Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • Thanks Johnna. Methinks also that he has never suffered chronic pain himself. Real patients are not statistics. Real patients are not “studies”. We are individuals each with our own stories to tell. I suffer chronic migraines, and I have since my teens. I suffered for so many years and even considered applying for disability in my 30s because my chronic head and neck pain was hindering my ability to do my job as a registered nurse (I also did nursing school with this chronic pain, was a wife, maintained a home, and raised 3 sons). I finally found relief with a pain specialist who treated my neck and shoulders with Botox, and put me on a low dose of Opana. I have maintained that low dose for eight years. I have never needed to increase my dose. My chronic pain has gotten better, not worse, and I’ve been able to LIVE again. I am not a statistic! Please don’t generalize chronic pain sufferers.

  • Uhm, I hate to burden you with facts, but here they are. It is not, in fact, illegal to grow opium poppies (papaver somniferum). However, it is indeed a federal offense to use those poppies for anything other than looking lovely in your garden. The moment you start drinking poppy juice, you’re breaking federal law.