Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • Dr. Litrell, Have you ever experienced severe debilitating pain? Pain so bad you curl up in a ball and beg God to take you?! DOUBTFUL. I don’t expect anything less from addiction specialists such as yourself who make it sound so easy, Opiod therapy is the LAST RESORT for nearly all chronic pain pts, such as myself. Opiods finally gave me a QUALITY OF LIFE (when I was on the right dose) Not anymore though. Im left bedridden, in agony, as my meds gave been reduced more than half, This is sheer torture. It is INHUMANE AND BARBARIC to allow the chronically ill to suffer.! So you are saying only those on their deathbeds should have access to pain relief!? Do you even realize that many pain pts are on their deathbeds!? We are at war with our own bodies everyday, Everyday another piece of me dies as I watch the workd go on without me. If it weren’t for my kids Id be another statistic, . Im lucky to get two hours of sleep at night , I open my eyes filled with tears from the pain. only to start the hell all over again. This is wrong! And it is also GENOCIDE!

  • I too am so sorry your are also a victim of this war on CPP’s. I feel like im at war with my own body, every part of me being ripped to shred, a war I cannot win without the proper medication to lessen the pain. Ive already been down the alternative therapy route, thousands of dollars in debt, was stuck with even more pain after god only knows how many injections, epidurals, nerves burned, steriods, Years of PT, massage, chiro, accupuncture, two failed spinal fusions..Like you stated, innocent law abiding chronically ill citizens are being forced to turn to the streets for relief or suicide. Last week aline Ive read of 20 suicides from legitimate pain pts who were stripped of their life saving meds, who were treated like some low class citizen, a pill seeking junkie, Your dam right im seeking pills, pills that gave me a QUALITY OF LIFE!

  • Only ignorant people continue to believe the media bs. ‘yoyr sure chronic pain maybe a problem with some folks” Its more than just a problem, its life threatening. Do you have any idea what it feels like to have your back feel and look like its been freshly bearen with a baseball bat, ir your knees feeling like a hammer is hitting them or your hips feeling like they are being dragged on the concrete chipping away at your bones or the sensation of electric type shocks running down your legs, piercing, burning stabbing pain that runs into your feet where your foit feels like its caught in a bearclaw trap, If you dont know what it feels like to exist in severe pain every day of your life, allow me to show you, i am not a violent person but in order for you to experience what myself and thousands upon thousands, millions even, allow me to swing a bat to your back nonstop cuz my pain never goes away unless i take the meds LEGALLY prescribed to me, then my pain is tolerable, butin order for you to get the full affect, you will be denied anything for the severe pain you are about to be in. While your back is being tortured your knees will be beat with a hammer, coukd you imagine the pain!? I have MULTIPLE DEBILITATING CONDITIONS INCURABLE CONDITIONS, look up CRPS/RSD AKA THE SUICIDE DISEASE, just one of many conditions I have, Let me know when your up for the challenge..

  • AA, From a chronic Intractable pain patient, thank you. We are being unfairly punished and it’s a living hell. Everything Mr. Lawhern states is the truth. The government just keeps on creating mass hysteria , feeding the people of this country a bunch of horse shit. And what a bunch of hypocrits they are. I don’t doubt for a second that many of those in congress, dea, cdc fda or their loved ones depend on pain meds for a QUALITY OF LIFE, there is no way they are all in such perfect health, but they have their private drs and pharmacies in their back pocket and aren’t put thru the hell we are put thru, pharmacies denying to fill legitimate prescriptions, even if you’ve been with the same pharmacy for many years, they are now denying to fill lifesaving scripts, sending people on whats called the pharmacy crawl, they want us to stay with one pharmacy and yet the pharmacy refuses to fill the script. When we go to another pharmacy then we are flagged a drug seeker, If we go to see another dr, for another opinion, bam flagged again as a dr shopper, when all we want is to live the rest of our lives in as less pain as possible. The pendulum has swung way to far, its GENOCIDE , no other way to put it,mwhen legitimate pain pts are being denied the one treatment they gave them QUALITY OF LIFE. Another thing that infuriates me is how many drs hold our scripts hostage, forcing us into injections that most times do not work, but if we don’t do them we cant have the script. No other medical condition is a patient put thru such hell. We can’t even take a vacation with families as we are “on call” to be brought in at anytime for a ridiculous pill count, give me a break. Im 51 yrs old, and honestly am way beyond my breaking point,

  • The petition to google is : petition2congress first do no harm..

    Also under search cdc guidelines , thousands have signed that one as well, and there are plenty more going around. The DEA’s war on drugs is a war on legitimate chronic intractable pain patients and our drs.

  • I know thise of us when nhave been on opiods for years will definitely not agree with your first paragraph, No evidence? Why is that? Maybe because the anti opiod zealots, your so called panel of experts, who are nothing but addiction drs who know nothing about long term chronic debilitating pain. They have everything to gain by stripping legitimate pain pts of our lifesaving meds, Dr. Kolodny, the kingpin addiction specialist and his sidekick Ballantyne have lots of $$$ to put in the pockets of greedy politicans, they stand to gain a fortune as many of these legitimate pain pts will be forced into detox ctrs, put on suboxone, which Kolodny just raves how effective it is, ITS AN ADDICTIVE OPIOD , that takes the withdrawal away, they say it reliefes pain, but it did nothing for me. Please go soend some time with the suffering, Are you aware that senior citizens in nursing homes are being forced into agony!?!? Many have debilitating conditions and exist in severe pain, I read an article from a nurse in a nursing home and her outrage over the lack of care our senior citizens are receiving. They are suffering in pain and are offered one ibuprofen pill in the morning, She stated how these people are being abused and denied pain relief, Did you know our VETS are being hit real hard, the people who selflessly out their lives in harms way to pritect your freedom, who come home wounded with missing limbs are being DENIED pain relief, why do you think the suicide rates among our VETS have increased!? Do you know if you go in for major surgery, you will onky be given three days of pain meds for post op care!? Regardless of the surgery done, and many surgeries take up to a year to recover, but yeah lets just remove pain medication from a persons post op care. The DEA/government have no business coming between a dr and patient and yet our rights to privacy, HIPPA and ADA laws stomped on, our human right to medical treatment stomped on, I use to say Id never wish my pain on anyonem not even the man who abused me, but not anymore, I wouLD love for all these anti-opiod zealots, those of you who judge and label a pain pts because they are dependent on medication for a QUALITY OF LIFE, who think our pain can’t be that bad, just walk it off, its all in your head, and so on, My wish is for all of them to walk in my shoes for a week without anything for the pain, you would be putting a gun to your head.

    You state there is little evidence the amount of prescriptions has declined, lmao, really!?!? maybe you ought to join some chronic pain groups or here’s a petition for you to google. one of many, where there are over 27,000 and growing hartbreaking stories of legitimate pain pts who have had meds lowered to ineffective doses or abruptly stopped, leaving a person in agony. In fact, the number of scripts written for opiods has declined greatly. We can’t even find drs willing to treat our pain. Some pain pts are driving hours to a dr, or out if state.. These people are not addicts, they are suffering in severe pain, and are seeking relief from hell. Does a chronic pain pt experience withdrawal if taken off meds and not weaned off,mhell yes they do, not because they are addicted, because they are dependentm theres a big difference between the two, just like a diabetic is DEPENDENT on insulin, or a heart pt DEPENDENT on heart medication, what would happen to those ppl should their lifesaving meds be suddenly stopped!? I imagine their bodies would start shutting down, they will become very sick, and probably die. So should we be labeling these patients as addicts b/c their bodies are DEPENDENT on the meds they need for a QUALITY OF LIFE!?

  • I too am a legitimate chronic intractable pain patient. I have MULTIPLE DEBILITATING INCURABLE CONDITIONS that cause me severe 24/7 pain UNLESS I am taking the pain medication that gets me thru the day. I just love those who no nothing ab ut chronic pain, but base their opinions on say coworkers who died from opiods, or by getting their propaganda BS info from corrupt organizations like the DEA, CDC, FDA and the government. First off THERE IS NO OPIOD EPIDEMIC! The CDC used FALSE DATA, and created FALSIFIED STATISTICS made to fit the governments addiction driven agenda. The CDC admits to MISCLASSIFYING MANY MANY heroin and fentanyl deaths as a prescription pill death. Suicides from legitimate chronic pain patients who took their lives due to inadequate pain relief were also listed as a prescription pill death. The CDC doubled one persons death, multile times, They did everything they could with opiod zealots leading the way, such as Dr Kolodny and Ballantyne, who lost lids to OD’s, Kolodny is the owner of the phoenix house detox ctrs and his sidekick Ballantyne, the director. Both of them feel those of us in debilitating pain should just suck it up cuz “it can’t be that bad”. They demonize our LIFE SAVING MEDICATIONS, stigmatize chronic pain pts as addicts, pill seeking junkies and we are treated like dam criminals.

    I was on the SAME STABLE DOSE for eight years with success, Never failed a piss test, have years and years of medical records that document my DEBILITATING CONDITIONS, such as ; CRPS/RSD AKA THE SUICIDE DISEASE, three herniated discs, fibromyalgia, DDD, cervical disc degeneration, osteoarthritis, severe stenosis, neuropathy, radiculopathy, sciatica, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, migraines, two FAILED spinal fusions that left me with severe nerve damage. I have tried the alternative therapies MY BODY, NOT ANYONE ELSE’s and surely not someone who knows nothing about what severe non sto pain is like, MY BODY could take and wallet could not afford including: YEARS of physical therapy, massage, chiro, accupuncture, TENS, epidurals that left me worse off, discographies, facet injections, nerve blocks, nerves burned, steriods, trigger point injections, OTC AND NSAIDS that tore my stomach and liver up and two FAILED spinal fusions, MY BODY has had enough of being poked and injected, twisted and manipulated and surely will never be cut open again. I have tried God only knows how many different muscle relaxers and many different types of pain relievers. Many of those alternative therapies left me worse off, many I got bad side effects from. When I wasn’t my surgeon at the time, walking success story he shived me off to pain management. The doctor I was with at the time was so compassionate and really care for those of us who are in severe pain. We finally found what meds worked for me and I was finally given some QUALITY OF LIFE. Then he left the practice, about four years ago and trying to find a new pain dr to take over was like finding a needle in a haystack. Even back then the stigma on the back of a chonic pain patient was horrible. I was NEGLECTED, MISTREATED, DEGRADED AND DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. I couldn’t find anyone in NJ and was so disgusted in our medical community and still am. I finally. found a dr thru my pharmacist. I’ve been with him for four years, come to find out he is my pharmacist husband. At first he was very compassionate and believed in me, no reason not to. I was on the same stable dose all these years until last March, then my world as I knew it came crashing down. My dr came in and tells me he has to lower everyones meds due to pressure from the DEA. I have been in a living hell ever since. My dr has played medication roulette, writing my scripts each month for all kinds of shit meds, I have a collection of pill bottles locked away, it sickens me to even look at them, as Ive tried all these meds years ago and did nothing for me but mostly make me sick. In December I pleaded with my dr to put me back on the mgs that worked for me. Oh he also took away the only muscle relaxer that helped me, told me it couldnt be combined with the pain meds, LIAR. My dr then tried to make me feel like I am something I AM NOT, Told me I was bargaining just to get pills and I got very uoset and told him DO NOT make me feel that way when you know dam well I am a legit patient. He agreed to putting the mgs back to what worked BUT only for three times a day, well I am NOT making ut every eight hours, I do not sleep but two hours at night. My health has greatly deteriorated since he lowered my meds and took some away. He tried me on gabapentin and lyrica, horrible drugs for me. Gave me a brain zapping sensation and did not agree with me. He cut my exteneded release to one a day which does nothing, surely dont last 24 hrs

    All I can do is shake my head at those who feel opiods harm you if on them for years. and those who say theres no proof what they do long term, step in the shoes of a chronic pain pt..What all these corrupt organizations are doing is INHUMANE AND BARBARIC. The most important people are left out-CHRONIC INTRACTABLE PAIN PATIENTS, OUR VOICES ARE NOT HEARD. It’s all about the $$$, and those of you who think there is a opiod epidemic, please educate yourself, for a start go to the page, search CDC and you will find many articles based on facts and truths, instead of listening to the mass hysteria bs the media reports, all one sided. In fact, the CDC is being sued by the WLF, for violating FACA laws, the way they went about the guidelines, what a nightmare.

    Taking opiods off the shelves and DENYING LEGITIMATE pain pts our HUMAN RIGHT to treat our pain with DIGNITY AND RESPECT, and with what tools work for each individual is not going to stop the addicts from getting their fix. I am so disgusted and am sick and tired of paying the very high price with my health and overall well being because of those who CHOOSE TO ABUSE! Chronic pain pts may become DEPENDENT on opiods for a QUALITY OF LIFE, BUT WE ARE NOT ADDICTED! I now suffer from anxiety and depression, I can no longer do the simple things like a daily shower, vaccum the rugs, cook a meal for my kid, walk my dog, sit at my sons basketball games, attend family gatherings and so on. When I was on the correct stable dose I was able to live life. Most days now I beg God to take me and ened my suffering, For all of you who pass judgement onto those of us who depend on opiods, allow a chonic pain pt to beat your back with a baseball bat everydya, as thats how mine feels and looks as well. Half of my back is bruised, discolored, and extremely painful. Its as if my spine is being crushed by a steam truck roller, my hips feel like they are being dragged on the concrete, my knees feel like they are being hit with a hammer, I get electric shocks in my right keg into my foot, puercing, stabbing, burning, shooting pains down to the ankle where my foot feels like its in a bearclaw trap, my right foot on pins and needles since the day I woke from surgery in 2008. Untreated chronic intractable pain kills. I choose QUALITY OF LIFE and would much rather live life on opiods for the rest of my life then stay bedridden daily. I am physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. Remember, chronic pain does not discriminate and can affect anyone. What makes me even more furious is the lack of care one gets when going to an ER. Ive read horror stories and even witnessed my brother who has been thru hell since December, had six back surgeries since then, contacted MRSA from a botched up surgery and he went to the ER after the surgery in December,mhe was in severe pain,and the surgeon put him on the wrong pain meds, didnt bother to check his records to see what he previously was on, The ER did NOTHING for him, oh they gave him tylnol how can I forget that, My brother sat there for six hours in severe pain,,They told him they can’t give him anything u til the surgeon called in b/c the surgeon wasn’t affiliated with the hosp. The surgeon never called and my brother was left to suffer in agony, Ive read many stories from others who went to the ER in severe pain, only to be treated like an addict, pill seeking junkie, degraded, their pain went untreated, told theres nothing wrong, they were not offered anything for pain, and several of these pts died right in the parking lot due to the fact that the er drs couldn’t do their job correctly.

    What’s even more infuriating is that addicts, people who CHOOSE TO BREAK THE LAW, CHOOSE TO ABUSE AND GET HIGH, are being put front and center, offered all kinds of compassionate treatment, are given many chances to screw up and welcomed back, hell the government even passes out ckean needles and gives addicts a place to shoot their shit up with. Be a chronic intractable pain sufferer , a law abiding chronically ill person from debilitating incurable diseases, someone who follows all the rules, and we get NEGKECTED, ABUSED, MISTREATED, DEGRADED AND DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Drs are closing their doors and turning their backs on us, We are treated like dam criminals with having to do drug tests monthly, surprise pill counts, its like your checking in with a probation officer and not a caring physician. The DEA continues with their failed war on drugs, they stand alongside the cartel,wash my hand ill wash yours, heroin is out of control and yet that does not come from our drs. If the dam government was so concerned about saving lives then they shoukd target alcohol and tobacco whise death rates FAR EXCEED THE FALSIFIED IVERDOSE DEATHRATE. But noo thats the accepted drug, Just imagine the outrage if people could no longer have their wine at night, no more getting drunk, etc..or if the government restricted people from smoking, We treat animals better in this country, if I were to allow my dog to suffer in pain I’d be arrested on animal cruelty charges, why is it acceptable to torture human beings!?!? I am at war with my body and the severe pain is winning, My kids are suffering because of me.They see their mom giving up, see me crying in severe pain, hell i cant even drive to my onky daughters house for visits anymore.

    Mr. Lawhern, thank you for this spot on article! We need to fight for our human rights to pain medications. As the UN has stated the US is in a human rights crisis. DENYING legitimate pain pts relief from the torture that is raging thru our bodies is GENOCIDE! We are left with two options, turn to the streets for relief getting God knows what, or SUICIDE! And if the CDC and whoever else is labeling a,l these suicides as overdoses boy would the numbers be much much different. Suicide should never be an option, and yet its what the government, DEA, CDC, FDA are pushing legitimate pain pts to. We are being forced to exist in severe pain, forced to endure even more pain and suffering, We need a class action lawsuit against these murderers, who have the blood of many legitimate pain pts on their hands. Our rights as citizens of this country are being violated bigtime.

    Thank you Mr. Lawhern for all you are doing and for this spot on article! I am willing to help anyway I can. Ive been writing to senators, the president, the DEA ( i did get a letter back frim them, stating they are not targeting drs and pain pts, smdh, nothing but lies) the CDC, FDA, multiplemedia outlets. When A person has years and years of medical records, mri’s, xrays, scans tests, have debilitating diagnosis, and have tried what their body coukd take there shoukd be absolutely NO reason to be denied medication to relieve the pain. We DO NOT get high or any euphoria, we get pain relief!