Monday, March 20, 2023

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  • It is egregiously wrong to give neuroleptic drugs to anyone, but especially someone who has(or is labeled with) an ID. These drugs suppress mental functioning even in people who are not disabled, let alone someone who is actually disabled. I think that institutions by themselves could sometimes worsen, if not cause, mental disability. People are shut up without stimulation and this curtails learning, thus exacerbating if not causing mental disabilities. The neuroleptic drugs make things worse by further suppressing mental functioning.

  • Psychiatry is more about controlling people than helping them. Psychiatry gives drugs and ECT mainly to suppress people’s physical and mental functioning, making it easier to control them. It is not about healing people. The effects of the drugs can sometimes be reversible by not taking them, but many of these effects are permanent, and this is likelier the longer one takes these drugs. Sometimes, although the temporary suppressive effects may be the main goal of psychiatry, I sometimes think that psychiatry wants to cause permanent effects.

  • The “biomedical treatments” for “autism” would very likely make people’s problems worse and cause new problems of their own. The drugs used in the “treatment” of autism, including neuroleptics prescribed for “irritability” in “autistic” people, have suppressive effects that make people more withdrawn, not only in interacting with the world but also perceiving it. It’s good that ASAN would oppose such treatment. I think it’s also a double standard that “autistic” people would be drugged, whereas irritability would be seen as “normal” for “normal” people.

  • Thanks for writing this. Psychiatry, especially coercive psychiatry, increases the risk of suicide rather than decreasing it. While psychiatrists love to claim they are preventing suicides, that is not the case. I think some people who are thinking of suicide do so because they are fearful of psychiatric interventions. People don’t want the suppressive drugs, ECT, nor do they want the permanent zombification that psychosurgery would cause. They don’t want miserable lives imprisoned in institutions. Psychiatrists only want to make money labeling and drugging people and most don’t want to help them. Psychiatry is only designed to control people and not to help them.
    ADHD, the first label given to Dan,is just a pathologization of being a child and it’s not a real illness. The drugs and other forms of “treatment” given to this young man man caused him to have more problems. This caused him to be given escalating labels.

  • The psychiatric system, with its labels, suppressive drugs, institutions, other repressive “treatments”, and the accompanying stigmas, won’t help anything. If someone has been traumatized, pathologizing them will only add to their traumas. Psychiatry wants to pathologize everyone so they can label more and more people as being “mentally ill” and make more money off of them. People would be better off meditating or calling friends than going to shrinks. Psychiatric “treatments” are more about controlling people than helping them. The same goes for psychiatric labels.

  • Thank you very much for posting this and alerting us about potential legislation in Congress, both the good(such as the bills mentioned in this post) and the bad(such as the “Helping Families” in “Mental Health””Crisis” Act,the quotes are mine,btw). Psychiatry and their pharmaceutical cronies corrupt the Congress, but telling us about these bills would enable us to inform our legislators that there are other perspectives on mental “health” than what the often corrupted corporate lobbyists are telling them.

  • Lobotomies do NOT heal people. They were used mainly to repressively control people. It is very bad that they are being done today, and it was bad that they were done in the past. It is shameful that they were done to our veterans. I wonder if this is because veterans were witnesses to some of our government’s bad deeds, like abetting the escapes of Nazi fugitives during Operation Paperclip. I read that some Nazi psychiatrists were brought to the United States during Operation Paperclip and some of these likely worked on MK Ultra, the government’s fascist mind control program.

  • It seems like psychiatrically labelled people get worse punishments for committing the same crimes than unlabeled people who commit the same crimes. NGRI is no bargain! People with psychiatric labels who are even accused of crimes get treated as “guiltier” by reason of “insanity”. Mental “health” courts are no bargain either. I think it is best to just stand trial or even plead “guilty” and just do a jail sentence or pay a fine than to be treated as “guiltier” by reason of “insanity”. It’s egregious that due to stigmatization, psychiatrically labeled people are given worse punishment than criminals who commit the same crimes or even worse crimes.

  • Medically “assisted” killing sounds very scary to me, even for those with physical disabilities. It is even scarier for people with the social disabilities imposed by bogus psychiatric labels. Too often, medical killing has been perpetrated by fascists and I think there may be a danger that psychiatric “euthanasia” might be motivated by stigma rather than the true desires of the labeled person. Greedy relatives could enter the picture too. Even though I disagree with “suicide prevention” as an “excuse” for psychiatric intervention, psychiatrically “facilitated” “mercy” killing sounds pretty scary. I read that psychiatrically labeled people die 25 years younger than “normal”people as it is. I think that is because of the toxic drugs. Psychiatry may already be slowly killing people, likely as part of the depopulation agenda. Jim Marrs has authored a book about the depopulation agenda.