Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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  • Hi Dr. Breggin. I was trying to taper off a neuroleptic drug 4 years ago and experienced “spellbinding” as a withdrawal reaction. As a result, I was hospitalized several times and force medicated. i can attest to the fact that forced hospitalization and treatment is torture, and a means of breaking one’s will. I fought it at first by making comments to the staff that their treatment was a human rights violation, only be attacked by hospital attendants and injected several times. In order to be discharged from the hospital I was forced by a Judge to be in the Assisted Outpatient Treatment program in my state and forced to be injected in my home for two years with very high doses of neuroleptics which made me very physically sick and which was literally killing me.

    I finally found a good holistic doctor who agreed to help me get off the drugs after “graduating” AOT (graduating was a euphemism for being completely docile and letting the AOT team come into my somewhen ever they wanted and also to inject me every month, without telling them what I really felt about their treatment.) I have been reducing the drug for over two years, and now I am at a very low dose, reducing at 1 percent of each dose per month. This process will take me several years to be off the drug completely. I have lost over 33 years of my life to this torture, when all that I really needed was good nutrition! I am doing very well now. I live alone. I meditate regularly and spend my time cooking healthy meals and doing food shopping at the Greenmarket. I have no mental issues. ZERO. Being put on psych drugs when i was 24 years old was the worst mistake of my life. And I paid for it by being labeled a mental patient all these years and treated with lobotomizing drugs without looking at the underlying problem of a poor diet.