Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • I am late to the party, just found your article. I have bipolar type II. I have had a great deal of difficulty finding a psychiatrist where I live because they are in real short supply these days. I did finally find someone willing to see me, but they were not interested in putting me back on medications (which have worked in the past when I am having issues), but tried to get me to do this TMS method. I refused because it just sounded like quack science that the FDA hastily approved. I am glad I refused, but man, the fact that there isn’t enough information on the problems with this or any type of warning for patients on the side effects, and the possible damage it could do to your brain is crazy. Have you thought about getting with other patients through the forums you mentioned and trying to form a class-action lawsuit against the company that makes and promotes these machines? That is what I would do if you have the time, or someone to help you do it. Anyway, I just wish more people would think more carefully first before letting someone physically mess with their brain like this with a machine that can do lasting damage. Drugs can have bad side effects too, but at least you can stop taking a drug if the side effects are bad, eventually your body goes back to normal. This is permanent long-lasting brain damage and there is just no way I would let a psychiatrist or psychologist perform something like this on me. This really should be a machine that neurologists who are trained in neurology should be handling. I read that some of these psychiatrists do a minimal 3 week course to learn to operate these TMS machines. That is what is so alarming about all this. I really really hope you get better, I really do. Take care James Hall and thank you for taking the time to tell us your experience with this device.

  • I just have to correct one thing about your comments on Prince. He didn’t die from the Percocet, he died from illicit Fentanyl that was not prescribed. In addition he left a suicide note, but the main news media didn’t cover that. He was in a lot of hip pain. I believe he just reached the end of his rope with regard to the hip pain and it very well could be that the percocet prescriptions he was given were not adequate for his pain, hence he was filling them constantly. In the end though he bought powdered illicit fentanyl and that is what killed him. The heroin epidemic and deaths we are currently seeing now are actually due to Fentanyl that is coming in from China and being “cut” into the heroin and sold. The CDC statistics are terribly flawed and they even admitted that the numbers are wrong but have yet to correct this on their website. From this site here some quotes: “turns out many of those deaths may have actually been caused by fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. We’re not talking about pharmaceutical grade fentanyl legally prescribed in transdermal patches or lozenges to treat chronic pain, but bootleg white powder fentanyl manufactured in China and smuggled into the U.S.

    The DEA says there were 5,544 deaths caused by fentanyl and other synthetic opioids in 2014, but admits “the true number is most likely higher.” The actual number is not known because many coroners and state crime laboratories do not test for fentanyl.

    What medical examiners do often test for in suspected drug overdoses is heroin – and that is why the statistics on heroin should be taken with a grain of salt. Because the real culprit is often fentanyl.

    “Most of the areas affected by the fentanyl overdoses are in the eastern United States, where white powder heroin is used,” the DEA report states. “Fentanyl is most commonly mixed with white powder heroin or is sold disguised as white powder heroin.”

    Massachusetts and Rhode Island – two eastern states with big heroin problems – recently came out with reports showing that fentanyl, not heroin, was to blame for nearly 60 percent of their opioid overdose deaths. The states used toxicology tests that are far more accurate than the death certificate codes used by the DEA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The DEA and CDC overdose statistics are muddied even further by the fact that heroin deaths are “often undercounted” and blamed on morphine, a prescription painkiller.

    “Many medical examiners are reluctant to characterize a death as heroin related,” the DEA admits. “Thus many heroin deaths are reported as morphine-related deaths. Further, there is no standardized system for reporting drug related deaths in the United States. The manner of collecting and reporting death data varies with each medical examiner and coroner.”

    Why does any of this matter to chronic pain patients? Because deaths caused by fentanyl and heroin are being lumped together with overdoses caused by prescription painkillers. The CDC has been doing it for years to build a case against opioid pain medication and to justify its release of guidelines that discourage doctors from prescribing opioids for chronic pain.

    Prescribing of opioid pain medication has been in decline for several years and hydrocodone prescriptions have fallen by 30 percent since 2011. Yet the CDC claims there was a sudden spike in opioid analgesic deaths in 2014 and that nearly 19,000 Americans died.”

  • I suffer from serious chronic pain. I have had over 4 surgeries of the spine, and have done everything from intervertebral injections, physical therapy, and even bought a “tens unit” on the suggestion of my pain doctor. I went through zoloft, celebrex, some parkinson disease medication, and many many others that made me so sick and did nothing to give pain relief. In the end it was opioid pain medication that helped and gave me the ability to function again and be semi-active. I never had the need to keep increasing my dosage much, and generally my pain doctor would titrate me up a tad when my pain got bad then titrate me back down. I had to sign pain contracts, was forced to see and pay for psychiatrists to learn “mindfulness” techniques for me pain, I went through piss tests, blood tests, and buccal swabs, all of it billed to me. I am on a fixed income and on disability. I cannot tell you how all these “alternative” type treatments have cost me and I simply am unable to pay all these bills. My pain doctor was seeing me for over 5 years and then right after the CDC’s so called “guidelines” she dropped all her chronic pain patients and gave no referrals. I begged her to help me wean off these medications slowly for fear of going into severe withdrawal and being hospital bound, but she wouldn’t do it. She is scared to death of the DEA and what is happening with this whole “drug crisis” thing. Let me tell you, it is damned near impossible to find a good pain management doctor now. They have all closed their offices, or transferred to some other area of medicine. As a pain patient you can’t even get seen by a general practitioner the minute they hear you are a chronic pain patient with various health issues. I barely was able to find a doctor before running out of my medications and after seeing him for one month he too left and moved his officer an hour away from where I live! Yes, I have seriously thought that I should end my life, because being in so much pain and not being able to participate with your family and do simple tasks around the house like cleaning or getting dressed is not living at all. I can understand why many pain patients like me go out on the streets seeking medication. This isn’t something I personally would do, but ending my life is if I am back to being bed ridden and in so much pain all the time. The news is constantly making people like me out to be a drug addict and carrying on about how pain patients are the problem with the increase in opioids deaths, I am just sick of it. It is untrue, it is sensationalizing, and very stigmatizing. You can’t even go to the ER anymore without doctors and nurses thinking your drug seeking and wagging a finger out you. I give up. I really do. I feel like the Government has just gone so over board there is very little care for someone like me anymore.