Saturday, May 21, 2022

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  • The problem is very sick, as i complained to my new physician, she started talking about some order pills, Seroquel. I flipped, they wanted my to intern carceral psychiatric hospital. of course i refused. You see, she told me oh: a medical treatment went bad with you. i can believe after the tax, I pay here in Quebec i m being treated like that. Am i left to myself with permanent illness to myself.

  • Obviously i don’t suffer from Tourette Syndrome, I believe at the time this guy was gonna change my life (AddH) and i trust him with my life. & years when by i was in the limb. 2Mg of Risperdal to start with and he never did a follow-up. I m now 49 years old and every day i hate to fight those permanent illness, I agree i m very intelligent that the reason why i still alive.

  • I leave in Quebec, province of Canda. I was prescribedRisperdal 2 mg. My company who i worked for, refer me to a private Psychiatric to treat me for ADDH, my lack of concentration was getting out of control, you can imagine my behaving on one of the most effective private jet assy line. In order to keep my job and pursue, a so call normal lifestyle, I agree to be analysed and treat with the company private specialist thinking was about my ADDH concern. The Physiatric meet twice. After my first meeting, he referred to a specialist Physician 2mg of Risperdal for a disease call Tourette Syndrome, a disease that i had never heard about before and i can’t still today recall any of the side effects concerning that disease. So a public Physician prescribed me Stratera (ADDH) and Risperdal 1mg 30 days and 2mg for 60 more days. After 3month my company refer me to a private Physician that followed me for 4 years, during those 4 years, i lost 60 Lbs of lean muscle my body weight went from 220Lbs to 345Lbs. I have been permanently castrated, i suffer from controlled lost of my bladder. My cholesterol went up to 9, triglyceride 9, diabetes of 8.9 on an empty stomach 12h, my testosterone to 0.09. I suffer from very high blood pressure and cardiometry ( high rhythm of hart). I also suffer from manny more permanent leisure to my body done by consuming 2mg (extra dosage to treat a possible but not diagnostic Tourette syndrome). My concern is since neither the Psychiatric (paid by employer) or the physician (refer by employer, paid by me with my money hardly earn after income tax.) is there any responsibility from those guys, i trusted them with my life, never they talk to me about possible risk of using this drug, never the psychiatric did a follow up, never the physician ask for a second expertise and with me progress toward death.