Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • I cycled in and out of hospital for 15 years, a cumulative of 3 years in hospital. Formed 4 or 5 times. About 32 different psych drugs and 26 electroshocks. I am not sure if I remember or was told at least once I was still convulsing in the recovery room. After I got involved in the movement I requested copies of my in hosp medical files trying to figure out what the hell my own story was. I noted there was no evidence of written consent for half the electroshocks. Even though simply a technicality I wanted to take action so it would be put on record so others might be aware. Not being able to afford a lawyer I found an org that might be able to represent me pro bono. Told them my story and what I found in my records. They stated they would need to review my file however as it was over 10 tomes thick it would be $$. Thus they suggested I meet with the p-doc in question to see what excuse he might come up with. I went to the meeting prepared with research papers and the blog I had written on when CAMH placed an ad on Craigslist to recruit volunteers for electroshocks using flat out lies. Knowing how they operate felt was the better approach than using opinions, feelings etc to rebut him. Every time he tried to justify his actions whether the drugs or electroshocks I rebutted. Then he stopped the meeting stating he could only continue with legal representation. Unfortunately I had to leave it there. The even more interesting part of this was as I was walking down the hall towards his office two nurses were walking in the opposite direction. It was change of shift time and anyone who worked there when I was admitted knew me (I was a real trouble maker). The two nurses stopped dead in their tracks, looked at me rather stunned and said to my face “we assumed you were dead”. Not something one would expect to hear thus I don’t think I was able to respond. Cardiotoxicity was also in my records when on the drug that killed Vanessa of Vanessa’s Law. Only they simply changed the SSRI.

    The daily abuse by the system is criminal and the vast majority of the public still buy the lies. I remember talking with someone singing the praises of electroshock saying that they now spent so much time relearning basic skills they didn’t have time to think about what used to upset/bother them. Wow.
    I am not in Canada now thus won’t be able to be in Queens Park. Keep the pressure on and kick their a**.

  • I was bounced from a Toronto paper tonight to this Globe and Mail video (not sure if it’ll post). It sounds like they are now going with Myriad Genetics on this also saying, well, it’s not accurate on it’s but it’ll help!

    This video is very much like direct to consumer advertising IMO. ‘Since being diagnosed (of course via blood test) has returned to work and living a normal life”. Get your blood tested, be diagnosed and poof magic! The general public is already so misinformed, this does not help.

    “Simple blood tests could revolutionize schizophrenia diagnosis”