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  • My self is not mentally unwell in my entire life, but was misdiagnosed kidnap and tortured for 2 weeks and just sent my 83 page writ and statement of claims from China to Perth’s District court Western Australia to sue the horror house for $750.000
    Its a lonely road as for example even this web site I am home alone and the best thing I did was go alone and not rely on any one like this web site which is fruit less,
    I am different as I was the fly on the wall in the horror house and have proven no mental illnesses, if had a mental illness you are disadvantaged by 99%.
    Garths a fine example and how powerful Jocks words are which are worthless and not targeting the real issues such as the diagnoses is wrong which jock is focusing his energy on a wrong diagnoses and misinformation from the monsters.
    As I said I am fly on the wall and know exactly what happened to Garth and that Jock has problems with listening like all god oh mighty psychiatrist .

  • How you can help

    I mentioned about there is no help even with this web site and all its forum members are powerless, including the many book writers such as Niall McLaren, how ever by lifting a finger and press the send button in an including Niall McLarenn finger.
    For and example I saved the 68 year old lady who had a flurry of full power king hits driven into her face by a extremely violent psycho which I dived between her and the psycho taking the punches meant for Denise, then grabbing him around his arms and held him tight, but after some time I lost my balance and both our weights fell onto my shoulder slamming into the concrete floor which I experienced extreme pain but still held him tight with an injured shoulder.
    As you would of read my last comments what happened after that.
    What every one on this forum can do is so easy, such as Denise wants to reunite with me who called me her guardian angle that saved her life and wants to be friends and a witnesses the night of the assault.
    Denise at the time of the assault was further traumatized when she saw me kidnapped and made involuntary just after saving her life because I asked for police and was going to the media, which at that time she was covered in blood while kept repeating, its my fault, its my fault they are doing this to you.
    Denise’s said she wants to know me personally for saving her life and also a witnesses to what happened but the WA state insurance company called Risk Cover and the Lawyers who are defending the defendants I am suing which are Daniela Vecchio Raj Sekhon Biji Thomas Geraldine Carlton Chris Cullen Geoffrey Williamson who are involved in my kidnapped, torture and harrowing reprisals who the lawyers will not give an answer to my request to reunite with Denise which of course would be with her consent.
    The lawyers say their clients are the WA state as Risk cover is owned by the WA state.
    All you have to do is send an email to Alix Whowell Risk Cover [email protected] and the law firm owners that are working for her, Piet Jarman and David McKenna, [email protected] [email protected] for a simple answer, yes or no about Denise and I to reunite ?
    They are meant to do an investigation but all they have done absolutely nothing so far but dig their heels in and keep silent hoping I will disappear like they all do, but I am in China so they can not get their hands on me again and are the representing lawyer that can have the Perth’s District court trial televised from China.
    You can also send the same message CC to the Western Australian news [email protected]
    Its as simple as lifting a finger and press send.

  • My situation is I recently escaped from the clutches of the Western Austrian Rockingham hospital closed ward called Mimidi park where I was kidnapped, torture, forced injections from hell and on purpose misdiagnosed when it is proven at a cost of $12.000 of my hard earned $ that I had no mental illnesses in my life, which I was kidnapped because I saved a women inpatients life who is now 68 years old from a brutal and viscous king hits to her face by a psycho who also injured myself.
    I wanted police and said I would go to the media because the male nurse and security are laughing while they are pushing the head of the screaming psycho into the concrete floor and it took one hour before they tended the 68 year old called Denise who is covered in blood and in extreme shock, plus I am injured and threatened with violence each time I asked for them to help Denise,
    I kept asking for police and they screamed no police are coming and when at the ED I waited out side for some fresh air and then a male nurse comes outside and starts yelling at me to go inside the locked part of the hospital, I said I want police, and again he screamed NO POLICE ARE COMMING and then pulled out his cell phone and rang the administration to start a involuntary order.
    I left the hospital grounds to go the nearest house to ask them to phone police because I feared for my life.
    The police came and then dropped me of back at the horror house without a word and then I was surrounded buy security and male nurses forcing a large cocktail of drugs or they are going to hold me down and inject me.
    I place the drugs under my tongue and calmly walked to the bedroom and spat them out and pretended to sleep.
    It was two weeks of hell and injections which I ended up and making them believe they had broken me, but the moment I was free I cursed them and said I will sue, they hunted me all the way to Darwin where I was safe like Garth is in Brisbane, but they still sent faxed messages to police and medical professions to look out for because I started two ministerial enquires which the reprisals are unimaginable harrowing.
    I escaped Australia and went back to my home in Thailand and studied the FOI files for one year to sue the horror for $750.000 in the WA Perth District court.
    I need income so it was time to back on the tools, but my wife feared for my life if I return to Australia, so we decided to create designs and develop ideas in China to place on http://www.kickstaer.com to make an income which I am doing right now while preparing a writ to sue the Rockingham hospital for kidnap and torture which I have 3 months time left to take legal action or I forfeited the rights to do so.
    I have research all organizations that say they help with complaints including mental health law organizations and all are shams grouped with the actual predators them self’s, although one was helpful called the Citizens Committee on Human rights that put me in contact with Garths father, Bernard.
    I did contact Jock but he barked up the wrong tree and did not listen, thinking I wanted his help which is fruitless..
    Even this web site have all theses people that write books, but they are all are powerless as jock was with Garth in Brisbane and was only because Bernard had a escape plan, Garth is free.
    I have come to the final solution there is no help except false hopes and will go it alone and beat theses f..,kers in a court of law as the representing lawyer and lead the way for others to follow.

  • What I do not understand why Niall McLaren would say in his last article about Garth,
    “Oddly enough, the majority of his admissions were voluntary; he takes himself back to the hospital sometimes as little as a week after discharge.”
    That’s not true and wonder who told you that.
    Niall you should ask Garth and his father to read any article before you publish incorrect statements also to at least let them know you wrote about them.

  • Good news about Garth and his brave father Bernard who carefully thought out a plan for Garths escape, Bernard held a meeting with the freaks at the horror house while his other son was granted permission to take Garth out for lunch during that meeting.
    Bernard stretched the meeting out for 4 hours knowingly his two sons by the end of the meeting are above the clouds flying safely to another state where the horror houses have no legal authority to torture and false imprison Garth any further.
    Its found Garth has most likely no mental illnesses after all, but needs time to recover from the gross torture experiences and severe drugging , other wise Garth is in good spirits and well on his way to recovery.

  • The cost per day at the Mimidi park horror house in Western Australia, Rockingham hospital I found Geraldine Carlton executive director charges the tax payer for one inpatient each day is $3000 AUD
    Been the fly on the wall I know 99% from what the inpatients I saw if stayed in a 5 star hotel worth $3000 each night they would not need drugs forced into their bodies several times each day, instead they could have saunas, massages, room services with 5 star wine and dine and a variety of upmarket entertainments while watered on like royalty “5 star kindness”
    Or $3000 each day at the Horror house at Mimidi park watching male nurses and security tackle inpatients to the ground in front of you then drag them into a room and forcefully inject them to zombies, or watch violent males inpatients attack women inpatients who are in constant fear for their life’s,
    An example after I saved a 65 year lady’s life on arriving and tricked into the horror house from a vicious assault by an extremely strong violent male that attacked this women with a barrage of king hits to her face that I stopped and was injured in return, but this violent psychopath male was let out of seclusion the following day and back amongst the terrified women which I replaced him in seclusion for punishment because I wanted police and media while it is proved I had 100% no mental illnesses.
    I was then surrounded and held down and forcefully injected with drugs from hell that turned me into a Zombie because I made a complaint and said I will sue them.

  • Wow, Peter thank you for that

    I have no mental illness but got myself in a situation when I was on purpose misdiagnosed after saving a 65 year old women from a brutal assault by a inpatient and was also injured doing so.
    I wanted police and said I would go to media as I did not realize who theses people are and that they have the power of a Nazi SS gestapo.
    My reward for saving the women’s life was a long two week of hell which is exactly what you wrote, but because I am a human rights activist I bit the bullet and become the fly on the wall.
    Now I am sung theses monsters for $750.000 and are the representing lawyer, which unfortunately for them I am in China and out of their reach designing, developing and manufacturing for over 2000 http://www.kickstarter.com backers, I can file my writ and statement of claims and fax to the WA Perth’s District courts, who the courts administration said soon as I pay the $700 AUD filing fee, court proceeding time will start, also said I can place as many names on the one writ I want and can sue the psychiatrist, doctors nurses, social workers and directors personally, if no court settlement before hand I then have a televised court trial from China and are entitled to cross examine each of the filth for example that held me down while raping my body with injections from hell.
    If I was in Australia right now, I would be kidnaped and several injected just on say so to make sure I had no human right and no court action cold take place.
    I have been writing a book about how to DIY sue monsters and what they do including their lawyers and insurance company also the sham agencies that say they are a complaints system which all are worthless and are actually part of the monsters organization who fear of losing their high paid salary’s, I am also going public while suing them as secrecy is their weapon, but I am in China and they can not get their hands on me to shut me up and are squealing like a suck pig.

    Denis Stewart

  • This is an email from the Rockingham Hospital A/Manager Safety Quality and Risk
    Christine Cullen below, I was asking for the FOI files and just before Cullen gave the FOI to me, she finally answered my question in the email below.
    After I was given the FOI Cullen she said they will no longer communicate even if they have made a misdiagnosis .

    From: “Cullen, Christine”
    Sent: Friday, 2 May 2014 7:21 PM
    Subject: Request for other patients’ contact information

    Dear Denis

    With regard to your question about misdiagnosis, there are no protocols in place other than the FOI process.

    Yours sincerely
    Chris Cullen
    A/Manager Safety Quality and Risk
    08 95994578

  • Hi Boans
    You said “All parties involved will refuse to testify on the grounds they may incriminate themselves”

    This is my latest email below to their lawyers and RiskCover insurance company so you can understand I am not suing the hospital or the WA state which their lawyers wanted.

    Denis Stewart v Daniela Vecchio, Raj Sekhon, Biji Thomas, Geraldine Carlton, Chris Cullen, Geoffrey Williamson, {JMCK-ACTIVE.FID275646}

    Piet Jarman, David McKenna and Alix Whowell
    If you are not representing the named defendants above and only want to represent the Rockingham hospital, Minister of Health and the WA State, this means you are not legally entitled to except my writ and statement of claims on behalf the defendants I am actually suing.
    If you cannot give me the signed declarations or affidavits from the defendants that you are indeed representing the defendants, I then deem you are no longer representing the defendants and only have intensions of wrongfully protecting the defendants on behalf of the WA state which is then a conflict of interest.
    I look forward to the signed declarations or affidavits from the defendants mentioned if you still intend to defend each one personally and except their writ and statement of claims I will serve upon the defendants.
    You will also need to tell your ghost client that gives you your instructions on my behalf to identify itself, also please stop the prejudice and biased treatment and even better still try some integrity.

    Kind Regards
    Denis Stewart

  • Myself know exactly what Garth is experiencing, as I am suing the Rockingham hospital Mimidi Park in Western Australia for on purpose misdiagnoses, kidnap, torture, reprisals and retaliations, forced injections from hell etc..
    What happen is I had a virus and because I vomited liquids for over a week and could not keep fluid water in my system I almost died of hydration so I went to the ED Rockingham hospital and because of my unusual lifestyle as an inventor and human rights activist I was seen by a weirdo doctor who argued with me about my vegetarian values and helping poor people over seas while traveling
    He said stay a few days in a place next door that’s just like a holiday park and they can do a few test and can leave any time I want.
    I agreed but when I got to this so called holiday park I found it to be under lock and key mental ward.
    That night I was siting next to a 65 year old lady called Denise showing her how to use a remote for the TV and then she was attacked by a extremely violent male inpatient who was king hitting her to the head and I quickly placed my body between them and took the punches meant for Denise, I then wrapped my arms around this violent mans arms. but I lost balance and we both fell on concrete floor with our weights on my shoulder which I injured, but still held him tight.
    Security and a male nurse eventually came and grabbed this violent man and held him face down while he was screaming with rage, then the security and the male nurse started to laugh out loud.
    I immediately rushed over to comfort Denise and inspect her injuries as she is covered in blood and in severe shock and held her in my arms.
    The security and male nurse are still laughing and I said to stop laughing its not funny and then they threatened me with violence and to lock me in seclusion and carried on laughing.
    I said I want police to lay assault charges and I will go the media report their despicable behavior.
    It was 30 minutes before they are aware that Denise is in sever shock and covered in blood and that I am also injured as they are busy threatening me with violence while I repeatedly told them, Denise is injured and in shock and I a injured and said I want police over and over.
    I was treated like an unwanted dog and when in the ED to wait to x-ray my shoulder the mail nurse kept yelling at me to sit in a chair, I said to F..k of I am not your dog and I want police.
    He screamed no police are coming so I walked out of the hospital to wait outside the sliding door to get fresh air, but he followed me and was screaming to go back inside and told him I want police, then he phoned the administration in front me and spoke loudly he wants to make an involuntary order,
    I immediately went straight to a neighbors house to ask them to phone police for help as I feared my life and waited for police.
    During that time this male nurse made involuntary order and phoned police to say I was a escapee.
    The police came and did not listen to me and took me back to the horror house and left, then I was surrounding by the same security and male nurse forcing me to take a cocktail of drugs or they will hold me down and inject me.
    I managed to slip drugs under my tongue and pretend to sleep that night while they shine a torch in my eyes very 30 minutes.

    Two weesk of hell and forced infections that turn you into zombie saying I had Bipolar when I have proven no meta illness in my life that cost me $12000 to prove this.
    This month I am filling a writ to sue the monsters for $750.000 and are the acting lawyer .

    Garth is in a very dangerous situation with these very dangerous freaks who at any time they like can cause reprisals and more drugging or in Garths case, shocks to the brain if he dare makes a complaint let alone legal action .
    Garth is not violent at all as they say anything they want about him and they know no one can do anything about.
    How every I am a human rights activist and was the fly on the wall in the horror house and have no mental illnesses and will write a book how to “DIY sue the freaks”
    I live in China as its to dangerous to stay in AU and can file the writ and statement of claims from China and fax to the District court in Perth then serve the freaks at the Rockingham hospital who I have the right to cross examine each one of the low life’s that laid their filthy hands and injections into my body while trying to do to me exactly what they managed to do to Garth.