Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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  • Bullshit ! You can change the name but the symptoms are the symptoms. Psychiatrists and Big Pharma made billions of dollars since the 50s with psychotic voice hearers. Today, with psychologists, they want to send most of these psychotic voice hearers back to work because the truth is that neither psychiatrists, neither antipsychotics can help them to have a healthier life.

    I have tried many times to find a job but I could forget about it as soon as I said the word “schizophrenia”. Now at fifty years old, fewer are the chances that I find a job, no chance to find a job in fact because psychosis can appear at any time of my life with no possibility to prevent this psychic disorder and to get rid of it quickly.

    If you read some newspapers, many murderers are described as having schizophrenia. The fact is that these murderers are not suffering at all. Murderers are sadists or psychopaths, not having schizophrenia. If you have schizophrenia, you are suffering and you have plenty other things to think about yourself instead of thinking and wanting to kill a human being. Also statistics tell us that anyone can be a killer. Nobody on Earth can tell what type of human beings can be killers.

  • What psychiatrists don’t tell you, what the social system don’t tell you is that the patient is stuck between two realities. One is the fact that most psychic diseases or (better) psychic disabilities can not be cured. Patients can get better only if they are really serious and if they do everything to get better in their lives. In that way, psychiatrists can do almost nothing for patients. If you don’t take care of yourself, most psychiatrists won’t take care much of you too because they are all working like a 10 hours a day distributor in a McDonald Drive in. Also there is “all” the other dangerous people in the street who are starring at you everyday and who hate you (…) The second reality is that we live in a crazy world and so the psychiatrist is like a mood or a psychic social regulator. Without psychiatry in our society, we would be invaded everyday by aliens, bats, sharks, spiders, snakes, scorpios, cockroaches, etc. Stigmatization, because of ignorance and because still today almost nobody is trying to inform the population. Good… luck everyone !

  • After understanding that my psychiatrist lied to me since 2000 until 2009, I started to stop administrating all antipsychotics in 2009 and to recover myself (…) I will just tell you that today I can manage myself psychosis with some simple exercises or some simple activities (walking, sleeping, diet, athletics…). Beside this, I am still today trying to recover many physiological disorders that started to appear in 2009 while I was decreasing the administration of antipsychotics. Life is hell because in my country psychiatrists never listen to me and never discuss about my real troubles. I am going round forever without real answers. It’s all about money because the truth is : you will never recover from schizophrenia and psychosis is only an everyday discipline to acquire so you never more fall back into the black hole. Then life can continue.

  • Antidepressant drugs are hypnotics and antipsychotic drugs act essentially on two neurotransmitters : Dopamine and serotonin. As much as Mr. Robin Williams is victim of a disease that is maybe not fundamentally related to neurology… I would say : Doctors should never touch to neurotransmitters ! Cheers ? Cheers !

  • Anxiety… I call this introspection when you feel something is wrong in your life. If you think too much without finding any clue, I would call you paranoid but if more you think more you find clues that can explain why your life is shit, I would call you a paranoiac. After all, the most important thing is to get out of this shit, stop thinking, and start enjoying life again. What’s up doctor ?

  • My true personal experience : When I started to hear voices in 1999, I had no psychotic disorders. In 2009, I stopped taking antipsychotics and it is only at that time that I suffered from psychotic disorders. From 2009 until today, I am gently recovering from psychotic disorders while I still hear many voices in the mind. Also, smoking cannabis has never been a problem for me, never. Cannabis erase all the voices I hear all the time and does not make me psychotic. Alcohol has always been a big health problem for me and since I stopped taking antipsychotics I have to recognise that I can not drink alcohol anymore because it makes me psychotic and very ill.