Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • What can this group do with regard to our beloved elderly, who do not have “mental illness” and do not have dementia, but are being pharmaceutically raped when they are penetrated with a hypodermic needle full of dangerous and powerful antipsychotic drugs by predatory healthcare workers? This heinous crime is being played out all across the United States, killing over 15,000 elder victims each and every year in skilled nursing facilities alone with NO accountability~! We won’t see positive change unless and until these medical predators start doing time in prison for their despicable abuse of our beloved elderly.

  • I agree Stephen, but as in my Mother’s and my case, many families are solicited “rehab” care by hospitals who contract with nursing facilities. I had my Mother wait in the ER while I went to Roseville Point Health and Wellness Center outside of Sacramento, CA. It was the facility that Kaiser Permanente contracted with, and Kaiser recommended a week of physical therapy rehab for her back sprain. Advocating for and acting as my Mother’s Medical Durable Power Of Attorney-In-Fact as appointed in her active, up-to-date and notarized Advance Healthcare Directive and per her request, I told executive staff at Roseville Point that NO antipsychotic drugs were to be given to my Mother for any reason or under any circumstances and they assured me they wouldn’t. Having that assurance was what influenced my Mother and I to cautiously agree to the rehab care. We were lied to and mislead.

  • I’m highly aware of how corrupt the State of Florida is. Debbie McGraw Sowden shares her Dad’s horrific story that happened in Florida and it is a chilling tale where she watched her Father bleed to death….from his RECTUM! This poor man died a horrible death and to make matters even more strange, the medical examiner’s office issued is death certificate as a “John Doe” with the social security number of 999-99-9999 and there is a man she doesn’t even know, listed as “next of kin”! Her Father isn’t even buried yet! Like you, she can’t sue because her Mother as her Dad’s spouse is also deceased and Debbie is over 25…..https://www.facebook.com/debbie.mcgrawbarger/videos/10208591242797912/?autoplay_reason=user_settings&video_container_type=4&video_creator_product_type=0&app_id=350685531728&live_video_guests=0

  • I agree. Antipsychotic drugs are not approved by the FDA for off-label use in the elderly and the FDA has a Black Box Warning of the increased risk of death in the elderly and yet, Chemical Restraints continue to be a rampant problem in healthcare facilities. Medicare is not supposed to pay for these drugs in this manner, but they do indeed pay. In other words, taxpayers are paying for elder abuse! This is not a GOP vs DEM issue because both sides are equally guilty; The Center For Responsive Politics has complied a comprehensive data base for people to view. In 2016 the Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries were the leaders of the pack in “lobbyists” to our bought-and-paid-for Government, spending a whopping $244M and $146M; in 2015, they spent over $241M and $157M. Follow the money. The Hippocratic Oath should really read “First Do No Harm….to shareholders”!…https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/top.php?showYear=2016&indexType=i

  • Thank you so much for your condolences and understanding of this heinous crime. In honor and in memory of my Mother, my focus is to create public awareness and work with other elder abuse advocates in educating Law Enforcement that this crime must be aggressively prosecuted criminally in front of a jury where it belongs. The laws are already on the books and this type of abuse is defined in the Federal and State Criminal Elder Abuse Statues. District Attorneys can also add other felonies such as assault with a deadly weapon and great bodily harm to the felony elder abuse penal code and when the victim is over 70 years of age, the prison sentences can be lengthened like they are in child abuse cases. Elderly under Federal and State Law are considered “protected persons” and predators who dare abuse them can face very serious charges. Law Enforcement is being educated on how to successfully prosecute medical elder abusers and the tide is turning. In this case, former RN and convicted Felony Elder Abuser Gwen Hughes thought she was above the law when she pharmaceutically raped her elderly victims with Chemical Restraints but her luck ran out. Too bad the CA Attorney General’s Office didn’t stop her before she racked up 23 victims, three of whom died. This was the first case of its kind in California and Law Enforcement are starting to use the Penal Codes in place to prosecute these predators. Hopefully, we’ll see more cases like this one, where medical predators will go to prison for their crimes. Only then, will we see positive change…..http://www.bakersfield.com/news/former-nursing-director-sentenced-to-years-for-inappropriately-medicating-patients/article_ce583533-5757-5f4c-8c0b-36db29cca62b.html

  • Suzanne, I am so very sorry for the loss of your Father in this egregious manner, may he rest in peace and may you always be a voice for him! I am painfully aware of the outrage and grief you are going through. I’m reminded of how dangerous Haldol is every time I visit my Mother’s grave! My petite, 82 year old Mother (with a heart condition) sprained her back in December of 2012. The hospital recommended a week of physical therapy rehab for the back sprain. I had heard about predatory healthcare workers drugging the elderly with antipsychotic drugs and as my Mother’s Medical Durable Power Of Attorney, I told executive staff at the facility that no antipsychotic drugs were to be given to my Mother for any reason or under any circumstances and they assured me they wouldn’t. My Mother and I had no idea we were being lied to and mislead. My Mother had no mental illness and no dementia. She died in an irreversible vegetative state just days after being forcibly injected with Haldol, against her will and against MY orders as her Durable and Medical Durable Power Of Attorney-In-Fact by unscrupulous healthcare workers at Shlomo Rechnitz’s Roseville Point Health and Wellness Center outside of Sacramento, CA. I have had National and Local television and media exposure on what happened to my Mother. You can view this ABC News10 Sacramento expose’ on the drugging of the elderly where my Mother is the featured victim in the story. Please click on the smaller video screen below the thumbnail pic of my husband and I standing at my Mother’s grave with the ABC News Crew (for some reason the larger video does not load). The pharmaceutical rape of our beloved elderly by predatory healthcare workers who penetrate their victims with a hypodermic needle is Felony Elder Abuse in the United States and we won’t see positive change until these medical miscreants start doing time in prison for this heinous crime!…..http://www.abc10.com/news/investigations/chemical-restraints-anti-psychotic-meds-given-to-elderly-despite-warnings/181919144

  • PLEASE! Don’t forget about the other vulnerable group of Citizens who are being egregiously assaulted with Chemical Restraints by predatory healthcare workders; our beloved Elderly! My petite, 82 year old Mother died just days after being forcibly injected with the powerful and dangerous antipsychotic drug Haldol, against her will and against MY orders as her Durable and Medical Durable Power Of Attorney-In-Fact by an unscrupulous Nurse at Shlomo Rechnitz’s (google his name) Roseville Point Health and Wellness Center. She did not have mental illness and she did not have dementia. She was only supposed to do a week of short term physical therapy rehab for a back sprain when she was so egregiously assaulted. We must include elderly victims in this legislation because predatory healthcare workers are ignoring the law and stripping our elderly of their Federal and State legal Right to be free from these deadly and unnecessary drugs. I will NOT rest until those involved are arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sent to State Prison for what they did to my Mother!