Monday, September 26, 2022

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  • As someone who has worked in mental health (health information) for 25 years and who has received treatment for depression and anxiety with medication for about 30 years, I see the system from both sides. Please note that your doctor may have prescribed Zoloft for you under inappropriate circumstances. Maybe you didn’t really need the medication. That doesn’t prove the medication is not effective when used and prescribed appropriately. I’ve tried to live with psych medication several times, but it just doesn’t work for me. Sooner or later, I start feeling so bad and start seeking it again. The medications don’t completely take away my symptoms, but they make the symptoms easier to live with, and I feel much better with my medication than I do without it. One time I had a doctor try to talk me into getting a cardiac catheterization; I didn’t think I needed it and I told him so. My regular physician agreed that I didn’t need it. If I let him do the procedure, I’m reasonably certain I would have been dead by now. But that doesn’t prove the procedure is no good when it is used appropriately. There are good doctors and bad doctors, and sometimes good doctors make bad decisions; they are just human beings like anyone else. The big trouble with psychiatric care is that it is very subjective; it can be really tough for the physician to make the right call based on observation and/or the patient’s description of symptoms alone–there still are no reliable technological diagnostic tests for psychiatric disorders. Talk therapy, counseling, etc., can be helpful for some but not for others. Currently, I’ve found the best thing for me is medication with additional support from Cognitive Behavior Therapy from time to time. I have taken different medications, some worked for me better than others. Right now, my medication regimen is Paxil, Buspar and Xanax once in a while when I’m having an especially bad day. I try to take the Xanax as little as possible because it is habit forming; once I had withdrawal symptoms from Xanax and it was horrible. Saint John’s Wort gave me agonizing stomach pains. Meditation, deep breathing, keeping busy and just having hobbies that I enjoy are also helpful. Some say there is no chemical or biological component of mental illness. I don’t buy it. There is far too much evidence that supports genetic predisposition of mental illness; as I see it, it is the result of a combination of genetic, physiological and situational or environmental causes. For example, my brother has bipolar disorder; some of my relatives have been treated for either depression, anxiety, ADHD
    or bipolar disorder. I hope you and your son are doing well, best wishes. Sorry about the long message, sometimes I get on a roll.