Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • Why is it that we still promote the idea that suicide is “permanent and self-destructive”?? Who says? We cannot accurately make either of those statements because the fact is – WE DON’T KNOW. For many, staying alive is the most self-destructive and permanent source of damage imaginable. If we truly cared about people, we would stop filtering their experience through our own or anyone else’s and help them in the way THEY ask for help, not in the the way WE think we should help them. A life of constant pain is not a gift, it’s not a miracle, and it’s not something that anyone who knows anything about it would EVER deliberately force someone into. AT BEST. Maybe one day our society will make death more readily available for those who simply don’t wish to be on this planet. It was not their choice (conscious anyway), and no one should have the right to make them stay. It’s a fucked up planet and if anyone can claim they’re happy at any given time, then they’re some of the lucky few. We don’t know shit. So we should stop pretending we do.