Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • Late stage Lyme now for 18 years.. for which the wonderful medical system could not help me. 5 years later they did however give me the “MS ALS” diagnosis. By luck I had a friend and began the “Lyme journey”. Years and years of pay out of pocket meds, traveling far to a Doctor willing to treat me.. 8 years later I was as well as I was going to get. Meaning.. the worst of the symptoms were gone.. paralysis and such better.. but left with what they were calling “post Lyme syndrome”.. severe muscular pain and damage and arthritis. It was better than before.. and with the pain pills my local Dr convinced me to go on, I was able to go to the gym and get myself stronger. I thought I was winning this war and at least maybe could go back to work doing something less physical. I could live some kind of a life.. even if it was never going to be like it was before the illness.. 5 years ago I started with these attacks in my stomach. Severe pancreatic attacks. Again.. no one seemed to know. Ended up going again.. far away at a University hospital where they found I had a choledochal cyst wrapped around my common bile duct that was stopping my digestion and also.. causing the pancreatic attacks. Spent these last 5 years going again from Dr to Dr looking for help.. the surgery is way too risky they say.. 2 months ago my family Dr wanted me to come down so he could talk to me. As i sat there.. he explained that the FDA, CDC and DEA have decided that there will be no more pain pills. This was the last rug i had to be pulled out from under me. I have been an anxiety ridden mess since.. worrying.. what will happen as I slowly go lower and lower where I no longer even have pain pills at all and how I will even exist or get out of bed. The one thing these Drs were good for is now gone.. and this is what I have to look forward to. I am told this cyst tangled around my common bile duct will eventually turn to Cancer.. that’s what I have to look forward to. The anxiety and upset over this last rug of “guess what.. not only will you die.. but in horrible pain” being pulled out has caused me such stress that my lyme is getting bad again.. At this point.. my only option I can see is to take myself out of the equation. THIS.. is what this has done. And believe me.. I am one of many who feel this way. I have become paranoid.. thinking maybe they are doing this to get the chronically ill people to end themselves.. Why else would they do this?