Monday, February 24, 2020

Comments by KyukiYoshida

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  • I don’t appreciate people saying my issue is simply “suffering”, and that saying otherwise makes me a “denier”. I’ve experienced many forms of suffering, but when you suffer greatly, with no end, for no logical reason, there is an issue. To say that mental illness does not exist is completely going against all proven medical science. I need medication just to be able to function, Because laying around with no interest in even eating, and contemplating death most of the day, for no proper reason, is not normal, and goes well beyond the scope of suffering. Being afraid to even leave the house, being nervous around your own parents, and having massive anxiety attacks because “everyone hates you and thinks you should die”, going 6 days without sleep, is beyond the reasonable scope of human suffering. Doctors go to years of school, to be able to properly diagnose and treat people that come to them for help. They don’t just spit out weird wannabe philosophical nonesense, “I was insane once, therefore mental illness doesn’t exist”. What right do you think you have to try to input an expert opinion in a field you have no expertise in? That’s like me saying, “I don’t believe in cancer, they just need to get fresh air and eat more kale. It’s natural human suffering, like the cold and the flu, I had those once. This is why I didn’t become a doctor.”