Thursday, May 26, 2022

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  • Michael,

    I have been a physical rehabilitation therapist for 35 years and have worked with infants,children and adults with a variety of physical, neuro-developmental and/or behavioral-psychiatric conditions in settings to include hospitals and other community facilities. We often work as a team with physicans, psychiatists, social workers, neurologists, neuro-psychologists etc. Working in these “team environments” has given me a better perspective on how other professions approach what we call “diagnoses and treatment”. I recently left the industry albeit quietly, because I could no longer be a participant in what I will refer to as the “corporate machine”. Modern Medicine, Psychiatry and Alternative Therapies have turned into nothing more than patient quota and billing productivity machines burning the candle at both ends in the name of profits while forsaking the very patients they claim are being “helped”. When will the Medical, Psychiatric and Alternative Therapy communities realize that although there have been some gains, these disciplines have not after decades of billing various diagnoses, treatments and medications been able to effectively treat, much less cure the most common medical and psychiatric conditons that have exsisted for centuries. There is no incentive for anyone to cure anything. They just keep billing “diagnoses codes” to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies so the overhead can be paid at the end of the month. I could write a book on the rampant misdiagnoses and fraud that I have witnessed on a daily basis as a practitioner in these facilities. What is even worse is that many of the “clinicians” dressed in white lab coats, holding the clipboards and making these diagnoses have a diagnosis themselves. So we have a good number of Narcissistic, Borderline, Obsessive Compulsive and other personality disordered people running the organizations. And dare not ask questions lest you be banished from the kingdom. On a separate note, the “machine” has gotten much worse with the recent “demonizing” of chronic pain patients who take opioid medications for intractable pain conditions and have failed multiple prior treatments. These are not “street addicts”. These are children in hospital Cancer units, Veterans coming back with injuries from war, elderly people in nursing homes etc. People injured in car accidents are being treated in the ER with aspirin for pain all because of the so-called “war on drugs”. Chronic pain patients are now being forced into invasive surgeries and painful procedures that have failed over and over to offer a cure of much relief. Once again medical, psychiatric, alternative and addiction treatment centers are booming with business. Who are we helping? Medicine and Psychiatry have failed and we blame the “patients”. While I can empathize with the “war on addiction” to some degree, the restriction and stigmatization of pain medications for patients with legitimate pain conditions has caused an epidemic of suicides and an increased use of misdiagnosed psych labels. There are many high level contributing members of society who may require a combination of “treatment methods” to include taking pain or psych meds just to function, hold a job, or raise a family. Now many of these people have been forced to collect disability because they are let go from employers or insurance companies who will not accommodate the needs. I thought “function” was what we strived to see in our patients and society as a whole. It’s become Eugenics for the sake of profit and weaning out the “drains on society”.
    Genetics and Epigenetics is nothing new. Every human being is born with a genectic pool of traits that may include organic mental and physical conditions as well as environmental and/or behavioral traits or practices. Who really cares what the diagnosis is? We all have to live on the planet. In my opinion we need to go undercover and expose these frauds in a documentary and then in the media. Small blogs and podcasts are good but it is not enough to get the system to change. Mass media exposure is the only way.

    War of the Minds

  • To Richard D Lewis (addiction specialist 19 years), and Johanna (paralegal/workers comp)

    I have been a physical rehabilitation therapist for over 35 years and have worked with thousands of children and adults with a variety of diseases and conditions, to include work in pain management clinics and psychiatric units. I have performed many worker’s comp evaluations and made many recommendations. Richard Lewis (addictions clinician for 19 years) asks the question whether or not there are coexisting psychiatric diagnoses in chronic pain patients. Ms. Johanna(worker’s comp and paralegal) and Mr. Lewis also seem to think that the “new” alternatives for pain management lie in exercise, rehabilitation/PT, and OTC medications. Anyone who has chronic pain themselves or has worked with multi-disciplinary teams in pain management to include physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, psychologists, worker’s comp/work hardening programs etc. knows that we need to use a combination of treatments to include pain meds, and there is a mix of so-called “normal every day people” coming in for treatment with the intention of returning to work or other “functional” roles, and the ones we consider “malingerers” or those with so-called ” co-existing psychosomatic or psychiatric illnesses”. The latter are a low percentage. There is nothing new about genetics and epi-genetics. There is nothing new about trying to attach any of these diagnoses, or for that matter misdiagnosis, to assist in determining a patient treatment plan. There is definitely nothing new about the prescription of non-narcotic and OTC medicines, alternative therapies such as physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, myofacial release, TENS, galvanic stimulation and many, many more. The idea that we are re-packaging these same treatments and selling them as “new” is a fallacy. Many chronic pain patients started out trying all of these so-called treatments being sold as “cures”. There is also nothing new about pain psychology or the use of psych meds to treat mental illness or the accompanying anxiety and depression that goes along with chronic pain and illness. Many have failed these over and over. Is that the patient’s fault?

    Treatment teams routinely encounter these issues on the front-lines every day. If you have been in the business long enough you do not need to argue whether or not these populations exist or require some expensive research study or war of the minds to determine efficacy or incidence. Furthermore, it is likely that the very people who are wearing the “white lab coats and carrying the clipboards” who assess these patients, may have similar conditions to include co-existing psychiatric diagnoses and/or personality disorders etc, along with a variety of medical conditions. If we drug tested and psychologically evaluated every person in the US we would probably find a significant number have some underlying behavioral dysfunction or are taking legitimate narcotic pain or psychiatric prescriptions on the job to maintain function in the work place and home. Let’s not kid ourselves. There are millions of people in the work force taking narcotics and psych meds for a variety of legitimate conditions and continue to be high functioning productive members of society. Now many of those have been added to the disability roles because they have been denied the pain medication or psych meds that helped them function. Big Brother and risk management departments everywhere know exactly what prescriptions you are on and how much you or your family costs the company and country in healthcare. That my friends is what this war is all about, money, and weeding out of the weak and “burdens on society.

    So this brings us back to the war on innocent pain patients. Does it really matter who has a co-existing psychiatric disorder and chronic pain? Schizophrenics develop the same painful and debilitating conditions as the rest of us. I urge you to stop in to your local hospital burn unit, children’s cancer ward, nursing home, or veterans rehab unit. You will see “real pain”. Someday we will all face pain and suffering. The Federal and State Intractable Pain Laws, American’s With Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Laws, and the AMA, all give patients the right to be treated with medications to include narcotics, to relieve suffering, and choose medications over other therapies or invasive treatments. Where are all the fancy disability attorneys, politicians, federal, state, and non-profit advocacy groups who signed these guidelines into law? We have not heard a peep from them. If we are keepers of the law we know that what has been thrust upon thousands of innocent people everywhere may be considered at the very least medical negligence and abandonment.
    When will Modern Medicine,Psychiatry, and Alternative therapies admit that although we have made gains, the fact remains that over decades we have not been able to, without the use of medications to include supplemental opioids, effectively treat or cure human diseases and psychiatric conditions that have existed for centuries. We just keep billing Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for the same failed treatments over and over. Medicine is a business as is Psychiatry, and Alternative Therapies.

    In my opinion we have become nothing more than greedy salesmen burning the engines of corporate profits and patient care at both ends. We have become nothing more than boasters of knowledge, all at the expense of innocent people we call “patients.” My plea is for you all to take off your white lab coats, erase your credentials, and put down your clipboards. Listen to what legitimate people in pain are saying. They have been trying alternative treatments for years with limited long-term relief. They are saying opioids have been the least restrictive and have provided optimal function for many years. Who needs to do a study? We have thousands writing congressman with their stories. There are bad side effects for just as many OTC drugs. Do we tell diabetics that they cannot have their insulin because they are overweight and have bad eating habits? There are people suffering and threatening to commit suicide. This is Auschwitz revisited. There are too many of us too far removed from the reality of this situation.
    Let’s see what we can agree on and do about this mess of innocent human suffering we are seeing as a result of this so-called war on drugs.