Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • The work performed by CCHR since its inception in 1969 is pretty impressive and not so easily dismissed in its contribution to the anti-psychiatry movement. That CCHR is linked to Scientology in no way diminishes the work. Scientology believes in a holistic approach to healing with a focus on the spiritual dimension being most important. It is little wonder then that this new movement ran headlong into psychiatry in the early 1950s with L.Ron Hubbard’s book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” (1950). Psychiatry was battling the talking therapies at the time for its monopoly over mental healing and Dianetics advocated a listening-style approach to its “auditing” of past traumas. Hubbard went on to further upset the psychiatric industry in the US in his next book “Science of Survival” (1952) where he discusses the military use of psychiatric mind control at the time of the CIA’s secret MK Ultra experiments in Canada.

    The Scientologists and CCHR were a spearhead of the anti-psychiatry movement long before the time that it was popular to do so. Their exposes were very public while academics wrote quietly in their in-house journals. CCHR enjoined the press and publicly demonstrated outside psychiatric facilities around the world while “experts” remained quiet on the subject. So while psychiatry might attempt to portray its detractors as Scientologists to mitigate their arguments, it might well do to remember that Scientology and CCHR were the guys and girls who helped bring psychiatry under the spotlight in a very public way and they continue to do so today.