Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Just like lifelieswaiting (who posted a comment in this blog), Clonazepam adversely affected me and my life. I, too, am very interested in supporting this bill in Texas (and other states) as best as I can; I reside in Austin, TX. Count me in for spreading awareness and supporting this bill!

    I have already begun speaking out about my benzodiazepine experiences and raising awareness about the dangers of psychotropics. You can hear some of my story at . It’s not the best interview, but it’s a start and it will give you an idea of what I experienced and my awareness/advocacy efforts.

    In 2015, I filed a complaint with the Texas Medical Board against my initial prescribing physician (who I mentioned in the video). After a sixteen-month investigation, he was found responsible for some unethical/inappropriate prescribing and entered an Agreed-Order with TMB. The Texas Medical Board did refer to the benzodiazepine in the Agreed Order as “a dangerous drug.” Therefore, there has been some acknowledgement and, in that sense, progress in my opinion for medical professionals in recognizing the dangers of controlled substances, Class IV drugs, etc.

    However, my experiences seeking help weening off Clonazepam (and without health insurance at that time) were a totally different experience. It was hell, and the vast majority of medical and mental health practitioners have no clue about this type of drug, the withdrawal symptoms, and what we experience. Absolutely no clue, and their ignorance and lack of appropriate support truly put people who are in withdrawal in danger.

    I hope more people realize that psychotropics don’t “cure.” They mask, rewire, and/or sedate and serve as a “bandaid” of what is truly going on, and most psychotropics aren’t intended for long-term use. If they were, then the trials and studies of them would be longer than just 4 or 9 weeks. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way all perceive pharmaceuticals. For example, psychotropics are not “medicine;” they are drugs. Propaganda or not….I believe this awareness calls for a change in terminology.

    For those in Austin, TX, there is a supportive Meetup group: