Thursday, April 2, 2020

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  • Thanks for sharing your story, Theresa. I quit a couple of meds (Zoloft and Zyprexa) cold turkey in feb of 2014 after being on them since 1998. I went from basically being a shut-in on the pills, doing no more than watching tv, eating and sleeping 12-20 hours a day, to once again reclaiming my emotional and creative soul. I went 6 days without sleep while vomiting everywhere and suffering brain zaps when I originally quit the drugs. 2 1/2 years later insomnia and fatigue are still quite debilitating for me even though I am much happier being off of the pills. I also had a absolutely horrific time in 1995-95 when I was committed and forced against my will to take a cocktail of drugs that gave me brain damage and severe akithisia for 6 months. I wrote a short memoir about those days that I am hoping to send to Mad in America if I ever have the energy to try and edit the memoir down from 7 pages to 3. I also have an idea for a spoof on the X-Men movie series, called the Rx-Men where a collection of people have become mutated from the psychiatric drugs they have been given. Instead of having superpowers they are more like superpowerless as they battle the effects of psych meds and withdrawal. One hero could be the Weeper who constantly cries all the time (I cry enough on some days to seemingly fill up a soup pot with my tears). One hero might have the power to vanquish enemies with projectile vomit, while another hero goes by the name Lethargy and is always so wiped out he/she can never get off the couch to join the battle. Just an idea for now. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in your continued journey of recovery. Here is short poem I wrote about how I feel about the drugs and psychiatry in general.

    The Psychiatrist
    His pills amount to fool’s gold
    His lab coat: starched and antiseptically white
    He professes to be a doctor
    But he’s a neuro-nazi in my sight.