Saturday, August 13, 2022

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  • if u are minority, u have no rights in this country, I didn’t say this, its a fact. At least, I know my human rights were violated completely, if they were so paranoid, they should have asked me to leave and I would have left their country, I have no ulterior motives, there is no bad feelings in my heart, so if you are paranoid, talk to me clearly, don’t fucking fuck with my life and play games with me and my family you damn cursed satanic bastards

  • I just want to live a normal peaceful life, I don’t need a car, I don’t need fancy stuff, I just need some food on my table and live a normal peaceful life with a family. For some reason, all the people out there are after me, literally they are, you wont believe it until you see it, its madness out here.

  • I just pray to God because thats all we can do! Look I am not some evil person, I have never thought of hurting myself or anyone else, I may have said crazy things at times, but who doesn’t? For some reason, they have picked us and trapped us, now I read the bible/vedas/any other holy book hoping God can save me.

  • I just wanted to say that I apologize for the earlier comments, if you need to take your medications, please do so. Please take your medications, thanks. I know all of you out there are suffering, I will pray for you and pray for myself as well. Please stay strong my friends.

  • Sociopathy is an underdiagnosed illness that is epidemic across the world . People nowadays lack empathy, they are okay with violations of the rights of others. Its a mad world! And I am the kind of quiet, honest, decent person, I am disgusted by how people have created this torture scenario for me and for no reason that I can see. They gang stalk me, engage in name calling etc. Its all gaslighting, you are correct.

  • The cause of mental illness is brain damage either as a result from genes and/or enviornment. These medications just heavily sedate you, they do not fix the underlying problem and in fact make it worse. To fix the underlying problem, neurons would have to be created probably through stem cells. This is my opinion, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

  • Actually, there is protection, according to Human Rights, you cannot force treatment on a person who does not want it. For instance, I would never personally take any antipsychotic medication or benzodiazepine and I have my reasons, I would take other medications such as antibiotics if and only if required of course. If however another person forces medications down my throat or injects them, that is clearly a violation of my human rights!!!! I have never had the thought of hurting myself or anyone else, but I have noticed that people tend to exaggerate and to stereotype.

  • When its your body and other people violate your privacy because in “their opinion” you are deemed abnormal, they purposely try to drive you insane and then prove you insane, they make your life miserable purposely using your tax money. Do you see how satanic this is, only pure satanic bastards are capable of such evil! But they don’t care, they are satanic bastards incapable of empathizing. I just want to be left alone, its hard for these satanic bastards to understand. I hope one day they suffer what they have made me go through!

  • Pts have the absolute right to know what medications they are being given and when, even if the pts display less competency. This is the supposed rule, I am not sure how often it is followed. The real mentally ill people are the ones that see other people as less of humans aka sociopaths. You would rather live with a schizophrenic than a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t get labelled, they spread them.