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  • You must have had some sort of mental illness since you admit to having a life of crime where you are imprisoned or jailed regularly, and some of your crimes aren’t mentioned.

    Then you lied to get into a mental hospital for better treatment than jail, and became bitter because it wasn’t a walk in the park since you had to take medications?

    I understand your concerns that there are people who should be able to consent to not taking medications to control their anger and sadness, but I cannot allow you to say that the people eating their own feces and urine and screaming uncontrollably wouldn’t be helped by medications?

  • Are you suggesting that we should force people who are experiencing the worst fears imaginable of unexplained sounds and sights to not be shown the mercy of Antipsychotic medication?

    Who made you God to pass such judgement?

    You people need to be more compassionate and pragmatic in your criticism since it is destructive, and not constructive criticism.

    How about a suggestion of a solution like the Russian studies where fasting helped eased the symptoms of schizophrenia, just a thought.

  • All of you people are insufferable, there are many people outside of your families who are sad and angry and who need help.

    All your complaining about the medical community helping millions of people who have no families or friends, is selfish at best.

    Once again don’t criticize the only system in place that is helping people who are too sad or angry to be civilized persons in a society, and work to constructively criticize it to address your grievances.

  • I must report to you and your readers that the vast majority of people on Anti Depressants don’t commit violence to themselves or others, and using common sense their risk outweighs their benefits to the public.

    You can’t have an entire population of people removed from their crutch of anti-depressants which helps them be civilized and functioning people of society or you will have too many sad and angry people walking the streets who are unable to be productive and working.

    I need you to be honest about your assessment of anti-depressants, instead of disingenuous by saying they need to be banned.

    Obviously liberals will cite that we need to ban the freedom of gun ownership to continue to allow psychiatric medications to be prescribed for population control of people, who have been oppressed by the rich in their society for greed. They should also be locked up in properly funded psych wards and heavily medicated indefinitely.

    Conservatives believe there is no help for these people and they should be thrown in prison or left out homeless if they can’t work to upkeep themselves.

  • Maybe you are unable to understand that constant sadness or anger is a sickness?

    Why don’t you cite the numerous studies where constant stress, sadness, and anger lead to physical illness?

    They need the label of mental illness to have a good reason to help the victims of society with the medical community, since the victims of society are not being helped by you people, who are professional complainers.

  • Really you have a secret cure for foster kids who act out uncontrollably because they were never loved and never had a family?

    Will you be there to monitor them around the clock, and give them a hug when they need one?

    If not why criticize the drug which functions as a substitute until a better option can come?

  • That is probably extreme, a benzodiazepine can work especially in an emergency situation at the very least where someone is experiencing an emotional break down and needs to calm down.

    They only prescribe them as an on needed basis, rather than consistently used.

  • Make positive criticisms that aren’t outlandish like psych Doctors being Nazi’s,, which is cliche for everyone who doesn’t have a good argument to describe the so called bad guy.

    You are against progress, human evolution, and science, almost as bad as those who believe dinosaurs and humans lived together.

    How exactly is psychiatry being used the same as eugenics by the Nazi’s? Do you see Doctors experimenting to create blonde hair and blue eyes, or people trying to help those who are too sad or too angry to function in society in a civilized manner?

    The problem isn’t the medical community trying to fix societal problems like returning soldiers, homeless, ex convicts, under paid, over worked, people.

  • I would like to emphasize that there are people who don’t have bad experiences with treatment, and it saves them from unemployment, homelessness, prison, and stress disorders which all result from a society that favors the rich by overworking and underpaying the middle class and poor.

    I also wouldn’t disagree that treatment itself for mental illness can disable you if incompetently administered as in your case, but there are many competent medical care givers who don’t abuse giving out drugs and talk therapy, and really do help others.

    In your case if the medication was more competently prescribed to you, where you were explained the risks and benefits and were able to work closely with a physician it would have helped you deal with the stress of being overworked.

    That doesn’t normally happen anymore for the middle class and never for the poor, it is usually a luxury of the rich who get health care.

  • I would like to establish common sense again to you people, foster children are naturally abandoned and without love from parents.

    Are you going to adopt foster youths and provide them with a loving family so they can naturally be happy?

    Or are you going to criticize the drugs used to treat them for their unhappiness and lack of love?

  • That is disgusting and disingenuous, how would you treat people who saw the worst things in war?

    If a medication can keep their demons away and them off harder illegal drugs and alcohol you are doing them a disservice with this criticism.

    Many times they don’t want to take the medications, it is not because they are on the medications which cause their harm.

    At least allow those who benefit from the medications to survive longer and try to work through their experiences with a competent therapist before you snatch their only crutch away so they fall.

  • You are mistaken not every criminal was on an anti depressant medication, there are many people in prison and never took an anti depressant medication.

    The psychiatric institution keeps many out of prison or homelessness by giving them these drugs to combat their negative feelings living in oppression.

    It only appears that the most vulnerable are abused by psychiatry because it is intended to treat the oppressed.

    Just be competent in your criticism of it and don’t exaggerate like this website is encouraging, without psychiatry more people would be in prison and more people would be homeless.

  • The survey appears biased to fit the motives and goals of this institute.

    People are naturally empowered by their victim-hood, not “stigmatizing, limiting of possibilities, isolating and potentially physically harmful.”

    It is people like you who make them feel like that with your corrupt validations, and make them feel ashamed of their illness.

    When you are constantly unhappy, you are sick. Happiness is health, any study will tell you that constant worry or sadness leads to physical sickness which couldn’t make this any clearer.

  • How about those soldiers who came back from several tours in the Middle East and saw the worst things imaginable, did you help them pay their bills with yoga on the beach and enlightening music?

    Did your alternative therapies get them compensation from the VA which has a several year backlog so they didn’t suffer living with a mental illness, homelessness, and unemployment for years while waiting?

    Did your alternative therapies help a civilian who was in the same predicament with social security?

  • Really you saved a homeless person’s life who was addicted to a dangerous illegal drug with your alternative remedy of prayer?

    You saved someone who came out of prison and who suffered a life of unimaginable abuse, and got them to be productive members of society with meditation?

    I wouldn’t discount your ‘alternative therapies’, but until I see their results helping those who really need it as opposed to what’s already been working, I would be open to your criticism of the pharmaceutical companies and therapists you despise as modern day fascist Nazi’s.

  • Some of my final thoughts on this matter, when you look at those who are most oppressed by the system people will support your goals of ending mistreatment.

    None of you look at the biggest victims of society, if you want to see true brutality of the mental health system find those who don’t have access to mental health treatment.

    Look at the homeless, look at those in the prisons, look at the abuse going on with those who don’t get treatment.

    You all would rather them not get any treatment and end up suffering in the street, a prison cell, or far worse instead of taking a psychiatric pill or getting a therapist.

    How much more sickening is that than an anti depressant? Clean out your own closets before you go after the psychiatric community, start helping the people who need the most help.

  • That is the problem with you people, you have the luxury of sitting on your high horse and complain about the only system in place which helps the poor who are suffering with unemployment, addictions, abuse, anger, sadness, all you care about is your religion of alternative treatment that has no basis in reality.

    All you do is sit there and defend people who are bitter about the past because they were forced to sit in a hospital and take some medications from not being able control their tempers when they were out of control.

    Does your ego really blind you to the fact they are many people out there who are homeless, who are going through real struggles with mental illness, and you want to sit there and defend someone’s right to self harm with a cigarette lighter?

    Put things into perspective for god’s sake, all of you. Look for the real problems in society and your movement will be better for it, don’t address the little problems you are offended by.

  • Steve Mecrea give me a break, are you going to pay for the mentally ill to travel to Finland for open dialogue treatment?

    Do you have the funding set up for medical tourism of the mentally ill?

    None of your solutions or your friends alternatives are practical or pragmatic that is why they aren’t being used.

  • All of you are immoral for supporting any inch of this.

    No one has a good reason to be euthanized by the state, or by themselves just because of feeling really sad?

    People are sad people other people aren’t doing enough to make them happy, so everyone here is responsible when someone is too sad to live because you are selfish with your own happiness that you don’t want to share it with others.

  • There needs to be more funding to the Psychiatric system but it has to be used right. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Doctors were paid to keep people trapped in mental hospitals which was wrong.

    Today they are paid to keep mental patients medicated which is another wrong.

    The money needs to go in the right places for Psychiatry, like more alternative therapies. Counseling does not necessarily have to be structured as ‘Psychotherapy’, but it is better than being over medicated. The money should go for more support systems to keep people independent, and not medicated.

    The problem is they are not funding it, and the rules governing it are just directed at medication for emotional problems.

  • Make sure people aren’t working 60 to 80 hours a week and spend more time finding real meaning in life, which isn’t just work so they don’t become delusional.

    Bring living wage jobs back to America, make sure people can afford to work 40 hours a week and still maintain a comfortable living and they won’t be delusional.

    Make sure their jobs aren’t outsourced to other countries, or cheap labor doesn’t take their jobs at home.

  • You are arguing against help from the state, and you don’t give any solutions other than your personal secret ‘alternative’.

    Again when someone is suffering from unemployment, abuse, addictions, grief, sadness, anger, bad relationships, what is your solution other than a Therapist or Medical Doctor trying to help these people?

    Do you just merely criticize others to hear yourself talk?

    The system is is not perfect but its helping a lot of people who would ordinarily not survive without the system.

    Honestly I understand you want to protect your right to self harm yourself with a cigarette lighter, but please allow others who want treatment that could help them get it, okay?

  • Anyone who wants their opinion respected by responsible people should offer constructive criticism, otherwise this is all nonsense that is meant to further your own self interest and not help anyone but yourself.

    Are you going to talk to everyone who has or is experiencing past or present abuse, addiction, bad family relationships, unemployment, about your alternative? Are you going to pay their bills when they don’t have any income due to mental illness? Are you going to offer good suggestions to someone in a bad family relationship weekly? Are you going to help people detox from their addictions? Are you going to show love to people who experienced past abuse, and offer advise on how to deal with present abuse?

    How about using your articles to explain to the readers with mental illness how you overcame ‘distress’ without talking to a licensed therapist, or sought medication from a medical Doctor?

    Maybe you sit on a high horse and feel you can speak for everyone who has experienced mental illness because you felt you were distressed?

    You are enabling people to be victims or make victims with your articles if you can’t offer a solution.

    If you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all because you become part of the problem when you do.

  • You want people to work at a yogurt farm as a modern day slave? People don’t want to work for minimum wage, that is what is causing them to be mentally ill. You can’t give them jobs when being over worked and underpaid is causing their sadness and anger.

    Why are you trying to suggest work will cure sadness when the majority who are mentally do have jobs? Do you not understand there are people who don’t want to work because they are too stressed out, or in distress to function in society?

    Why don’t you try working 80 hours a week for minimum wage trying to make ends meet and then say this is a cure for depression?

  • This is an ignorant article because you describe all the problems with society, unemployment, addiction, poor relationships, past abuse, and your solution is to attack people who want to help with the diagnosis of mental illness.

    How else do you expect to help these people if not by providing them with a therapist to talk about their problems too, a medical Doctor to prescribe them medications that will help them cope with their problems, or get compensation when they can’t work due to their problems.

    Do you have a comprehensive system set up to address the problems of society? Or do you just attack without any constructive criticism?

    The psychiatric establishment is there to help with treatment, there are many people who don’t get any treatment and suffer a great deal when they are unable to function in society.

    How dare you say treatment is the problem without offering a solution to replace to treatment for those who are suffering in “distress”.

  • Although I agree with most of the article there is one glaring error that I would like to offer to the readers and writer to consider because it is very important. The reason people are depressed is not because they want to work, but because they don’t want to work and are compelled too by society. That is why they are blackmailed into getting forced treatment, because society wouldn’t allow them to prove they are unable to work without proof from a Mental Health Physician.

    People have the right to life, and in other to secure the right to life they must have food and housing, and in order to have food and housing they must have money or a disability pension.

    When you make people feel they must work even though they are too sad or angry to work, you make their depression worse by taking their right to life away.

    We see many stories of workplace violence, the stresses of work that cause chronic illness, and a society who is being overworked and underpaid for their labors through globalization.

    Please don’t let pride get in the way of your goal, removing treatment is not going to get people back to work. Telling people you have to right to live and will provide everything you want in order to exercise that right, will cure ‘mental illness’