Monday, July 13, 2020

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  • Hey I thought that Dr Lewis Judd – the former Director of NIMH promised us that mental illness will be conquered by the year 2000. I guess there isnt much sanity or honesty in modern psychiatry= just a lot of greedy narcissists who try to impose their will on the rest of society.

  • I would not be surprised about the repurposing- given the innovation gap and problems- especially costs involved in developing nde’s. In fact I have seen some research on using anti-psychotics for chronic pain.
    The capitalistic/modernistic/scientistic model of pain care is assumed to be right as the natural order of things by its purveyors. Im a Christion- and my religion tells me there are many false prophets and to “test everything” So Im not stuck on buying into the modern way of pain care and its frequent use of the big lie technique to market its products. I use critical theory to see what is not there so to speak and the modern way of pain care is lacking in many ways. Its anti-democratic and divisive and social darwinism writ large. I believe in a more classical approach- more inclusive and syncretistic approach to pain care. But such an approach i s a great threat to the egos of the powers that be that dont believe all elements of society should work together to improve pain care.