Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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  • Bottom line, again, I believe emphasis and efforts should be strongly directed to how people with different brain functioning should have the means to be part of a society that does not understand/accept how our brains are without stigma and discrimination instead of philosophical/epistemological/etiological discussions without any pragmatism. Just sick and tired of that – the real causes of “ASD” will most probably not be found out during our lifespans. Why don’t we just keep it simple and consider the possibility that “autism” is part of an evolutionary process of the brain as human species tend to evolve over time? Nowadays I don’t really care whether some people want to identify themselves with labels or not, if it is a real disease or not. Like I said before, sticking to Szasz’s tenets of “there is no mental illness” are too far fetched for 2018, for the here and now. As being originally from a “developing” country in which psychiatrical drug iatrogenesis is not even recognized as such, having to go through medication withdrawal on my own after lots of research has already been daunting enough for me. I have lost the best years of my youth (half of my life, more precisely) on being labeled, misdiagnosed, heavily medicated and not having much support and understanding from the anachronistic society where I came from. Now I just want to have dignity to LIVE with joy and quality of life the years ahead of me. It is counterproductive not only for me not to be pragmatic – please take this into account. Psychiatrists writing for Mad in America should be our allies and give constructive input instead of adding more obstacles for us to deal with this mad society. I also believe this website used to be better in the past, when its focus was only on psychiatric drug side effects/withdrawal/pharmaceutical corruption.

  • I agree with DannyTheWorld. Much easier said than done when it comes from a psychiatrist’s detached point of view, who does not have to deal with the plight of brain struggles (regardless of the label). We all know well Thomas Szasz’s theories (way too idealistic for our shortened lifespans daily life circumstances) and that DSM labels are changed from time to time mostly due to corporate/political reasons, but bottom line here those surviving with clear cognitive/emotional deficits (iatrogenic prescription drugs, neurodevelopmental patterns that do not conform to what society expects, brain tumors) need to have some sort of support to have a life as citizens in the society – with dignity, quality of life and respect. The world is not even ready to understand or to come off of the mass brainwashing they have been subject to on the myth of chemical imbalance, let alone having enough maturity to discuss autism as one can clearly see when the vaccine/antivaxx polemic comes up. Dr. Timimi, please come up with feasible, concrete propositions instead of blaming the victims and stripping them even more of their hard-won rights and needs. Maybe you need to have a grandchild with severe autism in order to experience the meaning of the word EMPATHY.