Monday, July 4, 2022

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  • Suffering – all kinds – even emotional and mental suffering is part of being a living thing. And sometimes it’s lifelong and very intense – and we’re not all given a fair amount of suffering either. It’s a mystery and will always be as long as we’re human. And despite the sincere and sometimes greedy efforts of professionals – most times people will just continue to suffer. Trying to relieve it with drugs usually doesn’t work and is many times a dead end. Sometimes, you just live with it and learn about it and deal with it. I am an expert in this having come from a very dysfunctional and abusive family 63 years ago and having been hospitalized – sometimes for years. I’ve been dealing with this all my life. The emotions, feelings and sadness are hard to manage and have limited me all my life – but I made it! The trade-off of suffering is that I have an understanding of things and life events so much deeper then the average person. Much deeper. I really know what’s important and what’s just noise. And even this isolates me now as people are so shallow today. One major thing I’ve learned though is that you only get so much help through life – no matter how deep your suffering is – and after that you’re on your own. This is built into the system and will not change. Searching for the next miracle drug promised by a physician will only prolong your suffering. This is the hard truth. I have much more to say but I know you really don’t care.

  • Maybe you should spend a little time as a patient for a few years. Sure he’s guilty – but psychiatry has a few skeletons in its closet as well. How many people has psychiatry damaged or even killed through no fault of their own except having been victims of bad parents and maybe bad genetics? At this point his guilt or innocence is immaterial. Psychiatry is on trial here – not him. I’ve been a patient and know all about it.

  • I’ve been hospitalized for severe depression four times when I was younger and have experienced many of these things. I could write a book about it. Once, in a hospital I was given a drug (lithium) that made me severely ill. At first I wasn’t sure what was causing it – I was so physically sick. The hospital staff kept telling me it was my “illness” and treated me very badly, disrespectfully and unkindly. I kept inquiring of them to re-evaluate what they were giving me but they didn’t want to hear anything I said. I finally decided to not take the drug for a few days and the sickness immediately dissipated then went away. Just to be sure, I took it again and once again I became severely I’ll. At that point I just threw the medication down the toilet. A week or so in later in “therapy” the hospital doctor told me how good I was doing and how well the medication was working. This was an utter eye opener for me. Like so many institutions these days psychiatry is broken. I have lots of stories of my hospital days and could go on and on. Eventually, over the years, I found a way to get better on my own without psychiatry or doctors. Essentially psychiatry gave me nothing but the realization that any help would not come from them.