Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • Personally medication and therapy have been helpful for me. Without meds my emotions would run wild and would be incredibly difficult to reign in and I wouldn’t be able to function like I can now. But it doesn’t solve my problems and never will. Therapy…for a long time therapy was a place to go and drag up all the crap I’ve experienced and talk about why life sucks and no one was helping me learn how manage those emotions and find ways to make life not suck and I usually left more a mess than when I walked in. That time served no purpose, didn’t push me in the direction of growth and change. The way I see a diagnosis is that it summarizes a group of symptoms. For me having a diagnosis was helpful because it brought all of my symptoms to one place and they weren’t just taking free reign. But they are just symptoms and the diagnosis itself was just a storage place for me. They aren’t who I am and they have changed since they started and are constantly changing still

  • As a peer specialist myself I talk to the people I support about how they feel about the treatment they are getting. I can express any concerns I have with them but only as it being the way I see it. If they agree we talk about what they want to do. If not I continue to support them the best I am able to. But when there is a need for advocacy the best way to go is encouraging that person to advocate for themselves and I can help them with what they want to say, what they would like to have happen, and be there when they talk. It always means more when it comes from the person themselves. It also helps to take that pressure off of me…I doubt I would get fired in the end because the agency I work for doesn’t even have therapists of any kind or psychiatrists so if that therapist or psychiatrist wants to complain they can but it won’t do much.

  • I take psych meds and they are a helpful part of my treatment which also includes a therapist. I think sometimes we focus too much on the medication part and forget that it’s not going to solve our problems. The right medication at the right doses can be a useful part of managing symptoms as we learn coping skills and really work on things that will actually help change our problems and situations. Through therapy and through the support of friends and family I have been able to greatly reduce the number of medications and the doses of medications that I am on. For me personally this way has worked but I do understand that for some people medication isn’t something that they want and that is their choice to make