Sunday, September 20, 2020

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  • Thank you! I’m part of a Holistic Mental Health Network in Cincinnati where our main challenge is establish “legitimacy” and educate. To just diagnose and medicate is a disservice in mental health, especially with young people. We will be glad to refer to this resource.

  • “Holding someone accountable does not mean we are throwing them away, attacking them or not honoring or loving them. Holding someone accountable for their behavior can actually be a loving act.”

    Thank you for shedding light in your article to a discussion on privilege and racism that heats up quickly. I like the statement above. I take feedback best from those who care about me and give it in a way that I can hear it. Then there’s all the systemic crap that is harder to change, but change is definitely in the air.

  • I’m compelled to respond. (Of course, that might give me a diagnosis.) Thank you for your heartfelt and honest sharing. I work in Juvenile Court where I wrestle with how to give information about drugs and diagnoses when it’s too often a fact of how life is managed. Giving this information is asking for people to step into the less charted water with those of us who are seeking and trying to create affordable, accessible alternatives that are not here yet. It’s why people keep trying to make sure I’m not anti-medication since there just don’t seem to be a lot of alternatives. I helped start a Holistic Mental Health Network in Cincinnati so we can have these conversations. We are looking to start a peer respite center and/or open dialogue team. I am writing this because it all seems like a dream unless we keep speaking these truths and sharing our visions.