Monday, May 10, 2021

Comments by Scientist

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  • Thanks, and so supportive for your Psych Rights Project.

    I am curious as to why neuro/psych MDs & RNs practitioners are allowed power to forcibly administer treatment, even against the will of their clientele.

    I am an experienced scientist, PhD. Science researchers (biomedical & all related fields) who work with any living being, human or nonhuman, are uniformly constrained by ethical welfare guidelines, which are strictly enforced.

    Yet neuro/psych practitioners have no such training, no compliance with any ethical guidelines to the best of my knowledge.

    That is, lab animals & human research subjects are far better represented than any clientele under the care of neuro/psych practitioners. No wonder there are grievous ethical violations!

    Why are neuro/psych practitioners allowed to practice without the same compliance as lab research subjects? Why are they exempt?