Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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  • What would a trauma informed society look like? It would include emotional wellness in it’s educational forums. It would encourage individuals to understand and explore their unique personality styles and gifts. It would cherish and value children, knowing that a nurtured and well loved child becomes a healthy, productive adult. It would offer community support for the hard times in life – unemployment, death and loss, disability, etc… It would be a society where people understood a shared responsibility to one another’s well being. It would encourage people to eat well and stay active. To have times of peace and stillness.

    This was an excellent article Noel, summing up many of my thoughts in this area, especially about mental health and “brain disease.” I’ll be sharing this with my clients. I recently did a radio show on Myths about Mental Illness in the Church. If anyone is interested, it’s Episode 4 at http://www.4hisglory.us/Christ-life-radio.

    Ramesh and any others in India may want to check out YourDOST – https://yourdost.com/