Saturday, April 4, 2020

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  • It’s an extraordinarily difficult situation that brings together the intersections of what is societally considered “normal” behavior with what is psychiatrically considered “normal” behavior, along with, of course, the myths we use to explain and understand ourselves. We can be divided from our brain (and our behavior) as if we were two (or more) different people and therefore be alienated from and lack recognition of our own bizarre or damaging behavior. However, you put in so-called experts (and experts themselves recognize how little of the brain/behavior we understand) and the hopeful belief that drugs can control and solve all and we have danger, big danger. Some have written that we must be “accountable for ALL of our behaviors” and yet certain states (deep clinical depression) mitigate that. Have you ever tried to help a suicidal individual (deeply depressed) try and not go that route? It can be like trying to stop water from circling a drain. With drugs, we have bought found solutions and the opposite–other ways of imprisoning folks, sometimes from who they really are (which can be scary and sound authoritarian).