Friday, December 9, 2022

Comments by Anne Morris

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  • Thank you for sharing your story – I wish you all the best for the future, and so pleased that you survived. I lost six months of my life to psychiatry when I became caught up in psychiatry in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, in 2012, which was a result of being sent down the path of taking antidepressants 14 years earlier by an incompetent general practitioner in 1998, which I usually refused – I was simply exhausted and had physical medical conditions, and many responsibilities. As soon as you take any sort of psychotropic medications it gives you a history of mental illness in the eyes of the legal and medical professions – and these medications are given out like sweets here in Australia – when they are very powerful and dangerous medications. Then I was referred to a psychiatrist at Coronation Place Specialist Centre, as the general practitioner would not believe that the diagnosis of fibromyalgia I had been given by another general practitioners even existed as a condition. In all of this time I was studying, working, raising a child, and everything else. I had an adverse reaction to major psychotropic medications given to me by an incompetent psychiatrist, Dr Alana Sheahan, and was taken to hospital where my obvious symptoms of withdrawal and an allergic reaction were misinterpreted and I spent 6 weeks being annihilated at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital – they simply made up my medical and social history, and unlawfully detained me and gave me ECT three times in error. It has been established to have been a medical error – and still after a four year complaints process with a most dishonest Health Ombudsman – who has battled me personally to disprove me, even when Queensland Health has admitted to the medical error – no one has been held accountable. The lies that have been told by the psychiatrists involved to cover up this medical error are truly despicable. Queensland has a very corrupt Mental Health System, and successive governments do nothing to sort it out – thankfully more people are speaking out. The President of the Mental Health Review Tribunal was recently removed from his positon, and the media is now taking an interest. I look back and cannot believe how I got caught up in all of this – I am a highly educated person, a mother and I had friends who were in positions to assist – it can happen to anyone. The Queensland Palaszczuk government is looking on and doing nothing about my matter which is now a well-known case. The violence, abuse and neglect of patients in these facilities is unspeakable. The Chief Psychiatrist knows all of this goes on, and so do many others. Psychiatry is slowly but surely losing its power.

  • In Queensland patients seek assistance voluntarily and then are usually placed under an Involuntary Treatment Order anyway, whether they satisfy the criteria under the Mental Health Act or not – usually as a “safety net” for the facility to cover itself in case anything goes wrong – it seems they haven’t heard of human rights in Queensland, Australia, yet. Mental Health Services in Queensland is very corrupt and are left to do whatever they like – it’s been like this for decades, surprisingly under a Labor government who are supposed to be more interested in social justice and human rights – at the moment it is the Palaszczuk Labor government. If anyone was capable of consenting to ECT but did not, Mental Health Services would just turn around and say that they suddenly did not have insight into the severity of their illness, and so place them under an Involuntary Treatment Order and then obtain authorisation for ECT. The Premiers grandfather’ even spent seven years in a German work camp in Poland during World War II, and still they allow human beings to be mistreated like this in Queensland. It is unspeakable. However, the Mental Health Review Tribunal has recently been referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission, and the President removed from his position. People are speaking out more. The Office of the Health Ombudsman under Mr Leon Atkinson-MacEwen and the Queensland Ombudsman under Mr Phil Clarke will cover-up the misuse of the Mental Health Act and mistreatment of patients in mental health facilities, and so will the Minister for Health, Cameron Dick MP. It a very corrupt and backwards State.

  • It’s a controversial treatment because it’s completely despicable and often given involuntarily, so it not only causes brain damage, but severe trauma – it’s nothing less than torture. In Queensland, Australia, psychiatrists use it whenever they want, at the flick of a pen, and not as a last resort – even on children, the elderly, and those with a history of CVA. Psychiatrists in Queensland are essentially left to do whatever they like, and are not held accountable. There was a case four years ago of a patient at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital who was given ECT 3 times in error before it was stopped by a relieving doctor as unsuitable – the patient did not even have a mental illness, but was misdiagnosed and given large amounts of inappropriate medications, unlawfully detained, and inaccurate information entered the medical records – an inaccurate medical and social history. The proper procedures were not followed to approve the treatment with the Mental Health Review Tribunal – all of this has been reported right up to the former Minister for Health and the current Minister for Health Cameron Dick, and to the Premier herself, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP – but no one has been held accountable, and it’s been left with the Office of the Health Ombudsman and the Queensland Ombudsman to cover-up in a complaints process which has taken over three years. You would think that the Palaszczuk government would never have heard of human rights abuses, but they certainly have, and stand by and do nothing. Involuntary ECT must be banned. No one would ever believe that this goes on in Queensland – most people don’t know this “treatment” is still used, and used involuntarily.

  • Psychiatry in Queensland, a State of Australia, with around 4.8 million residents called “Queenslanders” is certainly violently allergic to criticism. It is quite a backwards State, with a history of dreadful corruption in its Health System, Government Departments, and Statutory Bodies. Consultant psychiatrists in Queensland really are the bottom of the barrel of the medical profession – they all look after each other and cover-up for each other. The problem is they are handed absolute power under the Mental Health Act 2000, now the new Mental Health Act 2016, and there is no one to monitor their conduct or to report them to who will do anything. They simply detain residents with the flick of a pen and place them under Involuntary Treatment Orders, as a “safety net” – this means that it’s the consultant psychiatrists who are looking after themselves, and looking after Queensland Health, in case anything goes wrong – and it does, every day – it is extra-judicial incarceration. The legal profession stands by and does nothing because the legal profession and psychiatrists are very close, and lawyers require the services of psychiatrists – so no one will ‘rock the boat’. Consultant psychiatrists, psychiatric registrars, psychiatric nurses, and the clinical psychologists and psychologists, and other staff are so incompetent, heavy-handed, poorly trained, and of such low intelligence, that they cannot tell the difference between symptoms caused by physical medical conditions, symptoms caused by withdrawal or allergic reactions to major psychotropic medications, normal human distress and emotions, misdiagnosis, and more serious situations. Medical records take on a life of their own. When this is reported to Queensland Health or the specific Health Service Provider, it is ignored or great lengths are taken to cover it up – complaints processes are dragged out for years. The Office of the Health Ombudsman, under Mr Leon Atkinson-MacEwen is corrupt and will cover-up medical errors – misdiagnosis and adverse reactions to medications, unlawful detainment, abuse and neglect of patients, and when the complaints are transferred to the Queensland Ombudsman under Mr Phil Clarke, they work together to quash the complaints. Successive governments do nothing – for the past few decades there has been a Labor government, except for three years of the Liberal National Party – and while Labor likes to see itself as progressive and dedicated to social issues – it stands by and allows this corruption and abuse to continue – these are human rights violations of the worst type. Mental Health Services is a law unto itself, and allowed to be. To my delight it was recently reported in the media that the Mental Health Review Tribunal was referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission, names were even mentioned – there had been a fake lawyer appointed as a Legal Member to the Tribunal for many years – Anne-Marie Roche, who made thousands of decisions including approvals for ECT, and wrote Statements of Reasons – the questionable response of the Palaszczuk Labor government was to rush through legislation to validate these decisions. There had been another fake lawyer employed as the Legal Officer, while the regular Legal Officer was on leave. The President, Mr Barry Thomas, and the Executive Officer, Mr Robert Troy, had wives appointed as Community Members, so there was a referral for nepotism. The Minister for Health, Cameron Dick MP, will not investigate serious medical errors, and will leave it with the Health Ombudsman and the Queensland Ombudsman. The whole system needs a good clean out – it is nothing more than a cesspool. No one should ever go anywhere near a consultant psychiatrist in Queensland or Mental Health Services.

  • Corinna. Australians are generally law abiding people. They also believe that if you follow the law and the proper processes that the truth will usually surface and all will be well. This doesn’t happen in psychiatry, it just digs you in deeper. A psychiatric history, no matter how inaccurate it may be, has a way of building upon itself. Absconding is interpreted as lack of insight and within the same state you will be returned by the police to the facility. No one would even entertain the idea that a patient might be absconding to save their own life. I certainly hope that Garth will be safe in his state of Queensland and the family will have peace. He is doing well under the care of Dr McLaren.

  • Shame on the legal profession of Victoria, Australia, to allow this to happen over many years. Where were all the lawyers offering their help? What a disgrace. Shame on the legal profession in each state and territory of Australia who stand by year after year and do nothing while human beings are abused in mental health facilities and their rights ignored. But mostly, shame on the medical profession – you are supposed to be doctors and you know all of this goes on, and you stand by and do nothing. You have no backbone and decency.

  • The Mental Health Review Tribunal of Victoria, Australia, seems to be as appalling as the Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) of Queensland, Australia – a state of Australia with around 4.8 million residents. The MHRT panel members simply rubberstamps the recommendations of the “treating” team from the mental health facility – they rubberstamp applications for ECT. An application for ECT can be made by a treating consultant psychiatrist who is also an appointed member of the MHRT at the same time, who is also employed by Queensland Health and in private practice. There are conflicts of interest all over the place. The decision to confirm an Involuntary Treatment Order is made well before the MHRT hearing, so it is a waste of time and funding for anyone to even turn up for the hearing. The rights and dignity of the patients are ignored. Patients are kept under Involuntary Treatment Orders when they do not satisfy the criteria under the Act – no one cares or does anything about it – medical practitioners break the law every day here. The mental health facilities fail to compile a full and accurate medical history of the patient, and medical records take on a life of their own. No amount of pointing out the errors will amount to anything, they are set in stone and lead to incorrect “treatment”. There is not a clear complaints process in Queensland to report this. Reports of mistreatment as a patient to the MHRT are ignored, and the MHRT refuses to even accept complaints against the conduct of MHRT panel members. Reports of mistreatment and misuse of the Mental Health Act when made to the Minister for Health the Office of the Health Ombudsman, politicians and others, are ignored. Complaints processes can take years and are designed to wear out the complainant who is immediately discriminated against in the area of psychiatry. Legal firms won’t take on cases in medical negligence/personal injury in psychiatry because all the lawyers know all the psychiatrists involved. Queensland is a small place. A complaint made against a consultant psychiatrist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation was assessed when a colleague from the same practice was a member of the Queensland Medical Board and is also a consultant psychiatrist who advises the Mental Health Court. False statements are written on Forms under the Mental Health Act, used to detain a human being, such as declarations that a patient has been assessed in person by the consultant psychiatrist, when the consultant psychiatrist has just signed off on what a nurse has assessed. It goes on and on, and no one is held accountable – this will change.

  • Concerning your comment on Resolution 2. Dr McLaren is clearly referring to diagnoses outside of the DSM. Other medical conditions, not “mental disorders”. Each state of Australia has its own Mental Health Act and many so called “mental disorders” are treated under involuntary treatment orders. So called schizophrenia is just one on the list of many.