Saturday, July 4, 2020

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  • It’s wonderful to see a “shrink” not buying into the usual garbage. As a licensed counselor I have always felt that diagnoses like bipolar and ADHD were designer labels and given to anyone with “issues”. After working in acute care hospitals, there really are people with lots of “stuff” going on who appear to benefit from meds, most people who are prescribed meds, IMO, have environmental issues that could fix their problem. I work a lot with children and most of the kids I work with, I believe, have attachment issues because they are from single parent families, or drug families, etc. where bonding and attachment haven’t been good. They are almost always misdiagnosed as ADHD and put on stimulant medication. What a way to create an entire generation of meth addicts. Sigh. I’m not convinced totally that no disorders are passed on genetically, personality disorders being one, but I am very firmly in the camp of nurture over nature at this point. The way the world is going has created an entire generation of kids with attachment issues who grow up to be borderline personality disorder. It’s interesting how many therapists know next to nothing about bonding and attachment when it’s imo the foundation for everything. In conclusion, it has been pretty upsetting to do the research and find out that my profession is so corrupted. I can only do the best I can, to help people heal their wounds and create productive, happy lives.