Thursday, August 17, 2017

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    This story sounds very similar to my son’s story, except that he is in a CA prison with an release date. He is on so many psychotropic drugs, has been involuntarily medicated. He was never diagnosed until after his arraignment. As with this story, my son never committed any crimes or was violent before this. His six years in the system so far has been very tough. He has seven more to go, has had over 30 transfers, been extorted, sexually advanced on, assaulted, isolated, and the list goes on. Even with this, I am far more concerned about a real possible MDO (Mentally disordered Offender) status closer to release! I think there is time to find appropriate legal counsel and an outside mental health professional to help secure a release…..but I could be wrong. I am so sad for Reid Bertino and think his situation is extremely unjust! My son is 30 as well. I haven’t seen him but once in five years and think the medications are causing most of his problems. I fear if his situation doesn’t get better, he could end up a statistic in a state hospital! Is there anyone who could advise me in the right legal direction? I don’t want to loose him forever….Mom of CA inmate

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  • Can you change the title of article from HR 2636 to 2646?