Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • I was just wondering if either Mr. Lewis or Mrs. Ryan suffer with chronic pain issues? I was born with hip dysplasia and now have no cartilage left in my hips. Bone on bone condition with bone spurs and bone cysts. I do physical therapy everyday. It is necessary to keep muscle strength but in no way does it make my pain go away. In most cases more use means more pain.

    I guess what I am asking is do either you have a clue about what real pain is? If either of you do suffer from long term chronic pain, then have the measures you just listed kept it at bay without any pain medication? If either of you don’t have chronic pain and you are just repeating what the anti-pain med lobby is advocating then I don’t think either of you can speak for those of us who have used medication responsibly for real conditions involving pain.

    Also the New Heroin Epidemic has been created by this movement to deny pain medication to legitimate pain patients. So in a way those who are pushed into street drugs or take their lives and die as a result should be considered premeditated murder victims. Murdered by the persons who are pushing this agenda. Just like denying food and shelter to a child resulting in death would be.

    I read an article on Prince’s death that talked about the records that are generated when a person fills a prescription. The data is being stored but no one is looking at it until a person dies. The records that show Prince was filling multiple Percocet prescriptions may have saved his life if someone was paying attention. I have no problem with these records being kept because I am not doctor shopping or losing my meds all the time. To keep such records and then say we can’t look at them because it violates one’s HIPPA rights it just stupid. However, it is perfectly fine to violate all my civil rights as a legitimate chronic pain patient who does not abuse drugs.

    I really think all of this needs to challenged in court. People’s pain and suffering is being exploited. State and Federal Enforcement Agents are actually killing people through not using the information right in front of them. As well as pushing people affected to dangerous street drugs and or suicide. Some others are having risky surgeries because their meds have been cut down or cut off only too be in more pain and possibly worse off or dead.

    I appeal to all the personal injury attorneys out there. People are being injured and we need legal help. Start helping those of us who can stand up in court and defend ourselves to have some quality of life. Maybe if all of us filled a complaint with the ACLU nationwide we might start something in the courts. We have got to start somewhere or very soon all of us will be labeled as drug addicts with no credibility what so ever. This has already taken root since people like Mr. Lewis state we are all addicts no matter what and to just do the things on his list and you will be fine.

    Last question. Are we all food, water and air addicts because we seek this stuff out continuously in order to live? Overeating and Obesity is killing more than drug overdoses, but nobody is restricting all the junk food or preventing those who should not eat it from doing so. Ultimately people die from this and it cost the taxpayer huge amounts of money for disability and healthcare.

    We just need reasonable and rational ways to provide the care that is needed. We also need to be on the lookout for those who do have problems with habit forming drugs. Any of us can fall into that trap, but there are some with a genetic predisposition to abuse drugs . I heard that in my State when a person gets a DWI now they are tested for the addiction gene profile. If they carry the genes that make addiction more likely the system takes special precautions to prevent a relapse with that person. Basically they are followed more closely and offered the support to stay out of trouble. These things can be accomplished instead of making everyone suffer for the behavior that a few out of many are faced with.

  • I am a chronic pain patient. I have had neck and back surgery and suffer from degenerative disc disease. I also suffer from some kind of osteoarthritis that has attacked just about all of my joints. I need hip replacements, knee and ankle surgery. I am only 47 so having these joint replacements now would not last me to the end of my life. So I have been told to wait until I am at least 60. I have already been through pain management doctors who love the crack down on pain meds. They don’t make much on writing scripts but they make thousands with nerve blocks and steroid injections. So I only treat with my GP. Just recently The State Medical Board told my GP to cut everyone’s pain medication. I have been taking Tramadol for 7 years at one 50 mg. pill every 6 hours. It helps and is worth taking for pain, but I got cut by 25%. So now it is every 8 hours. The drug wears off in 4 or 5 hours. So my pain goes off the charts when it wears off. I think all legit pain patients should get together and sue the organizations who are making our lives more difficult. I am disabled and on Medicare. I can still go get my joint replacements done now that will cost the tax payer 100’s of thousands and might very well kill me or leave me worse off than I am now. But a $5 generic prescription of Tramadol is too deadly, however I will get Oxycotin and later Lortab in the weeks after each of my joint replacements. So I can still get pain medication if I let a surgeon cut on me every few months. Thank God I am not an addict because I won’t be having all these surgeries just to get relief from my chronic pain but many in this country are. I bet the surgeries kill more people than the medications do.On top of that this is bankrupting our country and makes heath care too costly for Us all which in turn makes all of Us less healthy.