Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • I have been stable on the same dose of opioids for numerous, incurable, untreatable chronic pain conditions. I undergo a ridiculous amount of extra appointments to pain management and specialists. Drug screenings and pill counts are part of my life. I never fail a test, I’m never off on my count. But I AM vilified by anti-opioid zealots who want to blame me and my doctors for their loved ones demise.

    I know nobody becomes addicted from one doctor visit. People need to learn more about what their loved ones were REALLY doing, not just what they were told. As for lawsuits, what can I say, lawyers see one side and it’s the side that brings in the most money. Tell me that’s not true.

    I believe you don’t sue people for problems you caused yourself, blaming the doctors, blaming the drugs. Who kept returning to the doctor asking for more and more? Who lied and went to many doctors and many pharmacies to get more drugs than their doctors knew they were taking? When people own up to their actions, the truth will become evident, but then how will lawyers and people make money suing for their own actions?

    Guess chronic pain patients are going to continue to pay for lying and greed as well as misinformation. We suffer while others get rich. It’s the American way.