girl? DOCTORS are doing that.

    Dr. Karaa, YOU’RE WRONG. “because the medical team thought that the parents were causing this to their child,” says Dr. Karaa.”

    YOU’RE WRONG. The parents are not the ones performing “complex surgeries”. The parents are not the ones prescribing the girl. DOCTORS are doing that to her. NOT the parents. You WILLING doctors are doing that to the girl.

    “Before entering Boston Children’s Hospital, Justina was on several medications and had undergone complex surgeries.”

    What’s going on here? There’s something the matter, right?

    It’s either mitochondrial disease or somatoform disorder — do YOU doctors KNOW which it really is?

    There is ALREADY a supposed misdiagnosis!

    And the poor family is OBVIOUSLY trying to get right, good care and “treatment” for their daughter. Why? BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY, SOMETHING IS THE MATTER.

    ““They were actually being accused of being too active in pursuing healthcare matters for their child,” says Hokanson.”


    Meanwhile, what really stands out — the only one that matters, the daughter — what is she doing?

    “Nine months after she was admitted to Boston Children’s, Justina is still in the hospital, sneaking messages to her parents, hidden inside origami artwork.”


    I hope the family sues and wins a fortune and put you out of business. RIGHTFULLY SO.

    If THIS is true, “is a mental disorder characterized by symptoms that suggest physical illness or injury – symptoms that cannot be explained fully by a general medical condition or by the direct effect of a substance, and are not attributable to another mental disorder (e.g., panic disorder).[1] In people who have a somatoform disorder, medical test results are either normal or do not explain the person’s symptoms, and history and physical examination do not indicate the presence of a medical condition that could cause them. Patients with this disorder often become worried about their health because doctors are unable to find a cause for their symptoms.”





    “Somatoform disorder is difficult to diagnose and treat since doing so requires psychiatrists to work with neurologists on patients with this disorder.[6]”

    She isn’t a machine. WORK ON HER? SHE ISN’T A MACHINE.

    Are you SURE. Are you SO sure that this is a REAL disorder? Is it REALLY?


    Any EXPERTS out there in the world?

    I feel so bad for that girl. SO, SO bad for her.

  • I remember when I realized, very early on, that psychiatry is a brainwash system. I also knew that if I said it, acknowledged it, it would be considered a symptom of mental illness. And in that, I found myself in a harrowing Hell. I was absolutely damned and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I was just a kid – a teenager – and worse, a teen mom.

    By the way, the brainwash “worked”. Two decades of my life, ongoing, are owned by psychiatry and the system.

    I spent the first 25 years of my life in Massachusetts. I wouldn’t move back there if somebody paid me to. Quite a few reasons why I left but one of the biggest reasons I moved out of Massachusetts: Massachusetts.

  • If I could choose assisted suicide, I most definitely, most absolutely, would choose it.

    For me, it would be nothing less than pure joy and bliss. Bye!

    I expect only very few people to truly understand it. I think it is hilarious that within my family, we have morticians and a grave digger. Hilarious.

    I’m not offended by death and I don’t fear it. If I had the choice, I’d be gone (says the person who survived self-immolation. And in a court of law – they called it “an act of god” that I survived).

    I’m quite very serious. If it was an option, if it was a choice, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  • “I was trying to say that wanting to ban shock-treatment is in no way an authoritarian position.”

    I’m not the only one who has experienced injustice by the over-reaching, hands-turned-claws of “authorities”. That, in and of itself, in addition to many other factors, has contributed to the development of the “authoritarian” in Me. I don’t think my participation on this page should be reduced to the fact that somebody doesn’t like the way I stated my “case”.

    It seems there are many sorts of ECT being discussed:

    1. personal choice (with various levels of informed consent)
    2. involuntary / forced ECT

    I introduced a basis for comparison into this discussion but in all honesty, the way it is for me, right now, the conversation stops at this PRIZE SENTENCE:

    “For consent to be truly informed, they would have to tell the client that ECT has no proven effectiveness and can be very dangerous and destructive. But once they’ve said it in such blunt (and true) terms, they actually can’t ethically go ahead with the procedure.”

    I think, at this point, ALL PEOPLE need to stop, and realize and recognize what has been said.

  • “But once they’ve said it in such blunt (and true) terms, they actually can’t ethically go ahead with the procedure.”

    With that said, why on Earth doesn’t everything come to a screeching halt?

    This is what I call ignorance (ignoring). People will continue to ignore that which is already known. And they’ll “tolerate” and “carry on” and “endure” — needlessly.

    If what you said is so true, why on Earth wouldn’t everything just abruptly STOP.

  • Gee, uprising – I’m surprised. Here’s you saying the same thing I said (ban ECT) yet you agree with Francesca in calling me “authoritarian” (which, I happen to be) so, what I am authoritarian, but you and nick aren’t – when the three of us are saying the same thing?

    Well, I stand by what I said.

    Where assisted suicide is NO SUCH OPTION, I say ECT should also be NO SUCH OPTION.

    I still want my assisted suicide while so many others get their brains fried and spend the rest of their lives dealing with it and trying to change the world.

  • “The fact that I hold this opinion does not make me an authoritarian (as you have elsewhere accused someone else – with whom I agree, on this subject – of being.)”

    I don’t see anybody obeying my supposed authority, do you?

    I’ll take my assisted suicide the very first day that it becomes an option. Any idea how many people are STANDING IN MY WAY?

  • But it’s not up to other people to decide what they will not allow me to choose.

    See how that works? It’s called equality. You say it isn’t up to me to decide for another and I say it isn’t up to another to decide for me.

    Now, back to REALITY, where assisted suicide ISN’T AN OPTION (because OTHER PEOPLE say so).

    I say ECT should also be NO such option and in order to ensure that it is NO such option, I’d go so far as to ban and prohibit education and training in how to perform the evil act.

    And yes, authoritarian is a property in my qualities. And no, I wouldn’t allow anyone to charge me with a “crime” (because it isn’t a crime) for having such property. I state (like a statesman would) very firmly – meaning what I say and saying what I mean.

    I say, ban that ECT. My right to say it and my right to mean what I say.

  • I don’t consider myself to be a survivor. I’m a fatality who isn’t buried yet.

    I’m an obliterated wreck. I can’t write anything, I can only grunt and scream. I see there is no calling to take account of people like me: unburied fatality, damned and condemned, untreatable, unfixable, incurable.

    The worst part, for me, is knowing how many people are so satisfied that I’m destroyed. And they really are.

  • This isn’t complicated.

    “In general, aren’t we agreed that more choice is a good thing?”

    No. We aren’t agreed. I don’t think anybody should ever “choose” ECT, regardless of information (“informed consent”). Just as OTHER PEOPLE think I should not “choose” assisted suicide (and I can’t choose it anyway — it isn’t an option), I say ECT should NOT be an option. Ever.

  • This is the point:

    1. an option that a person might want
    2. remains no such option

    People want choice, right? But we don’t always have a choice.

    An informed choice is the best choice. With ECT, are people informed that they run the risk of MANGLING, rendering them utterly stupid? Who needs information when an ECT brain can’t make sense of anything anyway.

    You really want the choice and option for something so destructive, for yourself AND others? Other people do NOT want ME to have the choice to pass away in a humane (and, EFFECTIVE) way but they’re all for it if I want to fry my brains and become an invalid for the rest of my life. That’s what what I call mentally retarded (stunted growth).

    I’m all for the banning of ECT, no matter who on Earth says they want it. I want to see no person trained in how to perform the evil act – ban the education of it. Ban the training.

    And take classes instead from Angel Dr. Kevorkian.

  • “I thought the whole purpose of the psychiatric reform movement was to provide choice. Why are you willing to take away an option that a person might want?”

    I want assisted suicide. It isn’t any different from abortion. There are too many people who oppose it and so, it remains no such option.

    I think ECT should be no such option.

  • “It’s the “out of sight out of mind” approach.”

    That is so unfortunately correct.

    There’s this WRONG idea that we go behind closed doors in the “fix me workshop” and eventually emerge like a ray of sunshine. People cross their fingers and hope so but in the end, they really don’t “give a shit” anyway. Team Dilligaf.

    I see it through the eyes of The Labyrinth, how the baby will be turned into one of Jareth’s goblins … “one of us, forever”.

  • “The alternative is clear: you do something that is considered criminal, you get the appropriate punishment as stipulated by the law as anybody who would do the same thing but that would not have been labelled “psychiatric in nature”. You don’t do anything criminal, government doesn’t mess up with your life. Now, a different scenario is if you get a conviction, then I am fine with voluntary diversion programs, which BTW already exist, at least in the US, in situations in which somebody does something stupid under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That is my alternative: all forms of behavioral control should be channeled through the criminal justice system. No crime, no psychiatry (or astrology!).”

    You seem to forget that psychiatric incarceration IS behavioral control, and a form of imprisonment.

    I was punished with restraints and an injection because I insulted the doctor (due to my intolerance of endless walking in circles, and endless waiting). I insulted her by removing two of her titles. Instead of calling her Dr. Borha, I called her Mister Borha. Instant take down. That isn’t the only time I was punished with restraints and an injection. There’s the time I needed to go to the bathroom but was paralyzed by fear and indecision. It was group time – I could go to group or go to the bathroom (and be late). One of the staff commanded me to go to group, instead of asking what the very obvious problem was (I was immobile). I couldn’t even speak so I banged my hand on the wall. Instant take down.

    If you believe in criminal justice, you better wise up to the fact that a HUGE portion of “free” society, here in America, rightfully ought to be imprisoned. There are TWO prison systems and it really doesn’t matter which one a person goes to. They’re BOTH Hell.

    Interesting that you mention astrology. This song makes me think of being locked up in a psych ward.

  • Your comment is very triggering for me, WiseMonkey.

    “It’s not anger that needs to be defined as “good” or “bad” but its specific use and expression.”

    I use words as a tool: see the word anger in danger?

    There’s a ladder of madness. I’ve talked about this before, here on MIA.

    From anger to madness to rage to fury to wrath to annihilation and obliteration.

    “Some people who claim that they fight for justice simply use this claim as justification to dump their personal garbage on others.”

    It feels like you’re talking about me. What you wrote really speaks to me. It is a trigger and will get me to DUMP.

    It sounds like a very bad situation and probably a very diseased and disordered person! In what you said, psych drugs immediately come to mind. Are psych drugs the answer or is the answer in HANDLING the garbage (oh, that’s an idea). And in actually HANDLING the garbage, there is justice in that. There is INJUSTICE in ignoring, judging, shunning or punishing a person for even having that garbage to dump it.

    Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Anger and intolerance are *obstructions*. I can pull up one of my online posts right now, where I’m “dumping” in public but my anger and intolerance were such a problem that no real progress could be made. I was getting more and more angry when people were responding to my anger and not to the problem that I DESPERATELY needed “help” with.

    But why on Earth would I bother to SHOWCASE what I’m talking about when there’s no real engagement and no support. There is no official, formal WORKGROUP. I haven’t won the millions yet to HIRE and EMPLOY people to work for me. It would be a waste of my time to SHOW people the DUMPING that I do and the SCREAMING that I do – because NOBODY is “helping” me with any of it. I’ve been doing it for YEARS, all over the internet, and in the faces of very many strangers.

    See the word PATH in pathology? The ANGER path and the psychiatry path are no valuable paths to travel, whatsoever. This ISN’T a “word game”. It is highly revelatory.

    Anger danger, danger can derange. Twisted paths, pathology.

    Obliteration – I lose my ability to form thoughts into sentences. My ability to communicate is diminished, destroyed.

    DESTROY DE STORY. The “story” is destroyed by obliteration when anger takes it’s death grip.

  • “There is already a tool to deal with people who misbehave: the criminal justice system. In a democratic society, that should be the only way that government should be allowed to use to institute behavioral control.”


    I had this JOKE of a “trial” in a “court room” where I watched the “prosecutor” PRETEND LIKE SHE WAS ON TELEVISION.

    If that woman behaved the way she did in MY courtroom, I would throw her out and take her TV away.

  • satan is the so-called “god of this world” and the so-called “god of sexual immorality”.

    I’m a living witness of satan in its true physical form. Biblical accounts: satan is often a PHYSICAL presence, where God is a voice. satan was most certainly a physical presence, in MY life. I was a child when it presented itself to me. PHYSICALLY.

    As I have known it, discussing these issues is NOT ALLOWED (“don’t tell”). Discussing the issues is very dangerous. People actually kill over it.

    I prefer to discuss the issues, in great detail. Here’s an interesting read (and if you, the reader, read it with deep interest, what does that tell you about yourself?)

    *MY* entire life is all satan and jesus and god.

    And sex.

  • People overdose on marijuana. It’s just like anything else, need to dose things correctly.

    It isn’t meant to be smoked all day long, every day. Two to three tokes is good, per session (when used medicinally, or for meditation). To just suck it down, all day long, is what can make people sick. What would happen if I put half a stick of butter on 6 meals per day? Overkill. Gluttony.

    There’s a right way to toke and a wrong way to smoke.

    I figured that out by experience. Worked for me.

  • Pathophysiology

    Global electromagnetic toxicity and frequency-induced diseases: Theory and short overview

    4. Psychological disorders

    Related to the neurochemical disturbances mentioned above, the psychological disorders induced by electromagnetic fields may be even more ubiquitous and difficult to show, particularly those which blend with minute aspects of human evolution (decades of detrimental activities which show no immediate or intangible effects on the populations, but post-dose effects in the subsequent generations). There has thus been a series of attempts to depict the negative psychological effects by electromagnetic fields. The phenomenon on psychological disorders induced by radiation was investigated by a German group of scientists recently [48]. In their study, Thomas and colleagues demonstrated a statistically significant effect from electromagnetic radiation from wireless and mobile telephone networks on the behavior of adolescents and children. There were 1498 children and 1524 adolescents in the experimental group, which were tested using a SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire). The results showed that adolescents were more prone to behavioral problems as affected by mobile telephone frequencies GSM 900, GSM 1800, Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS 2100), Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN 2400) frequencies (Fig. 1). Seven percent of the adolescents showed behavioral problems, while 5% of the children. The results related the observed effect from the dosed exposure to the radiation applied at controlled intervals, and among possible explanations, the still developing nervous system in adolescent and the effect on it by radiation was postulated. Also in the children group, the sensitivity of the nervous system to radiation was mentioned, as also earlier reported [49], [50] and the effects were also behavioral disorders. The cognitive system seems on the short-term not to be affected according to a study [51], however the opposite was documented in another study [52] and explained by the modulating effect of mobile phone radiation on the response patterns in human brain activity [53]. Furthermore this may be connected to that preparatory slow-brain potentials have been documented to be affected by electromagnetic fields with particular emphasis on the temporo-parieto-occipital brain regions, but not on the frontal one [54]. This may partly be the explanation to that no significant effects where observed in another study, regarding electromagnetic field effects on human brain activity and sleep variables [55]. Correlated with the findings from Johansson et al. [56], the cognitive character of electrohypersensitive individuals can therefore play a pivotal role in explaining the disagreements between studies. In the study by Johansson et al. the electrohypersensitive persons reacted more intensively to the effects by radiation, thereby accounting for the differences. In the study by Johansson et al. the emotional aspects following exposure to radiation were also reported, where depression, anxiety and exhaustion were reported for a group tested on exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In this study, the electrohypersensitive individuals reacted indeed more intensively to electromagnetic fields. Similarly to the investigation by Thomas et al. [48], sleep disturbances, tiredness, stress, anxiety and concentration difficulties were also reported in a study performed by a Swedish group among a group of adolescents [57]. Yet convincing, a study by Huber et al. demonstrated that electromagnetic fields including signals from mobile telephone networks do alter the cerebral blood flow and sleep and waking EEG [58].

    The observed mechanisms of reaction to radiation may be summarized in a pattern of reaction (POR) where the frequency of radiation may be associated with types of pathology. In the POR we postulate that a dose-dependent response to radiation may be summarized as follows (see Fig. 1).

  • “Confused thinking is a subjective experience and is evaluated subjectively.”

    But that isn’t how it goes when one is subjected to “the system”.

    Even if there is no major complaint, the “symptom” is still collected as information, lodged on the record and used to formulate a diagnosis and a “treatment” plan. Clinically, in my experience, confused thinking wouldn’t be considered subjective at all, but a sign of some fundamentally flawed / diseased brain. For you, in context of this blog, and your life, muddled thinking is NOT a product of YOUR brain, whatsoever. And I think that is remarkable.

    Muddled thinking strikes me as a potentially very serious symptom. If I was a doctor and somebody used that word to describe what they experience, even though it may not be a major complaint, I would be concerned and I would want to investigate. Of course, I’m not a doctor – I’m just mocking.

    So, I think it really is a matter of WHO experiences rather than what, and even regardless of context.


    I like to use Deepak Chopra as my favorite example for how people see experiences by WHO is having them.

    Deepak Chopra wrote a book for teenagers and talked about a spiritual manifestation named Baba who stayed with him for 4 days. If I had a spiritual manifestation for 4 minutes, 4 hours, 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years or FOREVER … doesn’t matter how long or what that spirit was (or in what form the spirit appeared). But because it’s ME, I’d be called schizophrenic (not Deepak). Either he is or everybody else isn’t. Why is Jani’s 400 the cat a hallucination and a delusion and Baba is just a spirit who came to bless a beloved, accomplished man?

    What is it about Deepak that he could experience a spiritual presence for four days and not suffer it? And not suffer a psychiatric diagnosis and be put under treatment for his condition? Does he still get visits? Has the Dark Side contacted him? Why isn’t psychiatry VERY interested in Deepak and his experiences? I am.

  • No, definitely not rhetorical.

    If I had muddled thinking, wouldn’t I be told that I need help and to seek professional help? I’d be considered flawed, incompetent, sick, disordered, lesser intelligent and diseased. But if a professional experiences muddled thinking, well – that’s different. You’re not flawed and incompetent, you’re working. You’re not sick and disordered, you’re studying and learning (as if somehow, I wasn’t doing any or all of those things).

    What I’m getting at is the differences in treatment (WHO the experiencer is as opposed to WHAT the experience is).

    You won’t be told that you need help or to seek professional help. You’ll just attend meetings and talks and workshops (work as usual).

    Please don’t think I’m insulting you or any other working professional. I’m not.

  • Curious question: what would happen if muddled thinking was an observed “symptom” in a person (aka patient) and how would that person be treated? Please consider both meanings of the word treat.

    treat (trt)
    v. treat·ed, treat·ing, treats
    1. To act or behave in a specified manner toward.
    2. To regard and handle in a certain way.

    a. To give medical aid to (someone): treated many patients in the emergency room.
    b. To give medical aid to counteract (a disease or condition): treated malaria with quinine.


    Are we doctors of the brain or of the mind? An unbalanced and imperfect combination.

    Do we just confound and confuse? In the worst cases, I think psychiatry / psychiatrists / the “mental” system effectively sabotages and destroys not only a person’s life, but the person themselves.

    I completely agree with Alex.

    I appreciate and admire you Dr. Steingard, and I enjoy reading your entries.

  • I have to give credit where credit is due. Obama “saved my life”. Something he did was a VERY big deal and a big difference for me. Remember the stimulus money in 2008? Well it’s sort of a long story but what happened was that I arrived, homeless, in this state on July 7, 2008. The only shelter that I could get into (Dorothy Day) closed that very day for their annual two-week shut down. I knew there was another shelter (city shelter) but they require a state ID (and of course, I didn’t have one).

    Obama’s stimulus money put me in a hotel for a week (thanks, Obama). I was EXTREMELY appreciative of that. When the money was gone and I had to go back out there I found a very clever spot to sleep in. Technically, I was breaking the law but…

    Oh, the stories really could unfold and continue on for a very long, long time. There’s just so much to say but, to WHO listening? Usually, nobody. The story about the HOUSING stimulus money in early 2009 is, in my opinion, a BIG story. And trust me, I tried to do something about it. And thanks to MY email to the mayor, I got those shelter doors OPEN for the holidays when they said they were closing for Christmas and New Year’s. I thought, oh really? No you’re not. So I took it upon myself to do something. I just wish that MORE people would have heard me and listened to me about that housing stimulus money. And other issues, too. See? I can go on forever. There’s no shutting me up.

    Anyway, here’s Dorothy Day (just a wee bit past All Saints Day)

  • Either nobody is interested or nobody noticed. I’ll point it out.

    The definition of the word redux appears second. Before it, in position number one, is about A DRUG.

    Re·dux (rdks)
    A trademark used for the drug dexfenfluramine hydrochloride.

    I consider this to be a dis-order (out of order, wrong order). The word’s basic definition should be first.

    “Dexfenfluramine was for some years in the mid-1990s approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the purposes of weight loss.”

    I think it’s important. I think it matters. And I plan to contact and ask them to fix it.

    The word redux has been practically hijacked by a drug manufacturer. In fact, drug naming really irks me. “abilify” (as in, ability?) and “effexor” (as in, effects?). I hate it. It’s almost like street names for pot, cocaine and heroin – and it makes the pharmaceutical industry look like real thug drug dealers, doesn’t it?

    I’d rather the WORD’S meaning be first and industry’s use of the word be in it’s rightful place – SECOND.

  • I look at this way.

    It isn’t the taxpayers or even the government paying ANYTHING for me. It is MY FAMILY who pays, indirectly. Both my father and my mother’s sides of the family include professional people. Collectively (between all my aunts, uncles and cousins) whatever they pay in taxes covers *ME* – and the price tag on my head is a whopping $20,000 per year. I guarantee that my entire family pays more than that, yearly, in taxes. THEY pay for my basic needs but very, very indirectly. And I won’t ever budge on that perspective.

  • Depression? LMAO.

    I get my monthly disability allowance this week and it’s a real chore to pick and choose among all my needs and wants. Not possible to manage $500 per month. If the state didn’t “sunset” the Renter’s Rebate program this year I would have a much needed additional $440 in my wallet this month. That makes TWO programs that the state cut for people like me (energy assistance and renter’s rebate). Four hundred in the spring, four hundred in the fall. Gone. Cut off. The county I live in, was, at one point in American history, THE richest county in the entire country. I live in a money neighborhood – surrounded by shops, stores and plazas (4 plazas in one neighborhood!). It’s really interesting, actually. I was so bored that I counted everything in my SMALL, jam packed, big money, little neighborhood:

    8 banks
    6 gas stations
    3 pharmacies
    3 liquor stores (plus a bar)
    4 dry cleaners
    3 book stores (plus a library)
    2 subways
    2 dunkin donuts
    6 pizza shops
    3 chinese food restaurants
    3 diners
    1 dozen+ eateries, bakeries, restaurants
    10+ hair, nail and beauty salons (including tanning)

    and I’m not even done.!

    What it’s like to have $500 per month in a BIG MONEY town is not “depressing”. It is torturous.

    So torturous that it makes me audacious. Sometimes, I daydream about robbing one of these banks (impossible to do). I’ve gotten so bored that I taught myself how to steal cars (which is AMAZINGLY EASY to do)! Hilarious. Real hilarious.

    I understand the sort of things that drive people over the edge or drive people to such extremes. I mean, even my own mind has been twisted and degraded to think among the worst possible thoughts, when I never thought such things like that before.

    You know, this DIMINISHING of reality is something I noticed years ago during my very last “mental health day prison program”. These people wanted to focus on “fear” and “anxiety” and “pain” and “anger” and I stopped. I suddenly realized how absolutely unqualified these people and their “programs” were to “help” me. I wasn’t dealing with fear and anxiety, I was dealing with terror. I wasn’t dealing with pain and anger, I was dealing with agony and rage (which has escalated to fury).

    DIMINISHING. But this is just what “shrinks” DO isn’t it – they try to literally shrink things that are so over-amplified and over-blown. Enormous pain, enormous rage, enormous burden.

    Get out of here with this “depression” crap. Seriously. This country has been through UNRELENTING crisis and wars and foreboding and terror and catastrophes. Aren’t we WAY WAY WAY past “depression”?? Hello?

    I think it’s called living death.

    “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75” —Benjamin Franklin

    What bill is that man’s name and face on?

  • I got a notice in the mail yesterday from state senator Toni Boucher informing me of the option to apply for a Select ID card: “People who show a historical record of proven original identity documents will get a gold star on the license or ID card. In 2017, Federal officials will look for this gold star at airports and federal buildings.”

    Basically, if you’re a good person – you’re allowed to exist “freely”. If there is reason to think you’re bad, no good, sick, criminal, a problem or a liability you’ll be a registered, managed case (instead of a human being, with Human and Civil Rights).

    Seems like perfect people, with their flawless records, are being more than welcomed into the future.

    Two worlds and a great separation. The weeding out of the good from the bad, the sheep from the wolves.

  • Smoking marijuana helps me to connect to a level of reality (and truth) that I can’t get to in any other way. It’s really, really good for information harvesting. I don’t know about others but for me I get very in touch with what’s real, on a level that I can’t specify or identify because I don’t have the words for it. This ground-level reality and the daily life just isn’t all there is. You’ve got to be able to see “beyond the veil”. THAT’S the level that marijuana can take me to.

    As for “treatment”, I like this woman’s way. How nice it would be if her way was the norm.
    She treated him SO WELL even though most people would say he “didn’t deserve it”. It took a level of HEART intelligence for her to handle the situation the way she did.

    Genuine caring is the main ingredient in the “medicinal” formula. That’s why it’s called medical “care” (but it isn’t always experienced that way).

    Genuine is made of these two things: when it is both real AND true. That is what constitutes genuine.

    Care and Treatment, soon to be solved and understood! Let’s hope!

  • Diseases? Let’s talk about health.!

    What happens when the most VALUABLE, precious genes are found? Great, great worth. Steal the kids?

    What if one’s grandiosity IS genetic? Face the facts, right?

    I’d like to see somebody go further in this direction – identifying genes of exquisite “superiority”. Are they female? Are they Japanese? Divine? Hindu? Blonde? Jewish? Homosexual?

    What great contribution to the whole of Humanity will this ultra-genetic MASTERPIECE serve? The solution to the dreadful plague of the Mind, “mental illness”?

  • I’ve been all over the internet and in my opinion, there is no greater community than MIA. But then, I’ve always had excellent taste. Ha. 🙂

    Sometimes I feel like I’m camping out, or “occupying”, and I don’t like that. It bothers me. What I’m “occupying”, really, is my own time. Everybody needs to have something to do, to keep them busy and occupied. *shrug*

    I love Matt’s writing. This piece about setbacks really is some excellent guidance, as I see it. But I also see a man with a life, that he’s living.

    And for me, that is a major difference that I can’t ignore. I’m trapped and stuck in a real condemnation. My “life” was over, very many years ago. I just sit here and deteriorate. I’ve discovered the death of my soul, for crying out loud. Sometimes, being smart has a very serious consequence. I’m often right about things that I don’t want to be right about.

    I suppose I’m just a communicator. But it’s aimless: no direction, no goal. No purpose.

    I enjoy you, Stephen. Thanks for responding to me.


  • This is excellent guidance for people who have some momentum in their life. Some direction, some goal. Something of a life to actually live.

    Somebody told me the other day to “get a life”.

    Because it’s clear as day that I don’t have one, and that what I have nobody wants (including me).

    (better off dead comment goes here)

    Gonna go make another cup of coffee now and smoke a cigarette, too. And email my boyfriend (he doesn’t really exist, he’s just a figment of my imagination).

  • A requirement of this job is that you are or have been a consumer of mental health services.

    Peer Specialist Jobs

    (thanks to hookrobin for pulling this 2012 post to the front – it coincides nicely with yesterday’s HELP WANTED on mia’s front page)

    Maybe, if more people get involved in CPA work, the faster “the system” will change.

  • “most doctors arent interested in hearing my story they think its my anxiety disorder which simply changed over time into something more severe,

    i have no quality of life and im in pain & suffering everyday”

    They never listen (or maybe they don’t understand). One must set aside what they think they know, in order to hear. We hear with our hearts, anyway. So if they literally do not care, they will never hear. They have to care. Whether or not they can even hear what I just said is their own little test.

    I won’t go to another “doctor” on this planet without a medical malpractice attorney. My reason? Many, but primarily – TO PROTECT ME.

  • I’ve reached the point that without a medical malpractice attorney, I will not seek medical attention, for anything, ever again. I get sick every time from even antibiotics. I just have no reason and no ability to trust. There’s NO faith and no trust, whatsoever.

    I consider myself to be sacred. People do not know how to handle me. If they knew (and I’ve got tears in my eyes) oh, what a different world it would be.

  • “But that still doesn’t get the doctor off the hook.”

    A thought comes to mind: seeing adderall as the bullet for the gun. But, would he still have shot somebody (don’t forget – he smiled) if he hadn’t been using alcohol and marijuana?

    The woman in DC didn’t seem to have the intent to kill somebody. She was stressed to the max – so many factors – including serious thoughts and beliefs that ARE very concerning. She seemed to want to confront somebody, not assault or kill. And if I read correctly, she only started slamming into things when she found herself trapped, and was trying to turn her vehicle around, to escape. I didn’t read into it that she was full-force driving into things, as an intended assault. Maybe I need to re-read but even for the Connecticut woman in DC – it seems to me that her BELIEFS were the primary driving force that caused her behavior that day.

    There’s something about Hamilton that causes me to want to strongly resist consideration of adderall as a factor for what he did. I know the reality of drug toxicity and I even know what it’s like to drive my vehicle into something, on purpose. I think Hamilton is just a junkie and a murderer.

    What personal trauma history does he cry about, if any? At least the woman in DC case is clear as day: she felt like somebody intended harm against her. Did Hamilton feel like the twin brothers were there to harm him? Any reason somebody might want to harm him, to the degree he had a gun for self-protection (if possession of the gun wasn’t for assault)?

  • “The question is, did the Adderall put him over the edge?”

    When alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and heroin put people over the edge, and they commit a crime, they are usually not found to be “not guilty by reason of insanity”.

    Personally, I think the word “insanity” needs to be ejected from the formula in this case. I think I’m the only commenter who has considered his belief system to be a significant factor – almost secondary to *any* substance Hamilton reportedly had been using (alcohol, marijuana AND adderall).

    If the prescribing doctor was unaware of his drug and alcohol usage, WHY? I know they ask, so the only answer is that Hamilton bold-face lied.

  • He owned a gun. Doesn’t gun ownership indicate some capacity and willfulness to shoot it?

    I think most, if not all, can agree that adderall is not the cause or reason for his gun ownership. His belief system is the reason he owned a gun. But who knows – maybe he did obtain a gun after taking adderall and not before. *shrug*

  • Did you see this adderall case?

    I don’t doubt that adderall can do bad things to a person but Hamilton’s actions, if they’re true as reported, seem, to me, to be controlled and intentional. Self-possession and self-direction in full effect. The way he got his gun, covered it up, walked to his target, smiled and shot lacks disorganization or bizarreness. If his brain was destabilized, I would think he would behave in the same manner.

    Why didn’t he do something really weird, like get the gun and start talking to it – or use it in some way that one would not normally use a gun? Like put it on a dinner plate and offer it to somebody. Those would be bizarre, weird behaviors.

    Maybe adderall creates hyper-organization or hyper-function of some sort.

  • Their reason for stealing my kids:

    That I wasn’t taking them to school. Neglect, for not taking them to school.

    Yet, they knew:

    1. I have a sleep disorder
    2. I was working 55 hours per week to pay for a hotel room, which was our shelter
    3. I had been BEGGING for help, to get the kids to school
    4. The four of us had JUST MOVED 500 miles away from our home to a brand new state. We needed a LOT of support to make that transition. We weren’t getting that support, not in the least bit.

    I can’t believe I’m STILL CRYING about it – online. In public. Oh God, strike me dead. Have Mercy. Strike me dead.

    It’s been years, and I just won’t “get over it” or “move on”.

    I knew better than to click on a trigger puller.

  • Oh yeah. And the day after I faxed a letter, that I had my kids write, to the school, begging for help with transportation according to the McKinney Act, was the day they came to steal my kids.

    I had been calling DAILY for weeks – anyone and everyone – in the chase and the runaround that they send people on (which makes people crazy). Each person said to talk to the next person. Finally, I got fed up with it. I had my kids write a letter so that THEY WERE THE ONES asking for help.

    Very next day, they came and stole my kids.

    The McKinney Act guarantees that homeless and displaced families are entitled to support, including transportation, to ensure that the kids remain in school. The kids had just started the new school year in a new school system. We moved to the hotel room a month later. I could not drive them to school every day. The state told me that I had to enroll them in the school system in the new town. NO, I didn’t have to do that. According to the McKinney Act, they were entitled to continue to go to the school they were already enrolled in. And there was no direction – which school would provide the transportation, town one or town two?

    I BEGGED. I CRIED. My kids were frustrated and so was I.

    Evil world, and those people ARE evil. They’ll call me crazy for saying it – instead of facing themselves in the mirror.

  • They damn and condemn those who they can, serving the sole purpose of their lust for power, control, dominance, superiority and authority.

    In my “case”, I had been *begging* for support and help. In tears. The state went out of their way to call me, I did not call them, to tell me that even though they COULD pay for the hotel room (where my three kids and I were staying, and I was working 55 hours per week to pay for the room) that they would NOT pay for it (would not help, support, assist). They did NOT want to keep me and my kids together (although they CERTAINLY could have done exactly that, and, with great ease. It would not have been difficult, at all). They DID go out of their way, in increments (which I helplessly watched them do) to TAKE my kids.

    It is literally just for them to be the authority. That’s really all it is. They do whatever they want (INCLUDING lie), nobody can hold them accountable, and that’s the way they want it.

    They like TO WIN.

  • At Tom’s mention of cystic fibrosis

    I’ve been a sick person since infancy. Pre-kindergarten, I spent week after week at Children’s Hospital in Boston where cystic fibrosis was considered. After so many tests (many of which were traumatizing) I was finally diagnosed with bronchial asthma (which I mysteriously no longer have but do still have an original symptom which is a feature of CF).

    Because of neglect and abuse I ended up in foster care and the “mental” system. All at the same time, I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder, cardiac condition, depression and borderline personality disorder.

    I think the underlying primary disease / condition, that I likely was born with, causes such stress that my symptoms were continually mistaken for so-called “mental illness”.

    Is there not a word for that, when genuine disease in the body manifest its symptoms that are (mis)diagnosed as “mental”, mood or behavioral “disorders”??

    Oh yeah, then there’s those 2 months when I was 11 years old in a damn-near coma – bedridden – so sick with mono that I swear to God, I think I survived sepsis (and nothing can convince me otherwise). And, I’m pretty sure I’ve diagnosed myself correctly that it was mono that damaged my heart.

    Another quote from Tom’s comment, “If only the powers that be would realize that the best way to save money on mental health is to stop spending money on harmful treatments.”

    And I’m thinking, if only they would realize *how to diagnose correctly* in order to completely avoid unnecessary, injurious treatments (which includes the absence of right treatment, making it a double affliction).

  • This is just getting weird now. The one that says Pingback: Read the Full Document displays like this in the comments feed:

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    (spacing in the headers is mine because I don’t know how those headers will appear in this comment)

    Is MIA hacked? Got a virus? Melt away belly excess fat swiftly? lol

    Is it MIA studying weblogs or something else studying MIA? Whatever it is, it just keeps posting.

  • I actually *learned* from some psychological testings and I think some of the questions were suggestions and / or designed to be informative. A lot of them annoyed me and I felt like I needed to protect myself from the actual test itself.

    And when my honest, truthful answers weren’t accepted and I was harassed into giving a different answer (one that was wanted), that was the beginning of my full, conscious awareness and recognition that this entity WAS actually against me and not FOR me.

    Manipulation, manipulation, manipulation (and that’s something that I personally abhor in human behavior).

  • I’m also wondering if it is a sign of organized thought process (to conceive an idea, whatever that idea is, “plan” to do it and finally complete it). Would that be considered a properly functioning mind (even though the value of his act was detrimental)? Why didn’t the drug render him incapable of completing thought to fruition? Something just seems to be too organized.

  • I left a comment on in response to honeybadger

    “Without a motive it seems like it would be hard to prove the crime was willful, deliberate, or premeditated, which is required for first degree. ” Easy to prove it was deliberate: “Hamilton came outside with a red shirt or cloth over his right arm.” He was covering the gun, so he certainly did know what he was doing. I think for Hamilton, it is more about his belief system than any possible motive. If some part of him thinks murder is okay, acceptable or even normal then the primary factor is his fundamental thought process and anything at all could be a reason. SOMETHING triggered in his head that day, to pick up his gun and shoot. And considering he had a gun, I’m sure he’s thought often of shooting it and which instances he would shoot. That right there is premeditation.

    I like uomosenzanome’s comment about seeing the man as a toxic chemical lab (substance abuse and sleep deprivation) but I think his seemingly calm demeanor of walking away to get his gun, covering it up, and then smile while shooting would show something of control and intent. If he was so toxic, could he possibly be so seemingly “cool, calm and collected” or wouldn’t he be chaotic, spastic and sloppy?

  • No mention of what caused him to end up in a psychiatrist’s office.

    These statements seem contradictory to me:

    “We don’t fully understand why he jumped into the tiger den and I don’t think David understands either,” his mother continued, “but there is an explanation, and I want this to be said in the courtroom: David said the voices told him to jump in.

    “He also told me that he had been planning this for about a year, coincidentally when he first started taking the Adderall.””

    HE planned to do this but then “voices” told him to do it? So did “the voices” plan it a year in advance or did David? Was it David’s own voice that told him to do what he himself supposedly planned on doing anyway?

    “The various effects of Adderall can include bizarre behavior and a warped sense of reality.”

    Question of the day: how do psych drugs produce a specific thought, manage to form an actual plan, and then carry out that plan from thought to fruition? How does THE DRUG do that?

  • Edit button is there but not working (edit box that opens up shows the MIA homepage, not a data entry field).

    I agree that Hamilton belongs in prison but I’d disagree with sociopathy if the criteria is NOT knowing right from wrong. I think Hamilton knew full well and it would be indicated by his sinister smile. I agree with this statement “Hamilton obviously lost all command of moral value”. Yep.

  • Eyes wide open.

    The man could not be insane unless his motive was sexual.

    “Lyons contends side effects of the prescribed drug, which include hallucinations and unusual behavior, rendered Hamilton legally insane, meaning he could not appreciate the wrongfulness of his acts or conform his conduct to the requirements of the law.”

    Here is the proof the man was aware of wrongfulness:

    “Hamilton fled in the older model BMW, according to testimony. He ditched the car and allegedly stole another vehicle before police caught and arrested him about 90 minutes after the shooting, according to earlier reports.”

    If he truly was unaware of the wrongfulness to kill, he would not have fled to the extend that he did. Only a numbskull would sit around, willful to conform their conduct to the requirements of the law (apprehension and arrest). Is it believed to be right or wrong thinking, to run from the cops? I think most people would die laughing if they heard a story of somebody just sitting there, after shooting somebody to death and smiling about it, waiting to “peacefully” surrender to the police. He fled because he DID know what he did was wrong.

    I agree with SnowyRhodes but I reserve the right to change my mind.

  • ” a story teller, and the kid who used to drive his parents and teachers crazy asking “Why?” unendingly and then, never satisfied with their answers, looked for my own answers and returned to tell them that their answers were wrong.”

    You’re my twin! And now, for the story.

    I was purely serious when, at around kindergarten age, I asked my birth mother “why is there a world?”. I needed to know. She laughed (and many years later I knew why – I knew what she was thinking and what she believed the answer to be). Proudly, I now know the true answer to the question of “why is there a world” and I can also answer the question of “what is nothing”. I got my doctorate degree in Thinking from the school of Solitary Confinement (and booted out of the master’s program for Hilarity at the school of Clowns).

    “One very judgmental retired school teacher suggested to me, only half jokingly, that at 5:00 psychiatrists should be locked in the hospital along with our patients.” LOL

    “One of my sons once called me a “crazy person magnet”.”
    I wonder if the two of you could enjoy listening to this together:


    ~ mjk

  • Are the controls and patients all non-smokers, and free from second hand smoke primary environments? What are their TV and radio habits? What are the diets of all 185 people? What are the religious beliefs and practices of all 185 people? And what are their orgasms like, too many? Too few? Solo or partnered?

    “healthy subjects showing a greater reduction than patients”

    Why? How? Is that normal and a lesser reduction abnormal? lol

  • If we believe it, according to this list, school shootings go back as far as the 1760’s (almost 300 years ago). Steady through time, EVERY decade has a LIST of school shootings since the 1850’s.

    In light of that, I’d think it would be very difficult to argue that psych drugs are the cause of *any* deadly assault, not just school shootings. But, that does not mean that psych drugs do not cause homicidality and suicidality – when we very much know they do. The psych drugs are toxic for plenty of people and that is a truth and reality that stands, all on it’s own.

    Life IS enormously complex. It seems to me that “mental illness” is acting as a gigantic dome to encompass anything and everything that is symptomatic or problematic – and I think that is not fair and not accurate, enormously detrimental and destructive.

    We KNOW that “behavioral control” technologies are used in prisons on inmates. Some of us believe that psych drugs are another form of “behavioral control” (and even biochemical weapons). We KNOW that governments use the people for their “studies”, in a multitude of forms.

    I’m not sure how other people see life on this planet, in terms of seeing it as a “house”. Alex Jones sees it as “prison planet”. Is the one collective world we’re in a prison? A court house? A hospital? A school? A grave? A church? An asylum?

    I don’t believe all 7+ billion people on this planet will ever unify vision but if we are becoming, more and more, a “house of mental illness” then the conclusion is easy. As new life comes into the world, they’re BORN INTO “MENTAL ILLNESS”. Environmentally speaking, what does that tell us?

    The song link below is 23 years old. In the lyric he says, “try to erase this from the blackboard” and at 2:30 in the video we see what is written on the blackboard:

    – Life Crisis
    – Anxiety disorders
    – Environmental Stress
    – Hereditary Factors
    – Factors that af (the word is obstructed by somebody’s head and so I’d see that as .. factors that affect the mind)

    Decades later and that list on the blackboard isn’t written in chalk anymore. The list is expanded, and it is written in Law. Furthermore, them HEREDITARY FACTORS took spot number one on the list. OH.

    Time to knock down the house and build the one that is MEANT to Be (because I’m quite certain that the crazy, retarded, stupid, sick “mental ill” house is NOT what life on Earth is “meant” to be. Let’s put an END to verbal violence, please!)

    In REALITY, Jeremy killed himself in front of his classmates at school. OMG, was he taking psych drugs?

    (what played a role in this shooting and in that massacre and in this death and in that suicide and the answer is: WE ARE A *WAR* SHIP)

    War Ship or Wor Ship
    Prey or Pray

    (science does not “believe” in GOD and god LAUGHS at human science)

    Today’s post by mjk was produced by:

    Boredom! It’s its own Kingdom (and I’m not the ruler, just the slave).

    Have a nice day, whole entire world!


    The effects of this radio frequency on humans have been studied by the military for years, and much, but not all of the research has been published openly in peer-reviewed journals.[40]

    Have been studied or PRACTICED and THEN studied? Right.

    Well Active Denial System is one thing. Then there’s “remote neural processing” and “voice to skull” technologies that people pretend is just “mental illness”.

  • Aileen Wuornos talks about energy weapons. For lack of terminology, she calls it “sonic pressure”.

    “I was tortured at BCI. They had the intercom on in the room and they kept lying that it wasn’t on and they were using sonic pressure on my head since 1997. And every time I was trying to write something, … they’d … I think they had some kind of eye in the cell, I’m not sure, but, every time I starting writing something it went up higher. So I’m thinking that probably had the TV rigged. The TV or the mirror. Something was rigged. They got a huge satellite on the compound. After they put the huge satellite on the compound, it could’ve been either rigged to the TV set or the mirror or something cuz the electrician, when he put the mirror on the wall, he said “doesn’t that look like a computer?”. The back of it, and he stuck it to the wall. Huh? It was crushing my head and they were using sonic pressure, continually.”

    And she continues to report the information (to somebody who isn’t listening because all the interviewer wants to talk about is the fact that Aileen murdered 7 men).

    It is WRONG to ignore and dismiss what Aileen is talking about by “reason” of “she’s a murderer”. Cast that aside so as to SEE what she’s talking about (unobstructed). Forget that she murdered people, because there are people who have NEVER murdered anyone and even they talk about energy weapons.

    It is WRONG to say that energy weapons are not real, do not exist, are not being used (against inmates or “free” citizens) or that it is “mental illness” that is happening to the victims.

    Stay tuned. Coming up next:

    100% visual and audible proof and evidence of an “energy weapon” (unless somebody wants to debate and argue the evidence).

    Although my comment is there on YouTube to be read by anyone in the world, I’m not going to repeat my comment here and I suggest that you do not yet read the comments on YouTube. See if you figure it out for yourself and see it for yourself, without being guided to see it (as my comment does exactly that). I think it is CLEAR ENOUGH for anybody to see it straight away on their own.

    The link it set to being playing at 1:28:15

    The interview with Charles Manson is from 1989. That means technology has GREATLY advanced since then. Who would think that government would use technology on inmates but NOT expand that field to include society at large?

    And I feel like clapping.

  • “They are not anti-work”

    I know they’re not but I “made up” the term as a lead in, to synchronize the point that needed to be made (psychiatry as a punishment / consequence) so it would fit well on this page here.

    “The UN and Amnesty have already condemned the UK for their welfare and housing policies and treatment of sick and disabled people in relation to this.”


    Thanks for the informative response, Joanna Care. Such a heartbreaking situation over there. Harrowing.

  • “Carey’s boyfriend had told police in December that she appeared to be delusional, believing that President Barack Obama had placed Stamford, Connecticut, where they lived, under lockdown and that her home was under electronic surveillance, a law enforcement source involved in the investigation said.”

    She certainly isn’t the only person in this country (or in the whole world) who “believes” in electronic surveillance.

    Interesting though – what really drove / motivated her action? The belief or the drugs? In other words, could she have had those same convictions and beliefs and NOT acted upon them, if she had NOT been taking the drugs?

  • I have a parallel for that story but it is much too “mental” and “psychological” for people to understand. Plus, even if I explained it meticulously – people remain ignorant (and abusive) in the face of the truth.

    Wow, see that swarm?

    Fact is, people LOVE (and live for) the drama. It is no fun to be a fire fighter if there are never any fires (being a fire fighter depends on the instance of fires) – just like a psychiatrist cannot get paid without prescribing and thereby is dependent on “sick” people to prescribe to.

    This sick, crazy world is guaranteed to make people sick and crazy (and to keep police officers being police officers, fire fighters being fire fighters and psychiatrists being psychiatrists).

    There cannot ever be peace on this planet because people DO NOT KNOW HOW. A peaceful humanity won’t have screaming sirens all day and night long, all across the globe. Never gonna happen.

  • I’d agree that social defeat likely is more complex but I just couldn’t see Jani as experiencing social defeat in the given context.

    The Mind is what is so complex, really – especially in this world today: electrified, televised, transmitted, and on and on.

    In Jani’s case, her family has solidified their belief in her illness because of family history (DNA / genetics). Schizophrenia is a known diagnosis … I think on the mother’s side.

  • Alright.

    Now I want to see information about how maltreatment effects and impacts the heart, stomach, intestines, rectum, liver, mammary glands, teeth, tongue, bones, feet, eyes, ears, skin, spine, blood, gall bladder, pancreas, lungs, penis and vagina.


    You know, we live in a world of machines. Could Your Brain Be Hacked? What sort of brain does one need to have to think and feel no reservation, no fear, no alarm and no caution for a technology like this:

  • “I will listen, and then I will tell/report that you need “treatment”.”

    Thanks, doc. So now I can rest easy knowing that you know (not you specifically, Cheryl – this is a general thing for the audience at large) that I have a personal need to be treated. Correctly. OH!

    How to treat a human being:

    Like they’re an idiot
    Like they’re a sub-human
    Like they’re incompetent
    Like a piece of junk / trash / garbage
    Like a subordinate
    Like an empty sack
    Like an object
    Like a thing
    Like a machine
    Like a puppet
    Like a robot
    Like a child

    Today is opposite day. I ask OTHER human beings for guidance and suggestions on how to TREAT somebody (since I gave the list on how NOT to treat somebody). Thanks for all your help!

  • Um, why not strive for THE GOAL

    which is “I Will Understand”.

    And even Michael speaks of his brother Tom (who killed himself) as NOT UNDERSTANDING what his brother was talking about (“didn’t make sense” to Michael). Any possibility that Tom knew what Michael didn’t and that Michael couldn’t understand simply because he didn’t have the knowledge / information (or interests and concerns and focuses) that Tom did? Maybe, maybe Michael was just DISINTERESTED in what really mattered to TOM.

    And maybe Tom couldn’t find the right sort of people to speak with. To speak WITH.

    Listen for all Eternity. The point is TO UNDERSTAND. To comprehend. To “get it”. To harmonize.

    We are NOT all at the same level. We are NOT all in the same dimension. We do not all share the same interests or priorities or concerns. We do not all have the same knowledge base. We are NOT all conformists (similar in belief, perspectives, etc.).

    I hope there’s some oversight for this new project coming out of New York. Lord knows, even New York needs guidance and direction.

  • Yeah, you may feel that way and it is understandable. But you need something to balance that and keep things in their right perspective.

    I’m sure there is more than one way of going about it but think of this way: what would it be like if you weren’t there at all? Wouldn’t your absence make a difference for the worst?

    Instead of feeling guilty, maybe you can acknowledge that without you being there it would be much more sore, and dark. And in that, you can feel needed and appreciated.

    Vital signs aren’t just thermometers and blood pressure cuffs. Sometimes, a smile is a vital sign. A kind word of support, encouragement or comfort is a vital sign. I get the idea that you’re quite a vital presence, Mr. Stephen Gilbert.

    Maybe you’re a guide or a guardian. Maybe an Angel. (PLENTY of Angels have no clue that they’re Angels).

  • “Progress is not linear, and – while I still think we need to envision the new world even while we are in the grip of the old – getting angry and refusing to accept what is dished out to us, defending ourselves and each other from retaliation, may be the next step.”

    This message is being communicated in other words and from a very different, but quite relevant, crisis. Ready?

    “In a nutshell, it is urgent to shift if we don’t want to see our children go back to barbarism. All the indicators have fallen into the red and they are flashing faster and faster and we must act quickly before it is too late. In the environment field, some scientists even think that we won’t be able to back down anymore. The Earth will never be able to recover its original purity. So what to do? Besides, do we have the will and means to change? Nothing is less certain. So, it is not impossible that the solution comes from the space… ”

    That paragraph is taken from

    “If a government said to us, “OK, we will repeal the mental health laws and get rid of commitment and forced treatment – what else should we do to make sure people have what they need and are not discriminated against if they have unusual thoughts or are experiencing serious distress or crisis?” – what could we answer?”

    One of my urgent priorities is giving attention to what is *agonizingly* lacking and that is PROPER response and proper emergency response.

    Please take a look at this video of a woman and her 8 children. The way the community and “the authorities” respond to her family’s urgent needs is SO RIGHT. Neighbors took in 5 of her children. The cops brought food, clothes, items and a cellular phone to the family. Isn’t that *awesome*? Isn’t that inspiring and uplifting and heart warming? Isn’t it helpful and non-punitive? If a situation only half as bad as this family’s happened here in America, those kids would be TAKEN AWAY, put in foster homes and the mother would be detained either in jail or “the (mental) system” (which cannot be called “health”). And all of them would be drugged.

    Lastly, in response to this:

    “They’ve made me feel like I don’t belong in the world the way I am now. I think that’s unforgiveable.”

    Of course it is unforgivable. One must confess and ask to be forgiven. If they do not confess and insist on no wrong-doing, they prevent forgiveness from taking place.

  • Looks like England has severe consequences for anti-work people.

    “The benefits clampdown comes after chancellor George Osborne on Monday announced plans to make all long-term unemployed people carry out unpaid work, report to a job centre daily or undergo treatment for mental illness in order to keep receiving benefits.”

    So, for the unemployed – either work for nothing, be detained in day prison at a government agency or be treated for mental illness.

    OH MY WORD. Is that not Hell on Earth?

    They’re using psychiatry as a PUNISHMENT.

    Apparently, the jobs simply do not exist. Why sit in an agency for 35 hours per week looking for a non-existent job? Is that mentality NOT some form of mental deficiency? Is this really how they’re handling their issues?

    psychiatry (oops, I mean the antichrist) has TOO MUCH influence and control. “mental” treatment is going to be used a punishment!! Scream!!!

  • I took the ultimate risk: take the drugs or never see my kids again. It’s been over 4 years since the last time I saw them.

    Maybe Torrey is entirely unaware that psychiatry has been called the antichrist. Personally, I will never say that I’m anti-psychiatry. I will always say that psychiatry is the antichrist. And there is a big difference, in my eyes.

  • So, does this explain how and why certain people are told to kill themselves? Because of course, OTHER PEOPLE do NOT want them to exist. And a sensitive person WILL pick up on other people’s unexpressed thoughts and feelings (especially if some people have told them so DIRECTLY). They’ll KNOW that people reject them, do not like them, do not approve of them and don’t want them around (and in some cases, YES – they wish the person would cease to exist).

    Then, if the poor suffering person COMPLAINS that people hate them, wish they were dead, wish they didn’t exist … SOME people will INVALIDATE that and attribute the ACCURATE complaints as being part of the “disease”. Hell torture is what is really is.

  • No, Emma – she said she’s against it.

    “and I tend to dislike ANY psych medications being given to children under 6 (but if you ask me, the REAL crisis we should be paying attention to is this insane push to put preschoolers on HEAVYDUTY ANTIPSYCHOTICS AND SO-CALLED MOOD-STABILIZERS for alleged “bipolar disorder” when these drugs have far worse permanent damaging effects on the brain and metabolism).”

  • Why isn’t this the forum?

    Do the issues cause stress? Will that stress lead to a diagnosis? Will that diagnosis lead to a prescription? It isn’t all about the drugs, right?

    I like it when people discuss *the issues* that cause and drive their stress and “problems”.

    I’ve been to a casino only once in my life. I vow that I’ll never go back, ever. My reason? It isn’t about gambling. It isn’t about money.

    It is about those KIDS I saw wandering around at 2 o’clock in the morning, abandoned and unsupervised and unloved and trashed and neglected and victimized.

    Now, how many of those kids are going to end up in “the system” and will be prescribed?

    Abortion isn’t the answer
    Drugs aren’t the solution
    Money is a problem (both when people have it and when they don’t)

    What in America makes people THE MADDEST of all? About which issue? There’s so many to pick and choose from that I think nobody will ever conclude what REALLY causes and drives “madness”.

    Sex, probably. Is Mad in America not the forum to discuss how sex and sexuality gets the biggest slice on the pie chart of which issues cause and drive SEVERE “mental illness”?

    Let’s talk about effexor xr!
    Let’s talk about trazodone!
    Let’s talk about paxil!

    As long as SO much focus is on the drugs, the diagnostics, the “manual”, the primary issues remain secondary. And the sick cyclical cycle continues!

  • People need to realize the obvious truth and reality about Adam Lanza:

    He was CULTIVATED in weaponry (in more than one way). His home life WAS weaponry, both literally and in first person shooter games. Weaponry was his mentality, the way his mind was structured. What will people say, he was taking psych drugs and then he and his family, as a result of the drugs, began building an arsenal of weapons? I don’t think so, but I think people should ask: what came first, the weapons or diagnosis and drugs?

    American culture and society ARE VIOLENT. The drugs are toxic and deadly for a lot of people. That is TRUE, all on it’s own. But it is ALSO true that American culture and society ARE SICK. People in THIS country have NORMALIZED verbal and mental abuse.

    Domestic violence is domestic war. It is ALL I HAVE EVER KNOWN.

    For years, I’ve called YouTube “battlefield youtube” because it IS a battlefield. Yahoo is just as filthy, disgusting, violent, abusive, “stupid”, “moronic”, DEMONIC – the list goes on and on. Oh, and visit The White House’s Facebook page to see some of the absolute WORST behavior. They ARE sickening, sick, violent, abusive, demonic, immature and out of control – and it is a real war.

    People tell the truth all the time: stupid, crazy, idiot, psycho, schizo, nut job, whacko, looney tunes, moron, loser, piece of shit, asshole, kill yourself…

    It is verbal, mental and emotional SLAUGHTER.

    People talk the talk and it is NO SURPRISE when the words come to FRUITION.

    BULLY epidemic, how YOU doin’?

    At the time when a documentary called “Bully” hit the screen, a movie called “The Hunger Games” also hit the screen. Bully was OBSCURED BY THE DRAMA OF IT’S RATING – and did NOT have the audience that The Hunger Games had. Even if Bully’s rating hadn’t been a controversy, that movie NEVER would have had the millions upon millions of viewers.

    I’m not asking anybody to stop the lies. I’m asking, when will people BE HONEST?

  • It is BECAUSE of your “treatment” that I personally would LOVE to see you dead, psychiatry!


    Put THAT on TV (and don’t tell me that’s a “national insecurity issue”). C’mon, Obama – tell us. Tell the whole wide world who the antichrist is. Or is that the pope’s job?

    Or is the job of some NOBODY with a really big mouth and zero fear of YOU, government.

  • What this is really about is COMMONPLACE slaughtering of society.


    For DECADES now, people have been striking out at and slaughtering (murdering, killing, massacring) society.

    Do you know what THE mind control really is? “mental illness” itself.

    Do you know that NOTHING gets through my mind without FIRST passing through a filter of psychiatry’s diagnostics? Do you have ANY idea what a MENTAL CAGE that is? What a MIND CONTROL that is?

    Don’t think – that’s mental illness.
    Don’t feel – that’s mental illness.
    Don’t BELIEVE anything – that’s mental illness.
    Don’t REMEMBER anything – that’s mental illness.
    Don’t EXPERIENCE anything – that’s mental illness.

    THE mind control IS “mental illness” itself. For ME it is and for A LOT of other people.

    Oh, that’s not even the only mind control there is.!

    I could talk ENDLESSLY about mind control AND brainwash AND torture.


    That ISN’T just a 7 letter word I’m using.

  • I don’t think it’s accurate or fair to say that the number of potential victims of mental warfare is far too low.

    If you watched the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues video, you can hear the people say how many thousands of people are experiencing this torture.

    The problem is that people deny that it’s happening and use “mental illness” as a way to explain it away. That adds more torture on top of what’s already severely torturous. You can hear them say that if they try to do something about what’s being done to them, they’ll be locked up in a psych ward. Simply put, people are trying to GET OUT OF HELL.

    I prove the reality of Hell all the time. I hear it from people constantly, “there’s no such thing as Hell.” Oh yes, there is and I prove it. Easily.

    Ever hear of Jeffrey Dahmer? Every person who walked into Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment walked straight into Hell itself.

    Being sick and being sickened are two very different things. Sick is what Jeffrey Dahmer was and did. No drug in the world could have done anything for him. If you think he’s rare, you’d be greatly mistaken.

    Accusing somebody of imagining things, making up stories, being crazy and being mentally ill are all manipulative abusive tactics that serve to discredit a victim, blame a victim and get away with it all. It is SADISTIC.

    It is a SICK world and “one bad apple can spoil the bunch”?

    We know that government is weaponized to an extreme degree. We know that technology is extremely advanced.

    We know that MK Ultra is real. We know psych drugs DO HARM.

  • I think every person that speaks in this video is quite credible.

    Dr. John Hall, a physician from Texas, says “we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons, microwave auditory effects, silent sound spectrum … seems to be more weapons research than medical research … upwards of 1,500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation, being exposed to electromagnetic radiation … for the use of cognitive control or behavioral control.”

    In Aaron’s case, he complained of that exact, precise scenario: some “vibrations” and voices that were keeping him from sleeping.

    I’m one of those people who figures the psych drugs are THE AGENTS that give the electromagnetic access for remote neural processing. Insofar, that’s just my hunch. I think these psych drugs have altered brain structures in such a way as to make people electromagnetically susceptible. I don’t know how else they have access for VOICE TO SKULL “therapy” (they just called it “therapy”).

    It ISN’T therapy – we’re not stupid. It is MENTAL INVASION, MIND CONTROL, TORTURE and it is sadistic, criminal and outright evil.

    YOU PEOPLE may think your technology is good. WE DON’T.

    See? Just happened. I could edit and NOT share it publicly. But I’m not going to do that. An energy in my right hemisphere accompanied by a female “voice” that spoke INSISTENTLY, stating that it’s “therapy”.

    YOU WISH people would consider it “therapy”. It isn’t, it never will be – it is a VIOLATION OF PEOPLE’S MINDS, PRIVACY, PERSONAL SPACE, RIGHTS AND EVERY OTHER ELEMENT AND ASPECT OF HUMANITY.


    That’s me, talking directly to *the entire world* – including government, scientists, doctors, aliens, devils, demons, angels, gods – all human beings and all non-human entities.

  • My first “alien” encounter was in 1999 in Andover, Massachusetts where I lived as a single mom with my three kids. I was 23 years old. My kids were 8, 4 and 2.

    I was washing the dishes when I felt something. I looked out the window and there it was … this gargantuan, low, hovering air craft. Just “sitting there”, hovering over the shopping plaza that we lived across the street from. I went outside.

    OH MY GOD.

    I went back into the house and made my son come outside with me. I needed a witness. Heh. To this very day, he really doesn’t like to talk about it.

    We lived on a 4-lane state highway. I stood on that sidewalk, jumping up and down, waving my arms and pointing, yelling to the people driving by in their cars – LOOK AT THAT!! LOOK AT THAT!!

    Not only did they not look at it, they weren’t even looking at me.!

    It took *years* to process that event. What I figured out was that THEY DID KNOW it was there. They were in a hypnotic trance (self-preservation mode). They sensed it, just like I had. But they were entranced where I was SO full of bursting energy that nothing could have calmed me down. I’m a bit fearless. Things like that make me feel ALIVE and energized.

    I still talk about it, to a world of people who still prefer to ABUSE me and call me “crazy” and “mentally ill” (pretending to themselves that I “hallucinated” it or “imagined” it – when I certainly did NOT).

    When it took off, it took off FASTER THAN A THOUGHT. It was just gone in a flash. SO fast.

    I saw the same sort of air craft again, twice, in New York in 2007 (after my kids had been taken from me).

    I have a lot more experience with these air craft and so-called “aliens”.

    Here’s the thing: VERY possible and VERY likely that these air craft are *by human design*. In that case, it would mean that “the government” is doing it (and for what reason and why would they display these types of air craft and not let the people of the world know what they are? Why not showcase them publicly in an official and legitimate way?). I’ve got a video that shows that the technology to create air craft like that was available as far back as the 30’s or 40’s. VERY likely to be human origin.

    However, it is also very likely that these are NOT human and ARE extraterrestrial. Travis Walton is a man who was abducted for five days. His testimony isn’t some “mental illness”. Mental illness is NOT what happened to Travis Walton. And he sure didn’t meet presidents or actors on that air craft.

  • First of all, what I said about intelligence was this: “It would be an act of WAR to accuse me, assault my mind, insult my intelligence or treat me like an idiot or a “crazy” person.”

    It was meremortal who interpreted that as his or her PERCEPTION of my supposed “superior intelligence”. I didn’t say anything about “superiority”. In fact, if there is anything to be known in what I said, it should be obvious that my statement comes from having been abused, undermined and wrongfully discredited.

    I probably shouldn’t have responded to that part of meremortal’s emotionally based response to my comment. But then again, YES – I should have. I don’t think ANYBODY should want to “shame” me or make me feel even the slightest bit in the wrong for being an intelligent person. But that’s QUITE EXACTLY what psychiatry and the mental system DOES – is deprives people of their value and worth! We walk away from psychiatry and the mental system ENTIRELY DEVALUED, charged, convicted and condemned (and demoralized and degraded).!

    I’m not sure if I believe it’s all so random. Maybe it is, but when I apply certain religious and spiritual beliefs (such as soul contracts, soul plans, soul purposes, life missions and “everything happens for a reason”) it all takes on an entire other dimension.

    There are a lot of similarities between gang stalking / targeted individuals / energy weapons and aliens. BOTH of these extreme experiences have this in common: human experiments and experimentation.

    I have long held the idea that psychiatry is a branch of government (not medicine, not science). And there’s something about “aliens” that are very closely linked to government.

    The topic here is: did antidepressants play a role in the navy yard massacre.

    We shouldn’t be asking that question anymore, right?

  • I certainly *didn’t* imply anything and I never do. I’m so bold and direct, I come straight out with exactly what I think, feel and know. I’m clear, blunt, direct, specific, forthright, forthcoming, to the point …

    And NO, I am NOT mistaken. At all.

    It is a FACT that the “U.S. Coast Guard” approached me.

    It is a FACT that the “U.S. Marshall / Secret Service” approached me.

    It is a FACT that somebody was chasing me.

    It is a FACT that I self-immolated.

    These are all ABSOLUTE TRUE FACTS, not to be denied or dismissed or charged as “mental illness”. They’re FACTS. They’re REALITY. They happened.

    Jesus Christ, it’s clear as day.

  • What if I AM of superior intelligence? Why does that seem to be a problem for you? Do you think I’m not allowed or not entitled to be an intelligent person, and that I need to be stripped of it or maybe even punished for it? Why does it seem to be offensive to you if I have a unique, distinct intelligence? Should I just put on my mental illness hat, be a retard and an idiot – just so you won’t feel the BLINDING SHINE of my BRIGHTNESS?

    “I’m simply saying that we need ways to evaluate the proposition, in any SPECIFIC case, that a SPECIFIC person was harassed by the FBI … ”

    Who is we?

    So, ANYWAY

    meremortal, have you read how I self-immolated? I’ve mentioned it a few times, here at MIA. Oh, you think it was just “mental illness” that “drove me to it”, right? WRONG.

    I had been chased. I was being followed and chased. It resulted in a crash and burn.

    I wasn’t “paranoid” – I was ACTUALLY being CHASED.

    It is a SICK WORLD.

  • From meremortal’s response to Seth

    “What motive would someone have had to surveill or harrass adam lanza or james holmes? I don’t know, but if you want me to believe that they were surveilled or harrassed by the FBI, I’m going to need an answer to that question.”

    I’ll tell you MY TRUTH.

    The U.S. Coast Guard approached me *AND* a man who presented himself as BOTH a U.S. Marshall / Secret Service agent approached me.

    That is the absolute 100% Truth (with a SOLID capital T).

    Now, WHY ME?

    Let me tell you something. *ANYTHING* that comes out of my mouth (or in this case, comes off of my fingertips) is the *absolute* Truth.

    To say that something is an “error of my perceptions” and that what I experienced “wasn’t real” and “didn’t happen” would be MENTAL ASSAULT and MENTAL ATTACK. Understand?

    It would be an act of WAR to dismiss, ignore or disbelieve WHAT I SAY. It would be an act of WAR to accuse me, assault my mind, insult my intelligence or treat me like an idiot or a “crazy” person.

    U.S. Coast Guard *AND* “U.S. Marshall” / “Secret Service”

    Since YOU (the reader) KNOW that THE ACTUAL, LITERAL, ABSOLUTE TRUTH has just been communicated, WHY mjk???

    Because I am fking AWESOME, that’s why.

  • I’m going to be honest with you (PLEASE don’t feel offended).

    For me, what I’ve just read is overly verbose and incomprehensible. For the most part, I can’t respond thoroughly without doing a lot of work to break it down to digest the intake. Don’t feel bad – I abuse the crap out of punctuation and I don’t doubt that it drives some people bonkers with frustration.

    I’m going to isolate this sentence:

    “Isn’t even the suggestion on a site like this, where people in or familiar with these mind states congregate, that these beliefs are true, wrongminded?”

    Do I think the “suggestion” of … mind control … is wrong-minded? Absolutely not.

    Take a look at the link I shared from Jeff Polachek (weaponized psychiatry). Guess who’s work he cites? Robert Whitaker. Guess who else’s work he cites? Dr. Breggin.

    He cites the work of these two people on a WEAPONIZED PSYCHIATRY webpage. Are you going to tell Jeff that he’s wrong-minded and full of wrong beliefs? What “help” does Jeff need, “help” to stop believing what he does? Any idea how many people already believe exactly what Jeff believes? Should his webpage be censored, taken down? Just like they’re doing in the UK with Spiritual websites? Hmm. That CENSORSHIP is reality, N.I.

    To censor Spiritual (which, the word spiritual is almost synonymous with the word belief) websites is evidence, to me, that there is ABSOLUTE mind control happening. WHY would anybody want to censor Spiritual information? Is it because they think Spirituality is “mental illness”? Hmm. Real interesting, isn’t it.

    What would be such a HARROWING mistake is to deny the reality of people who ARE caught up in this mental warfare (which DOES include psychiatry).

    And I’ll finish by asking: Will Magenta Pixie also be censored? She channels the “White Winged Consciousness of Nine”. Is she “mentally ill” and in serious need of help?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these issues are EXTREMELY complex.

    With 100% of my entire being, I absolutely believe in totality …

    it is a sick world.

  • Well now, that’s interesting!

    mjk just got home from the store. Tiffany? Is that you? Was that you standing on the sidewalk, in front of the house next door to mine? Standing with some young man, a space of distance between the two of you – both of you silent, not speaking a word. Whatcha doin’ in Bethel?

    I’ll be without conviction that it was you. I’ll remain doubtful and skeptic. But I will stand firm in asserting that the young woman I just walked past on my way home from the store looks a whole lot like Tiffany.

    Enjoy your Friday night, people of Danbury and people of the World. Stay sober. Stay clean. Stay honest and true. ‘kay? ‘kay.

    The BIG Mouth has spoken. You’re welcome.


  • Oh yeah, and I had a “staged” event in May of this year and what’s really, really interesting about it is how I “authored” it the day before it happened. I have a lot of experience with writing, journaling and *plenty* of it is “channeling” where I am not the author. It’s like I’m taking dictation. What I specifically wrote is, “this is being staged” and what happened the next day (so strange) played out LITERALLY in front of a stage.

    This is a picture of the EXACT stage where this penned event took place.

    I actually dressed myself in a “costume” before I left my house and took the one hour walk to the city next door. When I left the house and got to the train tracks, police sirens started going off like crazy. But when I got to Danbury, the people there called the police but they did not respond and they never showed up.

    This is EXTREMELY complicated stuff.

  • From severe mental illness to gang stalking, targeted individuals, energy weapons, MK Ultra and “aliens” (of which I am experienced), there is certainly something happening.

    Video of Dr. Karla Turner (exposing alien greys)

    Very interesting page from Jeff Polachek

    (I should mention – helicopters were in my area the day before the Adam Lanza event. Newtown is the next town over from me, I live 10 miles from the school. I was in severe, extreme agitation and the evidence of my agitation is recorded on the internet. I also mentioned the helicopters in my online screaming fit).

  • Connecticut. That’s where I am. Can’t get much more heretic than screaming out that psychiatry is the antichrist. lol

    And what’s really trippy about that is that I live in Bethel (which means “house of god”, “house where god lives” and “house of idolatry” – where god is meant to be one’s idol). AND, I got here by praying (go figure!).

    Oh, but it’s all just a fairy tale, right? God isn’t real, the antichrist isn’t real – whatever.

    psychiatry is the antichrist. There is no other entity on the planet that qualifies. It is up to entire world to prove me wrong. And I don’t want to hear that Obama is the antichrist. That’s ridiculous.

  • I had GI bleeding. For me, it was caused by lengthy use of ibuprofen and aspirin. The awesome thing about it is how my mind showed me the internal bleeding just days before I experienced it. The mind communicates (if we pay attention and aren’t brainwashed to think our Minds are “ill”).

    When somebody thinks and believes that their Mind is ill, broken, unreliable, untrustworthy, false, fake, delusional – the individual is likely to dismiss and ignore VERY important information.

    “mental illness” is a brainwash system and a mind control. Psychiatry is the antichrist.

    A Mind CAN be invaded, defiled, degraded and injured. Even destroyed. But none of that is “organic” or “genetic”. I call it MENTAL ABUSE.

    Are there any authoritative books on severe mental abuse, brainwash and mind control? I direct psychiatry to read, study and learn (about brainwash, mind control and abuse beyond abuse, to the point of absolute torture).

  • re: the article from

    I have so much to say that I actually can’t communicate it. It would come out as an “explosion” of “soul puking” and would appear to be very disorganized and incoherent.

    But with great ease, I say this: I had the voice to skull and when they began chasing me, I crashed on the highway and set myself on fire.

    It is a very sick world (and they DO know that what they’re doing is sadistic, sinister and evil).

  • This probably doesn’t fit here but I’m going to post it anyway. It isn’t about talk therapy but magnetic therapy (prompted by a newsletter email from Dr. Weil). After clicking around, I found the following passage and I think it applies to ALL forms of drugs (aka medicines):

    “The number of known chemical compounds is on the order of ten million. However, only a handful have ever been shown to have any therapeutic effects. Yet millions are toxic. It would be most unwise to eat or drink anything found on the shelves of a typical chemistry lab.”

    Taken from The Committee of Skeptical Inquiry

    Another applicable snippet from Dr. Bruce Flamm’s page:

    “When it comes to healing, the burden of proof is on the seller, not the buyer. One is supposed to prove that a therapy works before marketing it to the public. If this were not true, medical companies could save billions by selling all sorts of untested drugs and devices. In reality, the government insists that every medicine and therapeutic device be meticulously tested for both safety and efficacy. This protective system generally works and only rarely do unsafe or ineffective products slip through and reach the public. Sadly, it seems that no such protective laws exist for magnets, crystals, amulets, magic potions, or other claimed miracle cures.”

    Really? In reality? The government insists that every medicine be meticulously tested for both safety and efficacy? This guy is so on the mark that countless people want to shake his hand (if they can grab hold of it, with their medicinally induced tardive dyskinesia).


    I’m the lucky one
    Always having fun.
    I tie back my hair.

    I sit and watch T. V.
    I see only me,
    Though I look for you there.

    Oh, where have you gone?
    Were you canceled?
    I change to channel 2.
    You were the one
    Who gave me all my answers.
    I changed
    So did you.

    Try another show.
    With the volume low.
    I make up what they say.
    Where it used to be your face
    Is an empty space
    Your co-stars look away.

    Oh, where have you gone
    And do you miss me
    And what we used to do?
    You were the one
    Who’d talk and smile for half an hour
    Always new.

    I’m the lucky one.
    I watch a re-run.
    It looks a lot like you.

    One star lost a family
    One family lost a star.
    That’s why I wait and watch
    To find out where you are.

    One family lost a star.
    One star, they lost their family.
    That’s why I sit at home alone
    And Watch T. V.

    I can watch forever
    I can watch for hours
    It just gets better
    It gives me power
    I can watch for hours
    I can watch forever
    It gives me pleasure
    It makes me better

    I’m the lucky one.
    Always having fun.

  • I disbelieve entirely that “the government” is unaware of the dangers of these drugs. I think publicly, they lie, because they are not capable of handling the gigantic mess there’d be on their hands if they validated and confirmed the reality that so many people already know. Not much different from “aliens” – denying truth and reality, for a reason.

    The government recently decided to torture American citizens (again) by stating “that they’re threatening to shut down the government and stop paying the country’s bills.” The way I see it, they are not informing people about what’s going on – they’re rousting and stirring the pot. They made the same “threat” a few years ago. They’re LIARS.

  • LOL

    I entered the state of the SACRED (scared scared – it is a High Level of fear). I went far beyond it into terror and then surpassed the terror into pure telekinetic energy (supernatural).

    That’s how I learned that fasting (or in my case, starvation) ACTIVATES the Spirit (aka psyche).

    Unemployment is disengagement. We ALL have a need to be busy and occupied (business and occupation). The level of stress from disengagement can be ____________________. The answers to fill in that blank might look eerily similar to psychiatric symptoms, no?

  • He stated that he ran for APA president

    “…because I felt mad and wanted to use all of the power and influence of APA to speak up and stick up for our profession.”

    If he felt mad why didn’t he just take a neuroleptic tranquilizer? Like I’ve been forced to (because anger is not allowed). Try being mad or angry in a locked psych ward, see what happens.

    Then he says “nothing to be defensive about”

    But you wanted to “stick up for” (which means defend) your profession.

    When I’ve been defensive I was treated as guilty – forcing me to defend myself even more. Well youse killed me now so don’t worry about it, champs. When psychiatry is dead, that still won’t be good enough for me.

  • As far as I’m concerned, “profitable, gainful employment” is not a reality for all of US here in the U.S.

    I think minimum wage should be reserved for teenagers getting their first jobs and a minimum LIVING wage should be established for adults.

    A study was done in my area to find out the minimum required income to afford to live in this area. The results were about twenty dollars per hour. Without education and training, there is no job for somebody like me to earn that much. In all my years of employment, I never earned more than ten dollars per hour. I’ve always been dependent on food stamps, health insurance and housing. I’m one of those people that society HATES because I get the full package (disability cash payment, housing, health insurance). Technically, I don’t get food stamps anymore because I don’t want them. And I don’t want them because I think the state’s policy is criminal. I refuse to sign their application, saying that I “agree” that if I receive an inheritance (or win a lawsuit or lottery) the state will take it. I DON’T agree. Food stamps is NOT a loan. I think the state has no right to take an inheritance or settlement or lottery winning – they’d only have the right to disqualify me from receiving further benefits.

    I sometimes wish I was a policy maker. I think I’d be pretty good at it.

  • I’m not ignorant of the fact that people (human beings) are verbally abusive.

    That a “voice” would be verbally abusive is not remarkable because people ARE verbally abusive. That a “voice” would be commanding is also not remarkable because people ARE commanding.

    I can go on YouTube right now and find hundreds or thousands of comments from people telling other people, directly, to kill themselves. In fact, I’m gonna give you one right now:

    (These comments are in the Top Comments section)

    RwandaWarriors 3 weeks ago
    Sarah needs to be killed

    (The following comment telling Rwanda to go kill themselves gets 34 likes)

    TheSharingan90 3 weeks ago
    Heartless bastard, go kill yourself..
    · 34 in reply to RwandaWarriors

    Lainehh 2 weeks ago
    He/she said something pretty fucked up and heartless, however it’s never okay to tell someone to go kill themselves…
    · 30

    “What matters is the person you are underneath”.

    You’ve heard it a million times, right? Probably have even said it yourself. Well, what exactly does that mean?

    Why is there this distinction of “the person underneath”? Does that not indicate the existence of the inner world?

    The inner world is interconnected. We can and we do interact with others on the inside.

    I don’t believe in schizophrenia. I know Spirit. I know abuse and I know degenerates, too. I know that the inner world CAN be invaded and violated and degraded (I think it’s called Hell).

  • I read the article but the title, “At War with… ” really stuck in my head (because war is very much part of my reality).

    What really concerns me is that there is never any mention of people like me, people for whom “healing” and “recovery” are NOT an option.

    What are people like me called, officially? What’s the diagnosis? Can psychiatry and the “mental” system EVEN DISCERN when a person is truly destroyed?

    I’m wrecked, ruined and destroyed. Obliterated and annihilated. I’m the living dead. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. I’m gone. Like an empty shell. “The light’s on but nobody’s home” isn’t even something that could be said about me because THERE IS NO LIGHT ANYMORE! The light has been destroyed and it is black now. By the way, that is LITERAL. I used to have inner light. Not anymore. It is black, black darkness now and NO, not in a “dark night of the soul” sort of way.

    So, what’s the term for that? Why does there seem to be no recognition of destruction? Is it because “healing” is hailed up so often? All the world is talking about “healing” and I’m DEAD – wondering when somebody is going to understand that.

    This should clarify it (I hope)

  • Actually, there is information that genes can be changed. According to Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, says that genes are environment dependent and can be changed.

    “His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics.”

    From this presentation, he says 500 genes changed their function in people who spent 90 days of making changes to their diet and developing stress management and meditation. It’s worth the full listen (just over an hour long) but the point about 500 genes changing starts at about 0:12:08

  • Do you (or does anybody) remember the sensational idea that “people use only 3% of the brains”? I remember it and I was offended by it.

    I wonder if part of the problem for some so-called mentally ill people is that they ARE using a whole lot of their brains / minds and maybe these psych drugs are intended to bring a person down to that 3% level.

  • “We need to exploring to find ways to create respectful dialogue between parts of a person which have been hurt and the parts which are seen as causing the hurt… ”

    The point I was making is that psychiatry and the mental health system and *people* don’t seem to recognize or be aware of (or have a diagnostic term for) people who are *beyond* being hurt. So far beyond being “hurt” that the CORE personality, the core being – is destroyed. And apparently, there is zero understanding of what that means – let alone what becomes of a person after they’ve been annihilated.

    I think people who deal with torture victims understand. And in my case, psychiatry and the “mental health system” HAVE BEEN an agent of torture (but that isn’t the only part of it – not even close).

  • In the way I described it, it should be very obvious and easy to understand.

    One house in two forms: the original house (which no longer exists) and the one that stands now (rebuilt).

    I’m the pink house (which means I am NOT the rebuilt structure).

    If you look at the house that stands today, there isn’t any way for somebody to see the pink house – because the pink house *isn’t there*.

  • People talk about healing and recovery and it makes me really angry. It shows me what they don’t know and don’t understand. It is torturous.

    I actually did heal and recover myself but it was extremely short lived. Something happened and it destroyed my fully recovered self. There is no second recovery.

    Now I have a way of telling it or showing it so that others can understand me.

    The recovery I achieved was in 2008. The “thing” that happened was almost immediately after that recovery, or maybe even simultaneous. Then, in 2009 I moved into an old pink house after two years of homelessness. In 2011 the house I live in was rebuilt. It is an entirely different house now. The pink house DOES NOT EXIST anymore. It is GONE – exactly like “me” – the “me” that I recovered. I am the pink house.

    Can anybody understand that? Or was that too mental?

    I cannot recover was is absolutely GONE to the point of non-existence. I cannot rebuild the pink house. The pink house will never come back and even if somebody could rebuild the pink house – the original is still gone, gone, gone.

    I think psychiatry does not have a diagnostic code for somebody who has been obliterated and annihilated.

    “At War With Ourselves”?

    The MENTAL system (can’t call it health!) IS a war – a war like a holocaust. Mental is a bad, bad word. Mental is an obsession. Mental is a weapon. Mental is a bad, bad word.

  • Raw Trauma
    (without anything to numb you)

    A Cryptic
    by mjk

    A moment arrives
    with little to no notice
    Right then and there
    you need help

    411 or 911

    411 Directory Assistance
    911 Emergency Response

    Which number do you call

    Dial Zero for the Operator
    Dial Nine to get an Outside Line

    The Godfather: GE, We Bring Good Things To Life
    The Godmother: Nynex, Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

    The Godparents ~ Brother & Sister

    Electricity & Telephone 4 Power & Communication

    There is no directory
    Here is no assistance
    Here is constant emergency
    There is no response

    ohm milligram

  • “And I think the concern we have been discussing regarding the potenially detrimental cognitive effects of neuroleptics is underscored by the study just posted on this site today, evidencing that tapering off of certain neuroleptics increases cognitive functioning.”

    BRAIN suppressants, so it makes sense that some functioning will resume once the deadly (DEADLY) drug is stopped (before it’s too late). I’ve got something of a chemical lobotomy (there will be NO recovery for me and I know it).

  • “One is that even though I feel I was a better-than-average therapist, I feel that a lot of my mental health training made me arrogant. It taught me to feel that I was better than the people I was working with. That I was somehow different. It taught me to feel that I knew the answers and they didn’t. It also taught me to feel that I should know the answers, that I should be a fountain of wisdom and maturity and confidence.”

    I wonder if you’re the reason I read proverbs today. It fits so well here.

    1.1 THE proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;
    2 To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding;
    3 To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice and judgment, and equity;
    4 To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion.
    5 A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:
    6 To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings.
    7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    That’s where I stopped reading (from my King James Version Red Letter Edition)

    When you wrote about three years later I thought, you graduated. You grew. The time you spent as a therapist had concluded because you graduated. If it’s worth anything – I don’t think you’re a fool.

    I’m actually crying that you didn’t get to accept the woman’s offering. She was denied her rightful, appropriate happy ending and you were denied your reward. That’s heartbreaking. It makes me wonder how your other stories of closure play out.

    I don’t know who you are. I can only say that I know your name is Daniel and you make me smile. Three weeks ago, on your YouTube video, I wrote: ty daniel mackler.  😀

    You’re a smile maker. That’s a pretty cool role, yeah? It’s better than being me (I light up a room by leaving it!)


  • Manipulation by cigarette: works like a charm.

    I now see two people with a family member with so-called mental illness – this Torrey person and Ken Duckworth.

    As the family scapegoat (or in psychiatry’s terms, “identified patient”) I can’t help but wonder if that is exactly what is happening in Torrey and Duckworth’s families.

    Now isn’t that 100% situational, emotional and behavioral and 100% NOT genetic? Or would somebody say that we scapegoats are just the runts of the family and if we were dogs we’d be drowned at birth.

    How does Torrey and Duckworth feel about psychiatric genetics, and when will they be coming out of their mentally ill closets? Which disease / disorder / dysfunction do they have, this one?

    Drug Addicts!!

  • To anyone,

    Oh yeah, and I have to defend myself just a little bit:

    I wrote, “Or, maybe for those people – it *is* the drug talking and they truly feel better because of the drug.”

    So I *wasn’t* denying or undermining people’s claims of drug efficacy. I acknowledged the possibility (and for some, their reality?) of drug efficacy.

    ~ mjk


    “This meta-analysis finds that 42-70% of depressed patients improve with drug and 21%-39% improve with placebo.”

    What explains 21%-39% improvement with placebo? Something psychological, maybe? Like, winning approvals?

    Does placebo effect make people first-class fools?

    If placebo by definition means:

    2. Something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another.

    Are doctors and other professionals not placebos, in some cases?

    What if some people can be healed and their symptoms alleviated simply by coming into contact with an actual or perceived exceptional care-giver / care-taker?

    Apparently, the point I was making has already been established by somebody else:

    “The physician has even been called a funny placebo”

    If placebo effect is so powerful, wouldn’t it be the ultimate treatment for delusions and voices?!

    And this person says, “Placebos are a reminder of how little is known about mind-body interaction. The placebo effect may be one of the most versatile and underused therapeutic tools at the disposal of physicians.”

    Ha! Eyeballs. heh heh.

    I don’t even want to ask this question: But then what explains 42-70% of depressed patients improve with drug? What if it is a second placebo effect (taking an actual drug but the effect is primarily empowered by an underlying belief that taking the “medicine” will work)?!

    From the first link:

    “Life may become bleak, empty, or pointless and the individual can experience despair, tearfulness, anxiety, agitation, appetite changes, loss of energy, loss of motivation, sleep disturbances, impaired concentration and attention, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, excessive worry, irritability, temper outbursts, decreased interest in activities including sex, excessive guilt, painful physical feelings, and suicidal feelings and behaviors, including actual suicide. The most severe cases can develop psychotic symptoms, including delusional ideation and hallucinations.”

    See, now when I look at that long list I do not see a diseased brain or messed up DNA / genetics. I see somebody who needs a whole lot of QUALITY, genuine attention, care, understanding, support … and all of that we get from Human Beings. Or, more accurate to say – WE DON’T GET – and that’s how and why some people suffer some the worst possible conditions. And if ANY of those needs are being met by a doctor or other professional, and the person is taking a drug, who knows for sure if it is the drug or the relationship that is benefiting the individual?!

    Now back to placebo effect (awesome), this is pretty interesting: “Though not everyone responds to a placebo, neither does everyone respond to an active drug. The percentage of patients who reported relief following placebo (39%) is similar to the percentage following 4 mg (36%) and 6 mg (50%) of hidden morphine.[126]”

    So only HALF of people given morphine get the intended beneficial effect? I don’t think I’ve ever used morphine (and I know zero about it) but I assume it can and does make some people sick.

    Well, I don’t know how people do this (drugs & “medicines”). It is mind boggling.

  • I wasn’t intending to deny or undermine claims of efficacy (but I can see how somebody might think so). My mind-set is based on three points:

    1. People do lie about drug efficacy
    2. I’ve recently oriented my mind to / began focusing on psychology (and psychopathology) itself
    3. I’ve learned to think critically

    I’ll finish by saying that I think drug efficacy is a very interesting topic and I don’t see much of it on MIA. It is mostly “toxic drugs”, tapering, occasional lawsuits against “big pharma” and out-of-control prescribing practices (apparently, very much NOT including yourself).

    I might google drug efficacy today, just because my curiosity is significantly piqued. Hmm.

  • I’m questioning claims of drug efficacy and not from a place of anger (in fact, there was no emotional component in my comment whatsoever).

    Very specifically, and without consideration of how it is applied (delusions, voices, depression, anxiety, etc.), I’m curious to know more about exactly this and, from a psychological point of view:

    “some of them appreciate the effects of the drugs”

    Do they? That’s almost news to me! You’ve given me an example of how some people appreciate the effects when it is applied to “voices” – yet the comment where that statement originally appeared wasn’t about voices (there was mention of delusion but I wasn’t responding to delusion. I was responding to a VERY SPECIFIC statement, isolated out of context, which I have quoted three times now).

    Somebody else here at MIA also noted how claims of drug efficacy are not questioned. At your mention of drug efficacy, I questioned.

    So, I end up with “paternalistic” and “extremely disrespectful”.

  • I don’t believe that psych drugs were the primary cause / motivation for Adam’s act. I think it had more to do with his intellect and reasons (self-driven) than anything else.

    Look at this very long list of items found in Adam’s possession:

    And in all of them, my eye hones in on exactly this: Book: “Train Your Brain io Get Happy,” with pages tabbed off

    That, to me, speaks volumes about what THE GOODNESS in him was silently communicating to the world.

  • So, you think I’m speaking for others?

    You may ask me to clarify but please, don’t presume to know my meaning or intention.

    “some of them appreciate the effects of the drugs”

    Let’s remember that we’re primarily dealing with psychology. Psychiatry is the *response* to the psychopathology.

    I made my point clear:

    “But I wonder if there’s any psychological screening to determine whether it’s the successful effects of a drug or if there’s a desperate attempt to win approval and be loved.”

    I was using critical thought. To expand on that critical thought, the basis of it is precisely this:

    Are claims of drug efficacy automatically and passively accepted, without question? We ALL know that many people LIE in locked-ward settings in attempt to get out.

    What’s to say the same manipulations aren’t present in clinical settings, including outpatient hospitalizations?

    I hope somebody sees the point I’m getting at. I feel like I’m making it very clear.

  • “some of them appreciate the effects of the drugs”

    And how can those people be trusted to make that judgement?

    What if, underneath it all, what they’re really doing is “behaving appropriately” because they know what is expected of them and want they want is to be seen as a good, cooperative person (motivation: seeking acceptance, approval and praises).

    Or, maybe for those people – it *is* the drug talking and they truly feel better because of the drug. But I wonder if there’s any psychological screening to determine whether it’s the successful effects of a drug or if there’s a desperate attempt to win approval and be loved.

    How is somebody treated in the clinical world when they report that they’re feeling better? Greeted with smiles? Congratulated? Offered more, better attention? Are they accepted, and do they feel more welcome?

  • ” I read last year that women with serious mental illness have three times the breast cancer risk as the average American woman”

    I wonder – of the serious mentally ill women, how many are within the poverty levels? How many have histories of childhood sexual abuse, neglect and all other abuses? How many are within the middle class (lower middle class? upper middle class?) and how many take yearly family vacations? How many shop for their clothes and shoes at WalMart and how many shop at American Eagle and the mall? How many are upper class (oh, silly me – they’re NEVER included in the statistics, lol).

  • Duckworth? ooh, yikes. How many quack jokes do you think he’s had to endure? I’m sure he’s above it but even so, Quack Quack. lol

    “He is also a family member of a person living with mental illness.”

    OH, now I see. The family member has the unfortunate role of carrying the burden (of the Quack jokes).

    Shame on me for making fun but I mean, c’mon. WOW.

  • Again, I know exactly what you mean.

    Unfortunately, some of us have had the absolute worst possible experiences. I mean really, really bad. The sort of bad that does worse damage to our already (sometimes severe) suffering conditions, circumstances and situations.

    Here’s my point-blank bullet review of Verno’s book (which he personally gave me and did I read it – then it burned in a fire. Amazingly, me, my teddy bear and my Bible all survived but Verno’s book didn’t LOL)

    Because of Verno’s “report” after a “psychological exam” and “interview”, it of course was used as “evidence” against me in a FAKE “family court” process (FAKE because it was state appointed attorney. The state pays them and the only thing they do is tell you to DO WHAT THE STATE SAYS OR ELSE. They don’t bite the hand that feeds).

    Verno outright lied but he is considered trustworthy and reliable and I’m considered to be an absolute retard.

    It is a sickening, evil “system” with corrupt, irresponsible, dishonest, incompetent people (I’m speaking of the WORST of them and yes, they exist).

    I self-immolated AFTER I HAD THE GREAT MISFORTUNE of being Verno’s victim. Then, the state set me up – offered a second meeting SO THAT I COULD CONFRONT HIM (“dispute” what we wrote). Well, I’m not *that* stupid and had to decline their evil, sinister, sadistic “offer” (entrapment).

    In this monumental event of MY life, the only way of looking at it is *MINE*.

  • I would really, really love to attend this conference so I started a gofundme

    I have to “disclose” the following:

    If I am able to attend, my soul-in-travel could cause my consciousness and spirit (psyche) to peak. This means I will likely be in a psyche-active state (also known as “psychosis” – hyper-alert, hyper-sensitive). But it isn’t right and it isn’t fair to shelter myself as a prisoner, unable to live, because of a psyche-active state (and nervous energy).

    I miss out on life. I don’t live. I don’t go. I don’t do. If I am able to attend this event, my soul and spirit could learn and possibly even heal a little or grow. I feel ready to do some REAL living. It is also possible that I *won’t* experience a psyche-active state. I won’t know until my soul makes a journey…

    It is up to anybody and everybody else whether they want a real “psycho” to attend or not. I won’t be disappointed if I cannot reach the fundraising goals, for whatever reason.

    ~ mjk

  • I miss the edit button, too!! Someone should start a beg thread in the Forum. 😉

    Personally, I think wine (and all alcohol) is disgusting but I realize that not many people share my feelings about it. I do think that serving up at Happy Hour for the beloved Elders is an awesome idea!!

    While I sit here consuming my breakfast (caffeine and nicotine) at 5:30 PM, I have to wonder if a safeguard to prescribing psych drugs would be: NO psych drugs given to an individual who has a history of use of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other drug uses and abuses. Maybe for those people, including myself, the very FIRST course of treatment is to stop using toxic substances and develop healthy lifestyle behaviors instead.

    How important are electrolytes in Health / Illness?

  • The world is NOT going to get rid of:


    or psych drugs.

    Imagine a world where you are *forced* to smoke a joint or drink wine? Yikes.

    “Our citizens would be far better off if we removed all the psychotropic drugs from the market, as doctors are unable to handle them. It is inescapable that their availability creates more harm than good.”

    We’d be far better off to banish alcohol, tobacco and fire arms, too.

    There isn’t anything that can be done, you know. I am certain of it.

  • “the results of trials of Humira … are actually protected “trade secrets.””

    Perversion and obstruction of Justice!

    Trials involving humans, right? If so, what does that make the people who’ve used the drug?

    At least some of the results of the trials would be *in those people’s bodies* and so not all information is limited to a secure, forbidden database (and thereby, can be figured out. The hard way). Counteraction: maybe start a website where people can register as having used Humira (and whatever other drugs). With support from scientists, doctors and other professionals, they can collaborate to highlight questions of the missing (“protected”) vital information they certainly are entitled to know. Call it database by-pass surgery / Operation Scooby. Or, just sign the petition (will do).

    ~ mjk

  • Hi Sera,

    Two different things, I think. One is the distressing reasons why people are in the system to begin with and the other is how, once you’re in the system, the problems in it can sometimes TAKE OVER and become THE problem (obstruction).

    That was always one of my major frustrations. Toward the end of my “slavery” in psychiatry and “the system”, during one of the very last “intake” appointments, at yet another new clinic, I was SO defensive and angry that I barked “I can help you more than you can help me”. The woman said (with such a disgusting smirk on her face) “a lot of people think that”. I said, “a lot of people are trying to tell you something”.

    I never went back.

    These days, the only participation or involvement I have with ANYTHING to do with psychiatry and the mental health system is right here. Well, there’s Occupy Psychiatry on Facebook but I consider that to be an extension of MIA. I can’t speak much about peers, since I’m not one and have never directly “worked” with one, in my time during slavery.

  • “and no one dares to actually talk about why people are so distressed.”


    One of my life’s greatest sufferings is that I always talk about things and in my experience, most people DO NOT like it (and will punish you for it). I tell the truth to a damn-near criminal degree.

    So anyway, no one dares to actually talk about why people are so distressed.


  • Excellent. The relationship between nutrition and overall health and functioning (or, illness and dysfunction) is a primary interest of mine, in addition to “heliobiology” (the relationship between solar & cosmic energies and activity and their impact on human beings). Then there’s electromagnetic toxicity (TV exposure, neon lights, computer, cellular and other technological devices).

    Is microwave food accounted for in these studies? I am 100% against microwave food.

  • This seems highly relevant to coercion:

    “The bourgeois ideology has a strong demand that adolescents, having reached sexual maturity, be repressed in sexual abstinence. To justify this sad privation, which is the basis of their unhappiness, all sorts of unscientific and ridiculous justifications have been made up.[10] This doesn’t happen, anthropological cross-cultural studies have shown, in many contemporary societies which don’t have a marked patriarchal ideology (an ideology pushed by the bias of technologies like intensive agriculture and mechanization,[11] and which are therefore controversially termed “primitive” by westerns).”

    I was cloud busting last night and found Reich. WOW, that man was absolutely insane.!

  • “obesity is more prevalent in people with less money, education and status.”


    I’m curious if you’re aware of any information regarding the connection between insanity (sexual disease) and obesity.

    Two appetites: sexual appetite and nutritional appetite. Could it be that a sick / dysfunctional sexual appetite is a primary cause or significant contributing factor of obesity (and likely, anorexia and bulimia) in some people?

    And what about coercion itself, is that behavior a manifestation of insanity?

  • The Universe itself explodes into existence from Nothingness.

    I remember it.

    Dear neuroscience,

    Don’t you want to ask me how I could possibly remember the explosion of the “big bang” when I didn’t have a physical human brain and Earth didn’t exist?

    You’re aware that Israel is the capital of the planet, right? Why is Israel God’s chosen country?

    I’d like to see a statistical report of the world’s neuroscientists. How many are Muslim? Jewish? Capital Gains? Catholic? Christian? Hindu? Etc.

  • “the term “minority” is used to refer to categories of persons who hold few positions of social power.”

    If you (ANY you – not you personally, Donna) see it that way. I don’t. And I’m glad not to.

    I don’t believe in elite people. I don’t believe in illuminati. I don’t believe in the “top 1 percent”. I don’t believe in atheists. I don’t believe in minority / majority. I don’t believe in power structures, in the way that others do. I also disagree with definitions and meanings of some words and terms. But that’s just me, “non-conformist” (whatever that means).

    In my eyes, EVERYONE IS EQUAL. But it isn’t realized and it certainly isn’t lived.

    I wouldn’t give Obama any more or less respect than he would give me. It matters NOT to me that he is a president. In my eyes, he is just another human being. That’s how I see EVERYBODY. In FACT, I had enough power that I caused the White House’s Facebook page to fall SILENT, and that silence lasted around an hour. There was only one person talking, and that was myself. Oh, what was happening? The united states threatened that social security payments might not be made. It wasn’t MYSELF I was thinking of. It was all the people that I KNEW would take that very seriously, would believe it and were likely having friggen PANIC ATTACKS and probably ended up in an emergency room somewhere to get their tranquilizing pills. I was PISSED OFF. It was THOSE PEOPLE I came out swinging to stand up for, fight for – when I knew VERY WELL that hell yes those payments WOULD be made (and, THEY WERE).

    I hold no college degree, no special license or certificate. I’m not ordained or officiated in ANY CAPACITY of the structured, organized “professional” world. Hell, I’m not even employed. I receive Social Security Disability. What EMPOWERED ME to raise up my voice in such a way as to SILENCE EVERYBODY on that page? And just who the hell do I think I am, and just who the hell do other people think I am.

    I’d give a crack dealer EXACTLY the same sort of respect that I’d give Obama. And that’s no joke.

    In my eyes, all are evil – but I have my favorites; those I like and those I love.

    Again, in my eyes – the masses DO have power. EVERYBODY has power (and for many, their “power” is unrealized and unlived).

  • Actually, I can see how Jenna IS a majority because she’s not just herself – she’s herself PLUS those 10M subscribers. And of course, those subs are also empowered by her. If someone pulled the plug and she suddenly stopped doing what she does, 10M people would be negatively affected.

    Just like Ben on his channel, with 120,764 subs. If he stopped doing what he does, I guarantee there would be a problem. Ben is an example of idol worship and it hasn’t been entirely benign. Aside of idol worship, what Ben does is vitally important to a growing number of people and we are dependent on the service he provides.

    Light workers recently came under attack (accusation of being “deceptive”), causing some light workers to ditch the title. I know the value of light workers and so it wasn’t difficult to stand up for them and defend them. My response:

    “i always presumed light worker to mean bi-polar, in the eyes of psychiatry (i’m a life-long psychiatric slave). but i think there’s validity to “light worker”.

    people who put forth and offer up GREAT positivity, uplifting, encouragement, inspiration are light workers. what they do is VERY important. without them, the world WOULD be much darker, heavier, bleaker. we pay attention every day to the crisis and chaos and struggling and strife in humanity. we NEED these “light workers” to keep doing what they do. if they stop, you’ll see their importance.”

    I don’t think it’s bad or wrong for others to think in terms of majority / minority (in other words, I wasn’t being judgmental which, stating that is the motivation for this comment right now). I always, always, always think in terms of mass, collective population: 7+ billion people globally, 310+ million people, nationally. That is ALL I ever see.

    I think technology and the internet has a LOT to do with growing isolation. Life in the new world (which to me is the internet itself) is powerful. We are still VERY easily affected by each other – our energies CAN be perceived directly through the screens. We don’t have to be in direct physical presence of one another.

    To finish off what may seem to some as off-topic, irrelevant (your call to make, I suppose – not mine) I will say that it saddens and frustrates me that channels like Harvard get significantly less subs & views than more popular (and thereby, powerful) channels.

    The masses DO have power, in my eyes.

  • re: have the time & Five Minute Preview Of “Thrive”

    Been looking into Israel and the Syria / U.S. drama (comments are *awesome*!). Between Earth’s script of nihilistic, apocalyptic warfare and the looming Killshot (deadly solar flare), I often ask people: where is the incentive for people to wake up, when it’s so easy to see what puts them out to begin with. In other words, what’s to wake up to – when it’s all the same gloom & doom.

    I’m awake. Tons I have to ignore (to survive), but I’m awake. Awake, bored, exuberantly rich with time…

    Toward the end of the 5 minute video he says “the power of truth”

    ********* SMILES *********

  • “so the minority aspect refers to their status and power and not their numbers.” … “Would you please list the best, well known female… ”

    So mass numbers of not-the-best status makes a minority but a best well-known woman makes a majority?

    Jenna Marbles (who holds a Masters of Education in Sport Psychology and Counseling from Boston University) is the best, well-known female on YouTube. With 10,530,699 subscribers, that goes to show who some of the powerless minority masses pay attention to. In fact, SHE is empowered … by THEM.

    I simply do not share the same mind-set and structure (thank God) with people who think in terms of minority / majority (which can also be seen as best worth and least worth and dang, I like Jews).

  • “minorities like women, blacks, Latinos, gays and others”

    Because I am a non-conformist by nature, I have no idea what a minority is. I don’t think of or see women as minorities. In fact, they’re pretty abundant. Or black people (abundant). Or anyone at all. I honestly don’t know what a minority is. I never use that term.

    I understand POVERTY and disadvantage. But minority, I don’t understand that. *shrug* Maybe because I grew up with Hispanic neighbors and had an excellent mix of white, black, Hispanic and Indian kids in my elementary school. Plus, I’m the mother of a Dominican child (I remember thinking, omg – what if she’s black? LOL). Actually, her father told me that the Dominican people were attempting to advance their race to world dominance. Good luck with that.

    I have absolutely no idea what a minority i$.

  • Oh, okay. Ha, we’re talking about different articles. You must mean these pricey scientific journals. I meant articles from MIA (because I wanted to study one that was particularly long and I had limited time at the library – no joke, $20 bucks!)

    Anyway, my bad. Now I understand your meaning. The zen drum thingys are very expensive, around $1K or more.

  • “Does anyone come to experience berating and/or belligerent ‘voices’ without ever having been abused, bullied, etc.?”

    There is no person whatsoever on this planet who has not been exposed to violence (in any of it’s multitude of forms).

    One example, of the instance you provided, could be that somebody was a *witness* of the cruel bullying of another and *in empathy*, took it on themselves in order to know and understand what the bullied person went through. To solve a problem, we take on a problem. Since berating and belligerent voices are ACTUAL human behaviors (therefore, they have a basis in reality), the reasons, how and why, a person who has not been directly bullied or abused would experience the internal condition can be known, understood and communicated. The chances that you’re dealing with a very sensitive empathic is, in my opinion, greater than the chances of some bad brain conspiracy.

    It isn’t news: human beings ARE verbally abusive, emotionally abusive and mentally (intellectually & psychologically) abusive. Who has never, ever been affected / effected?

    Another aspect of human mind and behavior: people DO enact on the inside of all the things they don’t do externally – whether good or bad. Just as some people fantasize and daydream about being a famous star or some other positive role, some people fantasize and daydream about torturing, raping and killing – or being tortured, raped and murdered (all of which is Red Realm) – but they would never actually do those things in reality (and of course, there are those who DO live it out all of the above!).

    More mildly, a person might imagine the things they’d love to say to somebody’s face but never would (they only THINK IT on the inside). Somebody who does this might beat themselves up, because they are aware of what they’re doing, and then tortured by self-awareness, they’ll judge and punish themselves for being dishonest, cowardly, etc.

    We have inner lives and outer lives. Some people DO live their daily life / ground-level reality in a way that completely matches and reflects their internal conditions. Others do not. Christ said, make the inside like the outside and make the outside like the inside.

    ” ‘psychic’ powers”

    For me, personally – I never call them “powers”. Ever.

  • Look, Deepak Chopra is my FAVORITE example.

    Deepak Chopra wrote a book for teenagers about a manifest spirit that he called “Baba”. Deepak spent four days with “Baba”.

    Either HE ALSO is schizophrenic or all “schizophrenics” are NOT.

    What’s the difference? Baba was a NICE entity that didn’t tell Deepak to kill himself or somebody else. Really makes one THINK, does it not?

  • See, this is what I don’t get (understand).

    I see a great many people explaining themselves, their lives, experiences and suffering as TRAUMA based and I think, what – in effort to battle off psychiatry’s medical based explanations?

    I don’t know about anybody else but I’m BORN with psychic (which means spiritual) tendencies and abilities that DO include the supernatural and paranormal. For me, even though those things can be, and were, traumatic – when I take the trauma out, those supernatural and paranormal things STILL OCCURRED. Being traumatized by something is SECONDARY to the primary instance of a thing. I have evolved to the point where trauma does NOT wholly explain me; who, how and what I am and what I’ve lived.

    I’m not “schizophrenic” – I AM SPIRIT. I know, I know – what a “crazy” thing to say!!

    I have NO PROBLEM with the fact that I AM a GENETIC being. And YES, I do truly think and believe that there is genetic information for those of us who have specific functions, abilities and gifts (we ARE genetically different).

    I’ve said it so many times: schizophrenia is an erroneous term that needs to evolve. What “schizophrenia” IS, is misunderstood.

    We’re capable of Astral Travel, Out of Body Experiences, accessing other Planes / Dimensions / Realms (these things can and do occasionally BLEND with the ground-level reality). Shifting out of psychiatric mind (and language, vocabulary) and into the “spiritual” (which has it’s own language, vocabulary) – one’s understanding improves by leaps and bounds.

    For me, there is a need to separate and weed out the differences between I was neglected and abused and I was experiencing life on a whole other level. In other words, I could have been born to a healthy, functional family (and the greater community; culture & society), having been nurtured and protected, and I STILL would be an individual who is prone to mental / psychic / spiritual / supernatural / paranormal.

  • “And in the asylum he was asked by the psychiatrist, whether he thought anyone was after him…”

    I was ordered by a court to be evaluated for drug & alcohol group treatment & counseling services (that would have required many months of my 30 hours per week attendance). During the interview, I was asked if I thought the TV was sending me messages (and the man said, “be careful, they’re screening for schizophrenia”). I was ASTOUNDED at the stupidity I had to endure and in a very point-blank and assertive manner I said “YES, OF COURSE THE TELEVISION SENDS MESSAGES. HELLO?”

    The man concluded with such certainty that indeed, I required very intensive drug and alcohol treatment and counseling. I laughed in his face and said “well that’s because your agency stands to get paid, what – over a thousand dollars a week? NOT IN MY NAME, pal”.

    I admit – I *do* have a chemical addiction. MY drugs of choice are typical “schizophrenic” drugs: caffeine (coffee) and nicotine (cigarettes). I have NEVER EVER in my life used cocaine or heroin or LSD or any of that garbage. What sort of idiot would put me in a room full of people who have serious drug and alcohol issues when I don’t? I could never ever identify with or relate to people with that sort of life experience. That man only saw a disadvantaged, poverty-level woman (in other words, BIG MONEY for his agency).

    All this, to be OBEDIENT to a severely mentally retarded, hell-bent, insatiable authoritative system that simply wants to COMMAND and BE OBEYED – in order for me to get my STOLEN kids back. Absolute ridiculousness.

    “They” are NOT genuine caretakers or caregivers. They simply are an authoritative system and a money system. I truly believe they have ZERO understanding of the Mind.

  • We’ve been under surveillance for decades!! I do my laundry (at the laundromat) on camera, lol (not funny).

    Ever hear of Edward Snowden, who achieved asylum in Russia for leaking information about U.S. and England’s surveillance programs?

    All the world is the Great Mind turned inside out.

    TV represents our mind’s ability to see inside (tell a vision)
    Radio represents our mind’s ability to transmit & receive
    Computer represents our mind’s ability to calculate
    The internet itself is an actual DIMENSION

    The mind’s EYE that watches all of humanity is manifest in the way of global surveillance (we ALL have a camera inside of our minds).

    Try it sometime (if you can handle it). When you walk outside, realize that you’re walking around INSIDE OF THE GREAT MIND.

    As within, so is out.
    As above (thought, imagined, conceived, known), so below (manifest, realized, made real).

  • “You don’t seem demonic or insane to me or at least no more than the rest of humanity.”

    I live in P.T. Barnum’s clown town – I wear an amusing mask lol.

    Underneath (my interconnected inner world) is Hell – horror, terror, violence and insanity (insanity is sexual immorality, and satan is the god of). I call it Red Realm.

    Want some truth about the root and core of psychiatry?
    (thanks to anonymous .. no, delorean for reminding me about xkcd)

  • Such as why I will not be hypocritical. How can anyone point at psychiatry and call them and what they do evil, but who ever identifies with any evil qualities? I’m very open and honest in identifying as insane (since childhood) and I know there is an aspect of me that is now demonic (the root of my recently cultivated nihilistic, nuke-loving hate and fury).

    I wish it wasn’t this way and it’s more of a collective condition that MANY people share (no scapegoating ME, thanks).

  • Wow. That was awesome.

    In reading, I thought of this and it seems fitting:

    Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.

    John Lennon

  • There is no poem. It’s a riddle.

    A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.

    1. A question or statement requiring thought to answer or understand; a conundrum.

    I don’t write riddles. I don’t think of riddles. I don’t have any particular interest in riddles. Riddles aren’t a hobby of mine.

    My hand wrote the riddle but I am not author.

    I am not the one who put the items on the jersey barrier. I only noticed them. It was as if I was holding the riddle in my hands. And I certainly thought of and remembered the riddle that day – with one fake flower, one real flower.

    A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.

    Tough riddle, gonna need strength to figure it out – which is what the dumbbell represents.

    I’m not sure what the person who put those things there meant in doing it. Gasp! OMG! Was it a CIA agent? *smile, wink* lol (actually, REALLY NOT FUNNY).

    If I was severely distressed and intellectually confused by the riddle, and / or by having found those items that day, would psy ch ia try want to say I was being psychotic or schizophrenic? I KNOW YOU ARE SHAKING YOUR HEADS NO. Because if they don’t then my, oh my, you are so fkn stupid.

    clap, clap, clap, clap.

    Scrabble is how I developed my skill. If I had the right sort of occupational $upports, for $kills assessments, what I do would never be called word play (which is devaluation and has negative connotations).

    Thank you for the compliment. For your amusement, I offer up my name, anagrammed:

    Ninja seems sane. Sale!

    ~ mjk

  • I’ll give you an example of demons in action.

    I was walking down the street and came to the plaza where a few teenage girls were hanging out on the sidewalk. Just as I approached and walked by, they started screaming.


    Actually, they were screeching and screaming and then would howl laughing (and even fell to the ground in laughter). I cringed but kept walking by.

    On my way back they were still there. And again, as I got near they began screeching and screaming. I walked past and called out, said something about be careful.

    They ran up behind me, “Woman! Woman, you don’t understand! This man, in the van!”.

    I cut them off and said, “I understand just fine but you’re screaming like demons and be careful”.

    They didn’t know that they needed to be careful OF ME. They didn’t know how they made me cringe, clench my jaw and growl. If I didn’t have control, I might have argued with them, barked at them myself or worse.

    They were *demonstrating*. Acting out. The screeching and screaming were abrasive, ear-piercing. Physically upsetting.

  • Hi, yw (you’re welcome).

    I completely agree – people telling their own stories is vitally important. But isn’t that so much of what so-called psychosis, hallucinations, delusions and schizophrenia is largely about – telling stories that other people respond by saying their stories, thoughts, beliefs and experiences are BS?

    What I honed in on from your message was, specifically: monster, human façade, condemnation and salvation and, demonstrate its power over me.

    Human facade made me think “mask” and “unmasking”. Demonstrate (for me, that word automatically calls forth “demon” and “monster”). Condemnation and salvation made me think, of course, of Jesus.

    Anyhow, I think the scripture fits well here (for those who have a value for scripture).

    I’ve got abundant trauma in my life, too. But I also, wisely, identify as demonic (in certain instances, such as when I’m behaving like a demon and I know it).

    I’m a Living Witness of satan in it’s physical form, which most people would call a “hallucination” or “delusion” – and they are mistaken. See, that’s my lived experience. My story. Satan isn’t a human creation, or delusion, or hallucination. Neither are demons. Or Jesus. Or Angels. Or aliens.

    What *is* a human creation is this “schizophrenia” explanation for what we, some of us, live. Unless we go by “science’s” great discovery that schizophrenia is fetal brain damage.

    I hope you don’t take my comment personally. It’s made *in general* as a response to the things I honed in on, which I’ve already clarified.

    Other people offer up praises, thanks, etc. Sometimes, I do that too. Other times, I like to actually discuss some of the “stuff”.

    Does language matter, you ask. I say, yup. The power of the word demon itself, and even Jesus, are evidence of that.

  • “Imagine meeting a doctor who says ‘It’s OK, we know what’s wrong with you’ and, best of all, ‘we have medication that can keep it under control’. Finally you have met someone who can both see the monster hiding beneath your human façade and has a magic pill that can cage it. Every person that spoke about my symptoms, delusion or illness merely served to reinforce that which I was already primed to accept – I was flawed, vulnerable and my experience of the world (and the abuse) was mistaken. It was all in my head. The biomedical model offered me both condemnation and salvation. It validated my inner badness and gave me the gift of living among the humans as long as my inner monster – the schizophrenia – was contained. It’s a powerful and seductive story, and one that has taken me years to untangle.”

    Imagine meeting Jesus! (at simple mention of Jesus Christ, if people roll their eyes, huff and puff, get annoyed, disgusted, upset – you have got a demon. ALL demons react to Jesus Christ in a DEMONSTRATIVE (demon, monster) manner).
    Luke 12:1-3

    By this time the crowd, unwieldy and stepping on each other’s toes, numbered into the thousands. But Jesus’ primary concern was his disciples. He said to them, “Watch yourselves carefully so you don’t get contaminated with Pharisee yeast, Pharisee phoniness. You can’t keep your true self hidden forever; before long you’ll be exposed. You can’t hide behind a religious mask forever; sooner or later the mask will slip and your true face will be known. You can’t whisper one thing in private and preach the opposite in public; the day’s coming when those whispers will be repeated all over town.

    This is ANY mask that people wear. I’ve just unmasked demons (which are people, human beings). Unmasking is one of “psychiatry’s” words. WHY that word, psychiatry? Because they know demons – they just use alternate language (and recommend behavioral therapy treatment, for some – in addition to chemical modification).

  • “Did I miss something?”

    Yes. “when I put some things together I got a concept that is really, hmm, so interesting. Hmm. Bethel = God’s house. P.T. Barnum = 3 ring circus. OMG, god’s house is a 3 ring circus!”

    But god’s house as a 3 ring circus is very off topic so I’ll finish the point of the long story as short as possible:

    P.T. Barnum featured “curiosities and oddities”. It happened upon me, just two days ago, to suddenly see myself or ask of myself if I might be one of these curiosities or oddities!

    I’m certainly not the ring master, but I do have the Jesus Christ identity on my resume. LOL

    ~ mjk

  • “We cannot reliably distinguish the real from the fake, or the private from the public.”

    In 2005, my hand wrote it but I am not the author:

    something fake is real
    something real is fake
    can you fake the real
    can you feel the rake

    In 2007 this riddle manifest itself in reality:

    While driving on Route 22 (22 is a personal number of significance and so any time I hear or see it, it will get my full attention) I noticed some items sat against the jersey barriers. I drove past it every day until finally my curiosity needed to be gratified. I pulled over, got out of my van and walked over to find two flowers – one fake, one real. They were taped together to the barrier along with a 2 pound pink & purple dumbbell which was secured by wire. I took everything (beep!. Oh, what does that beep mean? I’ll tell ya, if you ever have the interest, or courage, to just ask me). I took the items and drove to the women’s resource center.

    When I got to the women’s resource center, I was in SUCH emotional upheaval that in streaming tears I handed the fake and real flowers to the woman and when I gave her the dumbbell I told her she was going to need a little strength to figure it out.

    I interpreted the dumbbell correctly. It’s a tough riddle.

  • “I can judge the hell out of the psychiatrist. I can kick him in the shins. But which one of us holds the power to lock which one of us up? Which one of us can put things in a file that will follow us around potentially for life? Which one of us can impact custody of our children? Force medications on us? Which one?”

    Want the truth? Anyone. It can happen. Somebody who is determined and has the drive and motive can wield their own power. Tom Ball did it. He had a judge removed from his seat! Tom Ball is a man who self-immolated after suffering the injustice of the family court “system”.

  • What’s really interesting is, oh sigh. It’s a long story. But I gotta. I just have to.

    Ever hear of P.T. Barnum? The Barnum & Bailey 3 ring circus?

    I live in Bethel, Connecticut. Bethel is a religious word. It means house of god, house where god lives or house of idolatry. Many states in the United States has a Bethel but CT is the home of P.T. Barnum.

    Years ago, shortly after I arrived here, I began to explore the neighborhood. I realized that when I put some things together I got a concept that is really, hmm, so interesting. Hmm. Bethel = God’s house. P.T. Barnum = 3 ring circus. OMG, god’s house is a 3 ring circus! Makes sense, but it gets worse.

    Continue or no?

  • “Although “talking to yourself” is supposed to be a symptom of mental illness.”

    I talk to myself all the time! I began doing it since my life was ripped apart and I ended up in a new state, alone, by myself, isolated and disengaged. I have very long conversations all by myself AND with open windows. Let people mock, ridicule, judge, “diagnose” (lol), think, feel, believe whatever they want. I’m awesome and I say awesome things, and that’s all there is to it. I even talk in voices that aren’t mine (company). It’s excellent. I have some Hispanic dude, an Indian woman, a British woman, a Southern woman, a ghetto-gangsta biotch .. the list goes on! I love them (and NO, I don’t consider them to be me or parts of me or multiple personalities or a disease or a disorder. I think they’re other mental / psychic / spiritual people just like me and we are connected, so THEY are actually speaking directly through me).

    “if I don’t find it a disease, I’m supposedly “not helpful,” or “weird.””

    Wired and Weird are the same word, just arranged differently. Everybody is wired.

    I might look for it, this study that was done about how people processed time. In this study, the people were given blocks to “place” time in front of them on a table in relation to where they experienced “time” in their perceptions. The study noted cultural differences (for example, one group placed “before” in one location that was different from where another group placed “before”).

    We’re all so different and I’ve always been a non-conformist. All I’ve got to say is that my brain and mind aren’t tinker toys for “the system” anymore.

    I’m already feeling self-conscious about derailing this blog & commentary, so if you want to continue interacting in the Forums I’m all for it. I’m just trying to apply some mindfulness, respect, all that good stuff.

    ty, Nijinkski for the communication.

    ~ mjk

  • That’s one of psychiatry’s primary functions: to look for what’s wrong. Negative thinking is almost culturally cultivated (always looking for a fault, a flaw and what’s wrong).

    I once wrote a letter to my kids. It was a very solemn and pure moment in my life. The four of us were sharing a room in a domestic violence shelter. While they slept and I sat gazing on them, and I knew they were going to be taken, this is what I wrote:

    Children, come and listen to me. I will teach you to worship the Lord. You must do these things to enjoy life and have many happy days. You must not say evil things and you must not tell lies. Stop doing evil and do good. Look for peace and work for it.

    I wrote that on a piece of scrap paper, a cut up tax form. I still have it. What alarmed me, scared me, confused me and turned me into a blaring siren was how months later I read a very similar passage in the Bible that I immediately recognized. I threw the book. I only *thought* I wrote, authored, those words. I didn’t.

    I told a social worker about it. She insulted me by saying that I read the passage first, or heard it in church, and that my subconscious remembered it. She gave no honor and no respect to what was TRULY Divine.

    To this very day, I still have not read the Bible in it’s entirety. I had never previously read or heard that passage and I know I didn’t. At least now I know how it works – how the Bible is written “by the hands of men” (and THAT argument will NEVER work with somebody like me, in attempt to discredit the Bible as a “human” work and not the Divinity that it is).

    I later took that passage as my own Divine instructions. I think, for a while, I was obedient.

    It seems to me like you yourself have practically lived out your own version of that very passage. Transformation. And you now cultivate the Peace and Joy of Life. 🙂

    1 Peter 3:8-12
    (this resource offers a drop-down menu to see alternate versions of the passage)

    You have an excellent, inspiring story of a self-determined life. Awesome.

    ~ mjk

  • Hi Nijinsky,


    Being kidnapped in my early childhood did NOT cause MY “voice hearing” or other conditions. It’s the other way around (the psychic function of our minds is what drew that man to me that day).

    This particular trauma was massive and I still live with it, as a trauma. But in “dealing” with it – just read that paragraph again.

    The “phenomenal” aspect of that super-serious significant event in my life is that the man’s name is Liston (which sounds like LISTEN).

    Can anyone see what I’m showing? It isn’t about healing trauma, right now. That’s not what I’m focusing on. I’m focusing on how PSYCHE works, in what causes and creates the realities that we experience.

  • “what’s most important is finding our own ways of describing our experiences that are true for us.”

    Yes, I absolutely agree.

    For myself, there is no doubt that the levels of stress and burdens I’ve had to endure have caused massive mental catastrophe. I’m no stranger to mental activity that *isn’t* psychic in nature. However, I find that the more I focus on what my Mind truly is (a sensory field), my understanding of reality is greater.

    I once witnessed a young man engaged in the most awesome phenomenon. It was on a psych ward – we were in “med group”. As the nurse was talking about the drugs we needed to take for life, the man sitting directly next to her was mouthing every single word she was saying in perfect synchronicity. It was SO fantastic to see that. He had a very visible trance-like look on his face. THOSE are the sorts of things that seem to rarely ever be discussed in the world of “mental” and “psychological”. Eh – drugs, drugs, drugs. Eh – abuse, trauma and the ever-constant fight of life!

    Sometimes, I just want to get to what’s … CRAZY.

  • Hi Nijinsky,

    My comment about precognition and psychic visions wasn’t looking for help. I share my experiences for many different reasons but it’s mostly for others to see by (and I think they often don’t – because they’re looking at something else).

    I know and understand past-life times and Eternal Life very well. I also know the source of the Universe and Nothingness very well (better than anyone else that I’ve ever known).

    Waking up to (remembering and realizing) past-life times can be very powerful experiences. That is another “trip to the psych ward” for some people (where the people “ramble on” about “crazy non-sense” and DON’T GET THE SUPPORT that they need). I’m at my “destiny” right now, which is the house and neighborhood I’m in. A destiny is a destination. I arrived years ago and had to “deal with” everything by myself (causing me to scream endlessly on the internet – to people who don’t care and don’t understand).

    I’ve had plenty of experience but I’m no author. If I have any book at all, My book is a LIVING book – and it exists and unfolds on the internet, constantly.

    Thank you for your attention, kindness and responses to me Nijinsky. *smiles*

  • Your honesty is so genuine. And vital.

    My point of view is that we, or I, need more of what’s REAL. I don’t mean to say that trauma and it’s effects should be ignored or lessened in their reality and significance, but it is the genuine psychic nature that will further Humanity’s understanding of how the Mind works.

    I personally *can’t* tolerate the focus on psychiatry anymore. Psychiatry has been SUCH a brutal brainwash for me. NOTHING in my life gets by without first passing through a filter of psychiatry’s diagnostics. And I hate it. I can’t figure out how to UNDO what’s been done to the horrific structure of my Mind.

    I’ve had a supernatural and paranormal and spiritual life, all of my life. I’ve also had a psychiatric life. That psychiatric life has *slaughtered* everything. I don’t want to talk anymore about psychiatry. I want to talk about what I’ve ALWAYS needed, wanted and fought to talk about.

    I don’t want to talk about trauma anymore. Being kidnapped in my early childhood did NOT cause MY “voice hearing” or other conditions. It’s the other way around (the psychic function of our minds is what drew that man to me that day).

    I feel like what I’ve just typed is really messy but I don’t want to edit it. I’m very tired.

  • “great post”

    Yeah, I know. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to write that (because it makes me giggle like crazy and I have the dreadful self-amusement gene, which means I have no control: I self-amuse because it is genetic (spoken robotically, oh god I’m doing it again).

    “You seem kind of down and/or angry lately and I’m sorry about that.”

    It’s not your fault. It’s the cosmos. The spiritual forecast (and other sources that I follow) has consistently stated that we’re under a current energy wave this week (beginning a few days ago). No surprise to ME seeing this thread play out as intensely as it has.

    “There are some great people out there too, so it’s important to try to make an effort”

    I’ve been known to climb trees, get stuck and then taking a flying leap straight off. It’s fun. Really.

    “Hey, how about some of your amusing, smart word play just for fun so we can get a break from the most toxic effects of biopsychiatry?”

    Let me think. Oh yeah, talk sin. Phonetic of toxin. Not much fun but that’s all I’ve got right now.

  • As far as I know, sick people are the sort of people who kick a live dog to death – for fun. THOSE are sick people. Then there are the sickened, and there is a big difference. I’m the sickened one (VERY deeply disturbed).

    I was once stricken with a vision while driving. It’s the sort of vision where my immediate environment “ceased to exist” (which it really didn’t, but it did). My field of vision was an alternate reality, as if I was standing right there in some other place. I had to watch a group of males kicking a dog to death. I heard the dog screaming. OMG. OMG. VERY VERY difficult to endure that. I was SO stunned that I immediately called my husband and told him what happened. He said, “that just happened a few weeks ago. It was in the newspaper.”

    It took YEARS for me to process that episode. I’ve had precognition many times and there is another type (which I forget the name of right now and I’m too lazy to google it). It’s the sort that shows HISTORY instead of future. I have it both ways.

    What really, really sizzles my blood is how these NATURAL abilities of Psyche are illustrated and attributed to “super heroes” with “super powers” and other fantasy fabrications – greatly diminishing the validity of REAL PEOPLE who live with these VERY serious conditions. NOT fun.

    Known Users

    From the invalidation of psychiatry to the invalidation of comic book super heroes, I’M TIRED.

    Negation is a gate to one Black, Black Hell.

  • “Just don’t be discouraged when it seems that people don’t engage with such things.”

    I cannot be discouraged in this matter. I constantly assert: Psyche is NOT a disease.

    I thought about this intensely today and remembered a picture I have of myself from that particular hospitalization. I was IN A PARANORMAL STATE, and it was captured on film (the picture shows two of me). Even though I very strongly do NOT want my image anywhere online, I am thinking of uploading the photo. But then, why bother.

    Psyche is NOT a disease.

    Psyche, by definition, means SPIRIT.

    “If we truly believe in a world where voices, visions and other unusual experiences are accepted as real and valuable, then we need to develop a picture of what that world might look like and how we might take steps toward bringing it to life.”

    Yeah. What if.!

  • From comment: “However, I do want to say that my blog is about people finding a way to take action and not just talk.”

    From main entry: “Sometimes the best way to make real change is just to do the work. Sometimes the talk is the work and it can be hard to separate out the two.”

    I’m isolated and alienated. Type talking is the only thing *I* can do. My experience is all I have (no college education here, and never will be). I might be worthless and insignificant in everybody else’s eyes but certainly not in my own.

    Maybe someday, the mental world will talk about negation.

  • I’m curious.

    What can you say to this? ““If we truly believe in a world where voices, visions and other unusual experiences are accepted as real and valuable, then we need to develop a picture of what that world might look like and how we might take steps toward bringing it to life.””

    I offered up TWO point-blank experiences. Nobody acknowledged or engaged either of them. I suppose people think it’s just crazy talk? Unreal? Alright.

    In a *psych ward*, of all places, it was IMPOSSIBLE to deal with that situation. But I sure would love to see how these organizers of belief liberation would handle a situation *in the moment of it’s happening* as opposed to dealing with it in the aftermath.

  • DNA. Genes. Alright.

    According to this psychotherapist, human beings are genetically engineered by aliens. She says the genomes of “the grays” have been damaged by radiation, space travel, warring, fighting, competing and by cloning (genetic tinkering) and that they use human DNA as a means to heal themselves.

    Does she need a psych ward and some haldol? The grays? Space aliens? ET / Human hybrids? WHAT?

    Mental illness has gone too far.

  • Nope. I was speaking straightforward. I’m not kidding in the least.

    I actually support the idea of depopulation and extermination.

    Don’t forget: it was SOCIETY that wanted me to abort my children. It was SOCIETY that didn’t want my children to be born.

    They have won. Now, I agree and mirror back to them their own sentiments and beliefs. I’ve actually become Nihilistic because I do know evil. But I’m not a fan of long, slow, drawn out agonizing deaths. I’m simply a fan of nukes (that way, the evil engineers of terrible, terrible conspiracy theories aren’t left out).

  • Yeah, but you’re talking about worthy people. There ARE people who are SO sick that it would be sweet Mercy for all to put them to sleep.

    God (of the Bible) wiped out people and places for a reason.

    There ARE some very sick people who cannot be helped, healed, cured or treated. And you wouldn’t want to spend a night at their house.

    Take a little look here (ooh, it’s MILD).

  • Oh yeah. This is highly relevant, as far as I’m concerned.

    After I emailed NASA the U.S. Coast Guard showed up. He took me to lunch and showed me a document. He told me they were attempting to manipulate Mars to make it a “green” planet (habitable).

    And *IF* they’re actually able to do that then human brains are certainly NOT off-limits. Who knows what exactly they’ve planned, and are carrying out on VERY easy targets.

    Want the name of the U.S. Secret Service / U.S. Marshall that also came to visit me? He also works for an RFID manufacturer.

    I think I’m correct about remote neural access, via some seriously advanced technology. And I think psych drugs are the facilitators that make “RFID” technology work.

    Radio Frequency Identification
    Radio-frequency identification is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. Wikipedia

  • I met one of my “voices” face to face. It’s called telepathy.

    “If we truly believe in a world where voices, visions and other unusual experiences are accepted as real and valuable, then we need to develop a picture of what that world might look like and how we might take steps toward bringing it to life.”


    Voices? Visions? Let me know when anybody wants to have a real conversation about Spirit.

    (I *love* the fact that parapsychology and paranormal phenomena are categorized in the Science & Mathematics > Alternative section of Yahoo! Answers)

  • “improve ADHD treatment in southeastern Virginia, which included documenting the exceptionally high rates of ADHD diagnosis and associated drug treatment in her community.”


    From the video, “NASA launched rockets from Virgina’s eastern shore on the 4th of July” and delivered a “huge quantity of lithium”.


  • “Someone without the support to recover from painfully lost love can easily become afraid to love or accept love again”

    I just *have* to! I love it when things like this happen. It’s a new status update from a source that feeds me content to keep me busy & occupied. Synchronistic and it fits rather well here, I think.

    “When you jump – when you really let go and trust – you find out pretty quickly that Life does love you, that the Universe does, in fact, have your best interest at heart!”

    Maybe what’s so scary for some people is the actual healing.?

  • “all humans experiencing being de-valued, exploited and oppressed, and it is very damaging. We all come into the world eagerly expecting close, loving relations with others – and it is very painful for us to experience the lack of these things in our daily lives.”

    Yup. But it is also very painful for some people to be loved. Hurts like hell sometimes so they push love away or they attack it and hurt it. Love can be real scary.

  • “Because mjk didn’t explain her “unmasking” comment”

    Psychiatry uses that word – “unmasking” (which is why I used quotations). I was mocking them. Would psychiatry go so far as to say it? IS IT “unmasking” a natural born killer within? ‘kay. Whatever.

    Demons? I’ll respond to that.

    One of my favorite things to say is that Jesus Christ didn’t walk around in Hell telling people to take their meds. Christ *cast out* demons. Demons are *within human beings*. I could say a lot more but I’m not going to.

    p.s. – always feel free to ask me to clarify something and I’ll be glad to respond.

  • Ran out of edit time. Had another thought.

    re: (p.s. What makes a killer? Let’s ask psychiatry & big pharma. I’m certain they know. HOW many deaths are attributed to those murderers?).

    It is terror to think they’re doing it intentionally.
    It is horror to think they’re doing it accidentally.
    It is maddening ignorance to think they’re innocent and entirely well intentioned.$

  • “complex purposeful decisions like murder.”

    Right, because the drugs are just “unmasking” the natural born killer inside.


    Oh. “if you still believe a drug can absolutely remove all a person’s will”

    Yep. I do. And many mothers in this world lose their will to keep their babies when pressure to have an abortion is over-powering. I believe people’s will CAN be over-powered, influenced, manipulated, lost, removed, altered … and drug induced.


    lol. One more thing: Personally, *I* don’t need the BS (brain science). Others do. I don’t.

  • My comment was in reply to the focus of “complex behavior”. Researcher didn’t mention effexor XR. I did. That part of my comment was made in general, and has nothing to do with Researcher’s or anyone else’s comments. Researcher (and everyone else here) is not the manufacturer of these drugs. THOSE are the people I’m shouting out to. THOSE are the people I’m demanding answers from.

    I HAD those brain zaps AND many other severe DAMAGES from that loathsome drug.

  • And another thing – why is it that plenty of people easily accept that these drugs can turn some people into drooling, lethargic vegetables and “zombies” but it’s unacceptable for some people to think or believe that these drugs can turn some other people into killers (of themselves or somebody else).

    Believable to think they’re toxic drugs if they render you IMMOBILE but if they drive you to do something whacky crazy, it’s not the drug – it’s just the person.



    While everybody else is digging into brains, I only care about this:

    “brain zaps,” “brain shocks,” “brain shivers,” “brain pulse-waves,” “head shocks,” “pulses,” “flickers,” or “cranial zings”

    and this:

    dizziness, electric shock-like sensations, sweating, nausea, insomnia, tremor, confusion, nightmares, and vertigo.

    and this:

    According to one source, post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD) is an iatrogenic type of sexual dysfunction caused directly by the previous use of SSRI antidepressants.

    and this:

    decreased libido, impotence or reduced vaginal lubrication, difficulty initiating or maintaining an erection or becoming aroused, persistent sexual arousal syndrome despite absence of desire, muted, delayed or absent orgasm (anorgasmia), reduced or no experience of pleasure during orgasm (ejaculatory anhedonia), premature ejaculation, weakened penile, vaginal or clitoral sensitivity, genital anesthesia, loss or decreased response to sexual stimuli[26]) that persists for years or forever after the fact.

    and this:

    agitation, anxiety, akathisia, panic attacks, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, worsening of mood, dysphoria, crying spells or mood lability, overactivity or hyperactivity, depersonalization, decreased concentration, slowed thinking, confusion, and memory/concentration difficulties.

    and this:

    dysphoric mood, irritability, agitation, aggressiveness, dizziness, sensory disturbances (e.g., paresthesias such as electric shock sensations), anxiety, confusion, headache, lethargy, emotional lability, insomnia, hypomania, tinnitus, and seizures.[citation needed]

    dear brain diggers,

    STOP IT!!!

    It has been suggested the sensations may represent an alteration of neuronal activity in the central nervous system.[38]

    (alteration – maybe you mean MODIFICATION)

    That sounds DEADLY serious. I think you’re vile evil people and need to be S T O P P E D.

  • “Can medication be responsible for complex behavior?”

    I think some answers may be found in the differences between why somebody would rob a bank and why another would outright die and why another would murder and why another would suicide and why another would take a hostage and why another would set a fire and why another would torture an animal and why another, etc..

    Why did the one who set a fire NOT torture an animal instead?

    Why did the one who robbed a bank NOT set a fire instead?

    Why did the one who killed somebody else NOT kill themselves?

    Why did the one who killed themselves NOT kill somebody else?

    Why does effexor XR cause brain zaps?
    Is that a simple or complex question?
    I’d really like an answer.
    No, in FACT – I’m demanding an answer.
    And if there is no TRUTHFUL answer, is it because you CAN’T or WON’T.

    Try HONESTY, “science”.

  • I Am.

    Having been you, you, you’d to death …

    A person begins to attempt to know their own self FOR themselves. They start the journey of the I Am.

    I have astigmatism. See the stigma in that word?

    Years ago, I wrote out a calendar. I arrived at 2020. I thought of “perfect vision” and a bunch of other thoughts. I thought of how everything that Humanity is going through will result in a final Balance (by or around 2020). And in that balance, we’d have something like “perfect vision” with a lack of stigma.

    That’s just me, being lofty in my Mind. It’s up to Humanity to cultivate what they want and believe in. I can only share my views and thoughts – FREELY, I’m never paid – and let people take what they want from it.

  • “Especially when the speculated upon damage to the nervous system, hasn’t even got objective biomarkers behind it.”

    Neureglin1, a protein that in humans is encoded by the NRG1 gene, is indicated in fetal brain damage – resulting in schizophrenia. Do you believe that is correct scientific informtation?

    I still want to know how society would think and feel if “science” announced to the world that schizophrenia is brain damage. Just brain damage, instead of “mental illness”.

  • You end by saying “toxic drugs”.

    “It’s interesting you chose Chantix, an alleged quit smoking aid, for your example ad.”

    I chose it because I happened to watch a chantix video yesterday, via a research company that pays me to review all sorts of information and provide my feedback.

    Here’s some brainy brain information on chantix

    Then here’s some more
    (From the references: “Leung, LK; Patafio, FM, Rosser, WW (2011 Sep 28). Gastrointestinal adverse effects of varenicline at maintenance dose: a meta-analysis.” and ^ Prochaska JJ, Hilton JF (2012). “Risk of cardiovascular serious adverse events associated with varenicline use for tobacco cessation: systematic review and meta-analysis”)

    Gastrointestinal and cardiovascular. Because those are a demonstrable physical injury, and homicide is a behavior … you think there is no causality of THE DRUG to induce nightmares, bizarre thinking, etc. – unless somebody can give you brainy brain science information to prove it?

    I used the nicotine patch forever ago. It gave me INTENSE nightmares (but then, so did playing and beating DOOM on Nintendo).

    WHY do manufacturers of movies, music and video gaming have WARNINGS and age-limit purchasing restrictions? Show me the brain science that PROVES, in brainy brain science language, that movies, music and video gaming do not deserve to have their warnings and restrictions.

    I believe people CAN have seizures from electromagnetic exposure!! I really, really DO!

    And look, you can even have motion sickness from playing video games! Explain to me how riding the bus can impact my body and give me immediate nausea and subsequent diarrhea? It’s a friggen bus ride. How can a bus ride WRECK me so easily – but a PSYCH DRUG (BRAIN ALTERING) is presumed to be innocent in producing severe, extreme MENTAL, emotional and behavioral states in human beings – simply because the brainy brain science information is seemingly lacking?


    Please Drink Responsibly!
    (duh, why? because of KNOWN behaviors, maybe?)


    (did you know that driving while sleep deprived is seen as the equivalent of driving while intoxicated?)

    Where’s the science for the impact of nightmares on human behavior? Can you concede that chantix causes nightmares (in some people) or do you require the BS (brain science)?

    Jesus Christ.

    The power of a WORD is SO powerful that to say JESUS CHRIST can throw some people into a violent fit.

    That’s just a WORD.

    I love you anonymous. You amaze me and make me cry. But let me tell you something. I, for one, DO NOT NEED brainy brain science for ME to know what I know about toxic drugs.

  • Does this fit here at all? No? Yes?


    “RW: You’re right, it creates customers for the drugs, and hopefully lifelong customers. That’s what they’re told, aren’t they? They’re told they are going to be on these drugs for life. And next thing they know, they’re on two or three or four drugs. It’s brilliant from the capitalist point of view. It does serve some social-control function. But you take a kid, and you turn them into a customer, and hopefully a lifelong customer. It’s brilliant.”


  • ““Rapidly growing evidence shows that epigenetic regulation underlies normal cognition, and that cognition dysfunction occurs upon epigenetic misregulation.””

    I did a google for “GMO psych drug”. This article is #5 of About 35,400,000 results

    What’s Hot on MIA this week (with 130 comments) is ssri-discontinuation-is-even-more-problematic-than-acknowledged – Playing the Odds: Antidepressant ‘Withdrawal’ and the Problem of Informed Consent


    And people say they have a cognition problem that they didn’t have before. Is it that, once you start taking certain GMO’s you’d need to continue taking them to support and maintain the modification?

    I honestly don’t care if I “embarrass” others by my obvious lack of education and training (and whatever else – social skills, lol). I’m not embarrassed – I always think out loud. I cannot not.


    “RW: You’re right, it creates customers for the drugs, and hopefully lifelong customers. That’s what they’re told, aren’t they? They’re told they are going to be on these drugs for life. And next thing they know, they’re on two or three or four drugs. It’s brilliant from the capitalist point of view. It does serve some social-control function. But you take a kid, and you turn them into a customer, and hopefully a lifelong customer. It’s brilliant.”


  • I see MIA has conformed to using red (What’s Hot This Week page views). Trying to chase me away? lol. I use the comments feed page anyway. 😛

    I’m just gonna say, I think if you’re going to use red at least find a shade that matches Anatomy of An Epidemic’s red? Oh well, whatever. *smiles*

  • “had some people coming at me in social media which really doesn’t happen all that often. I don’t suppose I’ll be writing or commenting on Mad in America again for a while.

    I speak to my need for careful boundaries here: Brief note to my readers. I’m still needing to take good care of myself. Healing includes not overworking or getting too emotionally stimulated.”

    I’m informed that you won’t be responding. I do want to say that when I read your blog yesterday I saw the twitter feed. It caused me to post an apology to you on my facebook page (because in reading your blog and twitter feed, I got the feeling that something *I* wrote did not sit well with you). Anyway, I want to let you know about the apology to you that exists. I think due apologies are emotional and mental vitamins and the dose should not be withheld.

    ~ mjk

  • I didn’t ask what it represented. I used lazy grammar to acknowledge the blood font.

    It is attention getting on three counts:

    1. the word asylum itself
    2. red
    3. bloody

    It caught my attention immediately and I just didn’t like it at all.

  • ““…the problems that sometimes occur when people try to stop an SSRI antidepressant are much more severe than the medical profession acknowledges, and there is NO (my emphasis) ‘antidote’ to these problems.”

    Where is there any scientific analysis of who these people are and what conditions in their life that might have led to these new symptoms or a relapse of the old ones? Do they have serious stress in their life? Did they experience new trauma? Do they have unresolved trauma in their past? Are they abusing or misusing mind altering substances such as pot, alcohol etc.? What is their diet? Do they exercise or meditate and, if not, why not? ”

    I also would like to see some science regarding long-term use (and discontinuation) of psych drugs and it’s relation to gastrointestinal malfunctioning. Sure am glad I didn’t swallow the PPI drugs.

  • schizophrenia. I still think: check the brain fluid. And YEAH, actually, I changed my mind. Nodding YES YES YES about “chemical imbalance”. BUT, I think “imbalance” isn’t the most accurate term but maybe toxicity is. What’s toxicity PLUS deficiency?

    My environment was very toxic. I *always* felt sick. Children’s Hospital in Boston diagnosed me with bronchial asthma. I don’t have it anymore (not since I moved out of Massachusetts… )

    From the article: “aren’t these scientists once again trying to play God?”

    They would be wise to pray, ask and obey.

  • “Pretty slick form of Thieving Bullshit, isn’t it?”


    Supposedly, America has the highest population of incarcerated individuals. Am I supposed to see that as Justice? I’d write more but there are some worker people messing with the power lines of my house-to-the-pole. I have to go outside and ask them questions. lol. Knocked my wifi signal out but now it’s back. Whew.

    I think the injustice in the world, and it’s effects on individual people’s lives, deserves the fire and the outrage.

  • “More recently, some scientists have tried to locate consciousness in different parts of the brain. ”

    You’ll never find consciousness in the brain. It isn’t OF the brain. I was conscious before the universe even existed. Most people have absolutely NO understanding of what I just said.

    ““I’m on a ward with teenagers — boys and girls — who complain of hearing voices,” she said. “So how do I discriminate between the ones who are really having hallucinations and those who are just listening to their own thoughts? ”

    The first thing you can do is ditch the brainwash. Hallucination? Open your MIND to see. There’s WAY more to “hearing voices” that people don’t even know about – because you are

    B R A I N W A S H E D

    (my higher intelligence is at work right now, and I’m NOT going to deposit that detailed information here, but I am going to make this note of it)

  • My eye honed in on exactly this: “Most notably it is the belief in a “Just World” (that the bad are punished and the good rewarded)”

    I applied it in a very literal sense (since so much of what a person’s problem is – Man, what’s your problem! You need help! – is that something is wrong and they need and want to make it right).

    Justice isn’t wrong.

    People DISCOURAGE people from pursuing Justice ( “let it go”, “get over it”, “suck it up soldier” and “move on”).

    I don’t really care about a “just world hypothesis” (but thanks for the 411).

    I care about police cars and ambulances that scream down the road, and court rooms in psych wards.

    $$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$

    If I had THAT voice (those dollar signs) things might be different. Is that an erroneous thought, Dorothy? Because I had a social worker tell me that my poverty had nothing to do with my situation (and it took a LOT OF STRENGTH to keep from bashing that liar’s teeth right out of her head).

  • Well, what is happiness? Maybe the question of what is depression is not equal to the question of what is happiness.

    My first experience of “depression” was Christmas-time when I was about 4 years old. I was sent into the back bedroom, to be by myself, so nobody would “catch my blues”.

    What had depressed me? My family were merry, jovial and celebrating. I felt the more Christ-like feelings and expected something VERY different from the scene that was playing out. My feelings, I’d say they look and sound like this:

    But my family were all about this:

    We live in a culture that likes to party. I don’t. I’ve never liked the party scene.

    To me, happiness is a bunch of different things. In no exact order, my happiness is (or would be) Health. And Freedom (the opposite of OPPRESSION?). Justice (that which is good and right, while we’re forced to SUPPRESS and REPRESS so much that is bad and wrong, in order to survive). When things are RIGHT, there is natural Joy. I like Harmony and I don’t like Harm (puts my Mind in a bit of a whirl, that HARM is the first part of HARMONY – yikes).

    I’m unique and psychiatry CHARGED me, like it’s a crime to be unique (not allowed, really). I knew that, “punishment”, from the very early years of my life – sent to BE ALONE in a room by myself (where, all of these years later, I STILL AM).

    Sometimes, I’m “happy” to be alone.

    Sometimes, I’m full of misery for EXPRESSING myself.

    What is Happiness?

  • re: Book of Order

    Someone beat me to it.

    From my inbox, America Needs Fatima (dot org)

    “In the new book Return to Order, backed by
    20 years of study, prayer and research, John Horvat II
    explains the real reason why politicians and economists
    can’t fix the economy.

    1. They don’t understand the problem

    The root cause of America’s economic meltdown is moral, not economic. The problem lies deep within the soul and thrives in a warped culture of unrestraint. Politicians and economists don’t get it.

    2. They don’t want the solution

    We’ve embraced Hollywood and neglected God, family and morals. We’re on the verge of a collapse. But no one has the courage to say “the party is OVER.” ”

    Well DUH.


    And VERGE of collapse? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think the collapse(s) happened a while ago.

  • I don’t know if anybody read it or not, but the article says that INFANTS are being given these God-Damned psych drugs (something about “prescribed to help with discomfort”).

    Vile evil. Absolutely vile.


    Extremely unpleasant.
    Morally bad; wicked: “as vile a rogue as ever lived”.

    mean – base – villainous – nasty – foul – scurvy – sordid

  • re:

    Now I see why Dorothy Rowe (a supposed “genius” – no joke, she’s on the list of “living geniuses”) has concluded in her belief:

    “believes that depression is a result of beliefs which do not enable a person to live comfortably with themselves or the world. Most notably it is the belief in a “Just World” (that the bad are punished and the good rewarded) that exacerbates feelings of fear and anxiety if disaster strikes.”

    Hold Up. Wait a minute. Depressed people are depressed because they believe in JUSTICE? And they’ll feel better if they justly “let it go”, “get over it”, “suck it up soldier” and “move on” (the lack of Justice in their own lives? In the world?).

    INJURY & INJUSTICE are very closely related words.

    I read somewhere around here, MIA, recently, “science is not your enemy”

    Is JUSTICE YOUR enemy, science?

    Is it depressing to know that Justice is DISCOURAGED of individuals and citizens – because we know the level of RESOURCES it would require to PURSUE THAT HAPPINESS in life.?

    Dorothy Rowe is a “genius” for telling people to “get over it” and “let it go” in a very beautiful way.

  • From the NY Times article,

    “That is a problem, because if you are given one of these diagnoses you probably also suffer from one or more chronic physical conditions: though no one quite knows why, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and mitral valve prolapse often go hand in hand with bipolar disorder.”

    My MVP (which has progressed to Sick Sinus Syndrome, SSS) was caused by mononucleosis. And I’m certain that I had sepsis and managed to survive it. Nobody on this planet could ever convince me otherwise.

    Why 70,000 Americans Die Needlessly In Hospitals Each Year

  • “ideas to alleviate stress are much better than those of biopsychiatry”

    I can take no credit. They aren’t my own ideas. I was showing the two primary avenues.

    “go for a nice walk”

    I’ve been walking for years.

    “I’m glad you are here with your great sense of humor!”


    “Did you ever read the book, The Collector?” It’s about a guy who tried to “collect” women, but they ended up dying by being forced to be his specimens. Sound familiar?”

    That book needs to be retitled. Let’s call it … Effexor XR.

    “Reminds me of Robert Spitzer”

    Which reminds me of Eliot and his shame.

    ““book of order?””

    I think God beat me to it, lol, but I might amuse myself and see what comes out of my pen while I mentally explore what such a thing might consist of. LOL.

    “How about finding”

    A medical malpractice attorney. Because … I’ve found EXACTLY what I’m looking for, what I need and what I want.

    EDIT: I’ve removed the smiley emoticon.

  • And the power of Mind and Body: to even look at a picture or hear mention of a food that one likes can produce salivating or nausea if one doesn’t like.

    I just checked my email: The Slow Cooker Chronicle eNewsletter

    BAM. Instant memory – I think back to the slow cooker I left behind when I took my kids and ran. I *loved* that thing. I mean, REALLY loved it. It was a beautiful piece of cookware. I suppose that’s why I subscribe to the newsletter? Oh, sigh… then I drift into feeling lowly, because I don’t have a family to cook for anymore. And it isn’t always easy to cook for one.

    I’m eating Bush’s baked beans today. I might eat Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, too. I’m trying REAL HARD to consume the water that I know I need to. And still struggling to make sense of the strange aversion I have to it.

    I thought a thought that I judged as deeply interesting. I happen to like space aliens, a LOT. I like a lot of things. I figured, dehydration and oxygen depletion – does that have a trajectory? Is it true, when some people say, that “aliens” are … what becomes of human beings?


  • ” And trying to get it right, in revision after revision, perpetuates the long-standing idea that, in our present state of knowledge, the recognised varieties of mental illness should neatly sort themselves into tidy blocks, in the way that plants and animals do.”

    lol. Funny.

    Now that I think of it, it isn’t so funny anymore. Why?

    Because I am in a “tidy block” or, isolated in my apartment. For the longest time, I was locked in my bedroom. Trying to escape, I found myself unable to be in ANY room – bedroom, living room, kitchen. I’d go from room to room, completely unable to escape.

    Got me where you want me, but thanks to the internet I can still run my mouth and say things. I can still EXIST.

  • Maybe somebody can write the Book of Order. Then, it will all make sense.

    Probably not.

    308.3 for Acute Stress Disorder

    It’s RIGHT and GOOD to recognize that somebody is severely stressed. The RESPONSE matters. A lot.

    If I’m stressed, I should drug myself – according to “science” and “medicine”.

    If I’m stressed, I should pray and meditate, light candles, burn Lavender, take an Epsom Salt bath, hug somebody, etc. – according to Humanity.

    If I’m stressed, I should …

  • kenw111,

    see Top Comment

    ” wakeupyt 1 month ago

    With all the troll coming out, I think Potter is hitting a home run with his information. You know you are on target when they come after you.  I would not blame Potter if he closed the comment section below his videos.”

    BAM. Instant “trigger” (for me) – because of the car I saw today with the words “On Target”.

    Found this guy via REIGNZ (God music)

  • Well, this is ENORMOUSLY complex.

    First of all, these technologies were not available in the 1700’s (for those who might be automatically dismissive and attempt to use conditions from that time period as an “argument”).

    There are REAL PSYCHIC “phenomenon” and experiences
    There are REAL SPIRITUAL “phenomenon” and experiences
    There are REAL *current* TECHNOLOGY experiences

    Then, there are all the symptoms and “effects” from abuse, trauma, improper diets, lack of education / information, environmental and cosmological influences, etc..

    VERY, VERY complex. Some of us are dealing with A MULTITUDE of things – all at once.

    I believe there IS electromagnetic neurotoxicity.

    LOTS of things involved.

    I read the link. Makes me think of “gang stalking” tactics and how brutally manipulative they can be on a “targeted individual”. BRUTAL. And yeah, there’s (beep) a reality to it.

    Oh yeah! Then, there’s “aliens” (one of my very favorite subjects) and whatever interactions are happening there. Because I think there is Human technology and AL technology.

  • Hi Eleanor, you just arrived in my Yahoo inbox – an email from TED titled “Learning from the voices in my head”.

    Here’s what I learned last night (which was this morning), from the inside of MY head, while falling asleep (altered brain wave and frequency and vibrational energy).

    I hear and see in my Mind. It’s normal. Sort of. I suspect, and believe, that there *is* some human created, computerized, High Technology going on – in addition to NORMAL psychic functioning.

    “You have a metal rod in your head” (not my thought). Then I saw a camera and bright light. Then I saw a flash image of a man holding a microphone-like communication device. He said, “Seinfeld”.

    Really? Is it hilarious to have remote computerized access to my Mind?

    And don’t tell me it isn’t possible, because it is and I can prove it.

    Telemetry and Telechir. Synthetic Telepathy. And electronic monitoring. The same technology (now, Highly Evolved) as “invisible fences” for dogs (which, a form of this electronic “fencing” or “monitoring” was used on Charles Manson in prison, and I can prove that, too).

    About two months ago, I had an electronically engineered conversation on the phone. Beeps that got my attention, and prompts that were “telepathic”.

    This may seem like “rambling” but I don’t care.

    A man’s voice outside just got my attention. I looked to see a white car, pulled over, directly in front of my house. The words on the vehicle are “On Target”. The vehicle has a blinking yellow light on the roof. Hmm. Interesting. Well, he got in his car and left. It is secured now, in my Memory, and I will not forget the “On Target” car – and, I swear I remember it from a past life (which is ETERNAL life, which means we’re RELIVING previous life-cycles, with only slight variations. It’s sort of like a movie).

    Here’s Telechir

    Here’s Telemetry

    Welcome to the world of HIGHLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES.

    I believe psych drugs are facilitators of these remote neural technologies.

    I don’t know if I should feel stupid or smart, but I’d caution against anyone throwing “crazy”, “nuts” or other verbally abusive terms in my face – cuz I have a ghetto gene and I can verbally slaughter, too … if I need to.

    The Mind is ATMOSPHERIC and there’s a MESH between the Human Mind and Technology, whether people want to acknowledge it or not.

    Consider My Voice raised, too.

  • Thank You.

    “police brutality” is an interest of mine. I spent an entire summer researching it. It is horrific.

    The comments show the mentality of people:


    What’s ISPG got to say about comments like that?

    I’m not ISPG but I’ll tell ya what I have to say about comment like that … Comments like that are likely a primary contributor to mental and emotional turmoil, distress – and the subsequent suffering behaviors that get pathologized.

    I don’t like when people speak TALK SICK (verbally abusive) to me. I know domestic violence (and even beyond that).

    ….. drugs can’t “treat”, “heal” or “cure”


  • “How did you find out about this monstrosity?”

    I was “researching” Neuregulin 1 and found an Ad on one of the journal pages – Oxford Journals.

    Thank you for your positive words to me. It is the equivalent of mental and emotional vitamins and I am malnourished.

    I think everyone in this community is fantastic and I have such appreciation and admiration. To FEEL those things – because I don’t often feel (aside of Fury) – is helping me. I miss Batesy. I haven’t seen him around.

    Thank You, and I hope I’m not alone in considering ISPG to be a very serious focal point.

    Edit: I wanted to see if the same Ad would appear when I opened the link – I got a different Ad.

    Of further interest

    Categories for abstract submission for the 2014 Biennial Conference

  • Hi.

    Can somebody write a new article about schizophrenia being brain damage? How, if the collective knew that and thought of schizophrenia as brain damage, instead of a “disease” or “mental illness” (words matter!) – what impact and effect that might have? And, I’d like to know what “environmental causes” they’re talking about. ??

    “Schizophrenia is thought to stem from early damage to the developing fetal brain, traceable to a complex mix of genetic and environmental causes. ”


  • LOL

    Interestingly, I diagnosed myself last night (which was this morning) as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. It fits and I’m happy with the diagnosis. The treatment (none) is also very satisfying.

    That was fun. Thanks 🙂

  • Donna, I would LOVE to read your response to ISPG – International Society of Psychiatric Genetics

    Learning Objectives:

    As a result of participating in this activity, participants should be able to:

    Analyze research consensus about how psychiatric disorders are inherited.

    Correlate morbid risk and the development of specific psychiatric disease when other family members have the illness.

    Assess latest gene findings that have been replicated.

    Utilize genetic testing on patients.

    Illustrate language used in psychiatric genetic studies.

  • Effexor XR gave me brain zaps and made me bark like a dog.

    Anonymous, I don’t bark like a dog.

    And I’m not selling anybody anything.

    I acted real strange and bizarre on Effexor XR and NO – it WASN’T “unmasking” anything. It was the drug itself that was …


    Bad drug, BAD.

  • “And, while we argue and debate, new laws are sweeping the country whose explicit intention is to force chemical compliance which has been documented to shave at least 25 years off the lifespan of anyone who is captured.”

    “In the New Yorker Magazine, “The Rats of NIMH” was a metaphor for collusion and corruption between government and medicine.”

    This looks a little scary to me

    XXIst World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics

    Redefining Mental Illness Through Genetics

    I enjoyed reading your informative and *awesome* entry. I feel myself appreciating it and that feels pretty good. Thank you.

  • Taming Suspect Gene Reverses Schizophrenia-like Abnormalities in Mice

    ““The deficits reversed when we normalized Neuregulin 1 expression in animals that had been symptomatic, suggesting that damage which occurred during development is recoverable in adulthood,””

    Damage? What damage? How? Are you saying schizophrenia is brain damage?

    “Schizophrenia is thought to stem from early damage to the developing fetal brain, traceable to a complex mix of genetic and environmental causes. ”


    Environmental causes. Like what? Electric lights? Perfume? Cigarette smoke? Exhaust fumes? Processed foods? Disco? Pluto, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter?

    I still think there’s something about the brain FLUID that holds some answers.

    Explain the screeching feedback sound I got from putting my head next to a radio, during a radiation / cosmological event. I certainly didn’t imagine it.

    Which element, too much or too little? Chemical imbalance, huh?

    Can so-called schizophrenia be MALNUTRITION, deficiency or excess? What if my birth mother was eating too much red meat?

    Can somebody have a neurological condition like Non-24 Hour circadian rhythm AND schizophrenia?