Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • What do you say to us parents of the 4%? Our adult children are so severely mentally ill that they are homeless or incarcerated. Why are they being punished? AOT saves the lives of our family members. Involuntary commitment would have saved Creigh Deed’s son, James Holmes and his victims, and the list goes on. It also would have saved our sins and daughters that died living on the streets, the victims of violence.

    By denying that there is a correlation between violence and the severely mentally ill – as victim or perpetrator – you marginalize the group that needs help the most. You perpetuate the caste system that exists among the mentally ill that forces the 4% to languish in poverty, homelessness, and severe psychosis. Please – see them. Realize that the Boston Globe series was about them. Acknowledge that there is a population that can’t speak for themselves and deserve better than to die with their civil liberties intact.