Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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  • I find this article well written. The comments below wildly leaping from what seems like experimental treatments, neurobiology, EMDR, neurofeedback that are cost prohibitive without serious studies to show effectiveness; to rants on capitalism.

    I am the daughter of a diagnosed paranoid disorganized schizophrenic. Trauma induced. At a very young age I watched her beg God to release her from her disease. Fight for her right not to be medicated, institutionalized, insulin treated, shock treated and have her medical and financial decisions taken away from her. Maybe I was too young to witness so much. Maybe all young children should see such depth of pain.

    The experts were trying to help. It was the best they could do in those times. Yet they tortured my mother. Plain and simple. No anesthesia. It was cruelty.

    She still lives alone. She still refuses to take medications. She has her moments. But my mom is my hero. Your mom may have been mother of the year, but mine survived 14 shock treatments and countless insulin treatments. She fought for her rights and as much sanity as she could hold on to. She’s a complete rock star!

    Noel great post! Ramesh, dude! Keeping you in my prayers!!